Our Purpose
Our International Service Committee offers all  Sequim Sunrise Rotarians an opportunity for international fellowship through humanitarianism as we take action to bring change to communities around the world to improve lives and meet human needs, and thus advance world understanding, goodwill and peace.
Nine Bore Holes Completed in Nigeria
August 30th, 2019 and just this week received a message from Waheed of Rotary Ilorin, Nigeria saying that all the boreholes have been completed and all but one has been "handed over" to the local village CDA ('Community Development Agency').  That one will happen in a week.
Waheed says their club is extremely proud of their accomplishment (OUR accomplishment), and are already thinking of a sequel project. 
Nine boreholes have been completed, and all but one had been "commissioned" – meaning turned over to the local village CDA (Community Development Agency - an all-volunteer organization that pretty much every village in Nigeria has). (Each of the 9 CDAs are now the owners of their respective village borehole - charged with operating and maintaining it).
 Pictured in the photo with Waheed is the Past President and the current Assistant District Governor, who was the primary contact in Nigeria for the project.
Wale, who is the immediate past president (2018-2019), and the brand new president (2019-2020.
The string of Club Banners from Area 6 D-5170 and Sequim Sunrise Club, which was handed off to me by Ann Flack at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, taken in front of one of the completed boreholes. 
Committee Members
Ann Flack, Chair
Jeffrey Bell
Tom Hartig
Jeffrey Hartman
Karen Kremkau
Amala Kuster
Sandra Ristow
Rotary International partners with ShelterBox to help devastated communities.   Amid catastrophes produced by nature and mankind’s cruelest impulses, ShelterBox teams of volunteers rush forward. From the earthquake that killed hundreds of people in Ecuador in April to the continuing refugee trail out of the Middle East, ShelterBox has sent aid to help hundreds of thousands of displaced households. 
Sequim Sunrise Rotary has taken part in several of disaster efforts over the years with both feet on the ground and donations to purchase hundreds of supplies. We have also had a presence within District 5020 with a ShelterBox Ambassador each year.  We have partnered with ShelterBox to help those in need from the very beginning.  Upon a recent visit to the ShelterBox display at the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg Germany we learned that our club still holds the honor of "one the leading fundraisers" for ShelterBox.  
Notable missions since the disaster relief charity was founded 16 years ago include the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2010 quake in Haiti, where some 300,000 tents were supplied. In the United States, ShelterBoxes were delivered to those displaced by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Sandy in New York and New Jersey, and tornadoes in the Midwest.
Sequim Sunrise Rotary continues to host a ShelterBox Ambassador for our Rotary District. Our Ambassador is available to speak at various community events and service clubs throughout the Puget Sound area. If interested becoming a volunteer or scheduling a ShelterBox presentation for your club, you can contact ShelterBox are invited to contact the ShelterBox website https://www.shelterbox.org/ or send our area Ambassador (Glenn Harris) an email at aloha1425@gmail.com