Editor’s note:  Silverdale Rotary Club President Cindy Holmes (holding the baby in the video linked below) and her husband Buzz recently visited Burkina Faso with Walk in the Light International http://www.witli.com/ founder Katy Cornell and Mikayla Day (pictured right and left respectively at a Club meeting on February 23) to see the impact of Silverdale Rotarians’ personal donations and Duck Race proceeds over the past few months.  Below is Cindy’s description and a video collage by Rotarian Steven Boe of their trip.  Adopting Ducks Changes Lives!
"I wanted to thank Silverdale Rotarians and everyone who purchased duck tickets for the many lives that they have helped in Burkina Faso…from contributing to micro loans for women, the health center, the back packs with school supplies and the French books for a library in the schools. Katy shared how one book in particular that we sent over will drastically change how the teachers are able to teach. It was a French and English dictionary with pictures of each item. It has been very difficult for the teachers to teach English words such as airplane or boat when the children have never seen one. Thank you so much to Rotarians who brought in the books and school supplies. Pictured below is the Rotary work party loading the school supplies.
In the video below you will see the health center that the Silverdale Rotary helped fund with Duck Race proceeds. We visited the center at night when it was empty, and we could see how beautiful and clean it was. The next day it was full and over flowing with children waiting their turn for their exams and lots of children waiting outside for their turn inside.  (Fortunately there are no pictures of some of us entertaining the kids waiting!)
You will also see the huts that make up their homes and the demonstration of manually grinding the wheat, their daily shore for meals…but then a Silverdale Rotary micro loan funded a wheat grinder. The woman were so proud to show me how they had learned to start the wheat grinder and process the wheat…with sales to others at $12.00 per day…a significant amount in their village!
The women were trained for a month on how to use the machine; it was so inspiring to see how they were willing to try something so new and foreign to them. They gathered from all over to show me how it worked and then thanked me by giving me a live chicken! (The men had thought they should do the grinding with the machine but Katy insisted it was for the women and they could learn to do it, and they did!)
The school shown in the video is the secondary school. The kids were on break but gathered when they knew we were coming. Silverdale Rotarians had donated the French books that were at their levels. Can you imaging reading about places and things that you have never seen or experienced? 
I really can’t thank you enough for all you did to help with my President’s project, but more importantly how you have helped to make significant educational improvements for the children there.
Duck Race proceeds also funded micro loans that helped with the health center.  I know lives will be changed by these contributions!"
Here is the link to the YouTube video above: https://youtu.be/2gkdjLtkI3c