Posted by Heather Campana on Aug 09, 2018
Lori Raymaker with Kitsap County Parks spoke on their C.A.S.T (Catch a Special Thrill) CAST for Kids program. Registration for the event opens every year near the end of March/beginning of April. The first 300 kids (open to ages 5yrs to 12 yrs) to register are able to attend. This event is held the Saturday before Father’s Day each year (this year at Island Lake on June 16), and costs about $6,500 to put it on.
They only ask a registration fee of $7.50 per kid, and with about 300 kids, this raises $2,200. This leaves over a $4,000 shortfall! This is where Duck Buck grants and sponsorships from community members and businesses come in. The idea is to teach kids to fish and hopefully develop a passion to fish or even just protect our resources.
The day before the event, the volunteers put together all the rods and reels, that’s over 300 poles! The set a net out to give the fishing areas parameters, and the Department of Fish and Game put the fish in.  The day of the event boasts 6 sessions of 50 kids each, each group registers and gets their Fishing Kids t-shirts, then they move on to the Safety Talk (covering subjects like how to handle a pole with a hook on it, water safety, life jackets). They next meet with their guides for the day, given some quick instruction, and are handed their rods and reels! They learn how to cast, how to bait a hook, how to wind a reel, how to unhook a fish, and the brave ones even learn how to clean them.
This event alone takes over 50 volunteers! If you’re interested in more photos, learning more, or how you can be involved, please go to .