Posted by Mariam James on Apr 19, 2018
Pictured left to right.  Front row: LCpl Silvestri, 1st Sgt LaTour, MT1(SS) Varner, MT2(SS) Figeac, BU1Maranho, LS1(SW) Ududua.  Back row: MTCS Hassett, CMDCM Morrow, HMC Muckle
Silverdale Rotarians listened with pride during the recognition of five exemplary members of local Navy and Marine Corps commands at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor.  We heard a little about them, and each individual was presented with a plaque and a gift card. Congratulations to our outstanding Sailors and Marine!
Naval Operations Support Center (NOSC) Kitsap Sailor of the Quarter/Year BU1 Jeffery Naranjo (pictured on right) was introduced by Command Master Chief Morrow  (on left).  He was raised in Edmonds and is a Seahawks fan; he joined the Marines in 1987 and served in Desert Storm .  After 9/11, he joined the Navy Reserves and is a Seabee. He holds a civilian job as a project manager for PSE.
NOSC Kitsap Sailor of the Quarter LS1(SW) Topaz Ududua (pictured on right) was introduced by Chief Muckle (on left). He emigrated from Nigeria and has fast tracked his way to First Class in 7 years. He works in the supply department and is also the fitness coordinator for his command. He says he goes for "the best looking jersey" when it comes to sports.
Marine of the Quarter Marine Corps Security Force Battalion Lance Corporal Nicholas Silvestri (pictured on right) was introduced by First Sergeant LaTour (on left). He comes from California and is a Dodger fan.
Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific (SWFPAC) Sailor of the Quarter MT1(SS) David Varner (pictured on left) was introduced by Senior Chief Sean Hassett (center). David is responsible for maintaining TRIDENT II missiles and provides oversite for his production building. He's been in the Navy 13.5 years.
SWFPAC Junior Sailor of the Quarter MT2(SS) Kyle R Figeac  (pictured on right above) was also introduced by Senior Chief Sean Hassett.  He comes from Sacramento, CA and is an Oakland Raiders fan. He is a crane and rigging expert, the command fitness coordinator and is working on finishing his BA in mechanical engineering and technology.