Posted by Barbara Beagle on Oct 31, 2019
Thanks to our Warrior Queen Christie Scheffer and a lot of enthusiastic Rotarians who came in costume, our Rotary meeting on October 31 was full of energy with lots of laughing.  There was a costume contest – and by applause Harold Shea took 1st place and a $50 gift card as marshmallow boy!

Peggy Templeton and Barbara Beagle shared 2nd place as a witch and gypsy, respectively.
Why does the gypsy have wings and a wand?  Because the Warrior Queen annointed and flummoxed the gypsy (Barbara) as the “Breeze Fairy” for her work as editor of the Breeze (while thanking everyone else who contributes)!
Trick or Treaters at the annual Halloween at Seabeck had the surprise of the year when they were greeted at the Rotary (wait for it!)....Christmas House!!!
Kim Peterson, Rick Soper, Aron Skultety, Peggy Templeton, and Tammy (Kim's sister) "had a blast handing out candy and wishing everyone a Merry Halloween! We figured if the stores were decked out for Christmas, we should, too!"