Seabeck Conference Center
13395 Lagoon Drive NW
Seabeck, WA 98380
United States of America

The Silverdale Rotary Club had a long history of participating in RAGS every year.  Every July the Seabeck Community holds a huge yard sale.  The Seabeck Road Sale has over ten miles of yard sales and draws huge crowds. The Seabeck Conference Center (SCC) doesn't usually participate because we are full of guests.  This year we will be empty. It seems like the perfect time to host a fundraiser for some of Matej's Texas Christian University expenses. SCC will provide storage so we can start right away. 

Set a time for Matej to come get your stuff by calling or emailng him. We can arrange a truck or van for heavier items.mail: kunak.tvgym@gmail.com  cell:360-229-2028.

You can also drop things at SCC.  Chuck is on campus most days, but call his cell at 360-471-5385 and make sure.

If the Seabeck Road Sale doesn't happen, we will create a large yard sale on the campus by inviting staff and community members to set up tables.

We could also use some help on the day of the sale or in the week before. Neither Chuck nor Matej much experience with these types of sales and could use some advice with pricing and display.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent donations to him. Because of the gifts and our financing plans, he has finally relaxed a little and is starting to get excited about this next step in his life. Thanks for all the help! We really are changing this young man's life.