Posted by Cathy Bisaillon on Dec 10, 2017
NOTE from Chair Christie Scheffer: Only one day  left for Bell Ringing left: this Saturday on December 16.  Click on Sign Up to see available slots
Bell ringing was fun and successful on December 9. The weather was extremely cold with pea soup fog for shift one; but, we had blue skies, sunshine and mild temps for shifts two and three. The Safeway shoppers were extremely generous, and we had to keep shaking the buckets to make room for all of the money!
Pictured below: Steve Slation
The four princesses saved the day. They were kind, engaging and conscientious. They brought their own bells and props, and they stayed late when asked. They actually thanked me for the opportunity, and they want to do it again next year!
Pictured below:  Pictured below:  Kitsap Princess candidates Kaytlynn Aida and Kristi Kerby
Pictured below: Miss Poulsbo 2017, Caroline Atkins; and Miss Silverdale 2017, Colby Conde
The shoppers reminded me of what a great community we have in Silverdale. They dug deep, including coming back to the kettle a second time after getting change from their cars. I heard a dad say to his little girl, “This is the best part of Christmas time.” A lady struck up a conversation with me, stating that she had attended one of our Club meetings in the past, and she promised to attend again soon and pursue membership!
Another great quote was from a man looking at our sign and opening his wallet, “Rotary and Salvation Army - can’t go wrong with that partnership."
Pictured below: Bob Cassis
In addition to their donations to the kettle, the public asked about mine and the other bell ringers’ warmth. They came out of the store with gifts of hot chocolate and hand warmers. They were truly grateful for our volunteer efforts!