Posted by Christie Scheffer on Sep 03, 2019
Editor's Note:  The following paragraph is from President Christie - whose name was mistakenly listed below as Race Day Ops Chair.  "Jason Wright was in charge of Race Day Ops. I was just a behind the scenes admin. He did an awesome job - Tracking all the moving pieces of his team leading up to the day, picking up the boom, inventorying the equipment and supplies, coordinating a trailer, packing the trailer, setting up Ops and then leading Ops on Race Day! And then taking the boom to  the Fire Station to dry and returning the items to storage and so much more!!"
Kim Peterson gave a heartfelt speech about her year as Duck Race chair, sharing "The Rotary family is amazing. The support in the early months of the race taught me to rely on the people that surrounded and protected me. My corner was overflowing with coaches and cheerleaders." The 2019 Duck Race ticket sales raised a total of $60,620 (14,895 ducks) for our community. Kim ended with a special thanks to the team leaders who help make this year's Duck Race so successful. "I am so thankful and blessed to be standing up here celebrating the 26th Annual Duck Race. I am proud to say I am a member of the Rotary Club of Silverdale. I salute each of you for being a true example of 'Service Above Self'." Rick Soper will take up the Duck Race chair torch for 2020.
Special thanks to team leaders:
Steven Boe, Media/Advertising
Elayne Burton, Operations/Accounting
Ed Hamilton, Accounting/Tickets
Don Lachata, Accounting/Tickets
Jason Wright (not Christie Scheffer), Race Day Operations
Bob Cassis, Duck Booths/Signs
Rich Arper, Port Liaison
Erin Leedham, Duck Wrangler
Chuck Kraining, Duck and Truck Logistics
Barbara Beagle, Drop Box Support
Sharon McGavick, Duck Central Food
Ron and Peggy Templeton, Volunteers Food
Jennifer Strong, Pancake Breakfast
Erin Shannon, Pancake Breakfast
The Duck Race by the numbers
Cash raised by ticket sales: $60,620 (14,895 ducks)
Cash Donations: $30,250
Prize Donations: $53.751
In-Kind Donations: $36,860
Total: $120,861
79 Sponsors
Top 5 Duck Ticket Sellers:
1. Kim Peterson, 9350 ducks sold
2. Christie Scheffer, 3600 ducks sold
3. Erin Leedham, 3245 ducks sold
4. Debi Brooks-Givens, 3070 ducks sold
5. EHB Supply, 2940 ducks sold
Most Winning Tickets Sold:
Erin Leedham, 6 winning tickets
Christie Scheffer, 6 winning tickets
Winning Ticket Sold by: 
Heather Campana
Most Sponsors Recruited:
Debi Brooks-Givens: 10 sponsors
Barbara Beagle: 8 sponsors
Christie Scheffer: 7 sponsors
Erin Leedham: 6 sponsors
Rick Soper: 5 sponsors
2020 Duck Race Sponsors
NOW is a great time to start building relationships with potential sponsors for the next Duck Race.