Posted by Heather Campana on May 30, 2019
Pictured left to right: Aina Zabinski, Bella Capuano, Vicki Yu, Elijah Allen, Kiah Warren, Kaija Curry
This year, Silverdale Rotary is giving away $12,500 in scholarships to local students; $9,000 of those funds is coming from our Silverdale Rotary Scholarship Foundation (Investment) Funds, with nearly all of that amount from just the interest and dividends! The remaining $3,500 comes from donors: Rotarian Rich Arper ($1,000), the Hometown Band (a non-profit community band donating $500 for a student wishing to pursue instrumental music), and the Chung family donating $2,000. What a blessing these donors are to our community and these young people!
In a complete coincidence, all of our Silverdale Rotary Scholarship recipients were from Central Kitsap High School this year.  Congratulations to this impressive group of young people, deserving of these scholarships, with incredibly bright futures ahead of them.   Read on:
Aina Zabinski - heading to Western Washington University in the fall, hoping to major in Education and minor in Music. Her hope is to become a middle or high school English teacher. She is passionate about addressing a lot of different learning styles, including delayed processing and ADHD to help all students to be successful. She loves music and singing, and she is hoping to be involved with a musical or opera at WWU as well!
Bella Capuano - heading to Baylor in the fall to pursue Aviation Sciences with the goal of being a professional commercial pilot. She’s been taking flying lessons here locally and just completed her first solo last week. When determining where to go to college, she narrowed her choices down to those with Pilot programs and that accepted the GI Bill, and ultimately chose Baylor for the weather (especially in the winter)!
Vicki Yu - heading to UW Seattle to pursue a degree in Pharmacy. When asked ‘Why a pharmacist?’, Vicki’s reply was that she was interested in medicine, but when picturing herself as a surgeon, she didn’t want to pass out! She felt that being with the pills or medicines was a safer bet.
Elijah Allen - heading to Pullman to attend WSU in the fall. (Go Cougs!). He’ll be attending the Honors College pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also enjoys playing trumpet, so he is hopeful he might be able to join the marching band. When asked why WSU, the response was simple, he’s already a Coug…so that transition should be pretty easy!
Kiah Warren - heading to the University of Hawaii in the fall to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering.   But she is ALSO a pilot in training! In fact, the chief instructor at her current local flight school also runs a school in Honolulu so she can continue her training. Meanwhile this summer, thanks to her family and a lot of effort saving money, she will be traveling around the world to visit Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Philippines .
Kaija Curry - heading to UW Seattle in the fall to major in Biology. Kaija’s dream is to become a Physician - preferably serving in an underserved community. When asked what type of doctor she might like to be, at this time she’s involved in her church Youth Group and serving at Kids church…so she might like to be a Pediatrician…but, time will tell!