Posted by Barbara Beagle on Aug 31, 2017
On August 31 our speaker was Greg Sandstrom, Kitsap County (KC) Coroner, and we learned some hard cold facts about deaths in KC.  But, while Coroner’s Office provides professional investigations into the deaths of all individuals that die within the County, they also provide compassionate assistance to the families and loved ones in dealing with death.
And most surprising to this writer, the Coroner’s Office is actively involved with prevention of deaths by collaborating with groups such as Survivors of Suicide, Mothers against Drunk Drivers, Kitsap County Traffic Safety Task Force, Reduce Under Age Drinking, and Cribs for Kids, a non-profit dedicated to preventing infant deaths due to unsafe sleeping.
The Coroner’s Office, through promoting fund raisers for Cribs for Kids, has raised over $19,000 and worked with local community resource agencies to provide over 400 cribs to parents unable to afford them, to ensure that every newborn in KC has a safe crib to sleep in.  Mr. Sandstrom reported a decrease in infant deaths due to unsafe sleeping from 8-12/year to 2/year since the program has been active in KC. For more information on Cribs for Kids, see and