I hope everyone is having a great end of summer.  The Smith family had a great time on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon on a three day raft and kayaking trip on the Wild and Scenic River section.  I am constantly reminded of how fortunate we are to live in the Pacific Northwest.                                                                          
Last week RN Sandy Ulf from the Olympic Medical Center did a great program on respecting end of life choices and how we can plan ahead with information and communication with family and medical providers.  And, President Greg reminded us of the important 60 year anniversary of the Austin Mini Cooper and how it changed the world (at least the car world!).  This week we have a great program from Public Housing on their Self Help Housing Program.                                          
Reminder that August is “Rotary Membership Month”.  Think of who you want to invite as a guest to lunch.  And, see you on Wednesday!