Posted by Barbara Beagle on Mar 04, 2020
Since 2010, Silverdale Rotary has partnered with the East Bremerton Rotary Club to put a hard cover dictionary in the hands of every 3rd grader in the Central Kitsap School District (approximately 850 students).  Each club delivered to six elementary schools.  Thank you to East Bremerton Rotary for ordering the books and spearheading the project.  Chuck Kraining coordinated with our six schools to set up the 2020 schedule. 
Handing out dictionaries is an incredible experience!  Thanks to our generous sponsors and people who purchased 2019 Silverdale Rotary Duck Race tickets, 420 students have a dictionary all their own this year!
Green Mountain Elementary (Feb 21).   Rotarians Chuck Kraining, Scott Slocum, Rich Arper, and Bob Cassis handed out the books and were greeted with this sign from Zoie!
Clear Creek Elementary (Mar 4).  Pictured below, Rotarian Rich Arper goes over the Four Way Test that is printed on the Rotary label inside each dictionary
Cougar Valley Elementary (Feb 25) - Rotarians Chuck Kraining, Scott Slocum, Jim Barker; and  Rotary Exchange Student Áron Skultéty delivered the books to eager 3rd graders.  Pictured below, one class was in the middle of a lesson on Europe, so they listened in rapt attention while Hungarian Exchange Student Áron taught them about his homeland.
Emerald Heights (Feb 26).  Rotarians Mary Hoover, Rich Arper, Scott Slocum, Victoria Nickerson, and David Jordan  put dictionaries in the hands of eager students.  Mary Hoover remembers that she handed her 3rd grade grandson his dictionary at this school in 2011!
Silverdale Elementary (Feb 11) - Rotarians Scott Slocum, Rich Arper, Christie Scheffer, daughter Tess Scheffer, and Kids of Action Reyce Scheffer delivered dictionaries to four 3rd grade classes.  The word of the day was "Wow!" Kids were delighted to learn as they wrote their names in their dictionary that these were theirs to keep! Every class had the same reaction! “Wow!” “This is mine?”   “Look at this picture....I’ve been there before!!”
Pictured in back row: Rotarians Scott Slocum, Rich Arper, Christie Scheffer, Kids of Action Reyce Scheffer (ball cap) and teacher Mrs. Lee.
As we handed out the dictionaries we talked about the Four Way Test and the work that Rotary does locally and in the world. In one class,  after hearing about the needs Rotary was working to meet, a little boy earnestly raised his hand and asked if he gathered up his toys in a big bag and gave them to us would we give them to the homeless kids?  It was really a sweet moment! We were then able to talk about how kids can make a difference and be leaders in service!
Silver Ridge Elementary.  Rotarians Chuck Kraining, Mary Hoover, and Victoria Nickerson handed out books to enthusiastic students.