Posted by Christie Scheffer on Nov 14, 2019
Silverdale Rotary Club - People, and Kids, of Action!
Rotary Club of Silverdale delivered 110 books donated by Rotarians as part of its Literacy Drive, to Woodlands Elementary School. The books were delivered by Rotary Kids of Action!
Ms. Roberts, the school librarian, was excited to receive so many popular, quality books!  She exclaimed: "I know you said you were bringing in books, but I never expected this! Thank you so much!"
Shown in the picture is Lucky Duck (worn by Kids of Action Reyce Scheffer), Kids of Action Lydia Barros, Librarian Liz Roberts and a group of very excited Woodland Wildcats eager to immediately start checking out books! The requests started flying! 

Liz Roberts and Woodland staff send a warm thank you to the Rotary Club of Silverdale!