On January 29-February 4, 2017 Silverdale Rotarians Mike Hancock, Mariam James, Rich Arper, Scott Weninger and family members Janele Hancock and Deena Weninger spent a week getting their hands dirty helping build a health clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 
Our Rotary Club donated $7,640 in Duck Race proceeds and secured a $3,500 District 5020 Rotary Foundation grant.   Mike had visited the building site in January 2016 during the Uniendo America Project Fair.  At that time all that existed were bare cement walls – no roof, floor, or anything else (see photo below). 
Our project partners were Villa Real Tegucigalpa Rotary Club and Nueva Tegucigalpa Rotary Club.  Members of both Clubs worked alongside us during the week.
Below is the first day on the job.  Deena is helping the roofers who were just starting to make the roof trusses, and Mike and Rich are working on some drainage.  (Mariam is supervising?)
Below, Scott is helping the carpenters with the concrete forms for the window openings, which were too big.  Once done, there will be six windows on this side of the building.
Day three below: the roof is finished.  Since the Silverdale Rotary team left, they have finished the concrete floor, completed the exterior walls and roof for the bathrooms, and installed the front door.  Also the windows (including exterior window guards), rough plumbing and electrical wiring.  The only things still to complete our part of the project is the finish plumbing, painting and hanging the sign, which should be done by February 25. 
The next step for our Honduran partners to undertake will be to obtain tables and chairs and computers, so Dr. Nerza Paz can fulfill his dream of having a fully functioning Community Health Education Center in his clinic.
Below is our team receiving appreciation plaques from our host club, the Villa Real Tegucigalpa Rotary Club.  On the far left is Dr. Carla Carmaco, who was the President of their club last year and also the guide of rural clinics when Mike found this project.  On the far right is Sonia Ramirez, this year's Club President (Sonia visited our club in April 2016 and will be here again this year).  Next to Sonia is Wendy Ayestas, the project Treasurer and a huge part of making our visit a success.  Wendy and her husband Armando provided daily transportation to and from the site, and Wendy spent almost every day at the site with us. 
Not pictured is Nueva Tugucigalpa's Club President Saul Zelaya, who provided design and construction management.
Above, holding the plaques from left to right are the Silverdale team members: Mike Hancock, Scott Weninger, Deena Weninger, Janele Hancock, Mariam James, and Rich Arper.
This project is the largest hands-on International Project that the Silverdale Rotary Club has ever undertaken – a great example of Silverdale Rotary Duck Race proceeds and Rotary Foundation funds changing lives!