Posted by Barbara Beagle on Dec 12, 2020
Silverdale Rotary Club volunteers rang the Salvation Army bell at Silverdale Safeway on December 12 to raise money for those in need. Special thanks to new Rotarian Matthew Barrett for corralling all the bell ringers.
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They shared the area in front of Safeway with the local Kiwanians who were conducting a food drive, and it turned out to be a good thing!  Here are some stories from that amazing day:
From Rich Arper: some of the Kiwanians that were there for the food drive were people that had helped with the Silverdale Christmas tree lighting ceremony in the past.  So although we didn’t get to have that event this year, we were able to work together fundraising at the same time at the same location!
From Steve Boe: Son and daughter Cavanaugh and Amélie were very excited to ring the bell. Although, it took awhile before Cavanaugh realized he didn’t get to keep the money. They met a young girl from Kiwanis who brought over a blanket to wrap around our dog Capt. Jack.  But the best part was the next morning when the kids asked when can they go ring the bell again. “We need to help people.” Looks like Rotary is rubbing off on them!
From Cathy Bisaillon: A lady put a generous donation in the pot, and then she told me that she had rung the bell for many years as a Rotarian in another state. She is new to Washington, and she is committed to continue to make a difference through Rotary. We will likely see her at our next club meeting!
From Peggy Templeton: Shoppers were very generous this time. I had to shake down the kettle often to settle the bills. Lots of big bills!