Posted by Jason Wright and Christie Scheffer on Sep 13, 2018
Pictured left to right: Jennifer Strong, Erin Shannon, Membership Chair Jason Wright, President Rick Soper, Brittany Logan, Christie Scheffer, Brianna Greer
On September 13, four new members were inducted into the Silverdale Rotary Club: The following people were inducted into the Club: 
  • Brittany Logan.  She is a Podiatrist, she is an Individual Member, and her Sponsor is Christie Scheffer.
  • Erin Shannon.  She is a Business Lender, shares a Corporate Membership with Jennifer, and her Sponsor is President Rick Soper.
  • Jennifer Strong.  She does Business Banking Services, shares a Corporate Membership with Erin, and her Sponsor is President Rick Soper.
  • Brianna Greer. She is a Fitness Instructor, has a Service Membership, and her Sponsor is her Mom, Christie Scheffer! 
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Silverdale!
Brianna participated in the Duck Race for the past three years, selling Duck Tickets all three years, and this year helped with Duck Race Day Land Operations.  She was in charge of the timing results for the Turkey Trot for the past two years, and she and her husband flew in twice to help with the Turkey Trot.  Brianna has rung the bell at Christmas time for the Salvation Army for three years.
She is clearly the right sort of person we're thinking of for the new Service Membership!