“Two” much fun,  or should it be “To” much fun, or “Too” much fun….however you see it, today’s meeting  by President Chris Kimball was his 2nd of many fun meetings to come.
Now, I don’t know if you can remember who the president was when you first joined Rotary, and a few thereafter, but for me, my “first” image was that of PP Ben “short pants” Sclair. The next day, President Dave “Arrrggg” Reames took over. The next year was President Mark “Aloha” Blanchard, followed by President Dave “The buck stops here” Coleman. And currently, Chris “lots of fun” Kimball. You see, as bulletin writers we have immunity from said repercussions resulting from one’s writings or fact-findings. It’s going to be a fun one…so sit back, pour a beverage and enjoy the ride.
The meeting was brought to order on time as President Chris called upon PP Dave Coleman to give the invocation. President Chris, with sticks, snare drum and symbol led us in singing the Star Spangled Banner. He thanked Duncan Cook for taking care of our setup, Bud Montgomery for collecting $484 at the Paul Harris desk, Tom Crabill for selling tickets, Walt Richardson for taking pictures and me (Rod Ladd ) for writing the bulletin.
Today’s Rock and Roll quote was “If you listen very hard the truth will come to you at last.” Now, if as smart as some, you’d know that came from Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven-Album #4- 1971.
 Today’s visiting Rotarians were Helen McGovern-Pilant (Clover Park ) and Amy Wigstrom ( Rotary 8).
 Joining us today for lunch was Sally Saunders , Merit Reed (EFN), Fae Crabill, and for the last time as a guest was Will Moncrease.
 John Forkenbrock had no sunshine to share with us today. That’s a good thing nowadays.
Today’s Rotary spotlight was supposed to be Bill Allen, but he must have been wrapped up in a huge , and I mean seriously huge, fleet sale, because he was absent. I hope he brings a note, as I see a fine in the works.
President Chris had something to read to us, but apparently it was misplaced or destroyed by a paper-eating machine. At his office they call him the “Shredder”. I personally remember Shredder as being the fictional character and antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
PP Phil Eng talked about the upcoming Courage Classic taking place in 2 weeks. They are in need of a few more volunteers to help out at the Nason Creek rest stop August 2nd & 3rd. Find more info at www.multicare.org/courage-classic/stevens.
Clayton DeNault announced that they are in need for a host family for our incoming Rotary exchange student. The opening is for the 1st session. The Korsmo’s will have the winter session.
President Chris called upon Will Moncrease and his sponsor Larry Saunders to come up to the front, where he inducted Will into Lakewood Rotary, then proceeded to give him the info packet, pin and invoice for dues. Will is originally from Tacoma and had spent time in the military at numerous bases. He settled in Tacoma, is married and has 4 children. He currently works for Boeing and might be taking a job in Everett. Will, you might have to borrow a small plane to fly down to Lakewood for Friday’s meeting.
Up to the podium with a fast pace came newly red-badged Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson, who handed off to Will the precious little puffin. I tipped Will off, telling him to take a pic of his new little friend so he’d never be without it, as attending a meeting w/o carrying the bird does carry a small fine.
Steve Enquist was next up to the podium to remind us on how to get a Paul Harris. Some companies do corporate matching so check with yours. With every Paul Harris award comes 1000 points, which you can give to another individual to receive his or her award. Today Virginia Hillyer got her 1st Paul Harris, Larry Saunders his 2nd, Sally Saunders her 1st and Bob Zawilski received his 8th. Congratulations to all of you.
Today’s speaker was Helen McGovern-Pilant, executive director of Emergency Food Network and past president of Clover Park Rotary. Helen attended the University of Idaho. Her travels have taken her to Paris, and back to Lakewood where she was on Lakewood city council, and when Doug Richardson was elected to Pierce County Council, she was appointed to fill the position. Helen joined EFN in 2009, after David Ottey retired after being with them for 25 years.
Recently EFN had a unique donor…The US Open at Chambers Bay donated 70,000 lbs of food.  EFN has partnered with grocers and farmers along with trucking companies to transport hundreds of pounds of food for just the price of fuel. For every $1.00 donated they are able to purchase $12.00 worth of food.
EFN supplies 67 food banks and shelters, and helps to feed a lot of hungry people with healthy and nutritious food. They have partnered with the food connection from St Leo’s and this last year their break bag program helped to send home 2000 bags of food with the students.
Out in Orting, WA is the “Mother Earth Farm”. On the 8-acre site they grow 150,000 lbs. of organic food that gets distributed to local food banks. The farm is run by an all-volunteer staff and has numerous sponsors. Additionally, the farm has 9 chickens that eat a specific type of worm! The EFN warehouse in Lakewood will help more than 1.6 million people in our community. If you can’t tell by now, EFN is very near and dear to me and my family, and it can be that way for you too. So this next year…plant an extra row in your garden and take your extras to the warehouse. It feels good to share.
Today’s lucky ticket holder was new Rotarian Troy Wilcox. Unfortunately a white was pulled for a $5.00.
 Don’t forget to email your guess on this week’s mystery head to  our editor,   eric.quinn253@gmail.com
One joke for the road:   Fred was in the fertilized egg business, and had several hundred young pullets and 10 roosters to fertilize the eggs. He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced. This took a long time so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell had a different sound so he could tell which rooster was performing best. Fred’s favorite rooster, "Old Dave", was a fine specimen. But one morning, Fred noticed Dave’s bell hadn't rung all day. When he went to investigate, he saw all the roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters, would run for cover. But Old Dave had his bell in his beak so it couldn't ring. He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one. Fred was so proud of Dave that he entered him in the Brisane City Super Chicken Show. Dave became an overnight sensation among the judges and was awarded the "No Bell Peace Prize" and the "Pullet Surprise" as well.  Clearly Old Dave was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could win two of the most coveted awards and be able to sneak up on the unsuspecting populace and screw them while they weren't paying attention?!?! Just remember, you can't always hear the bells.
And in the words of Paul Harvey….Good day
Wait a minute, whose Rotarian head is this, anyways? Guess correctly and take home two American dollars!