Posted by Ashley Oaksmith on Jul 18, 2019
What do we do with the proceeds from the Duck Race? Duck Bucks!
  • Margaret Rodriguez (pictured below), from Stand Up for Kids Kitsap County accepted $2,056  to help support approximately 150 homeless and at risk kids, teens, and young adults (12-24 years) each month.

    Stand Up for Kids (SUFK) will be packing 1,200 food bags (pictured above) on August 17th from 1-3 pm, Center Court, Kitsap Mall. They could use more help. 
    For more information about SUFK Kitsap County, go to
  • Erika Delma (pictured below) attended the Rotary meeting to accept a $3,000 Duck Buck Grant awarded to Holly Ridge Center for the purpose of purchasing infant and toddler therapy equipment. For more information about Holly Ridge Center Infant and Toddler Program, go to
Pictured: Margaret Rodriguez and Erika Delma