Posted by Richard (Rich) Arper on Nov 21, 2021
All twelve light strings are up and working, ready for the Tree Lighting on November 27!
Scott Parr from Scott’s Tree Service came on Sunday, November 21 and rescued the three ropes stuck at the top of the tree, and also brought down string #4 that was hung up in the tree after it disconnected from the top.  We had a small mishap in the beginning when the machine shut down with Scott stranded 80 ft. up in the air!  Pape Rentals came to the rescue, giving us instruction over the phone on how to get Scott back down to the ground.  Then they dispatched a technician to make sure that everything was OK with the machine.
Then the Pape Rentals tech and Scott hung around to make sure that everything was OK while Carla Larson from Silverdale Dandy Lions, Bill Carter, and Rich re-hung the 2 orphan light strings, #4 & #5, and turned everything on once more to make sure that everything is OK.
Huge thanks to Chico/Kitsap Towing for delivering the 135 ft. man lift for free, to Pape Rentals for donating the aerial lift again after expediting significant repairs to make it available, plus the rescue on a Sunday!  Thanks to Scott from Scott’s Tree Service for coming to our aid again, on a Sunday, even though they have been absolutely swamped due to the windstorm.  Please see the story below, Part 2, for more "thank you's."
Never has it been more apparent that it takes a village and a LOT of generosity to light up Silverdale's iconic 128 ft tree!  Be sure to attend the lighting ceremony in Old Town Silverdale on Saturday, November 27.