Posted by Barbara Beagle on Oct 24, 2019
Note: to see Peggy Templeton’s entire dynamite presentation, go to, and start at 10:58.
  Jamaica: one pictures idyllic tropical beaches and relaxation.  But for Rotarian Peggy  Templeton, Jamaica meant a week in August 2019 spent working in a tiny unairconditioned classroom with a leaky roof in 93% humidity.  Why?  To set up a computer lab (pictured) and Teach the Teachers computer skills on one of the most impoverished islands in the Caribbean whose schools have yet to recover from a devastating hurricane in 1988. 
Working with a nonprofit called Great Shape!, Inc. (“Humanitarians in Action since 1988,”, Peggy gathered school supplies and paid for transportation and shipping plus $800.  Once there, she set up 30 donated computers and commenced teaching 38 teachers, some who ranged in ages well into their 80s! 
Many had never worked on a computer before. 
Thanks to the Sandals Foundation and Sandals Resorts International, rooms, meals, and on-island transportation were provided to the volunteers at no charge.
Peggy also sampled local Jamaican street and restaurant food proudly cooked by the locals.  How was it?  “HOT! Because of the ubiquitous Scotch Bonnet chilis, one of the hottest culinary chilis around!”
Peggy thanked Silverdale Rotary and individual Rotarians who contributed supplies and funds for supplies for the school.  And she thanked Kim Peterson and Kitsap Bank for contributing the American footballs and wildly popular flashy yo-yos !
When asked the question, “what was your most memorable part of the trip?,” Peggy responded “the gratitude of the teachers (pictured above), who by the end of the week were using terms of endearment like “Auntie” and “St. Peggy”!  Well done, Peggy – another great example of “Rotarians – People of Action!” 
Pictured - all the Great Shape! Inc. volunteers that week.