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Our Stories
Rotary Club of Barbados congratulates our very own Immediate Past AG and Past President Lisa Cummins on her appointment as Minister of Tourism and International Transport with the Government of Barbados.
Lisa is a committed Rotarian who has served our club at many levels and most recently as Assistant Governor in our District 7030.  We are thankful for her knowledge gifted to us and the many young Participants of our Model United Nations Assembly program.
We are proud of Lisa’s achievement and wish her success in her new role as she continues to serve our country Barbados.
On July 2nd, 2020 Rotary Club of Barbados completed its 59th installation of officers via a virtual platform, creating history. This classy event, which attracted over 100 attendees dressed in formal attire, was ushered by our very own outgoing Sergeant at Arms, Peter Arender.  Our attendees included:
Past Rotary International Director - Brad Howard; District Governor - Lisle Chase; Rotary International Membership Committee Chair & Past District Governor David Edwards; Past District Governor, His Excellency - Milton Inniss; Past District Governor – Tony Watkins; District Governor Elect - Sonya Alleyne; Assistant Governor - Peter Thompson; President Rotary Club of Barbados South - Michael Forde; President Rotary Club of Barbados West - Trevor Williams; Hon Rotarian - Marina Leacock; Hon Rotarian - Professor Anne St John; Tamara Marshall; Dr Corey Forde; Dr Anton Best; Past Presidents; President Rotaract Club of Barbados - Rasheeda Prescod; Rotarians, Partners in Service; Friends of Rotary and Guests
Following a witty introduction by SAA Peter Arender, President Peter Williams opened with a Loyal Toast to the Queen.  Outgoing VP, PP Elvin Sealy, provided the invocation.  This was followed by a video titled ‘Year in Review’.  The up-tempo music in this video surely got members engaged.  Immediately following this video presentation, the outgoing President Peter provided the official welcome.  He expressed gratitude to everyone for their support and announced that the Rotary Club of Barbados had qualified for the 2019-20 Rotary Citation with Platinum Distinction. 
'Rotary Opened Opportunities for Me' the words of our new President Fiona Hinds delivering her remarks during the historical 2020-21 Virtual Installation Ceremony held on July 2, 2020:
"With the protocols having been established, I invite you tonight to join me on a Rotary journey of thanks and gratitude – of progress and friendship; of service and fellowship; a journey of commitment to our core values of integrity, service, diversity, leadership and fellowship it is a journey of Rotary and a journey which resonates the theme of this 2020-21 Rotary International year: ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’.
In starting our journey tonight, I open with the words of our own Paul Harris who said “Rotary changes us and those we serve.  I believe we can change the world one life at a time” 
We are a We.  We are a Team.  We are a people of action and a people of service; we are a people who work together for the betterment of our societies and we are a people who will not be defeated by negatives.
We live by a test that asks four simple questions: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned; Will it build goodwill and better friendships; and Will it be beneficial to all concerned.
A test which empowers us in our Rotary journey to together say to any adversity: "be gone";  to any form of oppression or war or injustice: "be gone" and even to disease: "be gone; we have shown in our global fight against polio that we can say to disease: "be gone" and as we globally regionally and locally work to find ways to mitigate the crippling and adverse effects of the novel Coronavirus - Covid19 disease we hope that one day we can also tell this disease and or its adverse effects: "be gone".
During the club's historical virtual event for the 59th Installation of Officers; outgoing President Peter W B Williams awarded Six Individuals with the Paul Harris Fellow Award!
He stated: "Every year we take the opportunity to recognize special individuals who we consider to be deserving of Rotary’s highest award, the Paul Harris Fellow, which is named after Rotary’s founder.  These persons have lived Rotary’s motto, ‘Service above Self’ and in becoming a Paul Harris Fellow they join notable individuals in history who have devoted their lives to the ideal of good will, peace, and the betterment of their fellow man.  Paul Harris Fellows include Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Indira Gandhi, and Pope John Paul II."
He began the presentation with two medical professionals who have made a significant contribution in Barbados’ fight against the COVID-19 virus - Dr Corey Forde and Dr Anton Best.
DR COREY FORDE - Dr. Forde is Head of the Infection Prevention and Control/Infectious Diseases Programmes at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and currently serves as the National Coordinator of Isolation Facilities for COVID-19 management in Barbados.  Dr. Forde graduated from the University of the West Indies and pursued further training at the University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa and the University of Toronto Canada, specializing in infectious diseases and infection prevention.  He has been involved in leadership and mentorship of several low and middle-income countries worldwide in Infection Prevention and Control in collaboration with the World Health Organisation, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  Dr. Forde led the development of Caribbean Infection Prevention and Control Conference bringing together several regional countries including the French, Spanish, Dutch and English-speaking Caribbean.  Internationally, he serves on the World Health Organisation Committee on the COVID-19 global response.  Dr. Forde currently sits on the Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of Americas Board of Trustees, the first person of African descent appointed to this position and is an Associate Lecturer in Medicine at the University of West Indies, Cave Hill Barbados.
Dr. Forde’s training and experience prepared him well for one of the gravest situations faced by our small nation.   However, it goes deeper than that.  We have seen the impact of the virus on medical professionals around the globe and the Rotary Club of Barbados believes that in the face of personal threat, Dr. Forde demonstrated courage and selflessness.  It is therefore my honour to present Dr. Forde with the Paul Harris Fellow as a sign of our appreciation for his substantial contribution to his fellow man.  Congratulations and thank you Dr. Forde
Dr Anton Best is a public health practitioner who currently serves as a Senior Medical Officer of Health with the Ministry of Health and Wellness.  He received his medical degree from the University of the West Indies in 1999, his Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005, and a Master of Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 2011.  For the last thirteen years he has been responsible for the HIV/ Sexually Transmitted Infections Programme of the Ministry and has also managed and co-managed health-sector projects with the World Bank, The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  He has co-authored a number of research articles, published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at various forums regionally and internationally.
We have become familiar with Dr. Best’s television presence, guiding us through the pandemic.  His calm demeanor and professionalism provided all Barbadians with an assurance that we were in good hands.  We can all agree that Barbados has fared very well during the pandemic in comparison to many larger, better resourced countries.  Conversely, we shudder to think of what could have been.  Dr. Best, you have withstood the challenges in the face of the COVID pandemic and we are indeed blessed to have had such an exceptional leader and professional at this moment in time.   It is our honour to recognize you as a Paul Harris Fellow for your outstanding contribution during the COVID pandemic and for helping to keep Barbados safe.  We will be eternally indebted to you
During the 59th Installation of Officers held via a virtual platform on July 2, 2020 outgoing President Peter recognised several members who have given to our Club and to our Community during the year of 'Rotary Connects the World' 
  • SECRETARY ERMINE DARROUX - One of the key success factors of any Club is an efficient Secretary.  In this, her first year in the position, Secretary Ermine Darroux has epitomized the role and I wish to thank her for her fabulous contribution.  Ermine stepped up, writing Rotary stories for posting on ClubRunner and ensuring that every Rotary International requirement was diligently fulfilled.  Credit also to Past Secretary Neal for his support in the transition.
  • PRESIDENT FIONA HINDS & THE FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE - Every year we are challenged to pull out all the stops and deliver a great “Carols by Candlelight”.   There isn’t enough room to include the photos of the full Committee, but suffice it to say that this year’s event was tops.  While we may not see all that goes on behind the scenes we know that we are in good hands.  Special mention to PP Norman and his production team, including Tamara Marshall. A World Class event by any standard.  Well done.
  • THE PRIDE OF WORKMANSHIP TEAM - This year’s Pride of Workmanship Awards dinner, a well-established Club practice of recognizing those persons in our community who give selflessly to help others, was given a new twist thanks to the creativity of the team.   With the energy and leadership of the team – Director Adrian, Treasurer Meryl Stoute, Past Directors Winston Warren and Malcolm Vaughn, and Rotarians Jason Martin and Keri Mapp – we reached new heights, while retaining the core purpose of the function.  The event shone thanks to the flawless touch of Rotarian Keri, a true gem who continues to make a difference in our Rotary Club.
  • DIRECTOR PP TONY WILLIAMS - Director PP Tony Williams has been tireless in his role and I would like to recognize Tony and two committees – Rotanews and Bylaws - under his stewardship who did fabulous work.
  • ROTANEWS TEAM - Producing our weekly bulletin is a relentless task.  Yet, every week for an entire year our Rotanews team delivered.  Congratulations to Editor in Chief, Rotarian Randy Marshall and his cohorts, including eagle eye PP Michael Browne and night owl Rotarian Steve Cozier.  They worked well into the night to dot the i’s and cross t’s so that Rotanews was always there on Thursday morning.  Great work.
  • BYLAWS COMMITTEE – There is always a task which needs Rotarians with deep experience and knowledge.  We could not have put together a better Committee than PDG Tony Watkins, PP Lionel Moe, and the ever eloquent PP Grenville Phillips.   It was an ‘A’ class team and the results bear that out.  We not only have updated Bylaws, but a revised Constitution.  Thank you.
  • COVID ESSENTIALS COMMITTEE - And out of the blue came COVID.  However, when faced with adversity, Rotarians demonstrate that they are people of action.   The Committee, which was pulled together in about one week, worked like a well-oiled machine.  We had the experience of PDG David Edwards and PP Elvin Sealy, the fundraising expertise of Rotarian Barbara Trieloff-Deane, and the drive and organizational skills of Rotarians Neal Griffith, Meryl Stoute and Heather Tull.  They delivered.  We raised over $500,000 as noted in my earlier remarks. And be assured that every penny has been accounted.  PP Ron Davis was there to ensure that all the funds were properly accounted for.  An outstanding achievement.  Special thanks to Monique Archer and her colleagues who requested the Club’s participation in this initiative.
  • All Directors, Thank you - especially those who will not be serving for the coming year.  Special thanks to the Vice President, Elvin Sealy, to Immediate Past President Shawn Franklin and Past District Governor David Edwards.  Your support has been invaluable.  PDG David is the consummate Rotarian and we wish him success as he takes of the role as Chair of Rotary International Membership Committee.
Outgoing President Peter W B Williams delivered the welcome address at our 59th Installation of Officers held on a virtual platform.
 He welcomed all Rotarians, Partners in Service; Honorary Rotarians and our Distinguished Guests including our featured speaker Past RI Director Brad Howard; Dr. Anton Best, Ag. Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Corey Forde National Coordinator of Isolation Facilities for COVID. 
He noted “the 2019–20 Year has been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding, even if at times exhausting.  Thanks to our Directors, Committee Chairs and all Rotarians, we have achieved many of our goals.  We also basked in the success of the Rotaract Club of Barbados who received the top award from Rotary International.  Well done President Kareem.   Without doubt, it has been a year full of challenges and surprises.”
Peter went on to say “In order to make a difference, our Club needs people of action, people who can bring new ideas and energy and add to the Club’s diversity, and importantly, people who live up to the high ideals of Rotary.  In this regard, we attracted 12 new members this year, who are already hard at work for Rotary.”
He outlined that “Collectively, we made a difference in our community.  We partnered with the Blood Center to encourage Barbadians to become blood donors, gave several pints ourselves, and raised over $30,000 to purchase much needed equipment.  Under the same theme of giving life, we joined with Dr. Margaret O’Shea, transplant surgeon, and Dr. Nerissa Jurawan, nephrologist, to raise awareness of the hospital’s kidney transplant programme.  We also supported the fight against diabetes through donations to the Diabetes Association and the Diabetes Foundation.  He thanked our Public Image team for ensuring all these projects generated much public interest and multiple articles in the press. 
Our Club made a difference in our region and this was outline by the outgoing President “following the devastation to the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian, the Barbados clubs donated US$30,000 to assist in hurricane relief.  And we made a difference in our world.  Our members donated over US$10,000 to the Rotary Foundation to support the work of Rotary International and we joined with our fellow Rotarians from The Rotary Clubs of Barbados South and West to participate in Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign”.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, President Peter brought down the curtain on the 2019-20 year with the Stewardship Report on our year of ‘Rotary Connects the World’ during our Virtual meeting held on June 25th.
Despite the challenges faced in the later part of the year (COVID-19 pandemic) the club was successful in achieving Rotary’s plan to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement, and increase our ability to adapt. President Peter highlighted the accomplishments of the club including:
  • Monthly attendance rate in excess of 70%
  • Over 75% of members participated in various service activities
  • Membership growth of 12.5% (12 new members installed)
  • Retention rate of 94.7%
  • Donation to RI Foundation above plan of US$9K now at US$10K
  • Surplus on Club Funds of BB$20K
  • Completion of revised Bylaws and Constitution
  • Impactful projects including the Blood and Kidney Donor Awareness project
  • Good Press Coverage which assisted in creating impact
RCoB did not stop there; during the year we partnered with sister clubs on a few projects:
  • US$30k donation to assist Bahamas with Hurricane Dorian recover efforts
  • To purchase and distribute facial mask with Rotary South. 
  • To support the fight against Polio by participating in a joint World End Polio Now event
The year did not pass without some good fellowship; a core value of Rotary with events such as the annual boat cruise and President’s Party.
Rotary Club of Barbados continued its journey of the year of 'Rotary Connects the World' and yesterday inducted our 12th member Job Laboyrie; a former member of Rotary Club of Aruba.  Job relocated to Barbados last year and brings over 13 years experience as a Rotarian.   Job is sponsored by PEE Robin Forde and we look forward to working with him on our journey of 'Service Above Self'.
COVID-19 has no boundaries and neither does Rotary Club of Barbados.  Over the past weeks, through our online platform, we have been graced with the presence of international guest speakers as well as district representatives at our meetings.
On Thursday May 14th we were fortunate to have RI President Elect Holger Knaack join us all the way from Germany at our weekly virtual fellowship meeting.  Our other guests included DG Trevor, DGN Sonia, DGND Leslie, AG Peter, AG Frances-Ann, St Kitts, AG Lisa - Barbados,President Jean, President Brian, President Kareem and his Executive from Rotaract Club of Barbados.
PE Holger greeted attendees with much enthusiasm and noted that he has been spending four to five hours a day participating in Online meetings.  He jokingly admitted he may be the first RI President who never leaves home given the current pandemic. He thanked PDG David for inviting him and said he looked forward to working with David in the new Rotary year in his role as Chair of RI Membership Committee.
In spite of the current crisis, PE Holger is seeing many more opportunities such as being able to communicate with each other, listening to speakers from around the world, planning projects and sharing our core values while we remain committed to Service above Self.
The Rotary Club of Barbados, through our charitable fund, Rotary Trust Fund Projects Inc., has partnered with like-minded citizens to mobilise the procurement and distribution of essential food items and supplies to support persons here in Barbados who have been laid off during the pandemic.   
We are working with suppliers who are willing to provide items at cost or discount for a basic ‘basket of goods’ which can be delivered to families in need.  Each basket of items cost approximately US$100 and our goal is to provide 200 baskets weekly in the initial stages and increase as the need arises and funds are available.  We have partnered with established organisations, namely the Salvation Army and the Barbados Red Cross, who already have mechanisms for the distribution of these goods and the means to identify those persons impacted by the pandemic through loss of work.
At the invitation of PDG David Edwards, Past Rotary International President Barry Rassin spoke at our fellowship meeting of April 9, 2020. Barry, whose theme was 'Be The Inspiration', spoke on ‘Rotary: Covid-19 and Beyond’, Barry outlined some of the global challenges associated with the management of the Covid-19 pandemic and reminded us of our commitment to eradicate polio.  While priority must be given to the Covid-19 pandemic at this time we should not stop our efforts to eradicate polio.
He highlighted the need for us to lend a hand as our world and country will turn to Rotary organizations they can trust to assist quickly. He emphasized the importance of adopting the times and noted how our online fellowship is bringing more members to table.
He said everyone is asking “when will this be over?  Never! Our world is now changed for the future. We have to wrap our heads around that”.  We must prepare for the challenges ahead including economic impact and issues of social unrest.  He encouraged Rotarians to stay strong and stay positive and noted that Rotary International is very keen on supporting its member Clubs.
The Rotary Club of Barbados is a traditional club, but importantly  we are a vibrant Club willing to change and adapt strategies that will work for us and  improve our club.  
During this global pandemic (COVID19) we have transitioned to online meetings in order to maintain our fellowship and engagement as well as to continue the support to our community.   
We believe that impact starts with our members and last week we took our online meetings further by conducting three orientation meetings and successfully inducting six new members.  The Rotary Club of Barbados congratulates the following new Rotarians and extends a warm welcome to them as they join the Rotary Wheel, which faces inward for friendship and fellowship and outward in service to our community and to the world.
New Member               Sponsor
Karen Cole                    Neal Griffith
Shakéela Bodhoo          Keri Mapp
Nigel Pierre                   Paul Ashby
Mark Hassell                 Paul Ashby
Savitri St John               Meryl Stoute
Russell Wilson              Ermine Darroux
Message from President of Rotary Club of Barbados  - Peter W. B. Williams
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the RCoB Board has decided to CANCEL ALL IN-PERSON MEETINGS AND EVENTS of the Club until further notice.  This decision was taken following the announcement by the Ministry of Health & Wellness advising organizations to limit public gatherings as well as the notice from our District Governor Trevor Blake requesting that all in-person District events be cancelled. The Board has further decided to utilize the Zoom digital platform to host our regular Thursday meetings, commencing next Thursday, March 26. 
We encourage everyone to act prudently and continue to monitor and be guided information from the Ministry of Health & Wellness.  If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing, do not visit the hospital or other medical facility, but CALL the COVID -19 hotline at 536-4500 for advice. 
Our special guests at our weekly Fellowship Meeting on Thursday, February 13, 2020 were Nephrologist, Dr. Nerissa Jurawan and Consultant and General Surgeon, Dr. Margaret O’Shea from the Kidney Transplant team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) along with Ms. Pamela Whitehall and Ms. Dione Timothy, mother and daughter, kidney recipient and donor respectively. Members of the press were also present to assist the Club in raising awareness about the kidney transplant programme.

Dr. Jurawan delivered a thought provoking presentation covering the benefits of kidney transplants, which includes longer and better quality of life as well as reduced cost when compared to dialysis treatment. She also spoke of the transplantation process for the Donor as well as the Recipient and the current status of the programme in Barbados.

While kidney transplants have been carried out in Barbados before, the current transplant programme started about five years ago and since then the unit has completed ten successful transplants.  The transplant process / surgery is supported by a group of volunteer doctors from the UK known as Transplant Links Community (TLC).  They work with local doctors to carry out live donors transplants, and at the same time teach the skills so that Barbados will have a sustainable transplant programme.
Rotary Club of Barbados congratulates our very own Past District Governor Charles David Edwards who has been confirmed as the Chair of the Rotary International Membership Committee 2020-21 by President Elect Holger Knaack.  In 2018, PDG David was appointed Vice Chair of that same Committee.  We are truly proud of this achievement!
This Committee, mandated by the RI Bylaws, provides guidance and advice to the RI Board on matters related to membership development, retention and education. It also considers matters related to developing programmes to attract new members and  retain existing members, and encourage the formation of new, innovative, and flexible Rotary Clubs and alternative membership models. As part of the RI Strategic Plan, the Committee aims to  expand Rotary membership and enhance engagement to strengthen Rotary in both numbers and quality.
RI President-Elect Holger Knaack unveiled the 2020-21 Presidential Theme at the Club's Annual International Assembly held in San Diego, California on January 20, 2020. The theme ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’, is encouraging Rotarians around the world to seize the many opportunities Rotary offers to enrich their lives and the communities in which they serve.
Knaack noted Rotary isn’t just a club for people to join, but rather “an invitation to endless opportunities,” He emphasized that Rotary creates pathways for members to improve their lives and the lives of those they help through service projects.
On Saturday, November 9, 2019 Barbadians were serenaded with an eclectic mix of top quality music in a show headlined by the Elton John Tribute Band out of the United Kingdom. Opening acts were a mix of heavy rock by Jae Johansen, followed by Alan Shepherd with a selection of well-known hits from his Spice and Company repertoire. Biggie Irie and De Red Boyz kept things hopping with some of their popular hits while KOLORBLYND reunited especially for the show and wowed the crowd with Prince's Purple Rain and the Eagles' Hotel California. The headliners were the Elton John Tribute Band who came all the way from England to give patrons an authentic replica of Elton John and his greatest hits; a special treat was a guest appearance with the Elton group by Barbados' very own songbird, Tamara Marshall. Several hundred patrons rocked and danced the night away to what will be remembered as a nostalgic night to raise funds for the Schoolhouse for Special Needs which is one of the Club's very special projects. 
This morning, a number of Rotarians, Partners-in-Service, Rotaractors and Friends were dispatched to schools around the island to replace over 25 school signs previously installed by our Club.  The signage installed will be more visible to the public based on the type of materials utilised.  Our Club continues to focus on enhancing community development as part of our Rotary International Areas of Focus. 
The Rotary Club of Barbados, under the distinguished patronage of Her Excellency, Dame Sandra Mason, GCMG, DA, QC, Governor General, recognized four unsung heroes at its annual Pride of Workmanship Awards Dinner (POWA) held on October 17th.  As in the past, this year’s honourees personify Rotary International’s motto: “Service Above Self.”
A major area of focus for Rotary International is Disease Prevention and Treatment and the Rotary Club of Barbados has chosen to raise awareness of Diabetes as well as the need for blood and organ donation.  It is therefore fitting that Rotary honour representatives of the Diabetes Association, the Diabetes Foundation, and the Barbados Blood Collection Centre along with the top Blood Donor.
According to RI’s President Mark D Maloney, Rotary is indeed a family and should be an experience that complements our families; a warm and welcoming place where service and family go hand in hand.  Rotary is also about developing the skills and networks of the new generation;  who will eventually become Rotary leaders.
With this in mind, today we  welcome Anton Nicholls,  son of Past President Brenda Pope, the Club’s first Female President as a Rotarian.  Anton is sponsored by PP Brenda and was pinned by President Peter.
Rotarians from the three Rotary Clubs in Barbados – Rotary Club of Barbados, Rotary Club of Barbados South, and Rotary Club of Barbados West – join with all Barbadians in expressing our sympathy with our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas following the devastation and loss of life caused by Hurricane Dorian, which hit the northern islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.  The slow moving hurricane of unprecedented strength, hammered the islands for over 48 hours.
Impact starts with our members and earlier today we welcomed three new members to our club during our weekly Fellowship Meeting at the Hilton.  Carlos Depeiza, Simone Pasmore and Gregory Wood presented by their sponsors SAA Peter Arender, PDG David Edwards and Rtn Jeff Evelyn were installed by President Peter Williams. 
At a formal ceremony held on July 6, 2019 under the patronage of Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason, GCMG, DA, QC, Governor General of Barbados, the new board led by President Peter W. B. Williams was installed. Rotarians, Rotaractors, Partners-in-Service, Special Guests and Friends of Rotary joined together in fellowship to welcome the new board. 
Immediate Past President Shawn spoke of the projects, fellowship events and activities undertaken during his year, reciting month over month.  He ended his address by thanking his board for their support and presented a Certificate of Appreciation to each member. Director Makonem was commended for the great work he has done with our Rotaract and Interact Clubs and was awarded The Paul Harris Fellowship Award.
President Peter began his address by congratulating Immediate Past President Shawn and his Board on the successes of the past year. He went on to note that “our Club is blessed to have serving on this year’s Board, talented Directors with a sense of purpose, Directors with a blend of youth and experience.  It is even more of a blessing that five of our Directors are women”.   
Rotarians and Rotaractors descended on the Barbados Polo Club at Holders, St James  for the Rotary Club of Barbados’ inaugural RotaGames on Sunday, June 30, 2019. Participating companies for the games included Emera Caribbean, Barbados Lights & Power Co Ltd, Cave Shepherd Group of companies and our very own Rotaract Club of Barbados.
Club Executives & Directors
Vice President
Fund Raising
Community Service
Public Relations & Image
Club Administration
Membership & Youth Service
International & Rotary Foundation
Immediate Past President
Please note effective March 26, 2020, our weekly Face to Face meetings were transitioned to Virtual Meetings.