Posted by Rick Soper on Nov 04, 2018
On November 4 my President’s Project with the Kitsap Humane Society took a big step forward.  I was joined by seven others at the Orientation and Introduction to Dogs classes that we need to take, before we move on to the dog walking course most of us will be taking this week.  
And when we are certified to work with the animals at the shelter, I'm going to start setting up days of the week where we'll meet as a group to go out and walk the dogs together.  My goal is the give us a constant hands on opportunity that we can do as a group, that's making a deep impact on the Humane Society as they move through a construction process that can be very upsetting to the animals there.   
I want to thank everyone who has participated so far, especially those who were able to come today:  pictured above left to right: Kiley (Meg Hall’s daughter), Meg Hall, Shannon Stowers (Asst Manager 1st Security), Jennifer Strong, Mariam James, Ashley Oaksmith, and Erin Shannon.
As we move forward, and I find out more and start to schedule things, I'll keep everyone informed. I look forward to what we will accomplish going forward together.  Rotarians – People of Action!