Posted by Richard (Rich) Arper on Oct 04, 2018
It's a Community Effort!  On September 10, Arborist Dan Maple from ABC Consulting Arborists (who give us a reduced rate for treatments) came on his own time and looked at the estimated 140-150 year old tree (2nd year in a row). He was encouraged because he saw new growth.  Last year he thought that the tree had a 50/50 chance of surviving, but now he says 70%!
It is still suffering from an insect infestation, the balsam wooly adelgid (pronounced uh DEL jid) that eats the needles, so he gave the tree two treatments, one on the bark (pictured above) and one injected into the ground (pictured below).
Then on Saturday, September 15 the Kitsap County Juvenile Alternative to Detention kids came and cleaned up blackberries around the tree. 
So we are looking good for the next work party on Oct 20th!   Read on below.
At this point Rotarian David Jordan quipped, “And if you don’t come to the work party, Rich will Bark at You!”
Have you ever wondered what else happens behind the scenes to light the historic Silverdale Christmas Tree every year since 1954?  Join us at the work party on October 20 and help change light bulbs, make repairs, and spread wood chips around this giant 120+ feet tall Douglas Fir. 
The tree is located on Anderson Hill Rd just up from the corner of Anderson Hill and Silverdale Way. Click on this link to contact Rich Arper for details
Pictured: the 8-ft star being lowered for maintenance.