Posted by Charles (Chuck) Kraining on May 05, 2022
On May 3, we completed delivery of 157 dictionaries to 3rd and 4th graders at Emerald Heights Elementary, and we are done!  That brings the grand total to 835 books to six schools in CK School District!  Next year it will be back to just 3rd graders, and half the books.  But this year, the 4th graders, who missed 2021 due to the pandemic, really appreciated our catching them up with their very own beautiful hard cover dictionaries!
Thanks especially to Rich Arper, Bob Cassis, and Mary Hoover who each helped with multiple schools.  Thanks also to Scott Slocum, Scott Shoemaker, Cathy Bisaillon, Erin Prince, Monty and Gloria (Seabeck Conference Ctr staff), guest Clyde Savage, Jennifer and Tye Strong, Brianna Angelo, Christie Scheffer, Matej Kunak and Niki, Elayne and Steve Burton, Steve Slaton, Steve Boe, Nancy Whitaker, and Rick Soper.
Thanks to our partner East Bremerton Rotary Club who orders the books and takes care of the other six elementary schools in CKSD.
Wow - Cougar Valley dictionary delivery on April 22 was a 100 yard dash! We had under thirty minutes to do six classrooms and only had four people, so we had to split up.  They were doing a school wide fire alarm at 1:15 pm. We started just after 12:45 pm and reached the front door as the alarm went off. Rotarians attending were: Rich Arper, Steve Boe, Scott Shoemaker and Chuck Kraining. 138 books were delivered.
Pictured: Rich Arper at Cougar Valley Elementary
And if Cougar Valley was a sprint, then Clear Creek Elementary on April 25 was a marathon!  Chuck was alone half the time, and then Bob Cassis came to the rescue (pictured below).  Yay Bob!  We delivered 148 books to seven classrooms!
April 13 and 15 were busy, fun days for Silverdale Rotarians and friends of Rotary labeling and delivering dictionaries to 3rd and 4th graders at Silver Ridge and Green Mountain Elementary Schools!
On April 13 Christie Scheffer, Clive Savage (Christie's son-in-law), Brianna Angelo, Mary Hoover, Chuck Kraining, and Erin Prince delivered 128 books to 6 classes of 3rd and 4th graders at Silver Ridge Elementary School.  See Christie pictured above talking about Rotary and the Four Way Test.
And then on April 15, Christie, Brianna, Elayne, Bob Cassis, Matej Kunak and Niki (Matej's girlfriend), Gloria Tesch from the Seabeck Staff and Chuck delivered 136 books to 7 classes of eager 3rd and 4th graders at Green Mountain ElementaryWelcome back to Silverdale - Matej and Nicki!
Afterwards, Christie, Brianna Angelo, Elayne Burton, Bob Cassis, Matej and Nicki, Gloria, Rick Soper and Chuck headed to Seabeck Conference Center to label 500 books (83 boxes - they are heavy!)
Pictured left to right: Niki, Elayne, Brianna, Christie, Matej, Bob, and Rick
Thanks to Cathy Bisaillon, Nancy Whitaker, and Steve Slaton who came to help, but we got the labeling done before they arrived. Thanks to everyone - it went very quickly!