Posted by Barbara Beagle on Nov 14, 2019
November 14 was a very special day at Rotary where we celebrated Veterans Day and the Veterans in our Rotary Club!  Our speaker was Commander (Ret) Jack James, a former SEAL and Explosive Ordnance expert.  He reminded us that Veterans Day is a celebration of triumph over adversity, of men and women who at one time “signed a blank check, up to and including the ultimate sacrifice” when they entered service to their country.
Pictured left to right: Steve Slaton, Bob Cassis, Brian Beagle, David Jordan, Scott Slocum, Jim Dudley; seated: Jack Jensen
There are 14 Veterans in the Silverdale Rotary Club who proudly represent over 180 years of service!
Army: Jack Jensen, Dale Robinson
Coast Guard: Bob Cassis
Navy: Roger Aydt, Brian Beagle, Jim Dudley, Frank Guthrie, David Jordan, Don Lachata, Scott Park, Steve Slaton, Scott Slocum, Don Taylor, Jason Wright
Thank you all for your service!
Did you know that there are 108 Veterans Memorials in Kitsap County?  You can find the list at