Posted by Rich Arper on Jul 16, 2020
Last year’s International Service Chair Rich Arper gave the club an update on where the Committee’s budgeted 2019-20 funds were spent.   Lives will be changed as a result:
  • We gave $2,000 to Community Service Committee - which became part of a $5,500 donation to the CK Food Bank to address COVID-19 hunger.
  • We gave $1,500 to Shelter Box to fund 1.5 shelter boxes for International relief.  Here is an example of the Mustafa family in Malaysia who received a Shelterbox after monsoon flooding swept their neighborhood away.

    During monsoon flooding, a neighboring house was  swept away from its foundations and had landed right on top of the Mustafa family home. See below.

  • We gave $1,000 to Lisa Stirrett and Walk in the Light International (WITLI) for materials for “Pads for Girls” in Burkina Faso, where the local sewing women will make the pads.  In the village of Rialo, WITLI started a 3-year tailor sewing program with 30 women enrolled.  These women have never been to school, most are orphaned, and none had a trade.  Burkina is a migratory country so most will not stay in one place for long.  This program provides a trade for women who otherwise would not have one, and it is a government accredited program so they can work for the government or in any country in Africa as a tailor.  The program is free, but they must give back to their community in some way.

    The current culture of Burkina surrounding women’s monthly cycles is similar to that of the dark ages. It is considered shameful for a girl to be in public during this time.  This is an area where our sewers can give back.  They are in their second year so  using the material they will sew period pads and underwear for our women in the village. We will sell finished items for a small fee to help us pay for the material needs at the sewing school.
  • We gave $2,500 to Children of the Nations to fund 25 “Right Start” programs for Malawi nursery school children.

  • We gave $3,000 to Lisa Stirrett and Walk in the Light International (WITLI) to fund three chicken farms in Burkina Faso, where food is currently in dire need right now.   A teaching farm chicken farm was established in the village of Rialo for the school children. They are now able to either sell or use the chickens for protein.  More farms are needed, and to create an atmosphere that chickens will lay eggs in Burkina requires a specific type of housing which is expensive to build, at $1,000 for each chicken farm.