Posted by Barbara Beagle on Dec 28, 2017
"Beneficial to All Concerned - Stories of Gratefulness and Blessing Others" - that was the topic at Silverdale Rotary Club's last meeting of 2017 on December 28.  Past President Ed Hamilton (on left below of the partial group) led the group who shared heartfelt stories.
But not everything was that serious, then Ed passed out a document for everyone to fill out and share - see below.
Silverdale Rotary Meeting in December 28, 2017
HELLO!  My name is: 
Part 1:  Five Predictions for 2018:
Part 2 - Over / Under:
  • Known cases of Polio OVER or UNDER 96 (YTD of 2017 is 106)
  • Seahawk Wins OVER or UNDER 8.5 (this year: 9 with one game before pre-season)
  • Marines wins OVER or UNDER 88 (2017 record:  78-84)
  • Number of days over 90 degrees in Seattle OVER or UNDER 3.5 (this year 2)
  • Number of Rotary community activities you will do next year:  OVER or UNDER 2.9 (you have selected OVER;  now, think about how you’ll do that!)
Thanks, Ed for a great meeting!