Well if you were in attendance at Friday’s meeting you’d have felt the electricity in the air. There was a buzz about the room. Chitter chatter all about as if something new was about to be revealed. More about that later…stay tuned my friends.

Today’s setup was done by Duncan Cook. Manning the Paul Harris desk Gary Fulton took in $645. Selling those tempting little white tickets was Bill Price. Taking photos was Ben Sclair. Writing this entertaining lil’ ditty and offering up the invocation was yours truly and Mo Saram led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The presidential quote of the day was that of Thomas Jefferson to John Adams in saying “I can not live without books.” Now I happened to look it up and President Dave left off… “but fewer will suffice where amusement, and not use, is the only future object.” Now I don’t know about you but that last part didn’t make any sense to me. (Maybe that’s why he left it off).  


The term book can mean many different things. The Urban Dictionary defines a book as …

  1. A source of information
  2. A source of entertainment
  3. A tool barely used by today’s societies because it’s not “cool” to read a book (Don’t they know that books used to be considered precious commodities).

I’m going to have fun with this so sit back, be patient and enjoy.  When I think of books…Rotarian Sally Smith comes to mind. When I think of libraries I remember the aisles of Tenzler, the Dewey Decimal System and the Shhhhhhhhh of  librarians reminding us to be quiet. Ok back to business.

We had just one visiting Rotarian from Sumner Bert Stibbe. (Who, by the way, forgot to sign in.)

Joining us for lunch today was Charlie Hyde’s daughter Nicola, Tim Shaw, soon-to-be Rotarian Will Moncrease and our exchange student Selen who just graduated from Lakes High School.

Gayle Selden and Sally Smith offered to take Selen out for a meal of her choice. Her 1st choice was the Pancake House (it was closed) so 2nd choice was the famous Frisco Freeze.  Mmmm Mmmm good.

Ted Wier shared with us that 12 people showed up to complete the work on the Ft. Steilacoom Playground.

PP John Lowney had a few things to talk about…

  1. The installation banquet invitations will be out in the mail soon. (Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.)
  2. The Black Tie & Blue Jean event is being renamed the “Summer Lawn Party”. Mark your calendars July 25th, $50 a ticket and yes, there will be a beer garden again.
  3. Summer Fest will be happening again with car shows, venders and a beer garden.

John while dressed very casual in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt failed to talk about attire for Chris’s installation dinner. It’s business casual. 

Mick Johnson reminded us that July 16 is Military Appreciation Night at Cheney Stadium. Tickets for the event are $30.50. The party deck will have food and drink. It’s a fun time for all.

President Dave called upon PP Rick Selden for some antics while the painting was taking place at the park . Apparently there was some frivolity going on. The sign on the podium read “Chief Painted Foot”. The reason due to Rick walking away from a paint bucket and President Dave stepping into it. The fine started out being $84 then reduced by $4 for the cost of the paint used, a plea or two reducing said fine even further. Rick offered up $100 to the foundation with the understanding that PE Chris Kimball and Dave each throw in $50 for their parts in the mishap.

Today’s program was to be the first of two club assemblies. President Dave called for the club’s approval on a check to Lakewood Baseball in the amount of $2,000. The club approved and a check was handed to John Korsmo. Now that’s quick. Speaking of quick…Gordy Quick gave up some more money today. I almost forgot that one.

Rose Stevens gave us an update on the Nepal disaster relief that we helped to fund. There have been numerous aftershocks since the devastating earthquake that took place in April. Thanks go out to the generous group we have for its support.

President Dave gave us a handout to complete regarding Lakewood Rotary’s Future. In the questionnaire:

  1. What should Rotary stand for?
  2. Two top characteristics?
  3. Ideal club size?
  4. Community service 2 top priorities?
  5. International service-What lights my fire?
  6. Thoughts on the Sportsman’s dinner?
  7. Thoughts on fundraisers?

There will be further follow up at next week’s meeting. Bill Potter had the lucky ticket and pulled a white chip…good for $5.

Peeing on my flowers

A lil old lady was walking down the street dragging 2 large plastic bags, one of which was losing an occasional $20 bill. A police officer stopped her and asked if she’d robbed a bank? Oh No she answered… you see I live next to a golf course & a lot of golfers pee through a knot hole in my fence into my flower garden. It kills the flowers you know. So I stand behind the fence, surprise the golfer by grabbing ahold of “it” and say ok buddy give me $20 or off it comes. Well that seems fair said the cop…and then asked what’s in the other bag…Not everybody pays, you see.