Posted by Barbara Beagle on May 02, 2022
The Bremerton Backpack Brigade posted the following on Facebook on April 29, 2022: We are so grateful to the Silverdale Rotary Club for their 2022 Duck Buck Grant to help us purchase a commercial size refrigerator for our food pantry.
Thanks to the amazing support that we have received from the community, the Brigade has been able to expand our fresh fruit and veggie distribution this year. We are now able to send individual bags of fresh veggies for each child in a household. Homes with one child receive 1 bag of veggies while the homes with six children will be taking home 6 individual bags for healthy snacks.
Currently we are packing for over 350 children each week - that is a tremendous amount of veggies that require a refrigerator with a lot of space. We are thankful for the generosity of the Silverdale Rotary Club and how its members all work hard to help build a stronger, healthier community for everyone!
Thank you Silverdale Rotary Club for helping us fight food insecurity in the lives of the children we serve!