Posted by Kim Johnson on Jan 14, 2019
It is time to start gearing up for our annual RAGS event.   Meetings will be starting soon, the PODS will be going out.  Right now what is being asked for are: 1. Donations, 2. Sponsors for the event 3. Raffle items. 
 If you have any of those items or can get any of those items, please let me know. 
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Posted by K Johnson on Dec 20, 2018
Every year the North Mason Rotary Club gives the Golden Ethics in Business Award to a business in our community that has worked with our club on different events, whether it was to donate money or supplies, give time for their employees to volunteer, or just supported our club in some way.  This year we chose 2 different businesses because we couldn't leave either one of them out. 
The  picture on the left is of Pam White, the owner of Outlook Writing and Design.  Pam has worked with the Rotary club for many years on several different projects.  She is easy and fun to work with always get the job done with a smile on her face.  She is also active in the community with other organizations.  Thank you, Pam for your excellent service. 
The picture on the right is of Carl Roberson, from QFC, Carl has worked hard for our club in the way of donations for the Giving Tree event.  Carl has been able to work magic when it comes to helping with the food donations for this event.  He is easy to work with and always provides service with a smile.  Thank you to Carl, and QFC, for all of the time and donations that you have given to help our North Mason Community.
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