Posted by Kimberly Peterson on Jun 29, 2017
Pictured:  Cindy Holmes (left) passing the Club Charter to Kim Peterson (right)
Editor's Note:  Following are incoming 2017-18 President Kim Peterson's remarks when she took the helm from 2016-17 President Cindy Holmes.
"Have you ever watched someone work who knows “how to get it done?”  Have you ever listened to someone who says “what they mean…no beating around the bush?”  Have you ever been in the presence of someone who is “making a difference?”
My first introduction to Cindy was attending the District Training Conference in Centralia.  The ride allowed time for discussions about life, family, community, world and Rotary.  One thing about Cindy; she is passionate about all five. 
This past year brought many opportunities for the Rotary Club of Silverdale.  With Cindy at the helm we accomplished:
·      Drafting a Vision Statement
·      Setting Goals
·      Backpacks for Walk in the Light
·      Received an award from District 5020 for membership growth
·      Proposed stepping away from RAGS
·      Launched and had a very successful Turkey Trot
·      Set up a Burger Stand at the Water Trails Festival
·      Hosted numerous events at her home (meetings and fellowship)
·      Implemented policies for our charitable trust account
·      Knew the importance of advertising and provided jackets for each Rotarian
·      Passionately felt the need to relocate the club to the heart of Silverdale
Being able to travel the world and make a difference both by getting her hands dirty and providing financial support prove how important helping our world is to her.  The gift we are presenting represents her desire for world travel and the international aspect of Rotary.
Thank you Cindy for your leadership, passion, enthusiasm and courage.  The Silverdale Rotary Club has been blessed to have you at the helm this past year."
Note - for more details about the Installation event, see article below.