Posted by Barbara Beagle on Oct 11, 2018
On October 11 we surprised Jack Jensen by announcing  that it was his 50th Anniversary, having joined Silverdale Rotary in October 1978.  Rotarians immediately rose to their feet in a rousing standing ovation.
Pictured right to left: Jack Jensen, Meg Hall, Rich Arper, Scott Slocum
When given the microphone (photo above), in the forthcoming style that is quintessential Jack, he said:
  • Don’t ever wear a Duck Suit in 95 degree weather,
  • Rotary has done for me more than I have done for Rotary,
  • Just DO IT, and
  • Don’t ever make me speak into one of these things again!
Later during Happy Bucks, Rotarians shared some memories, many having to do with Jack’s legendary Duck Selling:
  • Brian Beagle, Steve Slaton, Scott Slocum (with many others nodding in assent) all shared about the many times being told by prospective buyers that they ALWAYS buy their ducks from Jack.  A 50+ year old lady even said, “if I don’t, Jack will put me in detention!”
  • The same thing happened at the Parade on Race Weekend, to wit, “I buy from Jack, I know I will see him here.”
  • Jim Adkins (widely known for being…dare we say it…long winded!), remarked that Jack liked Jim’s classification talk.  Jack may have been the only one to compliment Jim on a “short” presentation!
  • Barbara Beagle mentioned that since 1980 when Brian joined, they had always enjoyed seeing Jack’s beloved wife Kay at social occasions – RIP Kay.
  • Then there was Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army at Christmas (above).  Having been CKHS Principal for a long time, it seems that generations in town knew Jack, and the Salvation Army pot benefited from that.

And as a life long educator, Jack loved to give away 3rd Grade Dictionaries in the classrooms.  He developed an immediate rapport with the children.
       We love you, Jack!