Posted by Barbara Beagle on Apr 01, 2021
In the 7th Duck Drop of 2021 (see Duck Drop #6 article below for background), Central Kitsap Food Bank was the surprised and grateful recipient of a $3,000 unrestricted grant, because three Duck Race cash sponsors named CK Food Bank as the local non-profit that they were most passionate about supporting. 
Those sponsors, Rotarian Steve Slaton (on right), former Silverdale Rotarian Jim Adkins, and Rotarian Ron Templeton (and his law firm Templeton Horton Weibel & Broughton, PLLC) shared that they are longtime personal supporters of the CK Food Bank.
Steve Slaton (pictured on left) and Jim Adkins (pictured on right) were on hand at the Zoom meeting on April 1, 2021 and spoke about why they are passionate about supporting the CK Food Bank: Jim Adkins stated that “there shouldn’t be anybody who doesn’t have food,” and Steve Slaton stated that food is the most essential of human needs, and “charity should start at home.”  To hear their remarks firsthand, watch the Zoom video at Passcode: pJQQ*L29 .
On hand to accept the $3,000 via Zoom was CK Food Bank Executive Director Chris Benson who gave us a detailed update on how the Food Bank has stayed open to serve clients during the pandemic in spite of a 50% reduction in available volunteers, less donations, and challenges with PPE and social distancing.  Chris, a retired U.S. Navy logistics specialist using his military skills to help hungry families, described how the CK Food Bank is the only one of eight in Kitsap County that has provided clients a “grocery store shopping experience” during the pandemic instead of handing out prepacked boxes of food. 
Continue watching the Zoom video to hear more astonishing details from Chris.  He added that the $3,000 will be used to cover the continued pandemic extra expenses. For more information about the CK Food Bank, go to Central Kitsap Food Bank | Nourishing neighbors since 1989 (