Posted by Steven Boe on Jun 27, 2020
At the Zoom Installation on June 27, incoming President Steven Boe addressed the club.  Below are some excerpts.  To read his remarks in their entirety, click on
"I’d like to start off by thanking President Christie for her leadership and calm voice over the past year. Especially over the last few months. We couldn’t have asked for a better leader as we headed into these difficult times. Her compassion and hard work, each and every day help make this club strong.
She championed food bags for kids so they wouldn’t go hungry. She helped organize smile bags for orphans and helped to make sure a 5-year old boy with autism had a very special birthday surprise.  She also was a great advocate for our Kids of Action program, which has a special place in my heart, and I know it resides in hers as well.
I’d like to share with everyone this photo (of delivering food bags to CKSD to feed hungry children after schools closed in March from COVID-19).
This is one of my favorite photos this year, because for me it raises so many emotions. The first one being sadness. We are all wearing masks and standing so far apart. It’s a reminder of what we are all going through right now. BUT, it’s also a reminder that we are also in this together. It’s a reminder that Rotarians adapt to the situation and step up. It makes me smile, because I know under those masks, we are all smiling and raising our hands to show how proud we are to be Rotarians. And past-president Christie, you were responsible for this. So thank you again.
I was on the Gates Foundation website and they had a phrase that just resonated with me the moment I saw it.  “We are Impatient Optimists!”  What a wonderful thing to be, an impatient optimist. It’s what all of us here in Rotary are. We saw an issue in the world and said somebody should really do something. But rather than wait for somebody to do something, time and time again we step forward and say I will do it. I will make an impact. I will make this world a better place.
We’re in a different world right now. How we interact, communicate, and go about our day to day lives has changed. Many things are out of our control. Fundraising will be difficult, and we may not have the financial resources of previous years. But the health of our club is strong, and I want to repeat that. The health of our club is strong.  It’s strong -  because of each and every one of YOU.  
So, we need to be proud to be Rotarians.
YOU need to be proud to be a Rotarian.
YOU need to shout it out from the roof top and let people know that service is joy!"