Posted by Barbara Beagle on Oct 11, 2018
Four Rotarians gave their "Classification Talks" on October 11, telling us about themselves and why they joined Silverdale Rotary.
Scott Shoemaker, Attorney at Law, Ryan Montgomery & Armstrong, joined Silverdale Rotary in April 2018.  He is married to Aleena, and they have a daughter Ellie (10) and a son Marshall (7).
Scott shared that the Rotary Four Way Test mirrors what he describes as his lifelong “search for the truth,” and that he “likes the way it feels to help people in their own lives.”
Rotary Four Way Test - of the things we  think, say or do:
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all Concerned?
  3. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
But some years ago in Texas he was so consumed with work that his family life took a back seat.  “If work consumes you, you are OK at a lot of things, but you ‘just exist’.”  His physician said it would lead to an early death.  To change that he relocated with his family to a new job in Silverdale and has worked ever since to balance his life between work, family, and serving the community. “I have a lot to learn from Rotary about Community Service,” Scott remarked, but from our view, he has already jumped into service projects with energy and enthusiasm.  Welcome to Silverdale Rotary, Scott!
Ryan Gilhuly, Financial Advisor - Edward Jones, joined Rotary in March 2018.  He is married to Kasey, and they have sons Patrick (12) and Sean (8}.
Earlier in his working career, Ryan was in the hospitality industry in a huge hotel in Hawaii.  It was an all-consuming, 24/7 job.  He moved back to the Mainland and changed careers where he makes time for family and other non-work activities.  Ryan already has a lot of Community Service experience, being Cubmaster and Boy Scout Troop leader, and coaching basketball, baseball, and soccer.  Ryan immediately engaged in Rotary activities.  Welcome to Silverdale Rotary, Ryan!
Ashley Oaksmith, Branch Manager of the Silverdale Branch, Kitsap Regional Library, joined Rotary in May 2017.  She is married to Ben Oaksmith.
Ashley has worked in libraries for 15 years, is “proud to be a librarian,” and it’s obvious that she considers her work as service to communities.  She believes that libraries are more than shelves of books and resources: libraries should be a safe place for kids, a place where military families don’t need to “know someone” to connect with people in library activities, that libraries are a place for seniors to have good conversations.  Ashley has worked in five states, and in Texas she discovered that there are many isolated small communities living in “book deserts” because they can’t afford a library.  Ashley created electronic libraries with e-readers; a concept not immediately fully embraced by some, until later.
Ashley speaks with enthusiasm and gratitude that there is now a path forward for a new Silverdale Branch Library, partnering with the Central Kitsap School District.  She remarked that the love and support of the local community for the library was very gratifying.  Welcome to Silverdale Rotary, Ashley, and thank you for bringing your passion for service to our Club!
Nicole Stevens, Orca District Executive, Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America, joined Rotary in May 2018.  She has a daughter Emma (6) and a son Ty (3).  
Nicole started doing community and international service work (building houses in Mexico) in a big way in high school, carried on through college, is a UW graduate, and holds a Masters in non-profit management.  Thank you for bringing your service experience and education to Silverdale Rotary, Nicole, and welcome to our Club!
Jennifer Strong, VP & Branch Manager, 1st Security Bank, joined Rotary in September 2018.  She has a daughter Sophia (12) and a son Tye (9).  
Jennifer has always considered family and community service to be most important, but commuting to SeaFirst/BofA in Seattle for years severely restricted time for those activities.  Joining 1st Security Bank has allowed her to join Rotary and also have weekends off to devote to family.  With only a month in the Club, Jennifer is already involved in Rotary projects.  Welcome to Silverdale Rotary, Jennifer!