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For children ages 5 to 8
Questions or to register by phone
Contact Marti at (951) 698-6116
Safety Town Teaches...
Safety Town is an interactive safety awareness course for children from 5-8 years of age. Each day the children are introduced to various safety issues in a fun and safe environment. While this is a Temecula Sunrise Rotary Community program, the instruction is provided by educators from our local school district. The children are taught:
  • Disaster Preparedness                           
  • Traffic Safety
  • Bicycle / Scooter Safety                         
  • Poison / Drug Prevention
  • Fire Safety                                           
  • Emergency / 911
  • Gun Safety                                           
  • Stranger Danger
  • Electrical Safety                                    
  • Animal Safety
  • My Body Is Mine                                   
  • Water / Sun Safety
Graduation ceremonies are conducted at the end of the last day and all parents and family members are welcome to attend!