Posted by Cathy Bisaillon on May 11, 2017
Pictured  left to right: LN1 Cynthia Hunter, FT2(SS) Kelby Sample, LCpl Dillon Purvis, NC1(IW) Erik Mendoza, HM3 Angella Tran, PS2 (EXW) Mike Maoudj, AO3 Neil Usefara, BM2 Scott Horrigan
Military Awards –  Vocational Service Chair, Jorge Nolasco, proudly presented awards to our fine military recipients:
Marine of the Quarter – Lance Corporal Dillon Purvis, a Warehouse Chief from Kentucky
Enlisted Person of the Quarter – Boatswain Mate Scott Horrigan, a Petty Officer from Boston
SWFPAC Senior Sailor of the Quarter – Yeoman Bryce Jameson
SWFPAC Junior Sailor of the Quarter – Fire Control Technician Kelby Sample
NOSC Kitsap Sailor of the Quarter – Navy Counselor Erik Mendoza from Los Angeles
NOSC Kitsap Junior Sailor of the Quarter – Personnel Specialist Mike Maoudi
NOSC Kitsap Blue Jacket of the Quarter – Hospitalman Angella Tran from Florida
NOSC Kitsap SELRES Sailor of the Quarter – Legalman Cynthia Hunter
NOSC Kitsap SELRES Junior Sailor of the Quarter – Information Specialist Cathy Urquidez
NOSC Kitsap SELRES Blue Jacket of the Quarter – Aviation Ordanceman Neil Usefara