Posted by Barbara Beagle on Dec 03, 2020
Our speaker on December 3 was Jacques White, Executive Director of Long Live the Kings (LLTK, founded in 1986 by a group of enthusiasts concerned about the declining populations of Pacific salmon and steelhead. 
Jacques’ dynamite presentation can be viewed at You need a  Passcode: fp0fbK#u.  It starts at 25 minutes.
Compared to the abundance of salmon before the 1980s, the picture has seemed bleak for wild Pacific salmon in Hood Canal, Puget Sound, and the Salish sea extending into Canada. But Jacques told us about some pretty spectacular successes, including  the return of the almost extinct summer chum salmon in Hood Canal.  LLTK’s goal, in laymen’s terms, are that there be enough salmon again for killer whales, tribes, commercial and sports fishing industries, and other animals in the food chain to survive and thrive.