Posted by Richard (Rich) Arper on Nov 27, 2021
“The tree lighting was a success, and the tree looks better than it has in years!” exclaimed tree maintenance coordinator Rotarian Rich Arper, capping off weeks of intense community efforts to lower, maintain, re-bulb, and raise the 12 light strings back up into the 128 ft Douglas fir. “The new strings of LED bulbs really make the front of the tree look good, and with everything working on all light strings and all new bulbs, the whole tree looks great!”
While Saturday afternoon, November 27 started out rainy for the Silverdale Christmas Tree lighting event in Old Town Silverdale, the tractor rides pictured below were a hit, and the crowd picked up around 4:00 p.m. when Santa arrived on a firetruck. 
By 5:00 when we lit the tree we had a good crowd, and Santa stayed until everyone had a chance to see him.  Thank you, Santa (with Miss Silverdale Molly Kuligowski)!  There were 12 vendors this year, a bonfire in Old Town, and a band playing on the stage.  Thanks to the Silverdale Visitor Center for arranging the day’s festivities!  
Please read the stories below (parts 1-3) for details (and thank-you’s) about the epic effort by countless generous people and businesses that made this tree lighting happen.