Posted by Erin Shannon and Jennifer Strong on Oct 04, 2018

Order now for your fall and Thanksgiving decorations!  You can also order your Christmas items and schedule delivery for a later time.  All  you have to do is water the arrangements or spray the wreaths, and they and their woodsy fragrance lasts a LONG time!

Pictured: President Rick Soper and Jennifer Strong

Every time we and our supporters shop online through our group's fundraising page, Kitsap Kids Wreaths Fundraiser earns cash back! It really is that easy. Shipments started on October 1.  

Join our fundraiser now using our invite code 7KJAJB at,  

Want to create a team in your workplace?  Go to the same link.  Sponsors Windemere Realty and First Security have challenged each other to see whose team raises the most.  Haselwood YMCA has joined the fray.  All to feed needy kids in Kitsap County.

All the greenery is sustainably grown in the Shelton, WA area.  Here's the Lynch Creek story:

Thanks to our new Rotarians Erin Shannon and Jennifer Strong for coordinating this fundraiser for 2018.  It's All for the Kids!