Posted by Ashley, David, Barbara on Sep 05, 2019
Note: Click on the following link to watch Rep. Kilmer’s speech in its entirety. The Rotary meeting starts at 5 minutes, Chuck Kraining’s introduction of and story about Rep. Derek Kilmer starts at 19 minutes, and Rep. Kilmer’s speech starts after 26 minutes.
Derek Kilmer (D-WA), our U.S. Representative from the 6th District, gave a fantastic speech and Q&A session at Rotary on September 3.  Some highlights:
From Rep. Kilmer's Facebook page on Sep 5: “Enjoyed spending lunch today with the fantastic folks of the Silverdale Rotary Club! Thank you for the tremendous work you do to better the lives of all in Kitsap County.”
Rep. Kilmer is a Rotarian from the Gig Harbor Club, and the Rotary Four Way Test hangs in his Washington, D.C. office and shapes how he approaches his job.   He started out with a discussion of three things that keep him up at night:
- Economic disruption. "We need to empower people to navigate economic change rather than be victimized by it."
- Investing in the future, including education, to prevent young people from ending up in jail later in life.  He noted that Rotary helps by providing educational resources in the community.
-  Broken politics.  He chairs the bipartisan Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.  How can we work together again to really get things done?
- Regarding doing an onsite geographical exchange with a representative from Arkansas from the other side of the aisle, "It is important that to understand where people are coming from, we need to know about where they are coming from."
Rep. Kilmer wants to hear from the people of the 6th District. “Contact my office,” was his repeated message, if you have an issue with a Federal agency.  "We can't solve problems we don't know about." See the graphic below for some interesting statistics.
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