Posted by Barbara Beagle on Nov 09, 2017
Ata had a jam packed, snowy weekend November 3-5, heading with Chuck Kraining to Washington State University.
But the trip home from Spokane in Chuck's motor home turned into a winter nightmare.  Knowing that Snoqualmie Pass was closed (see below)
they came home via the TriCities, along the Gorge to Portland and home, a 12 hour trip into the wee hours.  Whew!
This week Ata heads to California, a longtime dream, with 30 other District 5020 Exhange Students!  Rick Soper, his Host Dad, asks you to contact him at to schedule an outing.  "Ata is an amazing young man, with an enthusiastic ambition to experience everything from music to physics to TED Talks."