President Dave Coleman  started us off with his usual great Presidential quote.  This one was from President Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President (1923-1929):  "No man ever listened himself out of a job."  (But Dave --a man of our time, not the 1920's, actually said-- "No person ...etc.").   You might say he was just being politically correct, but really he knows Joyce would've killed him if he quoted it exactly like the above.  Well maybe kicked, not killed, is the right word. - See more at:
The Supporting Cast today consisted of:   Jim Rooks gave the invocation; Greg Horn led us off in the Pledge; Tom Crabill twisted our arms to buy raffle tickets; Bill Young did double duty, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms and introducing Visiting Rotarians; Gary Fulton collected $466 (wow!) at the Paul Harris desk for the Rotary Foundation; Bill Young and Don Daniels spelled Duncan Cook as the set up crew; Rod Ladd was the Photographer; and finally Joe Quinn was the scribe.  Hope we did not miss anybody.
Bill Young introduced our only visiting Rotarian: Parkland-Spanaway Rotary's Past President Kevin Gleim.
Guests included Jeannette Adkins (Ron's lovely spouse), former member John Calder, Kim Causbring of the Lakewood Historical Society, Bart Edgecomb, and Prima Deev of the Pierce County Library.  Spousal guests, besides Jeannette, included Carole Wier (Ted), Fae Crabill (Tom) Marilyn Zawilski (Bob) and Mary Horn (Greg).  David Kimball was also with us. Selen Erdogan, our Rotary Exchange Student (see below), introduced her whole host family.
As a side note, all spellings are phonetic and if incorrect then blame my editor.  (He is supposed to check that stuff!).
Some key dates:  June 26th - Installation Banquet. Come see Chris Kimball get sworn in and kick Dave out once and for all!
Announcements by Phil Eng:  Courage Classic - August 2 and 3 - Sign up to help at the Nason Creek rest stop.
Reeder Rotary Roadster Romp - at Hood River, OR this year, from September 12-14.  We can take a few more so sign up.
Kevin from Parkland-Spanaway Rotary announced the Golf Tournament for the Friends of American Lake Golf.   Their fundraising goal is $50,000.  The August 15th tourney is a four-man scramble.  In the Spring of 2015 they will open the Nicklaus Nine so come play the nine hole course for the last time.
Mick Johnson reminded us of the Tacoma Rainiers game for Military Appreciation on July 16th at 7:00 p.m. for $30.50 each.  Come support our single soldiers, airmen (airpersons Dave?), sailors and Marines.
Next, President Dave launched into the sale of several U.S. Open Golf Parking Passes that Judy Hosea donated to Rotary.  He sold several passes to park at Curtis H.S. which is pretty close to the course.  And of course there will be shuttle buses from there.  Then he also sold some entry tickets for $50 each to the highest bidder.  I think Bill White got two of those and Greg Horn got one. 
Blue Badge - John Forkenbrock traded in his red badge for a blue one at the bargain price of $5.
Fines:  Dave had us at his mercy one more time and levied the following fines on folks who have been difficult to get any dirt on:  Janie Frasier, who was happy we visited the Goodwill where she works, paid  $30 to show her gratitude.  Walt Richardson paid $50 for trips Steilacoom (?) and there was something about dental implants.  Tom Sadler said he went nowhere and got fined for that so he managed to plug the Lakewood Community Foundation.  He said they gave $25,000 in grants away in this cycle. That was worth a Greenleaf -- $20.  Kim Prentice got recognized for no recognition and paid $50.  Bob Zawilski who the Prez said always implicates others or passes the buck... paid in $20.  He said his wife Marilyn had a slight motor vehicle accident recently.  Seems she tried to get between a dump truck and the pup that it was towing behind.  (I think that is why they put that little blinking light on that bar between them.)
Prexy Dave had Mike McGowan cornered for a fine but Mike only offered $1.50.   When Dave told him that would now be labeled a "McGowan",  Mike changed his mind and handed over a Greenleaf.  Dale Hirz apparently repaired Dave Coleman's son's arm when it was broken in three places, but that did not stop Dave from fining Dale.  Apparently Dale felt a bit guilty so he ponied up $100.   James Guerrero said he is very proud of his daughter who just finished her Junior Year at Lakes.  They went to visit colleges in New York and Washington, D.C. recently, and she also went to the Rotary World Affairs Conference in Wisconsin.  Very proud papa paid $100.  Is Coleman the best ever President with these fines, or what?  He has to be over budget!
Some Business:  Club Treasurer Bill Potter said, to follow the Bylaws, when we expend $2000 or more we need a club motion.  We quickly and unanimously approved his motion to give $2600 to the Nepal relief effort under World Community Service, led by Rose Stevens.  Next, we also unanimously approved a $2,000 check to the Lakewood Community Foundation.
Program:  Gayle Selden introduced Selen Erdogan, our Rotary Exchange Student who will be returning to Turkey in about two weeks.  Selen spoke eloquently and emotionally about her wonderful time here in America.  She said that when she left home, only 18 years old, she thought she was very grown up and mature to be going off to the United States like this.   She was very excited to come to the U.S. for some 10 months in the Exchange Program.  She made many very great memories here and was much impressed with American hospitality.  She said she has so much to say about her time here.  She found out she was not as mature as she thought, but it has been a life-changing experience.  She is now more open minded and a better person.  Selen learned that one country is not better than another, but they are just different.  She had to adjust and try new things.  Her hosts showed her many new places, and she has made many new friends.  She recently graduated from Lakes H.S.  These friendships should last a lifetime.  While at times she was homesick, she kept in touch with her family despite the 10-hour time difference.  She said it was an emotional roller coaster and she did get a little choked up during her speech. Selen said now she is caught between two worlds and the world may not be the same for her now.  Her Dad had advised her to go to America; she said the U.S. was her first choice and Canada was second, so that worked out well.  She then showed us a whirlwind slide show of the places she went and people she met while here.  Selen is a delightful young lady that we will remember for a long time. Gayle Selden said there is a farewell dinner at the Korsmo's house on Tuesday, June 23rd.  It is a potluck so stay tuned for more details. 
This writer then had to get up and give a report on the workings of the Community Concerns Committee so I did not take good notes.  We gave away about $19,500 this Rotary year, to many of our old favorites but surely a few new ones too.  Rick Selden of the CCC said one favorite of his was Santa's Castle, which takes care of low ranking GI's and their families at the holidays with gifts.   Steve Enquist of the committee said he liked what we did with St. Clare's Hospital and the Clare's Closet program.  $10,000, that we spread over two Rotary years will help buy clothing for patients who leave the hospital with just rags and also provides transportation for families whose loved ones are here in the hospital.  Our committee focus is on Lakewood's deprived families, with an emphasis on the basics:  food, clothing and shelter.   I said my favorite is Family Renewal Shelter, which helps out domestic violence victims, providing not only shelter and vehicles but sometimes even emergency re-location when lives are at stake.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this Rotary Club gives to the communit, and if anyone wants to know more about what we do with the money that all of you raise, talk to any committee member.
  • President Dave then talked a bit about the Rotary survey, which should be available on the web site. Nothing too surprising there.  Dave hit the highlights:
  •  What should Lakewood Rotary stand for?  Major themes were service, community, international and fellowship.
  •  What is the ideal size of the club?  The range was from 100-200 and the average answer: 136, so as Dave said, this means most of us would like the club to grow but not a whole lot.
  •   What are our top priorities for community service?  Most common themes:  children and families who are disadvantaged and in need, education, youth, military, major project, parks, homelessness.  (Seems to me we are hitting the mark there, through many of our committees, not just the Community Concerns Committee, but Rotary overall.)
  •  What lights our fire with regard to International Service?  Many themes repeated a lot, such as clean water, polio, disaster relief, education, health, exchange student program, and projects.  Some also mentioned shelter box, the RI Foundation, hunger, children, women, etc.
  •  Future of Sportsman's Dinner?  Dave said 25% are tired and think it may be time to move on; 25% love it as is; and 50% think it is a good idea but needs some work (such as more Rotarian involvement, better attendance, more money raised, rebrand it, drop the Sportsman name tag, etc.)
  •  Other fundraisers?  Many ideas, and some think one is enough.  Raffle was mentioned a number of times.
Overall Impression:  Lakewood Rotary has a clear understanding of its purpose and long history upon which to build.   Dave also talked a bit about the major project...the stage in Fort Steilacoom Park.  At the recent meeting, three small sites of about one acre each were identified, and some designs discussed, all of which were pretty close to the playground.
Finally, Dave presented a $401 check to recent drawing winner Bob Lordahl who immediately presented a donation of $50.
Speaking of the Drawing, Rick Selden had the right ticket but the wrong color chip--white, for which he won $5.
As Ole Magnuson often writes in closing:  "Who reads this stuff anyway?"  Well we are bound and determined to find out if you are reading your bulletin.  This writer, or better yet, his editor, will award $2 to the first Lakewood Rotarian to identify the Rotarian depicted in this picture, shown above, of the back of his head, taken recently at a meeting.  Claim your prize by being the first to guess right in an email to the Editor of the Rotary Bulletin, Eric Quinn, whose email address is as follows:  If no one tries to guess the Rotarian, then Ole will finally one reads this stuff!
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