Feb 25, 2021
Paisley Gallagher
Kitsap Harvest

Food Security Program Coordinator, Washington State University


Highly committed to social and environmental justice. I strive to reach groups of people most effected by poor diet due to financial need, by improving food access systems, providing education, and creating awareness about healthy options. As a result, we reduce food waste and improve eating habits. We work with diverse communities, sensitive to the experience of poverty and discrimination.  We understand of the power of food and its links to supporting the well-being of community members.

The purposes for which Kitsap Harvest is organized are to:

  •     Promote equitable access to healthy food and reduce food waste in our community by collecting, harvesting, and distributing surplus fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste.
  •     Inspire community connection, environmental stewardship, and deeper purpose through the sharing of work and food.
  •     Build bridges and create alliances with organizations that educate about the health, use, preservation, and production of food.

Honors of Recognition have included 2019 Kitsap Community Agricultural Alliance Special Services Award, 2019 Kitsap County Environmental Stewardship Outstanding Service Award and the 2018 YWCA Women of Achievement for Environmental Sustainability Award