Posted by Cathy Bisaillon on Jun 29, 2017
Area 9 Assistant Governor Meredith Green (pictured left), opened our 2017-2018 Installation Ceremony on the patio of the Kitsap Golf & Country Club with an inspiring quote by John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
2016-17 President Cindy Holmes’ president’s remarks were brought to life as she showed a video recap of 2016-2017 which can be viewed at . The presentation, “Oh What a Year!” captured poignant moments, including candid shots of our Youth Exchange Student and warm memories of Penny Loveless (pictured on left with Cindy) who passed away during the year. Cindy thanked incoming Public Image Chair, Steven Boe, for producing the video and setting it to music.
The 2016-2017 Board of Directors was recognized with gifts, anecdotes and sincere thanks. Cindy then honored Bob Cassis as Rotarian of the Year (see separate story abovè).
The term “Rotary Geek” was introduced at the recent Rotary International Convention. While too cool to be called a geek, Elayne Burton embodies all things Rotary. Cindy took a minute to recognize Elayne for serving as Treasurer year after year; coordinating meeting venues and food; working on the Community Service Committee; and serving as an exemplary Assistant Governor. Elayne was treated to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a warm round of applause from her peers.
The ceremony switched gears from reflecting on the past year to looking forward to the next one. Elayne assembled the Past Presidents (pictured below) in chronological order (it was akin to herding cats), and had them pass the gavel until it arrived at the podium.
Left to right: Jack Jensen, Ron Templeton, Don Taylor (behind Ron), Rob MacDermid, Scott Slocum, Rich Arper, Mary Hoover, Ed Hamilton, Chuck Kraining, Cindy Holmes, Kim Peterson, and AG Elayne Burton 
Our 2017-2018 President, Kim Peterson, was inducted and pinned (pictured above), and Cindy Holmes received her Past President’s pin.
The new Officers and Directors were called to the front where Kim thanked them for their commitment and provided them with a “survival kit” of fun items to motivate them as they conduct important club business throughout the year. Kim and Cindy traded speeches of heartfelt thanks and respect for each other, and Kim took the mic to make her official President’s Remarks (see separate article above).
Beginning with her first feelings of uncertainty when she was new to the club, and then walking us through her wonderful past year of service and learning, Kim locked eyes with the crowd and concluded with “I don’t see a single stranger here, only friends and family that want to make a difference.”  (Rotary - Making a Difference"  is 2017-18 Rotary International President Ian Riseley's theme - see graphic on right)
Everyone enjoyed the event and left energized to uphold Rotary’s new tagline “Rotary - People of Action.”