Posted by Heather Campana on Oct 25, 2018
We hosted Jim Barker from Children of the Nations (COTN  at our Club meeting, and he introduced Henry from Malawi to speak about how Rotarians and Rotary Clubs and TRF, partnering with COTN, have made a difference in his life.
Henry’s dad died when he was a baby, and his mom died when he was only 5 years old. He moved in with his aunt. His six older brothers tried to provide for him, but they were still young, too. Henry met COTN at age 6, by 9 years old he was in school in their programs which provided food and education. He has now graduated from college with a degree in education. Henry noted that the impact The Rotary Foundation made on him and others like him lasts a lifetime and beyond…from generation to generation.
Silverdale Rotary has supported many projects and programs by partnering with COTN in the Dominican Republic, including water filtration projects, sponsoring children, and breakfasts for students who would otherwise get nothing nutritious to eat.