Posted by Barbara Beagle on Oct 20, 2018
On October 20, members of the Silverdale Rotary Club, Silverdale Dandy Lions, and other community volunteers spread 5 loads of bark mulch (donated by Asbury's topsoil and Kitsap County Public Works) around the 128’ landmark tree, trying their best to bolster the health of the ailing tree, weakened by drought and insect infestation.
While people on the ground were tirelessly shoveling, wheeling, dumping, and spreading bark mulch, arborists Dan Field and Mitch Ruscin from Field’s Tree Service made the arduous climb up the tree carrying hundreds of feet of rope and heavy loads of climbing gear. They also winched up a long metal pole that is used to extend the light strings out past the branches to be winched down to the ground.
Pictured left to right: Dan Field, Mitch Ruscin.  They were assisted on the ground by longtime volunteer arborist Ken Little of Bloedel Reserve, who had climbed the tree for years.
  Where's Daddy? Answer: he (Dan Field) is at the top of the tree!
  Pictured: Paxton Field
Once a light string is winched down and carefully laid on the ground,
wires and sockets are inspected and repaired as necessary, and burnt out bulbs are replaced according to a specific color order. 
Each of the 12 strings has its own prescribed colored light sequence.  Pictured left to right: Bill Carter (of former Olympic Wiring who donated labor and materials to re-wire the tree in 1997 when it was vandalized), Dandy Lion Carla Larson, Rotarian organizer Rich Arper, Dandy Lion organizer Roland Arper (in front).
To see a light string going back up, click on
Meanwhile, legendary Silverdale resident and Dandy Lion Bill Selo, 87, came by to see the effort and greet old friends.  Bill was very much involved in providing wiring services and organizing work parties for years and years.  He showed us archived records and clippings going back decades!
The Silverdale Christmas Tree lighting event will be held on November 24, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, near the antique store on Silverdale Way.  Details are forthcoming.