Posted by Christie Scheffer on Jun 27, 2020
 Outgoing President Christie Scheffer addressed her Board and club members at our Zoom installation meeting on June 27.  To read her remarks in their entirety, click on  Following are excerpts from her remarks:

"I want to thank you for a wonderful year and for allowing me to be your leader. I have been richly blessed through our interactions and work together and it leaves me only more committed to continue our work together.

Working together we have been able to accomplish so much, despite the circumstances of COVID-19. Without much pause we switched to meeting by Zoom and continued to work together as a Club to make a difference, turning our focus to ways we could support local efforts in meeting needs in new circumstances. We did not lose our focus but continued to carry out our mission. And that is due to the efforts of you all.  We have been blessed in this Club with an extraordinary caliber of people: people of conviction, people of vision and a commitment to get the job done!

We had an exceptional Board – people of integrity, clear vision, people of action with big hearts, willing to think of and try new things and finding real joy in working together. As a special thank you to my Board, I have donated funds to completely stock a medical clinic. In low-income countries, funds often aren’t available to maintain facilities or replenish medicines that run out. People turn to drug peddlers in desperation, purchasing what they think is a ‘life saving drug’ that instead is an overdose or poison that brings death. This gift made in your name helps save children’s lives by building or renovating a local health clinic and equipping a dedicated healthcare worker with supplies to bring healing.  Click on this video link for details:  This gift to the world is made in your name; thank you for serving!

The world needs Rotary now more than ever - our compassion, our wisdom, our leadership, our service.  We continue to have important work to do together!"