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Opening Bell: By Peninsula Interact President Cassie McMurtrey at exactly 7:30 am. [Scribe Note: In the absence of President Mel Santos, today’s meeting was very successfully run by Peninsula High School’s Interact Club, so much so Mel should worry about his job security. Other Interact students participating in the meeting were Tim Poe, Geni Schwesinger, Richard Winslow and Julie McMurtrey. They needed virtually no assistance from Mel’s assistant Debbie Miller.] Invocation by Annmarie Hubbert. Song “My Country Tis of Thee” led by Hal Cline and Interact’s Julie McMurtrey. Pledge of Allegiance by Interact'’ Geni Schwesinger. Four Way Test by Interact’s Richard Winslow. Greeters: The five enthusiastic Interact students mentioned above. Guests were Evangeline Taret, Tim Toerbar, Jeremy Bueloh and Bill Whitacre, who were all introduced, and, lastly, Sophie Perkins’ longtime friend DAVE HOLSINGER (who usually is successful as he was today in not being introduced, but the scribe caught sight of him) . Visiting Rotarians: If there were any, they successfully hid from this scribe’s view.
  •  Interact’s Presence: President Cassie explained why the Interact Club was running today’s meeting and that John Winslow was the club’s contract with Peninsula Interact. She then briefly listed the Interact’s past and future projects, all of which were extensive.
  • Parking Stall Auction: Keith Harris auctioned off the March parking stall for $45 to Rod Ladd who paid a generous $50.
  • Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reminded us that we were eight days away from our annual auction. Ticket sales lieutenant Rod Ladd said that 248 tickets had been paid for, about another 52 tickets had been committed but the club wished another 80 tickets be sold so as to push the total number of attendees to 380. Peter Glein reported that all of the auction items had been received (about 50% came in just last week). John Duppenthaler made a pitch for volunteers to set up and then take down tables at the event.
  • Altrusa’s Empty Bowls: Pat Schmidt reported that the Empty Bowls project had garnered about $14,000 which will go to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club and the Red Barn for meals for the youthful members.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Although Fines are usually more interesting than Happy Bucks, such was not the case today as there was no time for fines. The good news on Happy Bucks is that Annmarie Huppert’s wrist is not broken from a fall from horse riding last week, just badly strained. On the bad news side Rod Ladd’s motor home is out of commission for several weeks because of a meeting the motor home had with a stationary semi-truck.
Drawing: Someone won ten free tickets to next week’s drawing and, of course, Jeff Harris won the right to draw for the pot. He was unsuccessful this time but it makes this scribe wonder why he even buys tickets when he walks in the door. This scribe’s only consolation is that whatever Jeff takes home is immediately donated to some worthy charity. Nice to have people of such caliber in the club.
Program: Two part program today.
Knowledge Bowl: Speaker Johnathon Bell, a twenty-five year teacher with the last twenty years at Peninsula High School where he is presently teaching history and acting as faculty advisor for many of the school’s clubs, spoke on his favorite club, the Knowledge Bowl. Of “competitive teams” in the school, the Knowledge Bowl team has by far the most successful. Peninsula High School has placed in the top ten in the state out of 140 +/- teams for all but one year in the last fifteen. It is a “no cut” sport of teams of four persons and is very similar to the TV show Jeopardy except the show has three individual contestants while the Knowledge Bowl has three teams of four. To demonstrate how the game works, he set up three tables which the scribe will call Keith Harris’s table, Ron Roberts’ table and the front table. (Ron improved his table’s chance of winning by moving Bob Ryan, who had once been a participant on the real Jeopardy show, from the scribe’s table to his table.) The speaker then read five esoteric questions which his school team had answered correctly earlier in the month and virtually nobody in the audience could understand. But Bob was the only one that correctly answered a question without assistance (the front table was disqualified because of assistance provided by President Cassie). The speaker was quick to point out that the students were using knowledge which they had acquired in other Peninsula High courses, not just his.
Youth Services Committee: Jeanie Simmons, the head of the Youth Services Committee, explained what that committee did by having members describe separate facets of its work. Cindy Reed advised up that in the future the club will only be selecting outbound local Rotary students and hosting foreign Rotary students in odd numbered years (such as 2019). In odd numbered years (this year) those functions will be handled by the Mid-Day Club. Betty Felker spoke on the short but intensive student selection process (which might be called “granting paid scholarships”) in the fall as well as on the entirely separate dance education program which has been so successful. Dick Vanberg spoke on the communications to and from with outbound students and foreign students.
Adjournment by President Cassie at 8:35 am.
Notes by Al Weaver
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GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding; Invocation: Jeff Harris; Pledge: President Mel; Song: Hal Cline and Howard Mackert led us in a verse of “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do: Betty Felker
Visiting Rotarians: Don Buchanan announced that there were no visiting Rotarians
Guests: John Guardia, Guest of Ben Paganelli; Sue Jensen, Guest of Al and Joanne Bucholz; David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins;(there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
President Mel’s Opening Comments:
  • President Mel showed photos of the team at SeaTac heading for the Philippines, including PDG Bob Martin (and his granddaughter Olivia, from Spokane, and soon to be a Rotary Exchange student), Jan Martin, Larry Olson, Pam Smith Lee Smith, Mac Pinch, and Mike Pinch (Carina is already there).
  • It is very important for all Club Members participate/contribute in some way to the success of the Auction. If someone is unable to attend, it is suggested that a cash contribution be made via John Mitchell (and let your Team Captain know).
  • Next Friday, the Interact Club will conduct the meeting during the absence of President Mel.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer (our Rotary Exchange Student from Switzerland)
    • Last Friday she attended a Rotary Exchange Student Leadership Conference where they dressed as aliens (gold leggings, etc.)
    • Attended a Dinners 4 8 with prominent Youth Exchange Committee Members
    • On Valentine’s Day her host mother Deborah Krishnadasan prepared a breakfast of heart-shaped French Toast plus strawberries
    • They don’t do these celebrations in Switzerland
  • Rotary Auction – Hal Hodgins
    • The Ronda Mackert Concert has been set as September 23 for the Auction.
    • The masterpiece, “entry table” by Dick Vanberg was displayed. (to this note-taker, it looked like a ¼ round “birdseye maple” entry table – absolutely magnificent!
    • “Big Board” status – we’re slightly ahead of last year, but we need to reach the goals.
    • Bottles of wine are needed for the “Wine Toss” – a couple of bottles from each member are still needed – drop off at Juanita Carbaugh’s office or bring this coming Friday
  • Gateway Park Pavilion Project – Jeff Harris
    • Jeff shared pictures of various stages of the building
    • Recognized Keith Koelker for his tireless work on the Pavilion Project – including his artful post anchor base designs
    • Recognized Don Rees for the use of his shop and equipment for preparation of the wood for the pavilion
    • Recognized the efforts of numerous Rotarians in the staining and decking preparation.
  • Blue Badge Promotions – Dave Morris
    • Jennifer Hamilton
    • Camilla Brocker
  • Altrusa’s “Empty Bowls” event – Pat Schmidt
    • Held Saturday, February 17 at the Boys and Girls Club
  • Peninsula Schools Dance Program– Lillian Page, Principal of Vaughn Elementary
    • Ms Page came to thank Gig Harbor Rotary for their support of the dance program because:
      • It gave some children a chance to learn manners and customs they might not have a chance to learn otherwise.
      • It has made a huge difference in their behavior at school
  • Film Festival – Betty Felker
    • Hard to believe this is the 10th year
    • The 72-Hour event is back
  • Youth Services Committee – Jeanie Simmons
    • Attempted attendance/participation bribery – offering donuts at the meeting following our regular meeting
    • The meeting was held in Harbor Place (not sure if there were any donuts left since several Members were observed rushing to attend – very tricky Jeanie)
    • Important program that has brought us many delightful exchange students.
Fine Master – Chris Myers
  • Apparently wanting to alleviate President Mel’s chagrin at being repeatedly fined, the Finemaster quite generously provided President Mel with an envelope containing 20 crisp new one dollar bills. Apparently President Mel would have none of it, so he immediately put the $20 into the fine cup.
Raffle Ticket Drawing
  • Jim Rieck won another 10 Free (as a result of his 10 free last week)
  • Marcia Harris pulled the blue chip and won $387.
Club Assembly conducted by President-elect Paul Alvestad. We were assigned to groups based on a colored “chip” handed out as we came into the meeting. Each group was asked what we liked about our Club meetings, didn’t like, what could make them more interesting, what changes would we like to see (there was a suggestion that the Harris’ (Jeff and Marcia) be ineligible for further “winnings” .
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30AM
Notes by Walker Allen
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Opening Bell: Rung precisely at 7:28 am by President Mel. Invocation: by Duane Fister. Pledge of Alliance: by President Mel. Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline. Four Way Test: Led by Dick Vanberg. Greeters: None noted.
Visiting Rotarians: Introduced by Coach: Sabrina Dawn Shardlk, Tom Jaffa, Don Daniels, Sally Smith, and Bill Salina.
Guests of Rotarians: Rocky Pinch (guest of Mac Pinch), Tom Toerber (Annie Arbenz), Reed Morris (Dave Morris), Sue Jensen (Al Bucholz), Dave Holsinger (Sophie Perkins), and Jeanette Murphy. Mayor, Kit Kuhn and wife Kathy Kuhn.
Opening Comments: President Mel announced that the GH Rotary received an award from the GH Waterfront Alliance. Mel proceeded to give this award to Lee Smith as the lead chair in the Sip and Stroll and the GH Wine and Food Fest. Mel then introduced the new Gig Harbor Mayor, Kit Kuhn and his wife Kathy. Kit made several comments: The new Mission and Vision statement is now on the City website; Looks like the City is going to keep its municipal Court; the City is partnering with many organizations for a sports complex and parks in Gig Harbor North; He is in the office about 60 hours a week and everyone is welcome to his open door.
  1.  Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer is at a leadership conference in Tacoma today. It was announced that Melanie’s family is planning a trip here to visit. Melanie is also scheduled to attend a dinners for eight.
  2. Former Exchange Student Daniella: John Dunham announced that Daniella is coming to visit on March 17th. He expects to have a party for her. More information will follow about the party and how to RSVP.
  3. Sip and Stroll: Lee Smith announced that the Sip and Stroll scheduled for tomorrow (2/10/18) is sold out with 535 tickets. A few tickets will be available at the door. It was noted that the Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance has many Rotarians involved with their board. Their outgoing President is Pat Schmidt and incoming President is Mike Henery, both Gig Harbor Rotarians.
  4. Bylaws Vote: Tom Borgen presented a new set of bylaws for approval by the Club. Prior to even doing his presentation, there was a motion and a second to approve. Tom had to slow things down and gave his presentation as to why the changes and a summary of the changes. The motion to approve was then made by Debbie Wittmers seconded, and approved by unanimous vote of the club. Tom then thanked the members of the bylaws committee for all the work put forth on this project; Tom Borgen, Paul Alvestad, Hal Hodgins, Pam Peterson-Smith, and Debbie Wittmers. Should anyone have any concerns or additional changes that they feel need to be made, that can be done. A review of the bylaws will be made each year by the bylaws committee as spelled out in the new bylaws.
  5. Paul Harris Awards: Bob Martin gave out Paul Harris awards to the following club members:
    • Chuck Cuzzetto                   +1
    • Peter Glein                            +1
    • John Dunham                      +2
    • Pam Peterson-Smith           +3
    • Sherlyn Iverson                    +1
    • Chris Myers                           +2
    • Stan Eastberg                       +6
    • Duane Fister                         +6
  6. Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reported on the forthcoming March 10 auction. We are now in full auction mode. Get your tickets today, get your donations today, and bring your wine for the wine toss next week. We started early for the planning, however we continue to procrastinate on ticket sales and procurement. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get it done this week!!!.
  7. Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer proudly reported that we had great attendance and a terrific Star Awards dinner last Friday. Thank you all for attending and helping make it a great event.
  8. Altrusa Empty Bowls: Pat Schmidt announced that the Altrusa annual event is February 17th, 11A.M to 2P.M. at the Boys and Girls Club. Please plan on attending. All the bowls are made by local artisans and the soups are made by 14 local restaurants. All funds raised will be used to support food and feeding programs for the youth of the Gig Harbor / Key Peninsula area.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Handled by Mac Pinch, who handed down a few fines. He first asked Mayor Kit Kuhn if it was OK to fine the President. With lots of help from the crowd, Mac was given the go ahead to fine Mel. Ivan Gorne was fined for his long invocation last week. Pam Peterson was fined for an auction donation of a rent-a-husband. Mac had questions if there were any restrictions of the services provided by this rent-a-husband? He can fix things, but can he nail things or screw things? Imaginations ran wild about what this rent-a-husband could do. Brady Buskirk was fined for a picture that looked like he and his wife on the front of Gig Harbor Magazine getting married. Jeanie Simmons was fined for a bag full of “hooch” under her table. Due to time constraints, it was determined that we would skip happy bucks, only to have three happy bucks announced. Paul Willet’s daughter, Maddie, hit a 1000 point career level with GHHS basketball. Walt Paulson announced Valentine serenades were available through the Barber Shop Quartets group. Give him a call to arrange. Mike Pinch was happy for a $200 donation by Ed Lindstrom’s wife, Barbara, to go to the women’s Rotary Club in the Philippines for their projects. .
Drawing: Eric McGinnis handled the drawing. I believe Jim Rieck won ten tickets for next week and Pam Peterson-Smith won the right to draw a chip. She drew a white chip for $15.
Programs: Sally Smith and Don Daniels of the Lakewood Rotary put on a presentation about a District 5020 service project. This project is in conjunction with the District Conference on May 3, 2018. The project is to package 50,000 meals for local food banks and the Food Lifeline. The project needs $13,000 and 14 people to complete. They are looking for volunteers and financial support. President Met said he would bring the financial request to the board and will collect names of volunteers.
Richard Schmalz introduced Jeannette Murphy, who spoke to the Club as the first Prison Scholarship recipient. Jeanette has been out of WCCW for over a year. She said that the re-entry class from our program was the best to help her prepare for release and success in the outside. She felt that the interview practice and life skills taught were very helpful in her success. She is now working two jobs and is trying to give back to society. She is working with a professor on a program to teach inmates for data entry on a program for Museums. This program is setting up a data base for museums nationwide for all the displays and assets that they hold and have available. The program will help inmates for employment and job skills as well as make museums better able to serve the public. Many questions were answered and Jeanette was given a Hip-Hip Hooray for her accomplishments. The club was reminded to sign the graduation certificates for the most recent class, on their way out of today’s meeting.
Closing: Meeting closed at 8:30 am.
Notes by: Chuck Perry
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Tim Toerber has been sponsored by Annie Arbenz to be a member of this club. Tim's classification is aviation services. The first date of publication is February 11, 2018. Any comments should be referred to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days of the first date of publication.
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Posted by Robert J Martin on Feb 08, 2018
Ivan gave a nice overview of what an invocation might be and then finished with his own invocation.  Very informative and helps keep things in perspective.  Thanks Ivan.
Hal & Dave did a God Bless America duet and there was some attempt by club members to follow.
President Mel is looking awfully comfortable.  I think Debbie should add a little surprise to the agenda.
Sophie was introduced by Coach so she could introduce visiting Rotarians.  They both did a marvelous job.
Mark Woodman from the Puyallup RC was peddling some "all you can eat" crab tickets.  Hope some of you "crabbed" some.
Melanie went to the boat show in Seattle and had a Swiss dinner prepared for her.  She will be gone next week attending a leadership conference.
Walt doing the February birthday and there were not many, but then it is a short month.  Yours truly was numero uno on the first of February.
Lee has Sip 'n Stroll under control.  If you are not working, I hope you bought some tickets.
Lee donated $55. for the parking stall.  I didn't have the heart to tell him he will be gone to the Philippines for half of the meetings.
Here is "Auction Hal"  giving us a progress report.  He would like to see more progress.
Pam did a great job with fines reminding us we are a vocation based organization.  I was impressed with how well the questions were answered.  The depressing part was the most common occupation was law.  I think insurance, real estate, and banking were not far behind.
President Elect Paul introducing our program, The Italian Dream, presented by Paul Spadoni.
Paul is clearly passionate about his Italian heritage and was fun listening to him.
Photo Summary of the Feb. 2nd Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-02-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Feb 08, 2018
Rod did a great job with this picture.  Betty's name and function is on the screen right above her head.
President Mel is happy to get another meeting on the road.  And he is on the downhill side.
Randy needs to find the blue line, either that or duck.  Pat doesn't need to duck.  I am sure the singing was great!
Sharon with one last plug for the STAR Banquet, which was sold out.  It was a fantastic event; thanks Sharon.
Melanie enjoyed her Birthday week in spite of finals.  She had some kind of theater experience.
PEN or 2nd VP Hal continues to plug the auction.  He is showing a little anxiety as ticket sales and procurement lag somewhat.  I know we will all come through but let's save Hal some anxiety and do so more quickly.
Pink showed up at our meeting in the guise of Donna Lormor.  Very exciting!
I am sure the smiles relate to the story of what Cindy was doing with that finger when it was injured.
I wonder if Brent was one of those Norwegians Paul fined.  If I understand President Trump correctly, we, Norwegians should be paid to be here.  I would be happy with a Norwegian tax rebate.
Richard, as Vocational Service Chair did the program and it was excellent.  The following slides give you some idea of the scope of what his committee is doing.  Thanks for your hard work Richard.
Photo Summary of the January 26th Meeting Robert J Martin 2018-02-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dick Vanberg on Feb 08, 2018

Sorry I haven't sent anything for a while now I have been terribly busy with the end of your school semester! I what to let the club know I am participating in most of my classes now and am contributing to the class work.

Over the holidays I met both sides of my host family for Christmas dinner and New Years!

I also have been skiing with my family as well. I enjoy it very much and would love to continue to get better.

We had a meeting with all the exchange students in our district and had a "cook off" my friends and I cooked s'mores over the fire for all my friends and there family.

I also visited Milan to help my brother move into a new apartment and we were able to see the church of Milan.
I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday and I hope to hear from the club soon! Please pass this along to the other club members!


  Annina Liebner
Annina Liebner, our Outbound Exchange Student to Germany Dick Vanberg 2018-02-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: Rung precisely at 7:30 am by President Mel Santos and without introductory music.
Invocation by Ivan Gorne (actually it was not a traditional invocation but an extremely interesting summary of the history, type and use of an invocation). Pledge of Alliance by President Mel. Song God Bless America led by Hal Cline and David Gillespie. Greeters: None spotted.
Visiting Rotarians: Mark Woodman (Downtown Puyallup).
Guests of Rotarians: Oliver and Rocky Pinch (guest of Mike Pinch), Tom Toerber (Annie Arbenz), Sue Loiland (Emma Conway) and John Guerdie (Ben Paganelli).
Opening Comments: Next week’s meeting will start ten minutes early (7:20 am) because of presentation by the Lakewood Rotary for two of its projects. Visiting Rotarian Mark Woodman, present president of the Downtown Puyallup club, announced that two upcoming events: a March 23 crab feed and March 7 Boy Scouts of America Breakfast.
  1.  Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer reported that in the past week she had gone to the Seattle Boat Show and had a homemade Swiss dinner with a prior host family. Next week she will be missing in action as she will be attending a student leadership conference.
  2. February Birthdays: May must have been a slow month as we only had six February birthdays.
  3. Auction Parking Space: Auctioneer Keith Harris talked Lee Smith out of $55 for a month’s parking.
  4. Rotary Auction: Auction chairman Hal Hodgins reported on the forthcoming March 10 auction in that to date the club has received $9,000 for corporate sponsorships (of goal of $45,000), has filled its goal of having ten restaurants for the event, and has procured 29 items (of goal of 125) for the silent auction) and 6 items (of 22) for live auction.
  5. Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer proudly reported that for tonight’s Star Awards dinner there are 79 members and spouses signed up when the goal of our club attendance had been only 60.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Handled by Pam Smith who announced the good news that a survey of our members’ occupation revealed that the most popular occupation of our members was lawyer (of whom there are thirteen). Drawing: Larry Olson handled the drawing in which Lee Smith will have an extra ten tickets next week and Dave Gordon was not successful in drawing for $130.
Program: Program chairman Paul Alvestad introduced fellow Peninsula High graduate Paul Spadoni, a now retired high school journalism teacher at Peninsula, who gave an extremely interesting (to a non-Italian) speech on his grandfather who came from Italy to the State of Washington in 1902 and settled originally in Clay City (located half way between Eatonville and Lake Kapowsin) and later brought his wife to this country. He was first described as a peasant, then laborer and later engineer. In 1946 the family started the business Spadoni Asphalt in Gig Harbor. Many years ago Paul and his wife sent their daughter as a Rotary Exchange Student to Poland for a year. After retiring from teaching in 2010 he and his wife slowly began visiting Italy more and more until now they spend three or four months a year there and have purchased a small home in the town of Montecarlo. That is the small central Italian city in which his grandmother was born and in which many of his relatives have lived since the thirteenth century. He and his wife are now fluent in Italian and he has traced the ancestry of many, many relatives.
Closing: Meeting closed right on time at 8:30 am.
Notes by Al Weaver.
Friday (2/2/2018) Alan Weaver 2018-02-05 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Better Felker. Pledge- President Mel, Song- Hal Cline, Randy and Pat let the song. Four WayTest- by the person standing closest to the banner who could read? Mel did find one.
Visiting Rotarians; Barry Benson- A great friend of the club from Tacoma 8. Barry is amazed at the number of Tac 8 members who have defected across the bridge to our club over the years.
Guests of Rotarians; Tim Toerber (Annie’s friend) and next on list to be inducted into the club as a new member. Tim previously belonged to Tacoma Sunrise. By the way he oversees the flight scheduling going in and out of Seatac, should be a great classification talk!
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Myers- Has had a fun birthday week, even though our b-day cakes are not quite the same as they are in Switzerland. Her weekend included a movie party with friends. The fun was tempered this week with the fact she had semester finals and was happy to see them over!
  • Rotary Auction- Auction leader Hal and team provided an update. 98 tickets sold to date so please purchase online or get help from Rod. Procurement team captains should be contacting you. Mine just called me while I was writing this up so I know Dr. John and other captains are “dialing for items.” Let’s give the auction team the support they need to make things happen! It’s going to be a fun event!
  • Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation Election- Ed Lindstrom, representing the foundation board held the election for the two open board spots. Peter Stanley and Dave Gordon, both current board members were reelected to the board and ran unopposed.
  • Star Awards- Coming up Feb 2; Sharon says there are over 75 members signed up and thanks everyone for the support in honoring others for their work.
  • Sip and Stroll- Coming up Feb 10, Lee says they expect to sell out the 500 tickets. Check your email if you signed up to work the event for details.
  • Youth Exchange; Jeanie explained our club and Midday are going to move to an every other year format in hosting an exchange student. Both clubs will work closely together as the change is made. John Dunham also mentioned Daniela our previous exchange student is planning a trip to Gig Harbor.
 Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Paul Willet-Took great pleasure in fining Pres Mel against his objections he was exempt, fining all the Norwegians in the club for Trumps remarks about we need more Norwegians in the country and I think should have fined himself for explaining how to fish in Donkey creek. “Look for the silver things swimming upstream and not the brown round things going downstream”, in reference to the sewer plant being upstream. Good advice Paul!
Program: Richard Schmatz- “Vocational Service”
 Richard did a great job on this presentation! A great example of a younger member stepping up as a new Avenue of Service committee chair and board member this year and really making things happen, for this we thank you Richard! Vocational Service continues to evolve within Rotary and the Club. As Richard stated vocational service It’s really working to help others using the respective skill sets and vocations of the members. It can take the form of everything from helping member Howard Mackert establish the Cars 4 Change program to providing refurbished vehicles to those in need of transportation, The new “First Tee” program, The Prison Reentry Program classes, scholarships and mentoring to assist the women at the Purdy Prison to the Stars Awards the committee puts on every year to honor others in the community who exemplify “Service above Self” in helping others and the community. The committee is beginning to plan for next year so bring yourself and ideas to the next meeting and join the fun!
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Submitted by Tom Borgen
Friday (1/26/2018) Tom Borgen 2018-01-30 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Marcia Harris
President Mel called the meeting to order promptly at 7:30.
The meeting’s scribe took extensive & detailed meeting minutes which sadly disappeared between Gig Harbor & Lakebay, so this report will be brief and missing many great details.
Important Announcements/Reminders:
GH Rotary Foundation Board Just a reminder, the Club will be voting on candidates for the Foundation’s Board.
AUCTION 2018 Peter Glein reminded us that auction items and sponsorships are needed NOW! For those who have difficulty with procurement, a $500 check will take care of your guilty conscience. Rod Ladd has auction tickets available. The goal is 375 attendees; please invite your generous friends and fill a table. Remember, it takes the whole club to assure another successful G.H. Rotary Event!
STAR Awards The last day to save your place is Friday, January 26th. The date is February 2nd, 5:30 pm at Canterwood. Sign up on-line, only $35/person; if you have questions or need help, contact Sharon Shaffer.
Sip & Stroll Lee Smith reminded the club of the February 10 event in downtown Gig Harbor. This is a joint project with the Waterfront Alliance. Lee could use help with a few more Rotarian servers at the businesses. Tickets are still available…get yours now!
Raffle: As to the drawing, there were no lucky Harris winners this week, although another Mr. Lucky, Lee Smith had one of the tickets. When all was said & done, a white chip was pulled, so the pot continues to grow.
Program: The highlight of the morning was Bob Ryan’s explaining his program appearances on Jeopardy a few years ago. He competed on four programs and walked away with over $35,000 (Well , that’s really not the TRUTH.) The program was taped in September, aired in November and the check arrived in January, minus Uncle Sam’s share.
Winnings aside, Bob gave us a look at Jeopardy, providing very interesting behind the scenes details. Bob described the entire process, beginning with how he was selected to participate, to being asked to bring 3 changes of clothes for his 4 appearances. Thanks Bob for a very interesting program, with a new appreciation of how ‘brainy’ you really are!!
Adjournment President Mel rang the bell, adjourning the meeting at 8:30.
Notes submitted with an expectation to be fined on Friday, by Marcia Harris
Friday (1/19/2018) Marcia Harris 2018-01-24 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Martin on Jan 21, 2018
Polio this week as of 17 January 2018

We had 22 cases last year, 14 in Afghanistan and 8 in Pakistan. Fall seems to be the big risk period.  Would hope for less than 10 cases this year and none next year.  These are exciting times.
Polio Update Martin 2018-01-21 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by John Duppenthaler; Pledge led by Hal Cline.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach introducing Bill Evans (Port Orchard).
Guest of Rotarians: James Turner.
Comments and Announcements:
Hal Cline needs three more couples for dinners for eight; two verbally signed up under pressure;
received a thank you letter from 1st Tee; schools have agreed to dedicate equal time to this program as with the other sports programs (i.e., football, etc.).Mel would like to see members and the other clubs get together to support participation of underprivileged kids.
Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – not here today (studying for finals); Cindy Reed announced surprise birthday celebration for her next Friday.
New Rotarian Induction – Duane Fister – membership status report we are at 123 with a potential new member this morning. Sponsor Lee Smith introducing Jeff Stillwell (manages the airport out of Tacoma Narrow Airport). He plays a pivotal role in our auction success each year.
Star Awards – Al Abbott – Feb 2nd honoring Kurt Bremmer from GH; sign up through Constant Contact for $35. Currently up to 38 need 60. Takes place at Canterwood. Wonderful event and a good time deserving our support
DECA Competition - Coach – Next Thursday (Jan 18th) at the Tacoma Community Center 500 students will be waiting for us to judge them; you will have one student for 3 minutes in which we ask 3 questions and then grade them. 745am – 1130am. Need representation from our club. Distributed a signup sheet to commit to a block of time to participate. Interviews start at 9am (orientation just prior). Donuts will be served!!!
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow – Mel fined for multiple infractions; Bob Ryan – resolved to share too much; Jeff Stillwell (his first); Pam – fined for correlating John Winslow’s name in every Sexual Harassment statement; Happy Bucks – Tom Borgen received a Christmas pic from their foreign exchange student; Anne Marie Huppert – registered for SAMSA program.
Raffle: Paul Alvestad won ten free tickets next week and Marcia Harris did not pull a white chip from Eric McGinnis.
Program: Hal Hodgins discussed the auction; historically have netted approx. $100k; this is our key fundraising event that funds the majority of our projects; it is also the event that serves as the face of the community; it is fun and a good bonding experience. Doing a time lapse on the set up and tear down of the event; them this year is “Today and Tomorrow” with a focus on all the things we do with youth; want people in the community to realize why we need the money and what we use it for; While we work with the youth we are teaching them about community service and also model it; Keith Harris is auctioneer; video and invitation graphics by Al Abbott; Peter has lined up Moctezumas to cater; also have about 7 restaurants (with requests out to others) to provide food; sponsorships – going well so far Timberline Bank is host of event; Sponsorships make up about $20k of our event. Plan to have more table this year (approx. 380 guests); Paul Alvestad is heading up the tear down of the event.
Ticket Sales – Rod Ladd; sold only 32 tickets so far; Recognized those who signed up on line; if you have any questions or challenges on the website, contact Rod. Table Captains and Hosts – need 10 more Rotarians to host - contact Pam Smith. Rod standing by after the meeting to talk to anyone who is interested in signing up.
Procurement – currently have most of the big ticket items (ex., Holland America cruise; Tom Torrens sculpture, etc.). Missing little stuff for silent auction. Looking for unique things Introduced Team Captains. Each has received a PDF copies of the procurement forms (also hard copy provided at today’s meeting, and electronic version available on line); the team that procures the most items over $100/item will be invited to a BBQ. Target is 125 silent items, and 25 live auction events. Raise the paddle will go to Rotary directly instead of giving to other programs/causes.
Pictures from presentation available to anyone who would like one.
Status of auction will be provided weekly.
Wrap up (Mel) – Encouraged everyone to sign up and support the auction;
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton
Friday (1/12/2018) Jennifer Hamilton 2018-01-14 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stan Eastberg
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel with a video featuring golf bloopers in honor of our speaker who will be talking about The First Tee program. Invocation by John Duppenthaler; Pledge led by President Mel; the song Crazy Beautiful Life by Dave Gillespie; and 4 Way Test led by Lee Smith.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet) – no visiting Rotarians.
Guest of Rotarians: Tim Toerber, guest of Annie Arbenz; Sue Jensen, guest of Dad, Al Bucholz; Chandler Hueckol (sp?), Ryan Kallenberger, and Brian Archer, guests of Richard Schmalz; Max Morgan, guest of Lee Smith; David Holsinger, guest of Sophie Perkins; Tanaya Lanning, guest of Mel Santos, Josh Sheanin (sp?), guest of Hal Hodgins; Oliver and Rocky, guests of Mac Pinch, and Debra Krishnadasans, host Mother for Exchange Student Melanie.
Comments and Announcements:
  • President Mel recognized Annie Arbenz for her great job of organizing the Christmas party – she, in turn, recognized her committee members and volunteers. President Mel also challenged Annie to demonstrate her juggling skills that he saw her perform with snowballs at the party – she successfully juggled 3 small cartons of coffee creamers without dropping any – very impressive.
  • President Mel asked for volunteers to share their New Year Resolutions – only Oliver Pinch shared a resolution – that he would be good in school this year (thunderous applause from Dad)
  • President Mel noted that we have completed the first half of his Rotary year and recognized Debbie Miller for all the support she has provided to him
  • President Mel provided the background story on our program today. Mel had challenged the Vocational Service Committee with finding something new for our club to be involved with and Richard Schmalz brought forward the idea of supporting The First Tee program. The idea was strongly supported by all Avenues of Service committees and by the Board, resulting in a sizable donation being made to support the expansion of The First Tee program into Junior High Schools in our area and to provide the equipment to support the instructional effort.
  • Rotary Exchange student Melanie Meyer reported attending a New Year’s Eve party and having a good time with good eats – but we didn’t learn many specifics about the party. She also made a visit to University Village in Seattle and toured the University of Washington campus. With less than full enthusiasm, she reported having to start school and having to do homework again. She admits to having lots of fun while here with us and is clearly not ready to go home yet. We also learned that her birthday is on January 20.
  • Walt Paulson led us in a celebration of Rotarians having birthdays in January.
  • Hal Cline reported that 34 couples have signed up for Dinners for 8 and he is looking for 6 more couples to step forward.
  • Rod Ladd reported that we still have about 358 sign-ups to go to reach our goal of 380 guests at the auction. He says that we go to the auction to have fun – but we must first Buy a Ticket!
  • Bob Martin (looking sharp in a coat and tie) was called on to do a new member introduction – but alas, the new member to be introduced was not here – deferred to a future meeting.
  • Bob Martin was also asked to provide an update on our hands-on projects, but he didn’t have a lot to say. The carport project is completed and no additional action has happened on the fence project.
  • Sharon Shaffer announced that 25 members (out of a target of 60) have registered for the Star Awards dinner. As an incentive, she reminded us that Chris Myers is again serving as the MC. Always a multi-tasker, Rod Ladd said it is so easy to sign up that he did it while Sharon was making her announcement.
  • John Eddy invited members to attend the next Rotary-After-Hours at The Hub in Gig Harbor from 5:30-8:00 on Wednesday, January 10. Don’t look for John to be there however, he’ll probably be traveling on business again.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Chris Myers started the fine session by complimenting Coach on his new haircut while suggesting it looked like he cut it himself. He then fined Rod Ladd for working on his phone while Sharon Shaffer was making an announcement. Chuck Perry got fined for wearing a sweater past the dates of the ugly sweater contests. Pam Peterson was fined for moving the podium out of the way of the speaker last week (really Chris, is this the best you’ve got?). John Dunham was fined for getting help in moving furniture. With his usual irreverence, Chris asked President Mel if the first half of the Rotary year was going as slow for him as it is for us – not sure if he got any fine money for that question. Chris then wrapped up the end of the College Bowl season by fining alumni from the Pac 12 schools that had lost their bowl games. Happy bucks included money for a successful cataract surgery, fund raising for the Ed Worthen eye clinic, School bond drive to be run, and a football victory for UCF over Albany.
Raffle: Duane Fister won the 10 free and surprise of surprises, Jeff Harris won the chance to draw a chip for the $216 pot. No one (except Jeff) was disappointed when he drew a white chip.
Program: Richard Schmalz introduced our speakers – Ryan Kallenberger, Executive Director of The First Tee, and Brian Archer, Program Director. The program began with a wonderful testimonial from a parent who has both a son and a daughter in The First Tee program. Jermane Walker (in full Washington State Patrol uniform) talked about how fantastic this program has been for his kids. He focused particularly on the core values his kids are learning from their participation. Ryan then showed a video overview of the National School Program which provided visual evidence of exactly how the golf and life skills instruction is done. This program has expanded exponentially since its beginning in the South Sound in 2011. There are many different levels of instruction in this program and it was interesting to learn that one of the homework assignments for participants is to record how they apply the core values and life skills taught in the program to other parts of their lives outside of golf. Ryan then talked about the SNAG program (Starting New at Golf) and asked for a volunteer who has never golfed to come forward for some basic instruction. Annmarie Huppert took up the challenge and in a few short minutes she learned how to properly grip and swing a golf club – although the people sitting at the table just in front of her were looking pretty nervous. Ryan thanked the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor for the generous support and unveiled a banner to be hung at each participating school which prominently displays the Rotary logo. At the conclusion of Ryan’s remarks, President Mel asked Don Buchanan to step forward to present a $1,500 check to The First Tee which represents the proceeds from the Salmon sales over the past two months.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Stan Eastberg
Friday (1/5/2018) Stan Eastberg 2018-01-07 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen on Dec 31, 2017
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
President Mel noted that Alex Zarelli is doing a masterful job as sound and media director during Randy Barcalow’s absence.
Invocation: Cory Coryell; Pledge: President Mel; Song: Hal Cline led us in a verse of “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do: PDG Bob Martin
Visiting Rotarians: Coach announced that our Program Presenter Shari Storm is a Member of the Emerald City Rotary Club
Guests: Deb Krishnadasan’ Host Mother for Exchange Student Melanie Meyer; John Guardia, Guest of Ben Paganelli; Bob Decker, Guest of John Eddy (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Opening Comments:
  • !st Tee program next week
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer reported that her host family (Veronica Hooper) had taken her to Crystal Mountain for skiing.She has now moved to a new Host Family – the Krishnadasans who have 3 children (2 of them are also students at PHS as is Melanie)
  • Keith Harris auctioned the Parking place for the month of January. Lee Smith “won” with a bid of $60. Lee reported he had purchased it because his wife had difficulty getting to the meeting on time and this will help.
  • Randy Barcalow is away for a couple of months and so there are no active projects.
  • Auction – Rod Ladd announced that the link for buying tickets is now active. He was looking for item donation forms (which magically appeared following his comments). Pam Peterson-Smith then reminded Members that each of us need to bring 2 new people to the Auction if we are going to meet the Club goal of having 380 guests. Come on Rotarians – this is our major fund raiser to support the many programs and projects that benefit the communities we serve.
  • Star Awards – Sharon Shaffer reminded us that the Star Awards evening is Friday, February 2. It’s a great event for the three local Rotary Clubs to honor local “Stars” (who also get to designate a local charity for a cash award). Check your emails for details. Our Club should have at least 60 attendees.
Fine-master: Mac Pinch had a few “targets” in mind, but none were present. He still managed to snare a few bucks.
Raffle: Larry Olson conducted the raffle – Evan (Dave Freeman’s grandson) won 10 free for next week and Cindy Reed drew the white chip and $15.
Program: Using Parenting Skills to Become a Better Boss (title of her book) – Shari Storm. After being in the corporate world as a boss she learned some of the real secrets to being a better boss by becoming a parent. She learned that it is not what is measured that gets done (stepping on the scales each morning doesn’t change behavior) but it’s what fun that gets done. It was a lively and interesting presentation.
Shari gave examples and a video of how to utilize the differing interests/personalities of employees to meet the needs of the organization by:
  • Articulate
  • Orchestrate
  • Celebrate – by rewarding effort
Her book was available for purchase after the meeting (she was willing to autograph it – which she assured us would make it more valuable).
President Mel adjourned at 8:30 by wishing all a “Happy New Year”.
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (12/29/2017) Walker Allen 2017-12-31 08:00:00Z 0
President Mel opened the meeting with Andy Williams serenading us with: “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.
Call to Order at 7:32 by President Mel. Invocation by David Cathers; Pledge by President Mel; “America the Beautiful” was led by Hal Cline, Randy Spitzer & Mike Pinch; Peter Glein led us in the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: none
Guests: Sandt Eddy, David Holsinger, Gretchen Hodgins, Tim Toerber, Foster Glein, Tresha Allen, Lynn Brown, Bob Felker, Jill & Anna Myers, and Sunshine Singers: Cherry Nelson, Roger Telsey, Jacquie Cerny, Scott Wood and Lee.
Opening Comments: President Mel offered an apology for starting the Christmas Party schedule early. No doubt he will find a lump of coal in his stocking from Santa. A big Thank You to Annie and her committee for a fabulous Holiday Party on Dec. 16th. The snowball challenge was the highlight of the evening.
  • Exchange student Melanie Meyer was off skiing; no report.
  • Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: Ed Lindstrom announced that there are two (3 year) positions open for the up-coming election. The two incumbents, Peter Stanley & Dave Gordon are both running again. Contact Ed for an application.
  • Randy Barcalow shared pictures of the Garden Project completion. 18 volunteers, including members of the garden club assisted with completion of the project, including some great photos shared with the club.
  • Rod Ladd reminded members that auction activities will begin in earnest Jan. 1st. It’s not too soon to begin filling tables with guests. This year’s attendee goal is 375
  • Randy Barcalow provided a Wollochet Estuary Park update. The carport is almost complete.
  • Sharon Shaffer announced the Star Awards Event February 2nd at Canterwood. Price is $35/person. Our Club’s Service Above Self nominee is Kurt Grimmer. He will be one of the three event honorees.
  • A trip down memory lane: Betty Felker shared a couple holiday jokes. In the spirit of the season, everyone laughed!
  • Hal Cline reminded all that it’s time to sign up for Dinners for Eight.
  • Don Buchanan reminder: next week, Dec. 29th is the last week for Fish sales.
  • Betty Felker shared the success of the Vaughn dancing students. They came in first, winning a gold medal at the recent regional competition. The final State competition will be held in June at Todd Beamer High School.
  • Fine Master Chris Myers asked for holiday season ‘Happy Bucks’. Two very special anniversaries are being celebrated this week: John & Pat Lance, 57 years and Terry & Lynn Brown, 49 years. Congratulations!
  • In the spirit of the season, the hat was passed around and a $845 gift was awarded to our faithful Cottesmore supporters.
  • There were no Harris winners during this week’s drawing. Sadly, your Harris scribe dozed off for a minute and failed to record the ten free next week winner and who drew the white chip. Suffice it to say, the pot will continue to grow on the 29th.
Program: Caroling with Gretchen Hodgins & The Sunshine Singers
The Sunshine Singers practice throughout the year, preforming for their various ‘Fan Groups’, generally retirement and assisted living communities. Roger Telsey serves as the group leader with Fran accompanying on the keyboard. Group sing along carols included:
Jingle Bells                  White Christmas                                 Here Comes Santa Claus
Joy to the World          Hark the Herald Angels Sing              Frosty the Snowman
Silver Bells                  Away in a Manger                               Do You Hear What I Hear
Silent Night                  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen         First Noel
Meeting adjourned at 8:29 with President Mel wishing all a Merry Christmas!
Notes by Marcia Harris
Friday (12/22/2017) Marcia Harris 2017-12-26 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Dec 20, 2017
It's hard to believe you could have a good time around a group that looks like this.  But we did!
We will be having a "Kiss Polio Goodbye" program in April so I was looking for the "Perfect Kiss"  Here are Al and Joanne doing their best.
I was impressed with Al and Virginia, actually more with Virginia.  Way to go!
This one not so much!  But it did add to the levity of the evening.
Along with a great meal and fellowship, Camilla and Annie wanted to get us out of our chairs so they set up a "snowball" fight.  The snowballs were sort of cloth nerf balls.  Now does Brent look like a winner or not?
Tom looks pretty sharp as well.
But in fact age and treachery prevailed and I was the last man standing, with Betty coming in second.
The evening ended with a dance and this picture was pretty special.  Al is 92 and Joanne not far behind.  He moved really well.  I really think a great time was held by all.  We had 230 books were turned in and the committee will now decide where they go.  thanks to all who brought some and it is not too late to bring more, just let Jan know.
Christmas Party 2017 Robert J Martin 2017-12-20 08:00:00Z 0
Sign of the times Robert J Martin 2017-12-20 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Dec 20, 2017
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE DECEMBER 15TH MEETING (Photos compliments of Rod Ladd)
President Mel looks like he is about to throw the Hammer of Thor.  Did the job starting the meeting 10-12 minutes early.
Don't want President Mel to hog the whole issue but he does look SO presidential.
Jennifer, our new public image Chair is looking to create a brochure for the club and would like some ideas for a tag line.  Give it some thought.
Randy gave an update on the fence project.  Lots of work to do so why don't you plan to give some time and elbow grease.
Betty let us know that our Vaughan Bay dance group won the regional Gold medal and will compete for State in June.  Let's have a big Rotary support group.
I got to present Allan with his Major Donor pin and love to see examples of giving to the Rotary Foundation.
Pat as President of the Waterfront Alliance presented the Club with a check for $8400, our share of the Wine and Food Festival proceeds.
Melanie enjoyed the GH Boat Parade and the fact she made the Honor Roll at school.
You can tell Paul was really enjoying his job as Finemaster, at least until I opened my mouth about his bra fine.  Sorry Paul, it just blurted out.
Larry Treleven from Tacoma 8 gave a great program about his family business, Sprague Pest Control, a commercial only venture.
This is the original building 25X40' and Larry's parents who were the second generation owners, his grandfather bought the business from Mr Sprague.  Great program Larry!
Photo Summary of the December 15th Meeting Robert J Martin 2017-12-20 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: President Mel Santos said he rang the bell to open the meeting early at 7:20 am (but it was actually 7:18 am) because of the huge number of items on the agenda. (Scribe note: Mel was correct as we did not get to the speaker until exactly 8:00 am.) Invocation by Duane Fister; Pledge of Allegiance by President Mel; Song God Bless America by Hal Cline; and Four Way Test by Debbie Miller.
Guests, as introduced by Cory Coryell, were Al Bucholz’s wife Joanne, Lee Smith’s friend Jeff Stillwell, Randy Barcalow’s son Jeff and absent Annie Arbenz’s friend Tim Toerber. Visiting Rotarians were speaker Larry Treleven of Tacoma 8, Dennis Buschman of Tacoma Sunrise and Bob Cairns of Port Orchard.
Miscellaneous Unscheduled (and Completely Unorganizable) “Stuff”: (a) Marcia Harris was elected the new president of the Peninsula School District No. 401 School District. (b) Jill Guernsey looked much relieved and almost like she were having fun after last month. (c) Tomorrow is the club’s annual holiday party. (d) Two more weeks left of salmon sales. (e) Next week will be the club’s new “Christmas outfit” contest. (Scribe note: If the contest were like the club’s usual Christmas sweater contest, Joanne Bucholz would have won hands down today.) (f) Next week Hal Hodgin’s wife Gretchen and her singing group will be performing at the meeting. (g) Visiting Rotarian Bob Cairns made a pitch for Port Orchard’s drought relief program in East Pokot, Kenya. (h) We sang happy birthday to longtime server Faye Hale. (With her beautiful voice, she should have sung to us.)
Organized and Scheduled “Stuff”:
            1. Exchange Student: Swiss Exchange student Melanie Meyer reported that she had and will have a full week in that she saw the Gig Harbor boat parade while sitting in a kayak, made the honor roll (which surprised none of us), will visit the Tacoma Glass Museum, will see the boat parade in Port Orchard and will attend the Seattle Seahawk – Los Angeles Ram football game in Seattle on Sunday.
                2. Major Donor Presentation: Bob Martin presented a “major donor pin” to Al Bucholz, the club’s only remaining charter member, because Al’s lifetime generous contributions have now exceeded $10,000.
                3. Committee Update: Jennifer Hamilton reported on her plan to add a subcommittee to work on standardization and a Rotary brochure as well as a good tag line.
                4. Wilkinson Fence: Randy Barcalow reported on the progress of eight foot fence around much of the Wilkinson farm property which is on the north side of Rosedale Street just east of where the Cushman trail crosses Rosedale Street. A work party scheduled for Saturday morning at 9 am.
                5. Garden Project: The garden at the Wilkinson farm produces vegetables worth a substantial amount which have been given to the local food bank.
                6. Auction Update: Rod Ladd reported that the club’s goal is to have at least 380 attend the club’s major fund raiser, the auction on March 10, 2018. Hal Hodgins is the auction chairman.
                7. Dancing Classrooms: Betty Felker reported that the Gig Harbor representative had won the gold medal in the recent contest of six grade school students from schools located from Seattle to Olympia. She will show a video of the event for us at the next meeting. The state tournament is scheduled at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way next June.
                8. Star Awards: Sharon Shaffer reminded us that the Star Awards Banquet is scheduled for Friday, February 2, 2018. The signup will begin next week. The nominees for the award are Kurt Grimmer from our club, John Dionas from Gig Harbor North and Robin Malich from Gig Harbor Midday.
                9. Dinners for Eight: Hal Cline is again the leader on the Dinners for Eight. So far nine had signed up. Just to prove that the dinner does not have to be in the month assigned for it, Pam Smith reported that she was scheduled to host the dinner sometime last April but the dinner is now scheduled for December 29th. That’s cutting it close.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett handled these two. The only one of interest to the scribe was Bob Martin’s happy bucks for his Spokane granddaughter who was selected to be a Rotary Exchange Student next school year. She will not know the country to which she is assigned until sometime next summer.
Pot: Eric McGinnis handled the drawing with someone winning ten free and Randy Spitzer taking home $15 in unsuccessfully drawing for an unknown amount. It was refreshing, at least to this scribe, to see someone other than the multi-ticket purchasers Jeff Harris and Bob Ryan win the right to draw for the pot.
Speaker: Program Chairman Paul Alvestad introduced today’s speaker Larry Treleven, who spoke on Sprague Pest Control Business Expansion. Larry and his wife Jane are longtime residents of the Gig Harbor area, he is a member of Tacoma Rotary Eight and a frequent visitor to our club. Sprague Pest Control was founded in 1926 by W. B. Sprague but sold to a company employee who was Larry’s grandfather Albert Herbert Treleven, Sr. in the early 1940’s. For the last thirty-five years the company has been run by Larry and his cousin Alfie Treleven. It is a family corporation which does what its name implies, control pests (rodents). The owners presently have no intention of selling out to a larger competitor. It now employs about 300 and has expended its area of operation to nine of the country’s most western states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and presently runs a fleet of 258 trucks and may be in the top 20% in size of pest control firms in the country.
                Last year the company fired a number of its customers, including this scribe and many others in the audience, as it sold its individual customer business to its larger rival Orkin after the company determined that about 97% of its business came from commercial customers and only 3% from individual customers. We forgave Larry.
Adjournment: As President Mel hoped, the meeting was adjourned promptly at 8:30 am.
Notes by Alan Weaver
Friday (12/15/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-12-17 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:25 by President Mel. Invocation by Camilla Brocker with great words from Mother Teresa to include; “The good you do today may be taken from you tomorrow, do the good anyway.” Pledge- President Mel, Song- Hal Hodgins, stepping in for the other Hal. Four WayTest- Cindy Reed. Visiting Rotarians; Coach with his Santa hat introduced fellow Rotarians; Howard Svigals Dist Asst gov. and Joe Flack, past president from Midday. Guests of Rotarians; Rocky and Oliver (Mac Pinch’s sons), Jeff Barcalow (Randy’s son), Wendy Flick host mom for Sebastin Oleksa the midday exchange student from Poland, Tim Toerber (Annie Arbenz’s friend), John Guardia(Ben Paganelli’s guest and potential new member) and Susan Jensen(Al Bucholz’s daughter)
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Myers spent time in Leavenworth seeing the Christmas tree lighting(fun) and getting a good look at an American version of a German town, many more lights and the German food was a bit different from her perspective. She also enjoyed making Christmas cookies this week which were “bread people.”
*      December Birthdays- Walt P. did a great job of getting the crowd into the holiday birthday spirit with a song and introductions. Donny Rees, Jeffey Harris, Bobby Heacox, Johnny Lantz, Dicky Vanberg, Walker Sandlin, Mikey Hemphill, Patty Schmidt, Jenny Hamilton, Norma Whitacre, Jeanie Simmons and Faye from Cottesmore, who has the best voice in the house were all born in December. Scribe took liberties on the names to bring back memories of youth.
  • Christmas Party- Annie and team have a great party lined up December 16 at Canterwood. Sign up on Constant Contact or call Annie or Mac if you need
Assistance. ONLY $30 per person this year!! New Members this is a great opportunity to meet your fellow members at a fun event!
  • 2018-19 Rotary Year Director Nominations/Vote- Paul announced the slate of nominees for open officer and director spots which included. Camilla Brocker,VP and future club president in RY 2020/21, Cory Coryell- Director Community Service, Rod Ladd- Director of International Service, Brady Buskirk- Treasurer. A vote was taken, and all were approved by the club. Congratulations to all and thanks for stepping up to serve!!
  • Dancing Classrooms: .Betty announced Vaughn Elementary (the club sponsors Vaughn) will be in the state dance finals at Todd Beamer High School. Go Vaughn!!
  • Sexual Harassment training; Pam, a club Youth Protection officer, provided a training session with a focus on defining Sexual Harassment and Sexual abuse and requirements for members to be trained. If you are working with youth on more than a casual basis you need additional training. Speak with Pam about the district’s online course. Thanks to all on the Youth Services committee for their efforts with Youth.
  •  Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Peter Glein- Used an “animal theme” to hunt down people and dollars during the fine session. He bagged Mac Pinch for hunting cougars in Whitley Hills. Ask Mac on that one. John Dupenthaler for his bow hunting. Something about a pack of wild dogs and Jayhawks which coach (proud Kansas alum) disagreed with and Cory (another Jayhawk) stepping in to back up coach. Win goes to Peter. A sloth came up, Stan Eastberg ended up paying a fine on that one. Peter killed it this week on the fines and received a great applause for his effort and originality. Happy bucks; Happy people this week; Cindy headed to Cabo and then Denver; who is going to pour us booze samples at Heritage while she is gone? Pat Schmidt – Waterfront Alliance received nonprofit of the year by the Chamber- Nice job! Randy Barcalow had a great train trip to Portland last weekend for Christmas shopping headed by Jim Castino, a past club member. Raffle: BenPaganelli wins 10 free and Roddy Ladd ain’t so glad as he draws a white chip.
 Program: Two guest speakers this week.
Walker Sandlin- “Smoke your Turkey” Walker did an entertaining and educational presentation on the finer points of smoking a turkey for the holidays, making everyone hungry and eager to give it a shot themselves. A video has been posted on club runner with instructions, even a Rotarian can follow so Give it a Try. Remember to use a fresh 12-16# bird and think at least three days ahead- Happy Smoking!
 Sebastian Oleksa- Midday Rotary Exchange Student from Poland
The quality of the Rotary youth exchange students is amazing, and Sebastian reconfirmed that with an excellent presentation on his home country of Poland. Some fun facts about Poland; Polish is one of the hardest languages to learn, Poland has been invaded 43 times over its history, Poland had the second constitution in the world in 1791 (you guessed it the first was the U.S.), Poland has 30 million people, Poland has doughnuts with no holes which are called Paczki. Thanks to Sebastian for sharing! 
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Tom Borgen
Friday (12/8/2017) Tom Borgen 2017-12-12 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Dec 06, 2017
President Mel opens the first meeting of the last month of the year and it was as the first meeting.  I am sure you all remember that one.
Marti started us off with an invocation, well thought out and presented.  I love having our meetings start this way.
The three Stooges helped us all with the 4-Way Test.  Actually did much better than  the Marx brothers and looked better too.
After Coach asked visiting Rotarians to stand he pointed out he is having a communication problem; getting the names in a timely way.
Melanie told us all about her trip to Disneyland and what a great time all of the exchange students had.  Plus they saw Universal Studios and Knottsberry Farm as well. She also went skiing and it was quite different than Switzerland.  She was polite in saying she did enjoy it.
See how happy Annie is about the Christmas Party.  You should be happy too with the cost down to $30pp this year.  We would like to see attendance up as a result so hurry to sign up.  Also, don't forget to bring books.  You might even donate some books if you don't go.
Here is our Town Crier, I mean Club crier.  He did have something to cry about with the Basket Brigade feeding over 1500 families and he read a very touching note from one of the recipients.
Here's Larry reading off the winning raffle numbers.  Not sure he should waste the time, he could just let Jeff or Marcia draw.
PE Paul is introducing our double program, Todd Fletcher with his classification talk and Buck with the prison program.
Todd really gave us a good sense of his family with some great humor inserted.  Loved his reason for not going into medicine.
These are Todd's parents.  His Dad was a doctor and Mom a nurse in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  My brother in law grew up near Myrtle Creek and this picture reminded me of my early plans for my career, to be a GP in a small town.  I loved my career as a dermatologist but cherish my memories of other plans.
This is Felice Davis, an Associate Superintendent of the Washington Women's Correctional Center and she gave a nice presentation on how hard the system is working to help women succeed after discharge and that they are trying to intervene before women wind up in prison.  Very nice program.  Buck introduced her.
Photo Summary of the December 1st Meeting Robert J Martin 2017-12-06 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stan Eastberg
Last Friday
Call to Order at 7:29 by President Mel to a video featuring the song I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family (circa 1970’s) featuring David Cassidy who died on November 21 at age 67. Mel tells us that David’s last words were “so much wasted time”, and reminded us to use our time wisely. Invocation by Marti Anderson; Pledge led by President Mel; America the Beautiful started by Randy Spitzer; and 4 Way Test led by the triumvirate of Walker Allen, David Gillespie, and David Cathers.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach (Jack Stonestreet): Past President Joyce Taylor, now in the Shelton club. Coach also asked all of the Past Presidents in the club to rise and be recognized.
Guest of Rotarians: Tim Toerber, guest of Annie Arbenz; Jeff Stillman, guest of Lee Smith; John Guardia, guest of Ben Paganelli, Jeannette Murphy (scholarship winner from the Women’s Prison Program and our speaker in January), guest of Buck Frymier; Cheri Fletcher, guest of Todd Fletcher who was presenting his Classification Talk today; Gretchen Hodgins, guest of Hal Hodgins; Rosalie Buchanan, guest of Don Buchanan; Sue Jensen, guest of Dad, Al Bucholz; and Jim Hanson, guest of Jerry Walston.
Comments and Announcements:
  • President Mel thanked the Board members for a wonderful Board meeting. The Board has elected to position the Christmas Party as a thank-you to club members and will financially support the event to keep the costs as low for club members as possible. Canterwood Golf and Country Club has also presented our club with a very favorable deal, so Mel encourages all members to attend this event.
  • President Mel announced the appointment of Jennifer Hamilton to lead our Public Relations efforts which Mel describes as an enormous job. Expect Jennifer to be asking for help from all of us.
  • President-Elect Paul Alvestad presented the report of the Nominating Committee. Treasurer - Brady Buskirk; International Service Committee – Rod Ladd will continue as Chair; Community Service Committee – Corey Coryell will become the new Chair. Please thank these Rotarians for their willingness to step into these important leadership roles. President-Elect Paul also reported that the role of Vice President Elect - Elect, has not yet been determined, although several solid candidates are being considered. Paul says the announcement of this leadership role will be done next week.
  • Exchange Student Melanie Meyer reported on her trip to California with other Rotary exchange students – trip included visits to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign, and also some surfing. Sounds like a good time was had by all. After one day back in school, Melanie traveled to Whistler for skiing over the Thanksgiving holiday – her first ski experience outside of Switzerland. She also reported being very impressed with the dancers after attending the Dancing Classrooms show which Betty Felker helps organize with many of our local schools.
  • Annie Arbenz reminded us that the Christmas Party will be held at Canterwood Golf and Country Club on Saturday, December 16 at 5:30 p.m. Thanks to help from the Board and Canterwood, the cost is only $30 per person this year (down from the $40-45 in previous years) and will feature a choice of entrees to include a steak, salmon or vegetarian choice. Annie asks that everyone sign up within the next week. Sign ups will be done through the Constant Contact internet service and members will receive an email with a link for signing up. Please see Annie or Melissa Schwab if you need help signing up. You are also reminded to please provide two books (kids, youth or adult) – you can bring the books to a Rotary meeting or on the night of the event. Some of the books will be sent to the Philippines while some will be donated to the Community in Schools organization.
  • David Cathers reported on the success of the Basket Brigade Thanksgiving efforts this year. Some 1580 baskets of food were delivered this year. David and his team of volunteers were recognized with a standing ovation and a hearty Hip Hip Hooray. An additional outreach of the program this year was sending 150 baskets to people in the Cascade Locks, OR region that were so impacted by the Eagle Creek fire. David read a very emotional letter of appreciation from one of the basket recipients. A voice from the audience announced that David is a semi-finalist for the Unsung Hero Award this year sponsored by LeRoy Jewelers.
  • Lee Smith provided an update on Rotary’s participation in the Build-a-Bike program this year. Two of our members will be helping to build the bikes and we will be delivering 30 bikes that will include a Rotary emblem on the bike. This is our third year of involvement in this effort.
  • John Eddy announced that Rotary-After-Hours this month will be on Wednesday, December 13 (5:30 – 7:30) at the Tides Tavern.
  • Betty Felker reported that the Dancing Classrooms program continues to be a big success as evidenced by a wonderful Holiday show last night. Rotary received some nice recognition for our sponsorship efforts. Betty also invited everyone to attend the regional dance competition on Saturday, December 9 (2:00-3:30 p.m.) at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way. Vaughan Elementary school will be participating in the event.
  • Walt Paulson asked for volunteers to help with the breakdown of the Festival of Trees event. He needs several people for Sunday, December 3 starting at 9:00 a.m.
  • Because of time constraints, President Mel asked Walt Paulson to do the birthday celebrations next week.
Fines and Happy Bucks: President Mel asked the Fine Masters to defer this weeks fine session and to do a double fine session next week – they reluctantly agreed, but I suspect President Mel might want to have a few dollar bills in his wallet next week.
Raffle: We started a new pot this week after Jeff Harris pulled the blue chip last week. Mike Pinch won the ten free tickets for next week and Marsha Harris (are you kidding me?) won the chance to pull the blue chip which fortunately for her, she did not do.
Program: President Elect Paul Alvestad introduced two speakers this week – Todd Fletcher for his Classification Talk and Felice Davis (technically introduced by Buck Frymier) to provide us with an update on the WCCW Purdy Prison program.
Todd Fltecher is VP Operations, Western United States, Life Care Centers of America. Todd provided us with a wonderful photographic introduction of his childhood years through the present. The outfits he was wearing in the pictures accurately reflected the normal dress of the day, but brought many chuckles from those of us who remember wearing similar attire. Todd advised our members with young children to take pictures of them dressed up in outrageous outfits because it is fun to show later in life. Todd attended Walla Walla College where he received a degree in Business Administration. He got a second degree in Long Term Health Care Administration and started his career in Life Care Centers of America which was started in 1990 and owned by his uncle. He worked in many different care facilities throughout the country as he was learning the ropes. In 1996, he and his Uncle bought Cottesmore from Inez Glass and his family moved to Gig Harbor. Todd has very nice things to say about his wife, Cheri, and his two boys and one girl – a lovely family as evidenced by the many photos. In his current role, Todd travels extensively throughout the Western region which is why we don’t see him all that often.
Felice Davis is the Associate Superintendent of the WCCW facility (Purdy Prison) where she has worked for the past four years. She worked herself up in the correction system, starting as a probation officer. She also worked for a time at the McNeil Island facility. One of her main areas of focus for reaching out to communities is to emphasize the importance of early childhood education as a way of preventing many girls from heading in a direction leading to incarceration. She referenced that there are seven primary pathways that bring women to prison – six of the pathways dealing with early trauma (e.g. domestic violence or sexual abuse). If early childhood education teachers can spot and address the trauma symptoms early, many women can be saved from the prison experience. She also noted that 56% of the Purdy’s prison population is severely mentally ill and would be better housed elsewhere. While the Purdy prison was built to house only 750 or so residents, it now houses over 1,000 residents which severely constrains the system. Developing the soft skills required for a successful reentry into society is one of her primary areas of focus. She notes that self-advocacy (people feeling good about themselves) is of huge importance for success after release. Another statistic she shared is that 70% of women incarcerated are Mothers and if I heard her correctly, some 70% of their kids become incarcerated as well. Felice appreciates the over 700 volunteers that help with their 136 programs provided to the residents. She also invited us to visit the prison – but suggests that we call first as it is after all, a prison.
Meeting adjourned at 8:31
Notes by Stan Eastberg
Friday (12/1/2017) Stan Eastberg 2017-12-03 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Martin on Nov 30, 2017
Everyone who was at the November 17th meeting will know this, but you who were not there need to know this.  Our program on the 17th was to let all of you know what our Club is doing in the way of International service and how the money you are donating to The Rotary Foundation comes back to us allowing us to complete projects.  It was also intended to encourage each of you give to The Rotary Foundation.  Our Club is no longer doing automatic quarterly donations because of accounting time and issues.  As a result, we would like all of you to sign up with TRF Direct.  I provided forms, and will have some with me this coming Friday to allow you to do this.
I am thrilled to report that 26 of you did fill out the forms and as a result those 26 will be giving to The Rotary Foundation $14,260 each year!  This commitment can be terminated at any time with a phone call or an email.  That puts us half way to President Mel's goal of $30,000.  Put another way, 20% of our members have us half way to our goal.  I would encourage the other 80% to make up the difference.  You will never give a better charitable dollar; that is you can count on the money to make a difference in people's lives.
I am proud of this Club and all that we do together, but we can do even more together.  Please ask me for a TRF Direct form and make up that other half of our goal.
Giving Success Bob Martin 2017-11-30 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening Bell: President Mel Santos opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 07:30 AM.; Invocation by Walker Allen with a message of Thanksgiving; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song “God bless America” led by Hal Cline assisted by Cory Coryell ;Four Way Test  led by Tom Borgen who left out the “ Of the things we think, say or do”, so it took the club a while to catch up.
Visiting Rotarians: Announced by Derek Young – Hap Brecht and John Guardic
Guests: Randy Barcalow’s son, Geoff; Al Bucholz’ daughter, Sue Jenson; and David Holsinger, a guest of Sophie’s.
Opening comments: By President Mel
  • No meeting day after Thanksgiving.
  • Storage closet is being cleaned out. If you have something in the closet, you need to claim it, or it will be sold or donated.
  • Use ClubRunner only for Rotary announcements and Rotary use. Failure to follow this rule can result in substantial fines and up to a year in prison, or some other appropriate consequences.
  • Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – Report given by Cindy Reed, as Melanie is in Disneyland with the District Exchange Students. Melanie’s Birthday is in January, so think about ways to celebrate. Cindy also announced that the Youth services meeting was right after Friday’s Club meeting.
  • New Club Constitution- Tom Borgen presented a new club constitution which is required due to changes in Rotary International rules and Constitution. A motion to the change was made seconded and passed by a vote of the membership.
  • Bylaws Change- A Club Bylaws Change was presented by Paul Alvestad, to eliminate the prior board service requirement for the Vice President nominee on Club elections. The change was moved, seconded and passed by a vote of the Club.
  • Basket Brigade – Dave Cathers; This is it, the time is here. They will be serving 1426 families this year. To help, he needs you to be at the airport location, Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm, and /or Wednesday starting at 11:30 am for basket filling and 1:00 pm for basket delivery until all the work is done.
  • Christmas/Holiday Party December 16th – Annie Arbenz; party is Saturday Dec 16th at Canterwood at 5 pm; Sign up and payment needs to be done on line through the Constant Contact website. You will be able to find the link on the Club Website, or it will be sent out in an email. Each attendee is requested to bring two books to donate. They can be either children’s books or adult books. Oh wait a minute, no “Adult” books. You know what they mean; they need to be appropriate for general reading.
  • Festival of Trees – Walt Paulson. Program has been reduced; we are assisting with setup on  Monday 11/27th, and teardown on Sunday 12/3. See Walt if you can help. .A sign up was passed around.
  • Youth Services Committee meeting- Jeanie Simmons announced that the meeting is next door right after the club meeting.
  • Ed Worthen Eye Clinic -; Ben Paganelli announced that there is a fundraising event for the clinic. It runs from 12/1 thru  12/22. You can get your car checked out for winter driving by Glen Cove Auto Repair, located in Key Center, for $20 or more donation to the clinic. After the announcement, three additional Rotarians endorsed the services provided by Glen Cove Auto Repair.
  • Wollochet Bay Estuary project- Randy Barcalow gave the report on the project that is now done. It required 263 hours of Rotarian time to complete. Our next construction project is to install 700 feet of fencing at the Wilkinson Park community garden.
  • KP Food Bank- Mike pinch announced that a few Rotarians will be needed every three weeks for few hours to help the food bank for distribution of food. Check with Mike for the schedule and to volunteer.
 Fine Master and Happy Bucks:  Mac Pinch – had a short time due to all of the announcements. He still had a few fines for various reasons for Gary Glein, Hal Cline, Bob Dragoo, Camilla Brocker for her husband at a Sib & Paint (aka: Chug and Splat). A few happy bucks were collected and it was time for the Raffle.
Raffle- We are down to 4 chips and up to $472 in the pot. Donna Lormor drew Jeff Harris for 10 free next week, and then Jeff Harris again to draw for the pot. He drew the Blue chip to win the pot. He expects to donate most of his winnings to the Olson Foundation after taking Marcia out for an anniversary dinner.
ProgramBob Martin reports on the Rotary Foundation- (November is Rotary Foundation month.)
The presentation started with a great video on the Rotary Foundation. He reported that the Polio Plus campaign is working. We have 14 cases of reported Polio this year in the area of Afghanistan and Pakistan, down from 32 last year. The club goal for donations to the Foundation this year is $30,000. Last year we were close to $36,000. However donations are down so far for this year. We are 45% thru the Rotary Year and are only at 10% of goal. If you want to get the tax deductible benefit for this year, now is the time to donate. Who knows with Congress looking at tax laws if we will have this available as a tax deduction for next tax year. Due to accounting issues, the Club is no longer including billings for the foundation as part of the billing process. Bob has requested that each Rotarian in the Club signs up for an automatic deduction for their Foundation giving. Forms were available. Please complete the forms and get them back to Bob. He will get them processed.
Mike Pinch gave a report on the Philippines projects that have been helped with funds from the Rotary Foundation. They include: Clef Pallet surgeries, New orphanage cribs, computers in over 50 schools, and a new roof for a homeless elderly facility. This club has 9 members and spouses that are going to the Philippines this year to work on more projects.
Jeff Harris reported on our Club’s projects in Guatemala that have used Rotary Foundation grants. Multiple water projects, providing water to over 1700 homes and over 10,000 people, as well as computer projects using the Rachel computer system for schools.
Tom Borgen gave some closing comments about how we can move the needle in this world with support of the Rotary Foundation.   
Closing Bell- Mel closed the meeting at 8:31.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (11/17/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-11-23 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Opening Bell: President Mel Santos opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 0730 AM. Invocation by Duane Fister; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song “God bless America” led by Hal Cline ;Four Way Test 
Visiting Rotarians: Announced by Coach – none today
Guests: Randy Barcalow’s son Jeff ; Mike Pinch’s grandson’s Rocky and Oliver
Opening comments:
  • Honoring our veterans - opening video. Not a dry eye in the house!!!! (Added note – Happy Birthday USMC from Jennifer Hamilton); All veterans asked to come forward and provide branch of service, years of service, and station/assignment(s).
  • Scott Jung – request for prayers and thoughts for Bob Dragoo
  • Exchange Student Report – Melanie Meyer – last week went to a musical “Ragtime” in Seattle, went to Cheesecake Factory; invited a Swiss Dinner; joined friends to a movie that was all hand painted (frame by frame).
  • 2018 Star of the Year recipient – Al Abbott; Kurt Gremmer honored – member of Tacoma Narrows Advisory, PenMet board of commissions,
    Wednesday business group, Gig harbor dragons; greatly involved in youth in the community (Boys and Girls Club, judge for students of distinction, harbor walk tours, food and wine, etc.); appreciate to Al Abbott and Sharon Shaffer for all the work they put into this award.
  • Basket Brigade – Dave Cathers; displayed decorated boxes; have one more week to get boxes in for families in need. Covering a great deal for the Navy and JBLM. Contact Dave with any questions or go to Gig Harbor basket Brigade.
  • Christmas/Holiday Party December 16th – Annie Arbenz; party is Saturday Dec 16th at Canterwood at 5pm; signup sheet
  • Festival of Trees – Walt Paulson. Program has been reduced; we are assisting with setup on  Monday 11/27th, and teardown on Sunday the 12/3. See Walt if you can help.
  • International Committee – Rod Ladd meeting on Monday; moved funds from Africa project to Guatemala water fund.
  • Rotary Auction – Pam Peterson; partner for Rod Ladd’s table group; “Bum’s in chairs; goal is 380 people at the auction; need 30 tables hosted or have table captains. Hosted table is $750 (paid up front) fills a table of 10; Captain will fill a table GETS 10 people there. Start thinking about who you can get there; Rod Ladd (2); Peter Glein (1); Mary Grubbs and Veronica Hooper (1); Mike Pinch(1); Todd Fletcher(1); Hal Cline(1); Columbia Bank (1); Lee Smith(1); Peter Stanley (1)
Fine Master and Happy Bucks:  Pam Peterson Smith – Tom Borgen for being quoted by the editor in the Gateway on ethics; Rob Manahan for true confession or lie ($5); Dick Vanberg and Gary Glein for library conspiracy on Harbor View for Linda Glein.
Drawing: Rodd Ladd won ten free tickets next week and Pam did not pull a white chip from ___ chips, to miss the pot of $______, all as handled by Eric McGinnis.
ProgramBrett DeSantis; GH Rotary Community Service Report (see slides presented on line?)
  • Small projects (Richard Pifer) – annual budget of $5k; Max request is $500; provided list of funding priorities that meet requirements; Review of past recipients and their benefactors; Funding Request Application – reviewed on Fridays by the committee; Sponsor maintenance of the Flag, Boy Scout troops, dragon boats (paddles); encouraged members to bring awareness of community needs
  • Brett (Chair) – awareness of programs and participation; adopt a highway; build a bike; rotary bark park; head of the harbor; skansie pavilion; skansie flag; midway house; harbor history museum courtyard; rotary aviation zone; sehmel park; Cushman trail; courage classic; connie’s clock; mustard seed; donkey creek; parking day; gig harbor maritime playzone; farmers market; dragon boat paddles (start thinking now about the paddlers cup!); generator; festival of trees; YMCA; USO; CORE Committee – small group who keep touch with activity.
  • Request – a drop box has been set up to collect photos. Please forward any/all pictures to ensure we record history.; Coming up – Aviation Zone,
  • Meetings – 2nd Tuesday of every month at Timberland Bank at 5pm.
Wrap up (Mel) – Closet being cleaned out over next two weeks; please claim anything you may be storing; will be placed on the table up front at next week’s meeting (11/17). Richard Smalls now a new dad – girl Charlie Ann Smalls! Happy Veterans Day!
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton
Last Friday (11/10/2017) Jennifer Hamilton 2017-11-14 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 08, 2017
Pizza and beer, what more could you ask for?
Didn't see Carina with a beer, but she seemed to enjoy the company.
Rob may have been the only tie in the place.  I can almost remember the days when I always had a tie.
Brett always takes a nice picture but I could never get Debbie or Alisha to look at the camera.
Mac brought the pizza and the boys.  The pizza disappeared but the boys were all over.  What a treat, on both counts.
John was definitely more interesting than my camera.  Maybe I should have stood behind John to get a good picture of Debbie and Alisha.  You could have stood anywhere in the room and had a good time.
rotary-after-hours-wet-coast-brewery Robert J Martin 2017-11-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 08, 2017

Moe: 'My wife got me to believe in religion.'
Joe: 'Really?'
Moe: 'Yeah, until I married her I didn't believe in Hell.'

______________________________ _______
A man is recovering from surgery when the Surgical Nurse appears and asks him how he is feeling.
'I'm O. K. But I didn't like the four letter-words the doctor used in surgery,' he answered.
'What did he say,' asked the nurse.

______________________________ _______
While shopping for vacation clothes, my husband and I passed a display of bathing suits. It had been at least ten years and twenty pounds since I had even considered buying a bathing suit, so I sought my husband's advice.

'What do you think?' I asked. 'Should I get a bikini or an all-in-one?'

'Better get a bikini,' he replied. 'You'd never get it all in one.'

He's still in intensive care.

______________________________ _______

The graveside service just barely finished, when there was massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance...

The little old man looked at the pastor and calmly said, 'Well, she's there.'
Humor of the day Robert J Martin 2017-11-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted on Nov 08, 2017
Linda's idea and Dick built it.  About a year ago in the Rotarian Magazine there was an article about making these.  That was not where Linda got her motivation however.
Just couldn't resist Dick's smile on this one.  Any of you want to build another for your neighborhood?
GH first mini library Bob Martin 2017-11-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Prior to beginning the official meeting, the President played, “I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth”, Commencement Address at Steubenville University:
Invocation: Al Abbott; Pledge: President Mel; Song: Tim Williams re-introduced us to the George M. Cohan song, “You’re a Grand Old Flag” was sung with gusto; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: Dave Gillespie
Visiting Rotarians: intended to be announced by newest member Derek Young but there were none
Guests: David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins; Bruce Dull, Guest of John Winslow; Tom Taylor, Guest of Dave Morris
(there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Opening Comments:
  • No Club meeting on November 24
  • Board meeting November 29 (not the 22nd)
  • A few Members received reminders in their badges today that they need to bring their accounts up-to-date.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Melanie Meyer
    • reported that her host family had taken her to Mt. Ellinor in the Olympics
    • went to a “Haunted House” (which was very scary)
    • enjoyed seeing the wide variety of costumes, especially little kids) which is much more spirited than in her home country of Switzerland
    • went to an indoor soccer game – which was very fast
  • Walt Paulsen introduced November birthdays and led the Club in singing “Happy Birthday”.
  • Dave Cathers announced that “Basket Brigade” boxes will be arriving on Monday. If you want boxes to decorate, call Dave (253-278-9251).
  • Annie Arbenz announced that the Christmas/Holiday Party will be “our Club only” on Saturday December 16 at Canterwood. Price and details to come, but be prepared to have FUN!
  • John Eddy announced that the next RAH (Rotary After Hours) will be Wednesday November 8 at Wet Coast Brewery – lots of fun and fellowship.
  • Don Buchanan announced that Salmon Sales officially begins next week and the proceeds will go to “First Tee” a program to help youth experience the fun, rules and challenges of golf to shape the lives of young people from all walks of life by reinforcing values like integrity, respect and perseverance through the game of golf.
Fine-master: Paul Willett wanted to levy fines on several Members, but they were not in attendance. However, he did find a “newspaper report” that was widely different than what we had heard from Past-DG Bob Martin on the “total” loss of his RV in Missoula. Bob was preparing to pay until Paul claimed the report indicated that Bob had his “daughter” with him. At that he put away his wallet and let Paul know Jan should pay.
Raffle: Larry Olson conducted the raffle – Marcia Harris (can this be true) won 10 free for next week and Rod Ladd (not again) drew the white chip and $15.
Program: Life Readiness Program at Peninsula School District. Erin O’Neil and John Selfers. They led us on a week-by-week progress of this new program. They emphasized the collaboration with private construction entities – including grants and presentations by contractors. Emphasis is on safety and work protocols (like looking the supervisor in the eye, being on the job site 30 minutes before time to clock-in. Lots of hands-on experience. They are working with a Regional Pre-Apprenticeship Collaborative. They are build an operation shed for the school district rather than building something and then tearing it down. In the near future, they will be working with masons, ironworkers and laborers. They want to build a tiny-house They are seeking industry certifications, including from Labor and Industries to give the students a leg up in gaining employment following high school graduation. A local architecture firm is working with them to upgrade their “shop”. Right now, they are planning for the senior year for the juniors and perhaps an adult education program in the evening. This seems to be the only such program in Washington state.
Classification Talk – Annmarie Huppert
We have seen an earlier presentation about her professional work as an author, a therapist and work with PTSD, so she focused on the more personal aspects of her life. She shared many personal experiences as a child and into adulthood which shaped her life. Annmarie graduated from Curtis HS, where she played varsity softball and won the “Most Inspirational” Award in her senior year. She went on to Pierce College where she earned two Associate degrees and then went to The Evergreen State College-Tacoma where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and Public Policy. She loves heavy-metal rock music, gardening, horses, hiking (Mt. Rainier), her .357 magnum, quantum physics. She wears hearing aids, is immune-challenged and has suffered TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). She lives with her partner here in Gig Harbor. She has a son who works in Hollywood that she is very proud of. Annmarie even walked the Red Carpet with him for the premiere of one of the movies on which he did detailed artwork. Annmarie is looking forward to opportunities to serve with the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (10/3/2017) Walker Allen 2017-11-06 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Nov 03, 2017
Sammi got the meeting going with an invocation.
Glad Hal wasn't standing next to Sammi when he was singing.  There would have been too much color shock for anyone to sing.
Looks like President Mel is pointing out something about the 4 Way Test to Dave.
Now, I really don't think Donny Boy has ever caught a salmon that small.  Maybe he is talking about the size of the smoked salmon pieces.
Melanie in her comfort wear continues to enjoy school and is looking forward to Halloween.
Can you imagine that Dave would be telling us about the Basket Brigade.  If you have never helped, give it a try.
Guess who Lyn's sponsor is?  Not sure why he looks happier than Lyn in having her join the Club.  Maybe she is going to take over all our landscaping projects?
Mark Hoppen sponsored Derek Young and neither look as happy at the Junges.  Great to have them both in the Club.
Tom letting us know we have a new club constitution to adopt to bring us up to speed in the Rotary World.  A little disappointed he is not toeing the line.
Here is Peter, once again after your money, or maybe it was procurements now that the auction season has started.
Our program speaker Dr. Jay Zadkin, a retired oncologist and Sammi's neighbor.  He spoke about cancer in general and breast cancer in particular.  He emphasized the benefit of self exam and although Washington is 13th in cancer incidence it is first in breast cancer diagnosis.
Photo Summary of the October 27th meeting Robert J Martin 2017-11-03 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Call to Order at 7:24 by President Mel Santos. Music Video with a song and theme about Breast Cancer, Invocation by Sammi McCubbins, Pledge- President Mel, Song- Hal Cline led us in God Bless America, Four Way Test – led by Dave Morris with the four listed in Spanish, ie: uno , dos, etc.
Visiting Rotarians; Coach was unable to find a single visiting Rotarian.
Guests of Rotarians; Byron O’Neil, Mac Pinch’s boys, Rocky and Oliver, Al Bucholz’s daughter, Sue Jenson, Dave Freeman’s grandson, Evan, and John Cardio(SP?)
  • Smoked Salmon Sale: Don Buchanan announced that salmon sales will continue this year. They will be at every Friday meeting, starting November 10, and ending December 29. The profits from this sale will be going to support need based scholarships with “First Tee”. This is a program to help introduce children to the sport of golf. First Tee is working with the Peninsula School District physical education programs to introduce children to the sport. Both wild and farmed fish will be available in one and two pound sizes. The price remains the same as in previous years; $25/$40. You can pay with cash, checks, or bankcards. (no AMEX or Discover)
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Meyer our incoming exchange student from Switzerland gave us an update. She moved in with Veronica Hooper’s family who are her second host family. She is scheduled for multiple dinners for eight this month and looks forward to meeting many of us. She went to a Halloween store and is looking forward to the 31st.
  • Basket Brigade- Dave Cathers made the announcement that we are only a few weeks from Thanksgiving. He has boxes ready for decoration if you have a group that can help. This is year 24 and it continues to grow. Great program to serve meals to those in need. Contact Dave if you can help.
  • New Member induction- Dave Morris introduced two new proposed members. Derek Young, sponsored by Mark Hoppen. Derek serves on the county council and previously served on the city council. Lyn Junge, sponsored by Scott Junge. Lyn is the brains behind Rosedale Gardens and keeps Scott in line. Duane Fister did another exemplary job with the ceremony. The two were given their red badges and marching orders to get involved.
  • Nominations for GH Rotary Officers- Mel Santos made an announcement for Paul Alvestad that a committee has been formed to nominate the new officers for next year. The voting will be in December. If you are interested in running for office, or have a suggestion for someone, give Paul a call.
  • November Parking Space Auction: Keith Harris auctioned off the parking space for $40 to George Bonney. It went for a little less than normal, but November does have the Thanksgiving break. George is welcome to come and park in his spot on November 24. However he will be the only Rotarian at the meeting.
  • Bylaws committee- Tom Borgen announced that a vote will be held on November 10, to change the bylaws. This change is to meet the requirements made by a change to Rotary International Constitution. This will be a third world election. We will be given one option to vote for the change, or we can disband the club.
  • Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Peter Glein standing in for Paul Willett as the finemaster. Since we were supposed to wear pink at the meeting for Breast cancer Awareness, anyone not wearing some pink paid a fine. Jill was hit with a fine for campaign signs. Dave Olson wasn’t at the meeting, so he’ll have to pay next time for his signs. Happy bucks; Tom Borgen for his wife’s lost purse being turned in to the Albertsons store. Betty Felker for the fabulous start to the GH Film Festival. John Dunham for getting to move back into his house after 6 months due to a broken water pipe. Pat Schmidt for the sellout of bags for the Girls Night out. Marcia Harris for the great performance of the Gig Harbor High A cappella group at the school board meeting. Also for a picture of Connie Schick included in a presentation to the School Board by CISPS. Sammi McCubbins for $24 for 24 years survival of Breast Cancer.
  • Raffle: Conducted by Larry Olson, Deb Miller. wins 10 free next week Ron Roberts drew the white chip for the $15 consolation prize.
 Program: Dr Jay Zadkin – Breast Cancer Awareness:
Sammi McCubbins introduced Dr Jay Zadkin. He is her neighbor and is  a retired Internist and Oncologist. Dr Zadkin spoke about the “Big C”, cancer and in more detail, about breast cancer. Washington State is 13th in the nation for all types of cancer. However Washington State is first in the Nation in diagnosis of Breast Cancer. The medical profession is not sure why breast cancer is so prevalent in Washington State. Over 240,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in this country. If detected early, breast cancer is survivable. Women need to learn how to do self-examination and watch for signs of change in their breasts. Between the ages of 40 and 75, women should get a mammogram annually. There is a lot of misinformation about how often mammograms should be given. There are many new types of treatments and drugs available to fight this disease. The medical profession is making great inroads to fighting cancer. What was once a death sentence is now a survivable experience. There are now over 15 million people in the USA that have survived a cancer diagnosis for over 5 years. Many questions were asked and the club members were very interested in the answers. Finally at 8:33 Coach stood and thanked Dr Zakin to bring the meeting to a close..  
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (10/27/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-10-31 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:32 by President Mel. Invocation by Dave Cathers, Pledge- President Mel, Song- In honor of Melanie Meyer our exchange student the Switzerland National Anthem was played with a followup song by Dave Cathers “When I’m 64” Four Way Test - Visiting Rotarians; Coach was on his game and located Howard Svigals our Asst. Dist Gov. Guests of Rotarians; Lyn Junge (without Scott this week), Jill Myers (Chris’s wife- Maybe she can fill in for Chris as finemaster sometime?) Bryon O’Neil, and Mark Crewson with the Purdy prison and Randy Barcalow’s. granddaughter.
  • Exchange Student; Melanie Meyer our incoming exchange student from Switzerland gave a great update on her life, a real highlight this week was getting her cross country team shirt with her name on the back as she stated “So American”. She also had the opportunity to go to the beach, participate in a fall classic of collecting apples and is headed over to get to know Veronica Hooper’s family who are hosting her soon. Time flies; seems like she just arrived in Gig Harbor!
  • Basket Brigade- Dave Cathers making great progress and just scored on 1500 boxes of Mac and Cheese as well as $100 Rod Ladd donated at the meeting. Great program to serve meals to those in need. Contact Dave if you can help.
  • Sip and Paint- Mac Pinch making last call to sign up as event is tonight.
  • Gig Harbor Film Festival- Betty was excited to announce it starts Thurs. October 26-29. What a great event; get online and check out the movies!
  • Dancing Classrooms: Program has started back up to include Vaughn Elementary. There is a district dance off December 9th with an open invite for members to attend. Contact Betty for details.
  • Blue Badge- Walt Paulson presented Marti Anderson with her blue badge. Thanks to Marti for all her hard work since she joined the club, a great addition and a lot of fun
  •  Fine Master and Happy Bucks; John Winslow presiding; Being political season John took the opportunity to fine anyone running for office or anything he could pin on anyone related to politics; Victims included Jill Guernsey, Dave Olson, Dave Morris, then pointed his fine gun at several other hapless victims; Gary Glein, Randy Spitzer, Tony Michaelson, Alec Zarelli, Betty Felker, Brett DeSantis, Paul Alvestad and even new member Brent Tayet. His fine related to “Senior Football?”. In short it was a fine bloodbath. Happy bucks; A lot of happy people this week; Jill Guernsey- New home owner right downtown. Chuck Perry- Glad his brother still has a home in Sonoma where fires hit, Mike Pinch for great time by club RV’ers who gathered in Port Townsend, Randy Spitzer for 45 yrs of marriage and Paul Alvestad who is happy about having a cow ready to make into steaks for you, call Paul. Raffle: Conducted by Larry Olson, Tom Borgen. wins 10 and is so excited he forgets to write down who drew for the pot but did not win. Think it was Brent T.
 Program: THE ROTARY FOUNDATION and DISTRICT 5020 UPDATE- Howard Svigals Asst. Dist. Governor
Purpose was to provide members with educational information on the Rotary Foundation. Howard stated TRF is a unique model which really separates Rotary from other service organizations in terms of the impact Rotary can have in serving others in the world. That would include over one billion in assets and in most years providing over a 100 million a year into project and programs. The Rotary Foundation has received very high ratings by independent organizations for the foundation’s wise use of funds and focus on sustainable projects.
The Rotary Foundation basically consists of three buckets of funds; Polio Plus, the Annual fund and the Endowment. Clubs such as ours have the opportunity each year to apply for grants, either community grants or global grants through funds which flow back to our district.
Howard also discussed Rotarian’s receiving recognition for their contributions to the foundation through programs such as becoming a Paul Harris Fellow. To keep Rotary strong please consider contributing to the Rotary Foundation each year.
Howard completed his presentation with information about our district to include the following interesting fact; Our district 5020 is the largest in the western hemisphere with 88 clubs and over 4500 members. Thanks to Howard and what a great organization we all belong to!
Meeting adjourned at 8:28
Notes by Tom Borgen
Friday (10/20/2017) Tom Borgen 2017-10-23 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: none
Opening: President Mel Santos opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Debbie Witmers; Song:  Hal Cline, America the beautiful, Pledge of allegiance: David Gillispie; The four way test: Richard Schmalz
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Ann Marie: Joyce Taylor Brown
Guests of Rotarians:  Lyn Junge, Rocky & Oliver Pinch, Debbie Castings
Reports and announcements:
  • Exchange student : Melanie Meyer: homecoming, pumpkin patch & dinners for 8
  • Rotary foundations explained by Bob Martin.
  • Beast Bus: Lee Smith described the wonderful time their party had on the Seahawks bus bash!
  • Books to the Philippines: Rod Ladd sorted out five boxes filled with books for school children being shipped to the Philippines.  
  • Star Awards: two more weeks for nominations of people doing good things. Contact Mac Pinch & Betty Felker.
  • Fines & Happy Bucks Chris Myers: Hal Cline for not singing, Rocky & Oliver for ?, “What! Can’t hear that“ Coach, “Use the mike “Buchanan, Bob Ryan just because
Drawing: 10 free?  to draw: Dave Freeman
Program: Brent Tayet’s classification talk; His mantra, Laugh, learn, love & live, Wife Chris and three children, all blond! A grad of Seattle Pacific in financial planning. Works for Edward Jones has over 11 years’ experience in commercial real-estate,
Speaker: Annemarie Huppert-Coping with Crisis. Three key components in dealing with crisis, regulate you intake of information, by taking a day at a time,  barefoot & breathing, with bad news just take your shoes off and walk in the grass, work on making educated decisions, take a break, close your eyes to sense what is going on around you.
Adjourn: The program ended as Mel gaveled the end at 8:31 AM.      
Notes by Dave Freeman
Friday (10/13/2017) David Freeman 2017-10-16 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Oct 12, 2017
President Mel started the meeting with Tom Petty music which was greatly appreciated by some of our members like Camilla who was wearing a Tom Petty tee shirt.
Brent did the morning invocation with a little electronic prompt, which I think is cool.  Looks like Hal is with the program.
Betty helping Hal out with God Bless America, for which he paid in the fine session.  Someone apparently wants variety.
Bill Evans from Port Orchard recently traveled to Europe to visit 3 former exchange students and while in Sardinia he just "happened" to run into Francesca who says Hi to everyone.
Peter and Donna were pushing aid for Houston via our own Dan Rioux.  All the money collected will be sent to Dan for use in relief.  Hope the Club matches some of those dollars.
Sharon reminding us that STAR Awards will be coming up in February and we need nominees of folks in our community who are trying to make a difference.  Let Sharon know if you have someone in mind.
Jan is reminding us of the literacy opportunity that Laurie Carroll, the District Governor's wife presented when he visited the three clubs.  That is let's get books in the hands of kids who have none.  More will follow.
Walt was gone so President Mel did the Birthday announcements.  Doesn't he look like he is about to break out in song?
Melanie told us about her first Homecoming Week with a dress theme for each day.  For National Day she wore red, white, and blue even though it was Swiss.  I think she is melding well.
Dave was finemaster and was able to spice it up after a slow start.  He did fine the Mayor and Chief of Police for not signing the award to the Thanksgiving Brigade that he received on National Night Out.  Gave it back to get the signatures.
Walker won the drawing but doesn't look real happy that he drew a white chip.
Paul introduced our speakers, Col. Corey Crosbie and Jennifer Wellman, the Executive Director of the Gig Harbor Film Festival.
Col. Crosbie has been in the Army for 24 years and recently purchased a home in Gig Harbor with the intent of staying here.  He pointed out the number one priority of the US Military if global and strategic readiness.  He also pointed out that although only 1% of our citizens serve in the military, 79% of the military come from families with previous military service.
I am embarrassed to say I failed to take a picture of Jennifer while she was speaking, I guess I was so enthralled by what she was saying.  This is the tenth year of the GH Film Festival and they will have 80 films this year. 60 of the film makers will be in attendance.  We always seem to be out of town so I have only been one time and really enjoyed it.
Photo Summary of the October 6th Meeting Robert J Martin 2017-10-12 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stan Eastberg
Last Friday
Call to Order at 7:26 by President Mel to the sounds of Breakdown in recognition of Tom Petty (1950-2017) (Camilla Brocker was wearing a Tom Petty T-Shirt); Invocation by Brent Tayet; Pledge led by President Mel; “God Bless America” led by Hal Cline and Betty Felker; and 4 Way Test led by Peter Glein.
Visiting Rotarians announced by Coach: Bill Evans from Port Orchard, and Rik Zelman from Conejo Valley
Guest of Rotarians: Walker Allen introduced two sons, Guy Allen from Camus, WA and Tim Allen from Nagoya, Japan; Scott Junge introduced frequent visitor Lyn who is obviously the real brains at Rosedale Gardens; Jeanie Simmons introduced Mark Crewson from the Prison Program
Comments and Announcements:
  • In recognition of the upcoming election season, President Mel reminded everyone that Rotary is a political-free zone and political endorsements during Rotary meetings are not allowed
  • President Mel noted he had received a short correspondence from past member Dan Rioux – it simply said “miss ya’ll” – we miss him too
  • Mark Crewson from the Purdy Prison Program announced that there are 15 graduates to be recognized from the most recent class – everyone was asked to sign the letters of support on the table in the lobby at the conclusion of the meeting
  • Donna Lormor and Peter Glein passed the glass jar around the room for the final time, asking for donations to the Houston Hurricane relief effort – proceeds will be sent to Lakeway, TX through Dan Rioux for relief efforts
  • Exhange student Melanie Meyer reported that she was just finishing a week of homecoming activities at school – each day had a different theme for dressing up. She reported that pajama day on Monday wasn’t that comfortable, but for the United States dress up day she wore a Switzerland T-shirt which at least had red, white, and blue in it. She is looking forward to her first homecoming dance as she has never done something like that.
  • Walt Paulson was a no-show for leading us in the October Birthday recognitions, so President Mel did the honors and attempted to lead us in the Happy Birthday song – it was quite sad – we need Walt’s great voice to get us started and to stay on key.
  • Lee Smith was not present to tell us about Sip and Stroll, but it was announced that it is almost sold out.
  • Lee Smith was also supposed to talk about the Beast Bus party this Sunday, but Hal Hodgins baled him out by providing a final reminder to sign up and attend this great event.
  • Jan Martin reminded us that the District Governor’s wife had challenged everyone in District 5020 to collect books as part of a District wide focus on literacy. Jan, Donna Lormor, and Pam Peterson Smith are teaming up to take this on. There is District level recognition to clubs taking on 5 or more literacy projects and Jan asked members to come forward with ideas and/or become involved in the effort.
  • Ron Roberts reminded everyone of the mentoring program sponsored by Communities in Schools – they are in need of more mentors and asked for people to step forward – contact Ron, Dick Vanberg or John Ciccarelli if interested.
  • Sharon Shaffer announced the on-going effort to receive nominations for the Star Award recognition – the presentation will be on February 2, 2018 at a meeting of all three Gig Harbor Rotary clubs. Sharon asks that nominations be received by the end of October – see Sharon for the nomination forms or check your email as the nomination form was sent to all club members.
  • Jeanie Simmons announced that the kids in the Earlyact Rotary Program are looking for project ideas. Please talk to Jeanie or John Winslow about any project ideas you might have for Earlyact.
  • John Eddy reported that the next Rotary-After-Hours event will be at El Pueblito at 5:30 on Wednesday, October 11th. He reminded us that participating in this event is a great way of showing appreciation to the restaurants that support our annual auction.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Rookie Fine Master David Cathers got off to a slow start but picked up momentum as he warmed to the task. Duane Fister was fined for quickly sucking-up to the fine master and Keith Harris was fined for protecting the name of who did the sucking-up. David told Coach that Ron Roberts could probably find a mentor to help him read the names of the visiting Rotarians. David gave Jill Guernsey and Chief Kelly Busey a hard time for not signing the certificate of recognition the Basket Brigade received during the National Night Out celebration – he gave both of them a Basket Brigade bracelet to remind them to sign the certificate and get it back to him. Dave Gillespie was fined for wearing the same shirt two days in a row. Hal Cline was fined for always picking God Bless America as the song we sing each week – David would like to try other songs. In Happy Bucks, Chief Kelly Busey provided another example of criminals who do dumb things – one of his officers had stopped a motorist who had an expired license, so they called a relative to pick him up, and the relative shows up driving a stolen car – really, you can’t make this up. Annmarie Huppert (classification - Mental Health Educator) announced that in the light of the Las Vegas shooting, she is available for Mental Health triage and gave a happy buck for better days ahead. Visiting Rotarian Bill Evans reported visiting exchange students in the Czech Republic, Holland and Sardinia where he also saw our former exchange student Francesca who sends her hello to everyone. Bill also contributed a dollar in recognition of our exchange student Melanie’s “killer good English”. Rich Coyner announced that he will be involved in another day providing dental and medical services to the homeless on October 25.
Raffle: Donna Lormor conducted the raffle – not sure who won the 10 free for next week, but Walker Allen drew a white chip and collected just $15 instead of the pot of $232 he was trying for.
Program: President Elect Paul Alvestad introduced two speakers this week – Col. Corey Crosbie on “US Army Community Outreach”, and Jenny Wellman, Executive Director on the “Gig Harbor Film Festival”
Col. Corey Crosbie was welcomed with a standing ovation in recognition of his service to our country. He has served in the Army for 24 years and he and his wife just recently purchased a home in Gig Harbor and hope to make this a permanent residence. He describes it his duty to connect with the local community and to provide an update on “your” Army. Some highlights from his talk include: fewer than 1% serve in the military, but 79% of today’s soldiers come from families that previously served in the military; strategic and tactical “readiness” is the Army’s number one priority; the Army needs to be Globally Responsive and Regionally Engaged; the Army is hiring as they will need 28,000 new soldiers over the next year; the Army has soldiers serving in 140 countries. There were several slides to support Col. Crosbie’s presentation, but they were extremely busy and detailed slides and this writer couldn’t read any of the small print – ask Paul Alvestad for a copy of the slides if you are interested.
Jenny Wellman noted that the Gig Harbor Film Festival is celebrating its 10th year and currently has a budget of $160,000. This budget allows the festival to bring several film makers into town for the event. Over 80 films will be shown on two screens at the Galaxy Theater and over 60 film makers will be in attendance during the festival from October 26-29, 2017. Ms. Wellman reviewed several special events associated with the Festival and referred people to the festival brochures she had placed on each table. She noted that trailers for each of the films can be seen on the festival website ( and that posters are available for display. Tickets are available online or from the Film Festival office located at 3006 Judson Street, Suite 102.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Stan Eastberg
Friday (10/6/2017) Stan Eastberg 2017-10-09 07:00:00Z 0
Byron O'Neal has been sponsored by Mel Santos be a member of this club. His classification is photography. The first date of publication is October 9, 2017. Any comments should be referred to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days of the first date of publication.
New Member Notice Annie Arbenz 2017-10-09 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order at 7:30 by President Mel. Invocation by Dorothy Wimberly; Pledge by President Mel; “God Bless America” started by Randy Spitzer; and Mac Pinch led us in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: none
Guests: Derek Young, Linda Glein, Rocky & Oliver Pinch, Byron O’Neal, Luna Frantz, Jean Vanberg, Lucinda Wingard, Tresha Allen, David K (Walker Allen guest) & Dave Morris’ son were introduced by members.
  • Guest Lucinda Wingard shared her concern about Puerta Rican students unable to complete their senior high school year because of the devastation caused by hurricane Maria. She wondered if Rotary could sponsor students to finish their year and graduate in the U.S. Pres.
  • Exchange student Melanie Meyer shared that the past week was normal and commented on the ‘comfortable’ clothing worn to school in the U.S. compared to the more formal dress worn by students back home.
  • Keith Harris auctioned off the Rotary parking space for October. Peter Glein came up the winner with a $50 contribution to the club treasury.
  • Tim Williams announced that the Club Runner calendar has been up-dated through March. He asked club members to double check for accuracy, and for Committee Chairs to check particularly December, when many meetings are moved or cancelled due to the holidays.
  • The Grand Opening of Gateway Park on the Key Peninsula (Rotary major project) will be celebrated this weekend: Friday (tonight)) 5:00 – 7:00 and the ribbon cutting is 11:00 tomorrow (Saturday).
  • Randy Barcalow provided a Wollochet Estuary Park update. The carport is almost complete.
  • Gig Harbor October 7th Sip & Stroll has 30 tickets left @ $75. Check with Lee Smith if you still need a ticket.
  • Lee Smith announced that the Oct. 8th Beast Bus events has tickets available. See Melissa if you’d like to attend this awesome, fun event.
  • Rotary After Hours: The next scheduled event is at El Pueblito on October 11th.
Fine Master Pam Peterson & Happy Bucks: Coach & Walt Paulsen fined for their harmonizing (or lack thereof); John Winslow owes a fine for his picture on the front of The Gateway; Jill Guernsey owes a fine too for the two endorsement ads; other fines & happy bucks included: Todd, Ann Marie, Brett, Ryan, Randy & Bob Lutsch.
Raffle: This week’s scribe missed the winner of 10 free, but does remember the chance to draw; she left without the ‘pot’ but went home with an additional $15. Probably worth a Harris fine…
Program: “Report From the Other Washington!”
Speaker: Derek Kilmer, Washington’s 26th District Representative to the U.S. House of Representatives, who is also serving on the House Appropriations Committee.
Derek’s priorities are:
  • Get Government Back on Track!
  • Get the Economy Back on Track!
  • Strengthen Ethics Training for All Elected Officials!
He is currently co-chairing a bipartisan volunteer working group made up of 12 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Two of their priorities are:
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Redistricting Reform
Meeting adjourned at 8:33.
Notes by Marcia Harris
Friday (9/29/2017) Marcia Harris 2017-10-05 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Oct 05, 2017

Polio this week as of 27 September 2017
We had a new case in Pakistan so now up to 11 new wild polio cases.
HeadlinesSummary of newly-reported viruses this week:  Pakistan:  one new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case reported, in Lakki Marwat district, Khyber Pakhtoon province; four new WPV1-positive environmental samples, reported in Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Afghanistan: two new WPV1-positive environmental samples reported in Kandahar province. See country-specific sections for further details.

Afghanistan:  No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2017 remains six. The most recent case in the country had onset of paralysis on 10 July, from Zabul province, neighboring Kandahar province and Pakistan.
   Two new WPV1-positive environmental samples have been reported in Kandahar province. This brings Afghanistan’s 2017 total of WPV1 environmental positives to 10. Pakistan:  One new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case was reported in the past week. The case occurred in Lakki Marwat district, Khyber Pakhtoon province. Onset of paralysis was on 21 August. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2017 is now 5.
   The case is the first in the Khyber Pakhtoon province this year, following 8 WPV1 cases in the province during 2016. Five WPV1 positives from the environment were reported in Khyber Pakhtoon this year, all in Peshawar district. The last environmental sample positive from Peshawar was collected on 10 June.
Nigeria:  No new cases of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) were reported in the past week.  The total number of WPV1 cases for 2016 remains four and no cases have been reported in 2017.  The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 21 August 2016 in Monguno Local Government Area, Borno.
Polio Update Robert J Martin 2017-10-05 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Opening Bell: President Mel Santos opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:32 AMInvocation by Dwayne Fister; Pledge of Allegiance by President Mel; Song “Star Spangled Banner” and “Oh Canada!”  led by Randy Spitzer; and Four Way Test  led by John Winslow .
Greeters: None
Visiting Rotarians: All three Gig Harbor Clubs had a joint meeting; Ken Roberts President (GH North), Marilyn Hoppen President (GH Midday club), Mel Santos President (Rotary Club of Gig Harbor); each had their club stand for recognition and  acknowledged current District Governor Tom Carroll and his wife Laurie for their annual club visit.
Opening comments:  
  • Many thanks to from all club presidents to everyone who attended.
North Club –
  • Have meetings 2 x / month.  Program meetings and socials monthly.  Announcements are done by email or phone.
Midday Club announcements
  • Helping to support suicide prevention. Holding a workshop on 10/11 at St Anthony Hospital 5:30 pm
  • Attorney General Bob Ferguson visit next meeting Sept 26th, Noon at Gig Harbor Anthony’s Restaurant..
  • Hosting 9 Australians for Rotary friendship exchange.
  • Recognition of Stephen Rainbolt– fundraiser, coordinated golf ball drop at the Margaritaville Golf Tournament.
Morning Club
  • Randy - Work party at Wollochet Bay estuary 9 am – 12 pm Saturday 9/23
  • Betty – thanking Don Rees and his wife Bonnie for leading the hosting of the New Zealand rotary (6 couples)
  • Dave – thank you for help on Thanksgiving Basket Brigade; request for help meeting Sunday mornings to start planning. See the email he sent out.
  • Hurricane Harvey update - $1500 raised, with more to come. Please get your donations to Alec Zarelli.
Exchange Students:
  • Melanie Meyer – foreign exchange Student update  school started a month; went to Seabrook with host family; attended first football games; went to Washington State Fair; going to California next month.
  • Sebastian Oleska – from Poland; has been here for over a month;  went to Oregon to see the eclipse and Mt Rainier;  attended Rotary orientation camp and met with all foreign exchange students; going on California trip; feel it has been the best month of his life and feels that it is only getting better.  Thanks to Gene for taking him on a boat ride in Gig Harbor.
  • Marilyn Hoppen – introduction of Howard Svigals;  Introducing District 5020 Governor Tom Carroll (President of Tiburon Systems)
    • Awards – induction of a Paul Harris Fellow for substantial contribution to programs;  Recognizing Dave Stave - $3000 award
    • Appreciate of Howard, Asst. Governor/Council Chairman
    • Visit various clubs and explain how the Foundation works.
    • Past Governor Bob Martin and spouse Jan
    • Have over 100 people in the district who work on the Foundation (introduction of those in attendance); examples of some of the programs supported:  Vocational services (example)
    • 9 weeks ago, injured when he fell off his roof – received many cards
    • Appreciate for support by wife, Lori.
    • “True Rotarian” moment – realized that members of his young club were there because they WANTED to be there, and that if they had NOT created this club, then none of those people would be there or be Rotarians.  Realized that regardless of whether you go abroad and work on a project, that the commitment locally and participation in clubs/committees leverages to work that supports those efforts around the world.  We stay in Rotary because in makes a difference in our own lives.  Challenges us to be better people and be ambitious to improve lives. Most people don’t realize the work that Rotary does.  Rotary International expects local clubs take advantage of materials that advertise what we do.
    • We look to strengthen clubs.  We need to build our memberships that is reflective of the communities we serve.  We can decide how to run our clubs to be flexible and meet the needs of their members and community.
    • Tacoma District 5020 Training and Conference (5/4 – 5/5/2018) – planning for 750 attendees (handouts on all tables about the event and the speakers)
    • Rotary Direct – can pledge money from your credit card monthly (handout on the table)
    • Theme – “Rotary Making a Difference” : it is what we do; Rotary International asked a branding agency to find out how Rotary is viewed in the world; discovered that Rotary is actually unique – 1) members are made up of various people from the community; 2) they brings skills with them from their professions 3) they have passion 4) for 31 years have committed to wipe a disease off the face of the planet (perseverance);  5) conducts community service on a global basis;   NO GLOBAL ORGANIZATION DOES THIS EXCEPT ROTARY;  what makes is special to us – as Rotarians, we serve our communities and want to make them better places; Prime Minister of Sri Lanka as an example – Countries are better who have Rotary in them.  Greatest value is our commitment to service and the value of friendship. We can do so much more together than what we can do on our own.  Honest and trustworthiness are important attributes of Rotary – people trust us with their children and their money because of our reputation.  We do what we do because of our values and principles.  Quote from Saint Theresa.
  • Literacy Project – Laurie Carrol
    • More of a contest than a project;  asking clubs to donate 2 books per Rotarian;  contest between clubs in the area;  keep count of books and your book projects;  major award will be presenting at the conference.
Ring the bell: President Mel closed the meeting at 8:31 AM.
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton
Friday (9/22/2017) Jennifer Hamilton 2017-09-25 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 20, 2017
President Mel looks like he has taken to praying that the meeting will go well.
Sarah did a nice reading from Mother Teresa which basically said keep try to do the right thing "Anyway".
Looks like Coach is agonizing over another name.  I think one of the visitors helped him out.
Gary is reminding us of the RV gathering in Port Townsend in mid October.  Currently 8 RV'rs signed up.  Cabins available for those without RVs.
Melanie continues to relax and share her week with us.  Great to see her smiling.
Don starts telling us about 3 couples from New Zealand, then up to five and there were actually six.  Great group to host.
Not sure why Peter, as Finemaster is asking for permission with the raised hand.  Maybe he is taking an oath instead.
Don't know how Jeff keeps winning the drawing, but the blue chip only once.  This time another white.  Thanks for sharing the wealth Jeff.
This is part of the speech and debate team from PHS and the current state champions.  From the left, Samantha Griffith, Jessa Moomaw, Steven Kotansky, and Griffin Bird.
Here is Steven, happy to convince us we should want the "Internet of Things", and why.
This is Jessa trying to convince us that the "Internet of Things" is not desirable and would result in more harm than good.  We all got to come to our own conclusions.  They all talked a bit fast but were really well spoken; very impressive.
Photo Summary of the September 15th Meeting Robert J Martin 2017-09-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 20, 2017
New Zealand Friendship Exchange
Here they arrive off the Coho in Pt Angeles.  Six couples from District 9970, the north end of the South Island.
This is after a tour of the Harbor on a dragonboat.  Everyone said they had a great time but then I think they thought they should.
Don and Bonnie hosted dinner for 24 so the next three pictures show everyone.  Couldn't get them in one picture.
New Zealand FSE 2017 Robert J Martin 2017-09-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: Right on time at 7:30 am by President Mel Santos and without introductory music. Greeter: by red-badger Sarah Systma. Invocation: also by Sarah Systma who read an inspirational poem by Mother Theresa. Song led by Randy Spitzer. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Mel. Four Way Test led by Peter Glein.
Visiting Rotarians as introduced by Coach Jack Stonestreet who were Ron Roberts’ brother-in-law Bill Salina from Great Falls, MT and Pam Deacon-Joyner from Grapeview. Guests of Rotarians as introduced by President Mel who were Al Bucholz’s wife Joanne and daughter Susan Jensen, Sophie Perkins’ friend Dave Holsinger, Scott Junge’s wife Lyn and Mac Pinch’s two young sons Oliver and Rocky.
President’s Opening Comments: Hurricane Harvey: By President Mel who said a committee consisting of Peter Glein, Jennifer Hamilton, John Dunham, himself and one other had been formed. At the next meeting the exact nature of the relief to be provided will be disclosed and there will be another opportunity to contribute to the relief. Next Week’s meeting with the two other Gig Harbor Rotary clubs will be held at our regular time but at Canterwood Golf and Country Club in order to hear a presentation by our district governor.
Announcements and Updates:
  • Exchange Student Melanie Meyer described her second week at Peninsula High School and told of meeting with a group of local Rotary exchange students at Seabrook. She is looking forward to tonight’s Fish Bowl football game between Gig Harbor and Peninsula and, being quite diplomatic, closed her presentation with “Go Hawks.”
  • Work Party is scheduled for this coming Saturday at 9 am at the head of Wollochet Bay, per Randy Barcalow.
  • Mackert Concert is scheduled at 5:30 pm this coming Sunday and Paul Alvestad took a head count.
  • Sip & Stroll scheduled for October 7 and Lee Smith is looking for volunteers.             
  • Rotary RV Group’s sojourn will be to Port Townsend on October 13 and 14. Gary Glein explained that one need not own a recreational vehicle as there are hotels in Port Townsend as Bob and Jan discovered last year.
  • Rotary Exchange will be today through Monday as a group of Rotarians from New Zealand are coming through after visiting our neighbors to the north. A year or so ago Don Rees participated in the program and spent two plus weeks in New Zealand.
  • New Flag: President Mel advised the group that there is a new flag in the room which represents the country of our foreign exchange student Melanie who, unfortunately, mentioned in her first presentation before our group that some people mix up the countries of Switzerland and Sweden. Most of those sitting on the north side of the room (the side nearest the door) thought it was the Swedish flag.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Fine master Peter Glein started off by throwing this scribe under the bus by pointing out that the scribe and his wife completely forgot about a Dinners for 8 earlier in the week when they were scheduled to bring the beverage (read, wine) and left the host and two other couples literally dry. Al Weaver paid the $5 fine (and brought to this meeting his would-be dinner companions a peace offering). Under Happy Bucks, Cindy Reed successfully survived her 50th high school reunion in Yakima (the scribe would have guessed a much smaller number). Tony Michelson reported that his daughter and her husband had survived Hurricane Irma in St Johns in the US Virgin Islands. Their residence did not.
Drawing: President Mel won the ten free tickets and the pot’s usual drawer Jeff Harris took a shot at $188 but was unsuccessful. Since Jeff has drawn for the pot so many times in the past couple of years, the scribe wonders how many tickets he purchases each week.
Program: Program chairman Paul Alvestad, a debater while in Peninsula High School many, many years ago, brought members of last year’s Washington State 4A championship Gig Harbor debate team to explain the different events in a debate tournament. The four fast talking debaters Jessa Moomaw, Samantha Griffith, Steven Kotansky and Griffin Bird put on an abbreviated public forum debate on why the internet ought to be expanded or controlled for privacy reasons. Later in the Rotary year Paul hopes to have debaters back to debate in a different format. The youths were much more than impressive.
Adjournment at regular 8:30 am time.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (9/15/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-09-15 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Sep 14, 2017
Doesn't everyone look miserable?  The "One Beer Rule" was voided by a unanimous vote.
President Mel is toasting all of you who didn't make it.  Too bad!
Had a little excitement when Hal came to get me because some "old" guy fell and couldn't get up.  I went over and did an assessment and since all he could tell me was his namem Dave,  and his back hurt we called for the Paramedics who arrived in about 5 minutes.  They did an assessment and transported him, I assume to St. Anthonys.  My picture of Jan, Jennifer, and her husband Will who just arrived from Florida, did not turn out because my thumb cut off part of Will's head as he is quite tall.
RAH Seven Seas Robert J Martin 2017-09-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening Bell: By President Mel Santos @ 7:32 AM. Invocation: by Randy Spitzer who called for helping hands for all those in harm’s way. Pledge of Allegiance: led by President Mel. Song: God Bless America led by Hal Cline, Larry Olson and Mike Pinch. 4 Way Test: Led by David Cathers.
Visiting Rotarians: As announced by Sarah Sytsma; Bob Anderson of GH North, and Judy Hosea of Lakewood-Nomad
Guests: Sue Jensen, Al Bucholz’s daughter, Iva Barne, Sarah Sytsma’s Mother, Jesse Young, Speaker, Lyn Junge, prospective member, Beau Glover, Debbie Wittmers’ brother, and Derek Young, County Council member – Not to be confused with or related to District 26 Representative Jesse Young, todays speaker.
Opening Comments: President Mel showed a video sent by former member Dan Rioux, who returned to Texas, and now lives an hour or so away from Houston. Dan and members of his Rotary Club in Texas went on a scouting trip to Houston to see how we can help. A couple more members of our club volunteered to serve on the President’s committee to determine how to help and how to collect funds. Rod Ladd and Joanne Bucholz each started the collection effort with $100 donations. This brought tears to President Mel’s eyes and David Cathers offered a tissue.
Announcements etc.:
District Governor Meeting: September 22 meeting will be at Canterwood. Same time and no additional cost. However you must sign up so they know how many for which to set up. If you did not sign up at this meeting, please make sure you sign up this coming Friday
Outbound Exchange Student: Annina Liebner (Nina) sent an email with a picture of her arrival in Italy with her new host family. We expect to receive regular reports and they will be shared with the Club.
Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer from Switzerland reported on her 2nd week of school at Peninsula High School. She likes her teachers and thinks they are nice and understand that English is a second language for her. Her classmates are very helpful and explain any questions she has about what is going on and how things work. Melanie has joined the cross country team and is excited to get involved. Last weekend, she went to Seabrook with her host family. She saw her first real sunsets without them being blocked by the mountains of home. She is looking forward to this next weekend to go to Seabeck and meet all of the District 5020 exchange students.
History Museum Gala: Betty Felker announced that the History Museum is having a Masquerade for the Museum dinner and auction on Saturday Sept 22. It is being held at the Tacoma Narrows Airport, 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Tickets can be purchased online at WWW.HARBORHISTORYMUSEUM.ORG or call 253-858-6722.
International Committee: Rod Ladd announced that there is no committee meeting in September and the next meeting will be in October.
Suicide Prevention: Bob Anderson of the GH North Club announced a Suicide Prevention Coalition presentation and candlelight vigil at Skansie Brothers Park on Sunday 9/10 from 5-7 PM. He also had handouts and announced “Safetalk Training” for youth suicide prevention. To be held Oct. 11th, 5:30-8:30 PM, @ St Anthony Hospital medical pavilion. Call 253-753-3013 or email GHSUICIDEPREVENTION@GMAIL.COM to get more information or to sign up to attend.
GH Rotary Auction: Hal Hodgins, our 2nd VP and chairman of the auction announced that organizational meetings have been had and we are on our way to the March 10, 2018 auction. The goal is to have all procurement completed by Feb 3, 2018. Procurement will start early this year in order for this to get done. This is to allow more time for better planning, data entry, and organization. You already know what you are going to procure for the auction, so get it done now, prior to the Holidays.
36th Annual OysterFest: Presented by the Skookum Rotary Foundation is October 7th and 8th. Sarah Sytsma announced the event and had flyers available. Go to for more information. Oyster shucking contest, music, free parking, seafood, wine and microbrew tasting, free Shelton shuttle service, and great fun for all.
GH Rotary Foundation Meeting: Bob Draggoo announced that the correct date for the foundation board meeting is Thursday, September 14, at 4: PM Timberland Bank conference room.
New Zealanders Friendship Exchange visit: Don Rees announced that next Friday afternoon, a group of New Zealanders will arrive on a Friendship Exchange. If you would like to participate, please contact Don, .
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: John Winslow was the finemaster for Friday’s meeting. He did a “fine” job of collecting a few dollars. Tony Michaelson, Larry Olson, and Dick Vanberg were all called out for their pictures in the paper. Pam Smith paid $20 for Dick’s picture and his receiving the Hugh McMillan award. With Pam speaking up, it reminded John that both Pam and Lee Smith had lost weight this year. He wanted all who lost weight this year to pay a dollar from the money saved from the purchase of food. John tried to collect a few dollars from those members that are follically challenged. The Fishbowl is September 15th, which reminded John of the previous night’s Patriots loss to Kansas City Chiefs. He fined the Patriots fans in the room and even collected a happy dollar from a Chiefs fan. Howard Mackert had a happy dollar for receiving the IRS EI number for non-profit “Cars 4 Change”. Ron Roberts in honor of all the dollars collected for lost weight this year donated $2 per pound for the weight he gained this year ($20). Mary Grubbs was happy for her husband’s retirement today. (She probably has a long to do list all ready for him). George Bonney and his wife Cynthia just went to Amsterdam and visited an exchange student they hosted almost 20 years ago.
Raffle: Handled by Donna Lormor. Mel Santos won ten free tickets for next week and Joanne Bucholz drew from 13 chips for $160. Unfortunately, she drew a white chip for the $15 conciliation prize.
Program: Paul Alvestad introduced the program speaker, Jesse Young, the 26th Legislative District Representative who gave a rundown on this year’s legislature. Jesse was impressed with and commented on the caring spirit he saw in the room. Not unlike the comments from many of our club visitors. This year the legislature had three special sessions after the end of the regular session. They passed two of the three budgets for the State. (Operating and transportation budgets) The third budget, the Capital Spending Budget did not pass. This budget did not pass because the Republican caucus would not pass the CS budget until the legislature fixed the problem with the Courts decision on the Hurst case for water rights. A deal was reached between the parties and the fix was to be approved. However a group of Democrats pulled out of the deal because of lobbying from strong supporters of the Tribes. This then put the parties at an impasse and the budget did not pass. The Hurst decision was a decision by the courts that made water rights and new wells to be handled and processed by the counties rather than on a State wide basis by the Department of Ecology. The counties are not in a position to administer the water rights as is the Department of Ecology. This has caused a stop to new wells and development requiring new water sources. The legislature believes they have solved the school funding issue and met the Courts requirement for full funding of education. Basically, local levies are being eliminated and are being replaced with a State Real Estate Tax, to fund the dollars through the State for full funding. Many questions still remain to be answered on how all of this will work. Issues of teacher compensation, cost of living variances in different areas of the State, and changes to the property tax level of different areas.
Adjournment: At 8:33 am.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (9/8/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-09-12 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell: By President Mel Santos a minute or so early and without the blaring sound (music?) of his previous meetings. Invocation, Song (assisted by Hal Cline) and announcing Visiting Rotarians all by Pat Schmidt whom this scribe hopes is paid more for her extra work. No greeters were spotted. Pledge of Allegiance by Richard Piper.
For Visiting Rotarians and Guests, see Pat Schmidt who walked off with the sign-in list before the scribe could pounce. She must be overworked. Visiting Rotarians included Mark Anderson and Barry Benson (president and member, respectively, of Tacoma 8). Guests included Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan, Mac Pinch’s two sons Oliver (7) and Rocky (4), Scot Junge’s wife Lyn, and one or two others.
Opening Comments: Both President Mel and Gary Glein spoke on the possibility of our club providing relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Former member Dan Rioux, who has returned to Texas, now lives an hour or so away from Houston and as soon as he returns from a scouting trip to Houston will give suggestions to President Mel and Gary.
Announcements etc:
            Exchange Student Report: Melanie Meyer from Switzerland reported on her first week of school at Peninsula High School. (From the scribe’s perspective, it was a pleasure to hear a confident exchange student who can be understood from the git-go and who has a name that both can be pronounced and spelled.) Outgoing exchange student Annina Liebner from Gig Harbor High School thanked the club as she is about to depart to Italy.
                Birthdays: In the absence of Walt Paulson, Hal Cline handled the relatively few September birthdays.
                Courage Classic: Both John Mitchell and Tom Borgen reported on the revamped Courage bike ride in the Eatonville – Mossyrock area instead of the three mountain passes. They thanked the fifteen or so members plus their friends (including new exchange student Melanie) who worked providing lunch on the second day at Mossyrock High School for the 150 plus riders in the event. The riders included our members Randy Spitzer, John Eddy and Hal Hodgins (who was featured in our meeting by music and the picture of him at the start/finish holding his bike over his head). Hal finished the event by spending the night in a tent at Packwood with his wife Gretchen on their 51st wedding anniversary.
                Olson Foundation: Olson Foundation president Jeff Harris reported that the Foundation had awarded the Olson International Service Foundation Award of $500 to the Rotary Club of Parksville AM, which is about twenty five miles north of Nanaimo, BC. The award is given to encourage small clubs to do international water projects.
                Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Dave Cathers made his debut as a fine master. However, he missed a great opportunity to nail Dick Vanberg for Dick’s huge picture in yesterday’s Gateway for his work with Communities in Schools Peninsula which is described below.
                Drawings: Handled by Larry Olson in which someone won ten free tickets for next week and Rod Ladd stuck out on drawing for a modest pot.
Programs:    Two part program
 Communities in Schools Peninsula: Colleen Speer, the Executive Director of Communities in Schools Peninsula, explained that CISP is one of eleven such organizations in the State of Washington affiliated with a national organization with branches in twenty five states. The organization provides a long list of services, mostly after school, to or for the benefit of students who attend six schools on or near the Longbranch Peninsula. One of its major aims is to keep children in school. Ron Roberts, Dick Vanberg and many others of our club have participated several years in helping children to read.
Classification Talk: Norma Whitacre gave her classification talk for the second time as she was rejoining the club. She hailed originally from Yuba City which is north of Sacramento but attended Curtis High School, Green River Community College, Western Washington and received her master’s degree from the University of Puget Sound. She is now in her ideal job as the Dean for Business & Technology at Olympic College in Bremerton, where her job consists of “putting out fires” and planning as well as never ending meetings. She is married to Bill and they have an amazing daughter Amanda. She had nothing but kind words for her sponsors Marilyn Nayler, Dave Gordon and Ron Roberts.
Adjournment: At 8:30 am.
Last Friday (9/1/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-09-04 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tom Borgen
Call to Order at 7:28 by President Mel. Invocation by Walker Sandlin, Pledge- President Mel, Song-Randy Spitzer & Hal, Four WayTest-Mary Grubbs. Visiting Rotarians; Coach could not locate any visiting Rotarians this week, he will try harder in the future. Jerry Lewis, the actor who passed away last week, did make an appearance via a video shown at the start of the meeting. What a great humanitarian! Guests of Rotarians; Lyn Young(Yes!-she has officially applied for membership), Hillary Bridge, Lora Johnson, Derek Young, Mayo Allen, Wendy Flick, Meg Ryan, JoAnn Bucholz, Sebastian Oleksa and Annina Liebner our outgoing exchange student.
  • Melanie Myers our incoming exchange student from Switzerland gave a great presentation. She is 16 and will be going to PHS, her favorite subject being the arts. Her favorite activities are rowing, skiing, and baking. She did make mention jokingly that some people confuse Switzerland with Sweden.
  • Tim Williams is our official Calendar master as announced by Mel. Any meetings, events etc. should be forwarded to Tim to be posted on Club Runner. Thanks Tim for stepping up!!
  • Juanita and her Gilligans announced that the Community in Schools Event Thursday night was a great success and that 46K was raised!
  • Juanita also is seeking help in locating a small apartment for Deidre, from our Woman’s prison program, to live. She is currently residing with Juanita.
  • Courage Bike Ride- John announced the big day is Sunday for the Mossy Rock rest stop. New format this year, no spaghetti, but a great lunch will be provided. This event is an important fund raiser for Mary Bridge Children’s hospital. Special thanks to Mel Wick who has worked all 26 Courage rides over the years!!!
  • Keith did a great job of selling the parking spot for Sept, must be everyone knows the rains are coming! It fetched about $100 bucks from George Bonney.
  • Rotary after hours; John Eddy stated be at the Seven Seas Sept. 13 and lets Swap summer camp stories and get caught up. He can’t be there so he said he will buy the first round. Just kidding; you are on your own.
  • Blue Badgers-Congratulations to Debbie Miller who received her blue badge from sponsor Dave Freeman and David Olson who received his from sponsor Walker Allen. Thanks for all your efforts!
  • Outgoing Exchange Student- Annina Liebner gave an update on her upcoming adventure as a Rotary Exchange student. She is busy shopping for clothes and getting ready to head for Italy! We all wish Annina a great year abroad!
Fine Master and Happy Bucks; Peter Glein presiding; Don Buchanan got his wish and was fined. Huh? Peter did a great job with a new “fine format” in collaboration with coach. A twist on the “no fine button” where you call out a member for his great service or business. Members paid to call out; Howard Mackert, Zach Lister, Lyn Young, Chief Busey, Bob Ryan, John Mitchell, Keith Harris, Annie Arbenz and Cory Coryell to name a few of the outstanding business and professional people in our club. Best call out was by Terry Brown to John Duppenthaler his chiropractor, as he stated he “crawled in and walked out” of John’s office. Happy bucks from totalitarian eclipser- Chuck Perry, and Film Festival booster Betty Felker who stated they have 90 films slated this year. Raffle: Conducted by Larry Olson, Al Weaver won ten free and much to Jeff Harris’s bewilderment, as he bought mucho tickets, Bob Ryan again won the shot at the pot of 100 green backs, but no cigar! Bring more bucks next week, the pot is getting bigger!
 Program: Center for excellence for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management. Meg Ryan- the center Director gave an excellent presentation on the use of higher education and workforce development as a key to economic development in Washington State. This work includes programs through Highline and Shoreline colleges and their partners. A great example is the “Make it in Washington” program. It focuses on outreach and connecting with manufacturing businesses across rural Washington to assist them in all facets of doing business in the global economy to include; educational, training and strategic consulting opportunities. Meg stated the Seattle area, based upon a study by the Boston Consulting group, is ranked #5 in terms of Global competitiveness. Thanks to Meg and her group for their work in this area. For additional information on Make it in Washington use the following link;
Meeting adjourned at 8:35
Submitted by Tom Borgen
Friday (8/25/2017) Tom Borgen 2017-08-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Invocation: Stephen Roddy; Pledge: President Mel; Song: Hal Cline and Ivan Gorne “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: John Winslow
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Jack Stonestreet (aka: “Coach”); Larry Treleven – Tacoma 8
Guests: Lyn Junge, Guest of Scott Junge; Mark Culverson, Guest of Buck Frymier; Jo Rodman, Guest of Buck Frymier; Byron O’Neal, Guest of ?; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • Exchange Student: Cindy Reed and Richard Pifer introduced our new Rotary International Youth Exchange Student Melanie Meyers from Switzerland. She provided a brief explanation of her jacket and souvenir pins. Richard Pifer introduced Melanie’s first home hosts, Laura and Craig Johnson. Melanie will be attending Peninsula HS and will be involved with the Rotaract Club. Rotarians are needed to make this a truly Rotary experience for the Exchange program to work as it should. Please contact Richard Pifer to coordinate activities with Melanie.
  • Pocket Park: Jill Guernsey urged participation in helping renew the “pocket park” on Pioneer damaged by a fire (put out by the GHPD). The event will take place in late September.
  • CISP: Juanita Carbaugh, John Ciccarelli and Dick Vanberg pretended to be on “Gilligan’s Island” for the Birthday Bash to help fund Communities in Schools this coming Thursday, September 24. Tickets still available.
  • Park projects: Randy Barcalow gave an update on the Gateway Park and Wollochet Park projects and asked for volunteers to help out with projects when he returns in a week or so.
  • Eric McGinnis got his blue badge.
  • Concert on the Bay: Paul Alvestad reminded those who purchased the salmon dinner and Rhonda Mackert concert that it will be on September 17. Contact Paul to RSVP if you haven’t already done so.
Fine-master: Pam Peterson-Smith levied fines based on what she thought the amount ought to be.
Raffle: Dorothy Lormor conducted the raffle – Bob Ryan drew the blue chip and $369.
Program: International Service Committee and Olson Foundation
The focus is on water, sanitation and education. Rod Ladd, chair, gave the overview and introductions.
Mike Pinch reminded us how the program to provide solar panels and computers to a little rural school in the Philippines has grown, to five schools, 4,000 books, libraries, cleft lip and palate surgeries, clothing for an orphanage, re-roofing a senior citizen residence hall and providing a scholarship to a young woman to be able to complete medical school and return to her village to provide medical care to the people there.
Randy Barcalow brought us up-to-date on work we are doing in NW Guatemala with a local Rotary Club and Michael Ewens’ Ripple Effect where 1,700 homes now have access to water. And, water filters have been provided. A concrete pad has been poured for the Montessori school. Villagers are being taught how to plant, nurture and protect their vegetable gardens.
Jeff Harris reported on the water, literacy and more also going on in Guatemala. He described the RACHEL project which provides access to 50 million book pages through a hub for multiple computers. We are working with World Possible Guatemala.
John Lantz let us know about the work going on in Nicaragua as a result of a grant and support from 8 Rotary Clubs. The Hilapo 1 project is to educate children and provide training so they can provide electrical and maintenance services to maintain their own schools. They provide a medical clinic for a barrio made up of people dislocated by horrible mudslides.
Ben Paganelli gave an excellent presentation on what “sustainability” means and examples of good intentions that didn’t work out as intended.
The International Service Committee is doing yeoman work.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (8/18/2017) Walker Allen 2017-08-22 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Martin on Aug 17, 2017
1) No matter how hard you try, you can't baptize cats..
2) When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don't let her brush your hair.
3) If your sister hits you, don't hit her back. They always Catch the second person.
4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.
5) You can't trust dogs to watch your food..
6) Don't sneeze when someone is cutting your hair..
7) Never hold a Dust-Buster and a cat at the same time.
8) You can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.
9) Don't wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.
10) The best place to be when you're sad is Grandma's lap.
1) Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree.
2) Wrinkles don't hurt.
3) Families are like fudge...mostly sweet, with a few nuts.
4) Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground.
5) Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.
6) Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the toy.
1) Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
2) Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.
3) When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you're down there.
4) You're getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.
5) It's frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.
6) Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician.
7) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Smile, People will enjoy your company more Martin 2017-08-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Aug 17, 2017
Barry Rassin selected to be 2018-19 Rotary president
Barry Rassin, of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, is the selection of the Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International for 2018-19, and will be declared president-elect on 1 September if no challenging candidates have been suggested. Rassin’s nomination follows Sam F. Owori’s death in July, just two weeks into his term as Rotary International president-elect.
New RI President selected Robert J Martin 2017-08-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Aug 17, 2017
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE AUGUST 11TH MEETING (Photos compliments of Rod Ladd)
Does President Mel look happy or what?  I think Debbie must be doing a really good job.
Ron is doing the invocation, and it almost looks like he has a Halo.  But since we all know Ron........
When Hal invites Randy and Faye to help, I understand, but I have heard Paul's cattle call so I can't believe this went well.
Norma got to introduce several visiting Rotarians from three different Clubs and I understand she didn't screw up a single name.  I kind of miss Coach.
John wants everyone to get excited and participate in the Courage ride, this year in Mossyrock.  Will be interesting to get the 27th of August set aside and BE THERE!
Some think socks and sandals are gauche, but not me.  Rod says he will pay $5. to anyone who can identify this outlier, except the wearer of course.
The Gilligan's Island crew showed up again to promote CISP, but this time with some beauty.  Don't know if Juanita was cast as Ginger or MaryAnn, but would favor MaryAnn.  I know many of you are too young to understand.
Randy giving an update on the Hands On projects.  Had a great turnout at the Gateway staining, but lots more work to do as well as Estuary Park.  If you haven't done any work, give it a try.  Pretty cool to look at the finished project and know your signature is on there.
Paul was responsible for collecting fines, but a lot of his potential fines were absent.  Nonetheless, he did gather a few bucks from Juanita, Jill, and Cindy.
Fred is really happy here because his ticket was drawn for a try at the jackpot.  He wasn't quite as happy when he drew the white chip.
Jennifer Hamilton arrived here to be a project manager for Multicare.  Her family will arrive in 2 weeks from Orlando.  She is loving getting to know the history of Gig Harbor as well as staining boards for the Gateway Pavillion.  Welcome Jennifer!
You think John is excited about his job?  He gave a synopsis on Club Service, since that is his responsibility.  He is always in need of help so please say yes when he asks.
Photo Summary of the August 11th Meeting Robert J Martin 2017-08-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Marcia Harris
Call to Order at 7:31 by President Mel. Invocation by Ron Roberts; Pledge by President Mel; “God Bless America let by Hal Cline & President Elect Paul Alvestad; and Juanita Carbaugh led us in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Dave Hall, Clover Park; Peter Norman, Rotary 8 and Rick Offner, GH Midday were introduced by Norma Whitacre.
Guests: David Holsinger, Derek Young and Joann Bucholz (honorary member).
  • Pres. Mel announced that District Governor Tom Carrol, planned program for today’s meeting had a serious fall this past week, resulting in numerous broken bones and other physical injuries requiring surgery. Keep Tom in your thoughts & prayers for a speedy recovery.
  • Pres. Mel also announced that contrary to current rumor, Deb has NOT been replaced as Chief of Staff!
  • Juanita Carbaugh, John Ciccarelli & Dick Vanberg announced the up-coming Birthday Bash Sponsored by Communities in Schools of Peninsula on Thursday, August 24th. The Theme is Gilligan’s Island; costumes are encouraged. Prizes to be awarded by judges Rod Ladd, Duane Fister and Chuck Perry.
  • John Mitchell encouraged members to sign up for Courage Classic. This Year it is a one day event, August 27th in Mossyrock, WA. Hal Hodgins reminded us that riders need financial support. Please support this year’s club cyclists with a check written to Mary Bridge Hospital Courage Classic. Hal is collecting the checks.
  • Randy Barcalow provided a work party update. 16 Rotarians showed up last Saturday to stain boards for the Gateway Park pavilion; Tuesday the 15th is the estuary concrete pour. Last Saturday a work party of 7 Rotarians helped prepare for the concrete pour.
  • Cindy Reed updated us on the in-coming Youth Exchange student, Melanie Myer. She is arriving Tuesday, August 16th. Thank you Cindy, for navigating the high school enrollment process. Melanie will be attending Peninsula High School.
  • Rotary After Hours: The next scheduled event is at Seven Seas on September 13th.
  • Jill announced that the Tides Tavern was recently named one of the Best Seafood restaurants in the U.S.
  • Al Abbott reminded us: The Drive In/Fly In event will be held next Saturday at the Narrows Airport.
Fine Master Paul Willett & Happy Bucks: Fun & news from Juanita, Jill Guernsey, Cindy Reed and others. This week’s scribe forgot to record raffle winners. Probably worth a fine…
Program: Jennifer Hamilton Classification Talk and John Duppenthaler – Club Service Avenue of Service
Classification Talk: Jennifer Hamilton’s sponsor was Mary Grubbs. Jennifer moved to Gig Harbor in 2016 to work in the field of project management, most recently in the health care field. Her family currently lives in Orlando, and will be moving to Gig Harbor in two weeks. Jennifer loves the outdoors and is particularly enjoying learning the history of the Gig Harbor area.
Club Service (Avenue of Service): John Duppenthaler, Club Service Director provided a great overview of the many aspects of Club Service. John has filled this role for the past year and is particularly impressed by the membership commitment and level of involvement. He described a new initiative launched last year: new member mentorships, spearheaded by Dick Vanberg and Buck. If you are interested in getting involved in Club Service, John is looking for an Engagement Coordinator (more weddings in the club’s future?)
Meeting adjourned at 8:33.
Notes by Marcia Harris
Friday (8/11/2017) Marcia Harris 2017-08-16 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jennifer Hamilton
Call to order at 7:30 by President Santos; Invocation, scheduled for Don Rees, who was late. God Bless America – Randy Spitzer because Hal was late, On his birthday!; 4 Way Test – Peter Glein
Visiting Rotarians – Coach with Debbie (guest); no visiting Rotarians this week;
Guests - Joann Bucholz (honorary member); Lyn (Scott Junge wife); Eric Young; Don Dennis (and his ’32 ford); Derick Young;
Opening Comments
Featured Items
Communities in schools of Peninsula (CISP) – Juanita Carbaugh not present, so John Ciccarelli and Dick Vanberg (nice Gilligan hats!) presenting; Party in Cathy Davis Mayfield’s yard; sign up on line; $30 ticket price; tight parking but providing an easy shuttle – pick up at Kimball Drive Park and Ride
Courage Classic – John Mitchell – August 27th at Mossy Rock High School; Signup sheet passed around; John will send out the information on the specifics; let him know if you need a ride. Hal Hodgins noted that riders who have registered will be charged the $750 pledge on Aug 16th; Need help with donations;
Birthdays – LOTS of bdays this month
Work Party Park August 5th - Randy – Gateway Park; Undercover; staining material this week; Materials donated by Don Rees of Real Carriage Door; Question asked about what kind of construction experience needed to help, Randy stated expertise not needed – he can help. Playground equipment in; working to get asphalt into lot; Rotary providing labor for the Pavilion; located at Key Peninsula in Purdy by Hwy 302. Breakfast at the Flotation Device at 730a.
Asked to replace the fencing in the Fall at the Wilkinson Park gardens; Materials list already created.
Doing the concrete slab at the estuary;
Wine & Food Festival – over 650 people;
Beast Bus coming – email regarding tickets distributed; Walker Sandlin to provide the BBQ (October 28th)
Finemaster Peter Glein – National Night Out – Jill pay fine for storm trooper uniforms; Howard Mackert – fined for parking; Tony Michaelson – Mustang parked across entrance; Lee Smith – new truck; Don Rees and Hal Cline – reminder we start at 730!
Happy Bucks – classic car show in uptown – fund raiser; Wine and Food Festival – vendors agreed one of the best events ever; Paul Willett - Daughter Maddy played national championship game
Raffle - ($373) Jeff Harris! Again!!
Program – Walt Paulson – “Hot August Morning”
Microphone passed around to members who brought their classic cars.
  • 1932 Red Ford and a 1934 coupe
  • Calloway Camaro – Howard Mackert; cancer camp on Vashon Island – fundraiser at track taking cancer patients and their parents out on the track (Aug 17th)
  • John Hopkins – 2017
  • Rodd Ladd - 1980 Porsche Targa
  • 1959 TR3
  • 1952 MGTD – rebuilt in 1982
  • Jill – 2005 Honda B2000
  • 2002 Porsche Boxster – took it out of the track and learned he had a 300 hp go cart
  • 2011 Nissan 370Z
  • 2010 JD 100 (Riding lawn mower)
  • Walt - 1962 Chevy convertible
Adjourn – early to go check out all the cars
Notes by Jennifer Hamilton
Friday (8/4/2017) Jennifer Hamilton 2017-08-08 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening: After noise which only a few thought was music, President Mel Santos opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 am. Invocation by Cindy Reed; Pledge of Allegiance by President Mel; Song by Hal Cline as ably assisted by server Faye Hale (who, according to this scribe, should be allowed to sing solo before the whole Club) and Four Way Test by Al Abbott. No Greeters were spotted.
Visiting Rotarians: Two semi-regular attendees of Judy Hosea from Lakewood and Larry Treleven from Tacoma 8.
Guests: Chris Anderson, Byron ONeal, Sophie Perkin’s friend David Holsinger, Scott Junge’s wife Lyn, Walker Allen’s wife Tresha, Brett DeSantis’ two young children, Al Bucholz’s daughter Susan Jensen, and maybe one or two others.
Opening Comments:
                Our Friday September 22 meeting will be a joint meeting with the members of the other two Gig Harbor Rotary Clubs but at Canterwood Golf & Country Club. Meal will be free (but does that mean each member gets a rebate?). Further details to come.
                President Mel issued a Warning that our train will run on time (that is 7:30 am start, completion of club business by 8:00 am and adjournment by 8:30 am). So, if you are speaking and he stands up, you had better stop. (As usual, only honored in the breach. Hard to get the program on at 8!)
                A special Happy Birthday was sung to Luciana DeSantis, Brett’s shy nine year old daughter.
            Youth Exchange Program: Richard Pifer advised the Club that this year’s exchange student Melanie Meyer from Switzerland will arrive here on August 15th and she will be one of our Club’s few exchange students to attend Peninsula High School. During the school year she will be staying with five different host families but only two of which are of members of this Club.
                August Parking Space was auctioned off by Keith Harris for $45 (after being bidded up by Tom Borgen) to Rod Ladd who is either very generous or couldn’t hear as he paid $50 and declined change.
                Gateway Park work report was given by Randy Barcalow who unfurled a Rotary banner and announced that tomorrow’s effort at the Longbranch park will be delayed a week because he is losing too many workers to tomorrow’s Wine & Food Festival.
                Wine & Food report was given by Pat Schmidt who was looking for a few more cleanup workers tomorrow.
                CISP’s Party Bash will be on August 24th as announced by Juanita Carbaugh. She indicated that there will be several changes from last year including an additional charge.Communities in Schools, Peninsula.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Fine Master John Winslow started out by nailing, unfortunately, this scribe for his July 9 minutes wherein he invented a new club member “Dorothy Lormor” as handling the drawing when in fact it was Donna Lormor and not Dorothy Wimberly. (Always thought that scribes were immune from being fined.) Ed Lindstrom also contributed since he was the only male sitting at a table with four women. (You would have thought he might have shared one or two.)
Drawing: This time the scribe is positive that Donna Lormor handled the drawing and that Ben Pagenelli was unsuccessful in his drawing but is unsure how much Ben was drawing for and who won the ten free tickets.
Speaker: Paul Alvestad introduced speaker Jan Angel, the Republican state senator from this district, who spoke on Reflections of the 2017 Legislative Session. She indicated that she is on three committees (the first two of which she now chairs) which are the financial institutions and insurance (not health), the local government and the law and justice. She traced a bill traveling though the legislative process. Much of her talk was devoted to the three budgets: transportation, operation and capital. The legislative process was delayed into three extra sessions on the capital budget by inaction of the legislature on solving the Supreme Court decision in the Whatcom County Superior Court case known as Hirst which effectively held that a private well on non-city property could not be dug in this state. (This is not an accurate representation of what Hirst did, but it is a common misperception. See Tim Williams if you want clarification.)
Adjournment: As promised, at 8:30 am sharp.
Friday (7/28/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-07-31 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Mel Santos presiding
Invocation: Mike Pinch; Pledge: President Mel; Song: 2-Hals (Hodgins and Cline) “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do:
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Annmarie Huppert; None
Guests: Lyn Junge, Guest of Scott Junge; Theresa Mottet and Gretchen Yamaguchi, Guests of Annmarie Huppert; Abbie Waite, Guest of Duane Fister; Michael Ewens, Guest of Tom Borgen; David Hulsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins; Bill Every, Guest of John Dupenthaler; Fred Bomonti, Guest of Howard Mackert; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Opening Comment: Scott Junge – Thank you for a gift to the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation from Tom Borgen’s sister-in-law, Maureen Kopet, in honor of Tom’s late mother.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Michael Ewens, of the Ripple Effect, thanked the Rotary Club for their contributions to the water projects for villages in Guatemala – truly “Service above Self”. He currently has 10 full-time employees. There were 30 men digging (by hand) a hole for a water tank to serve the village. Three water projects are underway. Eight schools now have RACHEL electronic tablets. Thanks and God bless Rotary.
  • Cindy Reed reminded us that our Rotary Exchange student, Melanie Meyers (from Switzerland) will arrive August 15. We currently have five families to host, but only two are Rotary families – Marti Anderson and Veronica Hooper. More Rotarians are needed to make this a truly Rotary experience for the Exchange program to work as it should.
  • Lee Smith reminded us that the Wine & Food Festival is coming up July 29. Get tickets now – and the discount code is “Rotary”
  • Rod Ladd urged Red-Badgers who had not met with him to do so after the meeting. He announced that all of the Committee budget will go to the Guatemala and Philippines projects this year. Bob Martin advised that there are 7 cases of Polio in the Punjab area of India. That’s distressing since the vaccine for this strain are no longer being produced.
  • Randy Barcalow asked for volunteers to help out with projects:
Fine-master: Chris Myers
Raffle: Larry Olson conducted the raffle - 10 free next week goes to John Winslow and Guest Abbey Waite got the white chip and $15.
Program: Jafar Taghavi, CEO of Peninsula Light (aka Pen Light) introduced by Paul Alvestad. Title: “Then and Now”. He provided some of the history of Pen Light. It started in 1924 with the construction of the Cushman Dam. The $40 fee for incorporation was paid by one of the founders, who drove to Olympia to get the license from the Washington State Secretary of State. In December 1926, power was turned on in Gig Harbor. Interesting facts:
  • 2nd largest co-op in Washington
  • 6th oldest
  • $60 million in revenue
  • $160 million in assets
  • One of the most reliable in the nation
  • 49% of Members are retired
  • 61% are over 55
  • 84% attended college
  • Provide lots of community service, including a $50,000 matching fund (“Project Help”) from the community and employees to help those less fortunate in our community.
  • Conservation targets have been met
  • Reliability is in the top quartile in the nation
    • Undergrounding is only part of the reliability of the system
    • the Distribution Management System is another major factor that automatically “self-heals” by detecting power outages. Check out Duke Energy’s demo on how it works: (
  • There is no longer a correlation between the state of the economy and electric consumption because of extensive development of energy savers.
  • Incentives for solar installation was just approved by the Washington State Legislature.
  • Cyber security of the grid is critical. Pen Light has separate systems for administrative and power distribution.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (7/21/2017) Walker Allen 2017-07-26 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 19, 2017
LAUGHTER DOES MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER (And it is easier than exercise)
Two guys were discussing popular family trends on sex, marriage, and family values..
Bill said, 'I didn't sleep with my wife before we got married, did you?'
Larry replied, 'I'm not sure, what was her maiden name?'
______________________________ _______

A little boy went up to his father and asked: 'Dad, where did my intelligence come from?'
The father replied 'Well, son, you must have got it from your mother, cause I still have mine.'

______________________________ _______
'Mr. Clark, I have reviewed this case very carefully,' the divorce Court Judge said, 'And I've decided to give your wife £775 a week,'
That's very fair, your honor,' the husband said. 'And every now and then I'll try to send her a few bucks myself.' (I think he is Irish)
A doctor examining a woman who had been rushed to the Emergency Room, took the husband aside, and said, 'I don't like the looks of your wife at all.'
'Me neither doc,' said the husband. 'But she's a great cook and really good with the kids.'
Let's Finish with some Laughter Robert J Martin 2017-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 19, 2017
   Summary of newly-reported viruses this week:  Pakistan – one new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) isolated from an acute flaccid paralysis case; Afghanistan – one new WPV1-positive environmental sample.  See country-specific section below, for more details.

Afghanistan:  No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week.  The total number of WPV1 cases for 2017 remains four.  The most recent WPV1 case had onset of paralysis on 16 April from Nawzad district, Hilmand province.

 Pakistan:  One new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case was reported in the past week, bringing the total number of WPV1 cases for 2017 to three.  It is the most recent case in the country, and had onset of paralysis on 11 June, from Killa Abdullah, Balochistan.
in Syria there have been 23 cases of vaccine related cases of polio.  There have also been two isolates of Type I polio virus in water in Punjab.  The current vaccines do not include Type I so a response plan is being prepared to deal with unexpected event.  There have been no cases of Type I polio reported.
Polio Update Robert J Martin 2017-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 19, 2017
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE JULY 14TH MEETING (Photos compliments of Rod Ladd)
President Mel getting the "feel" of his unique gavel.  And this only his second try!
Hal and Bob blessing this great country.  Hope they were a good duet.
John letting all 18 Red Badgers know there is a great checklist of the requirements for getting their Blue Badges and that it is in the notebook he is holding and that will be at the check in table each week.
Randy Barcalow giving an update on the Estuary Park Carport.  Another work party soon to occur.  We have at least 4 other hands on projects in the wings so plan on giving some of your time instead of money.  Randy takes care to have both weekday and weekend work times so all can participate.
Scott thought something was funny about a name or his pronunciation of that name.  Laughter will help to live longer and Scott is shooting for 100+!
PAST President Tom is happy to be back in the "ranks" instead of up front.  His smile might confirm that.
Pat is letting us know that a lot of volunteer help will be needed for the Wine & Food Festival coming up the last weekend in July.  Plan on giving some time to make this event and our community a better place to live.
Duane is inducting AnnMarie Huppert and Brent Tayet as our two newest members.  If you are really stressed out you might want to befriend AnnMarie.
Annina Liebner, our outbound exchange student will be going to Northern Italy, near Milan.  Italy is fortunate to have her and she will be a great representative of Gig Harbor and Rotary.  Will look forward to hearing about her year.
Finemaster Mac had his full 10 minutes.  He continued his phone duel with Walt and had lots of Happy Bucks like Bob's trip to France and Dick and Jean's 55th wedding anniversary.  How many happy years Dick?heartkiss
Vicki Hogan introduced our program speaker Leilani Jackson who talked about the Ruston Way project.  Don't know if that is because Vicki can see the project or because Leilani has been in Superior Court.  Hope that was clear to all of you.
Here is Leilani talking about Point Ruston, Past, Present, and Future.  The uplands are single family homes and the waterfront commercial and condos.  Great improvement of the property.
Photo summary of the July 14th Meeting Robert J Martin 2017-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening Bell: President Mel Santos opened the meeting with a ring of the bell at 7:29 AM. This was accompanied by music from the sound system that was unrecognizable to this scribe due to genre and over modulation. Mel said the music would be better next week. Invocation by Randy Spitzer, who spoke about hope and vision; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song “God bless America” led by Bob Ryan and Hal Cline; and Four Way Test led by Dave Morris with a 1, 2, 3, & 4.
Greeter: None seen.
Visiting Rotarians: None signed in.
Guests: Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan Margel; Susan Jensen;  Lyn Junge; Rosalie Buchanan; Nina Liebner, our outgoing exchange student; Alissa Rooks; Kade Mahoney; Pam Smith’s daughter and two grandchildren Delaine, Kohyn, and Brogyn Morgan; Rebecca Cooper: Annmarie Huppert; Leilani Jackson our speaker; and Jennifer O’Hare.
Opening comments: By Mel. Asked Tom how it felt to be back in the ranks with the members. Tom said it was great to be seated again. Mel thanked Tom for all the work and looks forward to maybe some help as needed. Tom said he didn’t need any more meetings to hand out awards and thankyous. (Note: 2015/16 and 2016/17 Perfect attendance awards are still coming.)
Induction of new members: Duane Fister inducted two new members into the club. Brent Tayet, sponsored by Cindy Reed, and Annmarie Huppert sponsored by Dave Morris and John Eddy. The two newest Rotarians received the usual standing ovation and a cheer led by Coach.
Red Badge: John Duppenthaler, the Club Service Director, announced that we currently have 16, oh no make that 18, Red Badgers with today’s additions. There is a record book that is out front on Friday mornings for recording the items completed to become a Blue Badger. All Red Badgers and sponsors should take a look at the book and get those things done to get a blue badge. If you are a Red Badger and have not given your classification talk, call Paul Alvestad to get it scheduled.
Outgoing Exchange Student: Annina (Nina) Liebner, the club’s outgoing exchange student gave a little report. She will be leaving sometime around the first of September. She will be staying in North Italy, close to Milan and close to the Swiss and Austrian borders. The locals speak about 50/50 Italian and German. She is waiting for her visa. Her first host family has five children, four boys and one girl. She will visit us again before she leaves.
Dues: Rod Ladd announced that the billing for dues has gone out. Each member should have received it by email. The best and easiest way to pay the dues is online. The email is from Melissa at AMI and contains a link to pay online. All you have to do is click on the link and follow the instructions. Pay with a credit card or with EFT from your bank account. This quarter’s dues are for $258 and include all of the national annual dues, and your breakfast.
Wollochet Bay Estuary Park: Randy Barcalow gave a report on the ongoing project at the park. He showed slides of the project and said we will be needed soon for additional work!!! He had seven Rotarians at the last work party.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch was in great form as usual for his fining session as the finemaster. He had a whole ten minutes to use. He started with wishing fellow finemaster John Winslow a happy birthday. He welcomed Tom back to the ranks of the members at the meeting. He fined Walt Paulson for calling him while in front of the meeting. He went on to talk about Coach and his disabled driving license that was announced last week. (It should have been a disabled parking permit). Happy bucks were opened up and Bob was happy about a trip taken to France. Chuck Perry announced he followed Coach home from Rotary a few weeks ago and thinks that maybe it wasn’t a disabled parking permit but that Coach had it right as a disabled driving license. Dick Vanberg gave a happy buck for his and Jean’s 55th wedding anniversary. John Mitchell announced he is now the proud father of a baby girl. He announced the name; however I missed it in my notes. (Comment from the scribe: He looked as though he was way too rested for having a newborn. We hope he is helping his wife with the wakeup calls.) Bob Mackert is looking for someone with some webpage skills to help with Cars for Change.
Drawing: Ben Paganelli won ten free tickets next week and Jeff Harris pulled a white chip from 12 chips, to miss the pot of $208, all as handled by Larry Olson.
Program: Paul Alvestad introduced Vicki Hogan who in turn introduced the speaker for the program. Leilani Jackson – Point Ruston; Past, Present, and Future
As almost everyone in the room knew, Point Ruston was the site of the Asarco copper smelter from 1890-1986, when it shut down. The smelter was a toxic site, contaminating the area in lead and arsenic. The area was set up as a superfund site with the EPA and a large trust fund was set up for the clean-up of the site in 1996. However Asarco filed bankruptcy and this delayed the clean-up. By 2005, much of the clean-up was completed and a redevelopment plan was completed and agreed upon for development of the property. The site includes 97 acres. 30 acres in the water, 12 acres on stack hill and 55 acres of waterfront site. Stack Hill has been developed into single family residences. The planned development is being done by M.C. Construction, owned by Mike Cohn. The development includes a waterfront park and walk, a marina, multiple buildings for condo’s, apartments, and retail and mixed use. They currently have a theater, multiple restaurants, a fitness facility and some professional office space. Future tenants include a public market, more condos and apartments, as well as the marina. For more information, you can visit the website at: .
Adjournment: President Mel adjourned the meeting exactly at 8:30 am.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (7/14/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-07-18 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 14, 2017
PRESIDENT MEL'S FIRST MEETING JULY 7, 2017  This meeting started a little different than the typical meeting with Coach and Annie as Cheerleaders as they introduced the new Board with a "bring it on attitude".
But even before that was breakfast.  Mmmmm, Bagin!  I think Rocky would have ripped my arm off if I had tried to take his.
Here Coach and Annie do the intros with fanfare, music, and party lights.
Here is some of the Board.  Rod is behind his Uncle Mike.  Don't know who is behind John D.
Now some of the Executives show up, in the form of Paul, not sure where Hal was and still don't know who was behind John.
And the high fives began, not all of the Board seemed to know how.
Chuck did the great job with the invocation.  The moment of silence was quite brief, possibly in keeping with President Mel's desire to keep meetings on time.
Mel asked Dave to explain his unique gavek and Dave was quite accommodating.  Some very clever aspects tying in with Mel's activity with the Prison Program and with his power dressing.  Thanks for making the Club special Dave.
Here is Past President Pam playing games again.  Well at least asking three couples to play games. 
The McVays, Martins, and Junges husbands had to answer three questions about their wives.  True to form, all three men got 2 out of 3 questions correct, kind of like life in general.
Very impressed with Coach when he was introducing visiting Rotarians and did not have the list.  He simply asked any visitors to stand.  Didn't have to butcher a single name.  Way to go Coach!
Betty was announcing the upcoming GH Film Festival event, something about Dance at the Movies, a couple of Betty's favorite things.
President Mel really is not sleeping, just the luck of the shutter.  After introducing his Board he outlined his goals and I would say being on time and transparent led the list among a number of worthwhile pursuits.
President Mel announced that Debbie Miller will be his Chief of Staff and since her salary will not impact the Club Budget, no Board approval was necessary.  Mel did not announce how much he was paying her.
John doesn't have a budget either, but that doesn't make his job any easier.  If you are enjoying our meetings and social activities you should make it a point to thank John for keeping things going.
Here is how 41% of our charitable money is spent locally.  Brett has a core committee of seven and at least another 7 who attend meetings regularly.  If you have things you would like to see our Club do in Gig Harbor, talk with Brett.
Brett has a lot on her plate as Community Service Chair and you might want to keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she deals with the lost of her Father.
Rod is responsible for overseeing 22% of our charitable budget and has a committee of about 15 regular attenders who help do the work in Guatemala, the Philippines, and Africa.  Waiting for some new projects in Peru.  Join his committee and see the World!
Richard is Vocational Services Chair and the two biggies are the Prison Project and the STAR Banquet.  The Prison program has several aspects, teaching, mentoring, and educating.
Jeannie as Youth Services Director has 15% of our budget and hosting an exchange student is the biggie, but business week and RYLA are also impactful and keeping Interact and Earlyact going is no small feat.  Sharon Shaffer, John Winslow and others give her
great support.
These next two slides have to do with transparency.  So if you are ever inclined to feel that the Board is not letting you know how your money is being spent please refer back to this issue.  I am sure you will be getting this information repeatedly and who knows, it might even sink in.
This is how the money is allocated.
This gives you a three year picture of what is happening with the dollars.  If you want more say in what is happening then come to the committee meetings and speak up.  It is really a lot of fun.
President Mel's First meeting july 7, 2017 Robert J Martin 2017-07-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 14, 2017
President Tom has a big smile for his last meeting, and why not?  It has been a great year under his leadership.  Thanks Tom.
Chief Kelly announcing the visiting Rotarians.  Seems to be really concentrating on getting this name correct.
Past President Mike giving the history of Connie's jacket and here pointing our that we used to be District 502.
President Tom thanked his Board members and here is Jeannie as the new Youth Services Chair.  Thanks for stepping up Jeannie and we know you will do a great job!
President Tom also wanted to honor some Club seniority and here is our only Charter Member, Al Bucholz with our next oldest member, Coach.  He must be doing a Hip Hip Hooray!
Can you read Walt's lips?  We had four published birthdays, Trent Jonas, Mac Pinch, Rich Coyner, and Hal Hodgins.
Dan Rioux who did a great job with 2 Earlyact groups, Purdy Elementary and Harbor Ridge Middle School.  He is unfortunately for us moving back to Austin and he will be greatly missed.  He also had a great going away party at his house.  We will miss you Dan, but it will be Austin's gain.
And guess who earned the Vocational Excellence Award?  Well deserved Juanita, thanks for all you do at work and in our Club.
Randy Barcalow receiving his Rotarian of the Year award.  Well deserved Randy and you have more than filled Ole's shoes.  Lots of projects to go.......
Believe it or not we also had a program about what is going on in the Peninsula School District in the way of programs.  Rob Manahan introduced the speakers and they were all good.
Erin O'Neil was the first and I think the last speaker.  She talked about how students are being prepared for job skills and her passion was evident.
John Selfors talked about getting real job experience for students and again with great passion and enthusiasm.
Gary Schmidt gets students into real job experience and promoted the value to these kids as future employees.
I am sorry I don't recall what Karen Dove's message was, but maybe you remember.
President Tom's last meeting Robert J Martin 2017-07-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jul 14, 2017
This is going to be a huge bulletin with 44 pictures and three stories.  I am sorry this is late but too many projects at home and this is coming to you from our new trailer in Missoula, MT.  I hope you enjoy it.
This is some of the party goers doing the chicken dance.  And why would they do that?
To honor President Tom as he holds his lap chicken.  A lot of white heads and hats in the foreground don't you think?
A couple of happy campers.  Maybe Don is happy to have his Rubicon running and Howard because Don paid his bill.  Or maybe there is something in the water.
We were well entertained by Grouch Cuzzetto.  Who would have guessed?
Tom got very attached to his lap chicken so the metal one may be left out in the cold.
Tom and his first lady, Peggy did enjoy the friendly roast and the fact the year was almost over.  Great job Tom and Peggy!
"Groucho" was such a surprise I felt you needed to see him twice and this with the Groucho Marx mouth and cigar.  Great job Chuck!
And now the Installation part.  Incoming President Mel was pleasingly brief with his comments and just wants the Club to keep doing what it has been doing without necessarily any new programs.  You know you will have the Club behind you Mel and we all look forward to "Your year".
Installation Banquet 2017 Robert J Martin 2017-07-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening: Entirely new format as start was at 7:25 am led by Coach Jack Stonestreet and assisted by the incoming new directors and officers to the fanfare of music (?) reminiscent of Star Wars (as if there were not sufficient noise already in the packed room).
                In the absence of outgoing president Tom Borgen, former club president Dave Cathers presented the gavel to incoming president Mel Santos who immediately called the meeting to order. Invocation by Chuck Perry; Pledge of Allegiance by president Mel; Song “America the Beautiful” led by Hal Cline; and Four Way Test led by Dave Cathers.
                Greeter: None seen.
Visiting Rotarians: Judy Hosea (Lakewood) and assistant district governor Howard Svigals (Midday) who brought Byron O’Neal and Aussa Rooksy.
Guests: Susan Jensen, Dave Freeman’s grandson Evan Margel, Lyn Junge, Mac Pinch’s young sons Oliver and Rocky, Dave Holsinger, former members Hilary Bridge and Joyce Gorny, Juanita Carbaugh’s mentee Deidre.
Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: Chris Myers called to order a special meeting of the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation for the sole purpose of electing three of the nine foundation trustee positions for the coming year. Candidates Paul Alvestad, Scott Junge, Tim Williams and John Winslow each gave abbreviated campaign speeches and subsequently the last three named were elected by the members present.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks: Pam Peterson-Smith fined virtually nobody but did recognize Al Abbott for his work with the Dragon Boats. She also had three married couples (Martins, Junges and McVays) demonstrate that longtime married couples do not necessarily know everything about his or her spouse. Under the Happy Buck portion, Tim Williams welcomed his eighth grandchild and coach Jack Stonestreet (86 years old, 64 years married and 50 years a Rotarian) finally got his disability permit to drive.
Drawing: Someone won ten free tickets next week and Rod Ladd struck out in his attempt to take home the pot of $178, all as handled by Dorothy Lormor.
Program: Since president Mel was the immediate past program chairman, he introduced himself in order to inform the club how he hopes to run the club in the July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 period. He immediately introduced his “Chief of Staff” Debbie Miller (who does not have to be confirmed by anyone). He hopes to have the Club run on five basic principles: 1. Transparency; 2. On Time and Visible (meaning 7:30 am to 8:30 am and no more); 3. Fortify Avenues of Service and Committees; 4. Maintain membership at 125 members; and 5. Things will be different. He pointed out that he and all but one of the committee heads work full-time.
                Under transparency above, he pointed out that the Club receives about $116,000 revenue per year ($104,000 from the auction and $12,000 from the wine and food festival). In order to show how that expected revenue is to be spent in the forthcoming fiscal year, he had each committee head speak:
                Club Service: John Duppenthaler, $0 budget and 0% of budget. Last year approximately ten members left the club for a variety of reasons, thus depleting the waiting list. (Afterward, Dave Morris was quoted as saying that the current waiting list was “about zero, give or take.”)
                Community Service: Brett DeSantis, eight proposed projects, $47,100, 41%.
                International Service: Rod Ladd, seven projects, 25,020, 22%.
                Vocational Service: Richard Schmalz, six projects, $10,500, 9%.
                Youth Services: Jeanie Simmons, seven projects, $16,800, 15%.
                Public Relations: Outgoing president Tom Borgen (who was not there), $3,000, 3%.
                Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: eight projects, $2,500, 2%.
                Unallocated: $10,000, 8%.
Adjournment: True to his second basic principle, president Mel adjourned the meeting exactly at 8:30 am. 
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (7/7/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-07-08 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: none
Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:29 sharp; Invocation: Mike Pinch; Song:  Hal Cline; Pledge of allegiance: Mac Pinch; The four way test: Mary Gorman
Visiting Rotarians: Mary Gorman, Midday club
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, Lyn Jung, Brent Taylor, Dave Holsinger
Rotarian of the year Award: 2017 winner is Randy Barcalow
Vocational Service Award: 2017 winner is Juanita Carbaugh
Reports and announcements:
Thanks to Ben for the bratwurst feed at the last meeting.,
Work Party at Estuary Park on Saturday July 2 at 9:00AM, 
Exchange student schedule are coming, contact Cindy Reed
Rotary Rainiers Baseball July 19th,
Golf-a-ritaville with the midday club on July 21st
Wine and food festival on July 29th
Mary Bridge courage classic on August 26th
Hot August Cars on August 4th in the parking lot.
Dan Rioux is leaving the club and returning to Austin Texas: you will be missed!!
June birthdays: Mac Pinch, Hal Hodgins, Trent Jonas, and Rich Coyner
Rotary Rainer’s Baseball, July 13th
Wine & Food Festival: July 29th
Fines & Happy Bucks: Skipped over
Drawing Dave Gordon drew the white chip.
Program: Peninsula School District Trades Council with Erin O’Neil, Gary Schmidt, Karen Dove & John Selfors. Introduction from Dr. Rob Manahan 
This wonderful program teaches the basic job preparedness skills necessary for high school graduates to be successful in the job market. It offers real world experiences in collage, career and life readiness. This program gives students a sense of the experiences and skills that it takes to do a job in the real world. Dreaming and doing fosters student aspirations. The skilled trades makes up a large portion of the course curriculum. The pre-apprentice program offers region wide job training with local skilled trades. 
The course will be taught in a re-furbished lab at Peninsula High school   
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:30 AM.   
Notes by Dave Freeman   
Friday (6/30/2017) David Freeman 2017-07-04 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 28, 2017
Cub Scout Pack 202 preparing the flag for the trip up the pole.  They handle this very well.
The Bugler, Taylor Phillips from Peninsula high, bugling To The Colors on the top of the new viewing platform.  I am sure the sound carried well.
Looks to me like everyone was having a great time and there was plenty of room with the pumping station tucked away.  The park is beautiful.
Looks like this is the DC of AC/DC.  Don and Cindy are hamming it up for Rod.
Kiwanis provided some great looking pancakes and some sausage to go with them.  Looks like they have it down pat.
Gary and John seemed pleased with their breakfast.
Walker on the other hand seems to be under some duress with Al on his back and Cindy and Terese having a conversation over his plate.  He is however concentrating well.
Not sure what President Tom is auctioning off, but it is colorful.  Hope the proceeds went to a great cause!
Stephanie Lyle was the program as she talked about her Dad Keith Lile as a tail gunner.  I knew him as the second president of our Club serving 1975-76.  Our very first Dinners for Eight was at Keith and Mabel's home.  Would be great to have Stephanie in our Club.
Rod wanted to be sure you would remember Stephanie.  She is the new director of the Harbor History Museum.
Flag Day at the new park Robert J Martin 2017-06-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert Martin on Jun 28, 2017
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE JUNE 23RD MEETING (Photos thanks to Rod Ladd)
President Tom started the meeting with Brats and his Bloody Mary.  It was a day of celebration.
Duane sharing his hospital experience which was bad but ended well.  He also shared the loss of his 97 yo Father and how helpful it was to have a Rotary family and the support provided.
Gravity seems to have taken over Mac's hair but it didn't slow down his fine skills.
Tom was the program and he spent the time recognizing and thanking the Rotarians who made it a good year.  Brett was the Community Service Chair and did a great job spending all of the money.
He thanked Donna Lormor for her efforts as Vocational Service Chair and all those who helped with the Women's Prison Project.
Rod Ladd served as International Service Chair and had projects in Guatemala and the Philippines.  He looks happy about the outcome.  Club Service, John Duppenthaler, and Youth service Directors, Veronica Hooper/Dan Rioux were absent.
Here President Tom is thanking his executive committee I think with Rotary Hats and kind words.
I think Rod took this picture just for Jeannie's smile.
This had to be for the shoe laces, which Al seems very happy with.
Photo Summary of the June 23rd meeting Robert Martin 2017-06-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Tony Michaelson
Ring the Bell:  Tom rang the bell at 7:30am.
Invocation:  Duane Fister; Pledge:  Little Pinch; Song: Hal Cline; 4 Way Test:  Dave Freeman
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guest of Rotarians: Christopher Jones (Dave Freeman’s grandson), Lyn Junge, Carina Pinch, Peggy Borgen and Rosalie Buchanan.
Reports and Announcements:
Board Meeting            June 28 (5:30pm)                 
Rainiers Game            July 13
Wine & Food Festival    July 29 We’re in good shape for volunteers (per Sharon)
Mary Bridge Courage Classic--In Discussion
Featured Items:
Foundation—Bob Martin. Annual Report $28,973.00 contributed by our club this year, exceeding the goal. Polio designated… $5,500.00.
Fine MasterMac Pinch. Something about the mating habits of the octopus as described to a tourist by Al Abbott on his Gig Harbor walk-about.
        Raffle—Larry Olson. Marcia Harris, $15.00.
        To meeting scribes and fine masters.
        Dick Vanberg for mentoring the 15 new members.
        Hal Cline for Dinners for Eight.
        Brett DeSantis for all of her work, particularly helping Tom with the computer.
        Ron Roberts for the years spent directing the Small Donations committee.
        Vocational Service…thank you to Donna Lormor and Buck Frymier.
        International Service…Ron Ladd.
        Teams… Larry Olson and Randy Barcalow.
        Youth Exchange was revived thanks to Mary Grubbs and crew.
        Directors…Mel, Alex, Pam, Paul, Brett, Rod, Scott and John D.
Your scribe lost track of the people who were given recognition. My apologies for not being able to keep up with all the deserving names Tom mentioned on his final Friday as President.
Adjourned: 8:30am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (6/23/2017) Tony Michaelson 2017-06-27 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Robert J Martin on Jun 22, 2017
TThis was the Sunday morning interfaith service; had a minisermon befitting Rotary and some great music with the RI choir, seen here, and the Voice of Atlanta choral group.
And this is the Voice of Atlanta, definitely a southern Baptist choral group.  The blonde reminded me of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act.
This is the Atlanta Aquarium where we had one breakfast and it was great, although I don't know about being number one.  Definitely better than Seattle but Monterrey Bay would be competitive.
Couldn't resist a picture in picture, but this is Arch Klumpf, the Father of the Rotary Foundation which he initiated at the Atlanta Convention 100 years ago.
This is Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta and then an ambassador.  He also chaired the Olympic Committee that brought the summer Olympics to Atlanta.  He is 85 years young and still going strong.  Gave a great talk on how we all need to be involved in our communities and that Rotary is a good way.  I loved it when he said he hadn't started preaching yet, but that was his whole presentation.  Hearing people like Andrew is why you should be  in Toronto next year.
Jennifer Jones, an RI Director and possibly the first female RI President interviewed one of my favorite people, Jack Nickalaus.  Jack is a polio ambassador and a new Honorary Rotarian.  A very humble family man considering he is probably the greatest golfer in history.  Again, another reason to go to an RI convention.
This was the view of the Olympic water park from the Atlanta Wheel.  It was warm and the kids were having a great time.  Wish I could have been in the water.  It was hot and humid.
Had a great Toronto promo although we missed the picture with the RCMP guy in the red suit.  The Conference is late next year so our installation will need to be earlier or really late, like June 30th.  Keep that in mind Tom.
Atlanta Convention 2017 Robert J Martin 2017-06-22 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
RING THE BELL                   
Opening Comments at Boatyard Marina
Paul-  Thanks to everyone for helping with ceremony today
Scouts 202-  Kiwanis- Ron Rourke of the Marina
Wollochet Cleanup
Last chance!!
Sign up Now
Stephanie Lye-   Director of History Museum spoke about her tail gunner father.
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (6/16/2017) Walker Allen 2017-06-20 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening: Mel Santos opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Mel was standing in for Tom, as he attends the International Rotary Convention Invocation: Debbie Miller gave the invocation with a strong Rotary message about the Golden Rule.(The Golden Rule will never be the same for me as I thought it was: Do unto others before they do unto you.); Pledge of allegiance: Christina Shanks, one of today’s speakers; Song: Hal Cline with “God Bless America”;  The four way test: John Winslow
Visiting Rotarians: Bill Evans of Port Orchard; Howard Svigalis, AG, of GH Mid-Day; Christina Shanks, Dan Wilson of GH Mid-Day
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, guest of Al Bucholz; Jeanne Peterson, guest of Buck Frymier; Tom Taylor, guest of Peter Stanley; Elly Aronson and Kathy Aronson, guests of Dave Cathers; Don Auburn, guest of Sophie Perkins; Gary, husband and guest of Juanita Carbaugh; Tina and Paul Andreason, Shannon Wiggs, and Mark Crewson, all guests of Buck Frymier and the meeting program.
Reports and announcements:
Bud Bay Rotary Clothing: Orders of Bud Bay Rotary embossed clothing are due in this week. If enough orders are received, we will receive a discount.
Vocational Services Award: Donna Lormor announced that nominations for the Vocational Service award are due in this next week. You can check on Club Runner for the nomination form.
Update on Deidre: Juanita Carbaugh gave an update on the release of Deidre from WCCW Purdy. She is getting out soon and will need continued emotional support. Juanita hopes that her “Family” (Rotary Club of Gig Harbor) will help her give Deidre this support. Juanita was cheered with a WOO WOO, or was it a WOOHOO? Kind of sounded like a greeting from Homer Simpson.
Cars for Change: Howard Mackert gave an update on the new nonprofit and how it will help graduates of WCCW.
Wollochet Interchange Cleanup: Paul Alvestad announced the cleanup and mowing will happen the next day. Followed by a few brews at Wet Coast Brewing.
Flag Day Celebration: The June 16th meeting is at Jersich / Skansi Park. An announcement will come out by Club Runner email. 7AM meeting time. A great program with a Kiwanis pancake breakfast, History Museum speaker and grand flag raising by Cub Scout Pack 202. All arranged by Paul Alvestad.
RAH: Rotary after Hours is Wednesday 6/14 at the Tides as announced by John Eddy.
Gavel Dinner and Marilyn Nailor Golf Tournament : We only have 29 signed up at this time. Now is the time to sign up. The signup is on line at the following link: .Through this link you can register and pay for the dinner, and register for golf or disc golf. Payment for golf will be made at the course. This dinner will honor and roast Tom and welcome in Mel as our next President.
Wine & Food Festival: July 29th, tickets are available on line. Some volunteers are still needed. Sign up for a great time.
International Committee: Rod Ladd announced the committee will meet on Wednesday 6/21 @ the Ladd/Pinch office on Rosedale.
Wollochet Estuary Project: GHRC is working on a new carport for the Pen Met Parks Wollochet Estuary caretaker house. A few volunteers are needed for this Tuesday at 9AM to help dig footings. The rest of the build will take place at a future date and signups will be available. This project is being run by Randy Barcalow.
Parking Auction:  Keith Harris auctioned off the parking spot for the balance of June and the month of July. Rod Ladd was the winning bidder at $55.00.
Fines & Happy Bucks: John Winslow extracted a few dollars from the members. Randy Spitzer for being on the phone; Keith Harris for something about a Facebook posting on Hooters; Peter Glein for an ad for an assistant on his boat for $15 bucks an hour. A few happy bucks were also collected, including from Donna Lormor on her daughter graduating from Foster Business School at the UW.
Drawing: Donna Lormor ran the raffle with 10 free going to Randy Spitzer and Dick Vanberg drawing from 16 chips for a pot of $105. Dick drew a white chip for a consolation prize of $15.00.
Life after WCCW and the Women’s Prison Program: Buck Frymier interviewed two graduates of the Women’s Prison Program; Christina Shanks and Stephanie Forrester. They gave a great picture of the issues facing women released from WCCW and how the Women’s Prison Program of the Gig Harbor Rotary has helped. The program has held 22 classes and has 425 graduates of the program. Both women gave great praise for how the program has helped.
Adjourn: The program and meeting ended at 8:30 AM with a ring of the bell by Mel.  
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (6/9/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-06-13 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening Bell:  Right on time at 7:30 am by President Tom Borgen.
Opening matters:
            Greeters:  None spotted. Invocation:  red badger Eric McGinnis. Pledge of Allegance (but correctly spelled Allegiance. Sorry Tom):  Fred Labayen. Song: Scheduled to be the reliable and on key Hal Cline but before he could open his mouth “America the Beautiful” broke out from the southwest corner of the room. Four Way Test:  John Hopkins.
Visiting Rotarians:  Bob Cairns of Port Orchard.
 Guests of Rotarians:  Sophie Perkins’ friends David Holsinger and Don Asburn; Lyn Junge; Emma Conway’s two small but cute children Jack and Willa (whose accent was only minimal); and Al Bucholz’s daughter Susan Jensen.
Announcements and Reports:
  1.  New Park:  Both President Tom and Mayor Jill Guernsey reported on the opening of the remodeled Skansie Brothers Park in downtown Gig Harbor.
  2. President Tom showed a picture and reported on Bob and Jan Martin’s accident in which their camper was T-boned in Montana and left on its side but, fortunately, only very minor injuries to those involved in the accident. The woman who hit them is the wife of the owner of the largest motorhome dealer in Montana! Go figure.
  3. President Tom presented the Club’s new logo on a 6’ by 3’ canvas sign.
  4. Sharon Shaffer reported on the Food Festival scheduled for Saturday, July 29th, and the need for a few more individuals to sign up to assist.  Sharon also mentioned the Volunteer Appreciation Day event scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club.
  5. The mowing cleanup of the Wollochet intersection on State Route 16 will again be handled by Paul Alvestad and his crew on June 10 and maybe later on a portion of the Cushman Trail if time permits.
  6. Veronica Hooper reported on the Girls on the Run 5 kilometer (3.1 miles for you non-runners) race for girls which will be held on June 10 at McCormick Woods.
  7. President Tom mentioned that he will be going to the International Rotary Convention in Atlanta this year as will be Walker Sandlin and his daughter who is the president of her Oklahoma Rotary Club.
  8. Paul Alvestad, as if he does not have enough to do, reported on the Club’s Tom Borgen Roast and Marilyn Naylor Memorial Golf Tournament on June 23 which will include for the first time Frisbee golf (which this scribe might be able to handle).  See the email from the Club Runner on Friday morning.
  9. The Rotary - Rainier’s baseball game (actually the Rainiers are playing baseball while the Rotarians will only be watching from the stands) will be held Thursday, July 13th and President Tom hopes to have ten to twelve of our club’s Rotarians in attendance.
  10. Since Keith Harris was not in attendance, the July Parking Space went unsold.
  11. For Two Truths and a Lie President Tom picked on four would be liars whose last name began with “M”.   Debbie Miller, John Mitchell, Chris Myers and Eric McGinnis all proved to be poor liars and were quickly seated.
Fine Master and Happy Bucks:  Mac Pinch did his usual fine job on picking on the membership, particularly those who tried to text to him while he was speaking, especially Walt Paulson.  Although there were several who spoke on Happy Bucks, the most impressive (at least to this scribe) was Fred Labayen who said that his daughter had just become an American citizen.
Drawing:  Larry Olson handled the drawing in which someone won ten free tickets for next week John Winslow successfully drew to the $621 pot. 
Program:  The program consisted of a review of what our club has accomplished since July 1, 2016 and will accomplish in the Club’s next fiscal year.  Because there were so many programs in so many areas and involving so many Rotarians this past year, it would be a disservice to attempt to name them for fear of understating what they did and by accident omitting someone who had accomplished even more.   So the scribe will not attempt to do so.
Adjournment:  President Tom adjourned the meeting a minute or two early.
Friday (6/2/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-06-06 07:00:00Z 0
Annmarie Huppert, Brent Tayet, and Jeff Stillwell have been approved by the Board as new members.
Annmarie is sponsored by Dave Morris & John Eddy and her classification is mental health counseling.
Brent Tayet is sponsored by Cindy Reed and his classification is financial planning/wealth management.
Jeff Stillwell is sponsored by Lee Smith and his classification is aviation.
The date of first publication is today, 5/30/17. Any comments should be referred to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days of the first date of publication.
New Member Notices 2017-05-30 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: none Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Betty Felker; Song: Hal Cline; Pledge of allegiance: Mac, Oliver& Rocky; The four way test: Paul Alvestad
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, Lyn Jung, Brent Taylor,
Reports and announcements:
Special offer: John, of Bud Bay Clothing has a wide selection of rotary embossed clothing available on his web site.
Giggin the Harbor, thanks to Peter, Pam, Lee, Chuck, Mike, Dan & family, Tim & Carol and Hal.
Courage meeting: Thanks to John, Corry, Mel, Downtown Brown & wife Lynn, Frank & Annette
Board meeting, June 24th 5:30
History Museum: courtyard grand opening was a big success.
Farmers Market: first day is June 1
Club end of the year party: June 23rd
Rotary Rainer’s Baseball, July 13th
Wine & Food Festival: July 29th
Featured Items:
Interact scholarship recipients: John Winslow introduced the three Interact winners: Caroline, Jake, Misty
The four GHHS winners: Erica Holtz, Mia Savage, & Dick Sherwin
Fines & Happy Bucks: Pam, had several recipients of her humor including; Jill Gernsey, Scott Jung, Dick Vanberg, while Chuck Perry was happy his daughter graduated!, George Bonny was celebrating the third birthday of his granddaughter, and Pam gave $34 to celebrate her loosing 34 pounds.
Drawing: 10 free, Jeff Harris, to draw: Marcia Harris
Olson Foundation by Jeff Harris: The foundation works internationally towards improving clean water and the plight of refugees. Their overhead is a mere 2% of their intake revenues, truly an amazingly low number. Theb foundation was founded in 2006 and awards approximetly $70,000 in grants. The results are significant with clean water, education and more.
Classification talk: Marti Anderson; She has years of Rotary Service in West Seattle befor moving her family and family business to Gig Harbor in 2006. Rotary truly defines her!!! She told of the difficulties of moving a business especially a travel business and starting anew. She has had Knightly travel for 47 years. She is a Paul Harris Fellow.
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:30 AM.  
Notes by Dave Freeman
Friday (5/26/2017) David Freeman 2017-05-30 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Ring the Bell: Tom rang the bell at 7:30am.
Invocation: Cindy Reed; Pledge: Peninsula HS Student ;Song: Dave Gillespie; 4 Way Test: Peter Glein
Visiting Rotarians: Larry Treleven, Tacoma 8. Jesse Young, Gig Harbor.
Guest of Rotarians: Bruce Kendall, Maya Savage, Spencer Fields, Victoria Johnson, Maddi Parker.
Reports and Announcements:
“Giggin the Harbor”              May 20              Mike Henry
Board Meeting                     May 24              Timberland Bank
HHM Courtyard Dedication    May 25              Pat Schmidt
Farmers Market Opening      June 1               Help needed with set up/take down
Vocational Services Award    June date           Donna Lormor
Interact Car Wash                 May 20              Dan Rioux
Featured Items:
  • Birthdays, Walt Paulson. Scott Junge, John Mitchell, Chris Myers, Sarah Sytsma, Emma Conway, Randy Spitzer, Brady Buskirk, Buck Frymier, Donna Lormor and Dave Morris.
  • Peninsula HS Scholarship Recipients. Six young talented ladies received scholarship awards. They will be attending UW-Seattle, CWU and University of San Diego.
Fine Master, Paul Willett.
Busy day, but one stood out. John Dunham had a sad-happy buck. His house sustained substantial water damage but thanks to his insurance agent and replacement insurance…..$200,000 in damages is fully covered.
Happy Bucks Raffle, Donna Lormor. No one won the pot worth $167.
PROGRAM: Bruce Kendall, CEO Economic Development Board, Tacoma- Pierce Co.
          Bruce and his seven employees, with a donated budget of $1.4 million dollars, focus on recruiting diversified industries with high wage jobs for Pierce County. (Econ Development 101) Out of seven possible recruits, they will bring in two businesses. This takes about 18 mos. from start to finish before they settle in. The Economic Dev. Board is working on a new marketing initiative for local companies entitled, “Place for Jobs.” Another idea on board now is called, “Live like the Mountain is Out.” This lets locals express how much they like living here. Full
page ads have been placed in the TNT and other outlets. Bruce also recognized
the impact of JBLM, the largest employer in Pierce County.
Adjourned: 8:30am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (5/19/2017) P. Anthony Michaelson 2017-05-22 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presiding
Invocation: Marcia Harris (to honor Mothers and Grandmothers who taught us to serve others); Pledge: Virginia Witt-Abbott, Member of Gig Harbor Mid-Day Rotary; Song: Randy Spitzer, “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - Annie Arbenz
Visiting Rotarians:  announced by Coach - Virginia Witt-Abbott, Gig Harbor Mid-Day
Guests: Lyn Junge, Guest of Scott Junge; Jeff Stillwell (Manager of the hangar we use for the Auction) \; Guest of Lee Smith (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • District Conference Report – Tom Borgen
  • AUCTION – Hal Hodgins, date will be the 2nd Saturday in March
  • “Giggin the Harbor” (spruce up downtown) –Mike Henery, May 20 – gather at Donkey Creek Park 9AM (bring your own tools – rakes, clippers, power washers, etc) Lunch will be provided.
  • Harbor History Museum – Tom Borgen reminded us of the dedication of the new Courtyard made possible by the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor (with special thanks to Scott Junge and Rosedale Gardens) – Thursday May 25, 5 PM Arrival, 6 PM Ceremony.
  • Farmers Market opens June 1, hours of sales 3 to 7 PM – Heidi Gerling, Manager, and Pam Peterson-Smith gave an overview of our club’s involvement.  We are sponsoring two booths.  10/12 Volunteers are needed to help vendors unload their goods and set up their booths from 11AM to 3 PM.  And, 10/12 Volunteers are needed to help remove booths and goods for vendors from 7 to 9 PM.  Pam is coordinating and circulated signup sheets.
  • Kingston Rotary Golf Tournament – Randy Spitzer announced their tournament for Friday, June 16.
  • Dancing in the Schools – Betty Felker announced that thanks to a contribution from this club, there has been a lot of interest shown by more schools and the school district will be supporting expansion of the program.
  • EarlyAct and RotarAct (Purdy Elementary and Harbor Ridge) - Dan Rioux announced that these groups teamed up to raise funds to provide water filters.  They raised $726.
Participants: Jennifer Hamilton, Donna Lormor and Fred Labayen 
FINE MASTER – Peter Glein (Continued to fine other fine masters – over their objections)
Walt Paulsen won 10 free for next week and John Winslow pulled the blue chip for $621.
Anikka Abbott, Miss West Sound gave an overview of the Miss America Pageant and how it builds confidence in the young women and provides scholarships.  She also talked about her platform - Prevention Through Empowerment: Ending Domestic Violence and Stalking.  She works with the YWCA as an advocate for survivors.  She will be doing a Benefit Concert for the YWCA and Women’s Scholarship Programs at the Chapel on Echo Bay (Fox Island), Friday May 26 at 7 PM (for more information visit
Meeting adjourned at 8:30
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (5/12/2017) Walker Allen 2017-05-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening matters: Dick Vanberg presided at the meeting for President Tom Borgen and Mel Santos  who were both gone to the District Conference. He started us right on time at 7:31 am.
Greeters: None: Invocation: Rob Manahan, quick and quiet with a silent prayer; Pledge: Emma Conway was gracious to get us started;  Song: Hal Cline with his standard God Bless America; 4 Way Test: Annie Arbenz
Visiting Rotarians: None               
Guests: Scot Junge’s wife Lyn Junge, and Buck Frymier’s guest Mark Crowson.
Announcements / Reports
Harbor History Museum: Pat Schmidt announced the celebration of the new courtyard dedication to be held May 25th. There will be a sign up next week. The event is family friendly, so bring the kids. Note a few Rotarians may get together for a pre and post function at a time and place to be determined.
Women’s Prison Mentoring Program: Buck Frymier made a suggestion that each of us make a commitment to become a mentor for the program, or at least give it a try. He and his wife Kay do it together. The commitment is for only about 4 hours a month.
Rotary After Hours (RAH): John Eddy announced that this month’s RAH in on 5/10 at El Pueblito, in the back room. (Of course it’s in the back room. If it was in the front, we would probably scare away the rest of their customers.) Standard 5:30 start time.
Retreat Pictures: Saw a lot of water and great views, with lots of relaxing. They must have been working too hard and diligently during the meetings to take any additional pictures.
Boy Scouts: The Gig Harbor Rotary Club is the sponsoring organization for a Boy Scout Troop and a Cub Scout Pack. Jay Matson from the Boy Scouts came to present the new Charter for Cub Scout Pack 282. Paul Alvestad is the GHRC rep to the Boy Scouts. He accepted the new charter.
Dowtown Waterfront Alliance: Pat Schmidt reported that DWA has received the 2017 Excellence on Main Award.
Giggin the Harbor Cleanup: Mike Henery announced that the cleanup is scheduled for May 20th and everyone is invited to help. Meet at 9 am at Donkey Creek Park. Then everyone will spread out to clean and come back at noon for a lunch provided.
Two Truths and a Lie: Jeff Harris, John Hopkins, Mike Henery, and Hal Hodgins all came forward to play Two Truths and a Lie. The Club was entertained with a few tall tails.
Drawing: Donna Lormor won ten free tickets for next week and Duane Fister drew unsuccessfully for the pot. The pot was up to $545 and down to four chips. Should be a pretty wild drawing the next week or two.
Finemaster and Happy Bucks: Mike Pinch was the finemaster. He wasn’t too excited about being the finemaster. He said it was a hard job, so he fined Mac for a dollar, only to be called out that you can’t fine another finemaster. So Mike paid the fine himself. He ended up paying all the fines himself as he went through his call outs. Chris Myers announced to a great laugh that he didn’t think he would ever have missed Tom Borgen. Ron Roberts gave a happy $5 for being back after a trip to Arizona. Spencer Hutchins was happy for spending three weeks in Ireland on his honeymoon.
Speakers: Emma Conway announced the program. She wanted to make sure that we knew she wasn’t the program. She didn’t think the Club would want her to be the program two weeks in a row. The program was a report on the Boys and Girls club of South Puget Sound. The primary speaker was Elvin Buku, the director of operations for the B&G Clubs. They operate 14 sites in three counties and serve over 1500 kids per day. They run many programs. However the real basis for their programs, is to have caring adults building relationships along with activities. They have partnered with Communities in Schools and the School Districts on may programs, like their Summer Boost Program. They have a youth of the year program. The Gig Harbor Youth of the Year, Alicia, was introduced and gave a small talk. The Club gave her a standing ovation. Elvin finished out the talk with a discussion about how GHRC and B&GC can partner to serve the youth of the community.
Adjourned: Right on time..
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (5/5/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-05-09 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening matters: President Tom Borgen started us right on time at 7:30 am.
Greeters: None spotted: Invocation: Fred Labayen; Song: Hal Cline and Pat Schmidt, after a shaky start; Pledge: Bob Heacox; 4 Way Test: Alec Zarelli
Visiting Rotarians: None               
Guests: Although not mentioned in President Tom’s agenda and although only two signed in, there were at least nine guests who were Cindy Reed’s friend Brent Tayet, Sophie Perkins’ friend Dave Holsinger, Mac Pinch’s young sons Oliver and Matthew, Scot Junge’s wife Lynn Junge, film maker Josh Sherwin, Sue Jensen and speakers Frank and Annette Bannon.
Announcements and Reports and Whatever:    
Job Opening: Since Jim Castino is moving to the Yakima area in two weeks, the club is looking for a replacement for him as one of the three official meeting photographers. Job entails no pay and very little, if any, work.
Club Board Retreat: Mel Santos reminded the board members of the board retreat at Alderbrook Resort (nice choice of location!) this weekend with golf and a Don Buchanan salmon dinner on Friday. Oh, yes, a Saturday meeting from 9 am to 3:30 pm to figure out what to do during the new club year beginning July 1 with approximately $116,000 of which approximately $104,000 coming from the Club’s March Auction and $12,000 from the Wine and Food Festival.
Auction Party: Auction chair Paul Alvestad reported on a rainy appreciation party given recently for those who helped raise the aforementioned $l04,000.
Scholarship Program: Non-member but extremely regularly attender Sue Jensen advised the group of the big money which the Olsen Foundation had given to the Peninsula and Gig Harbor High Schools for scholarships for those graduating this year.
New Zealand Exchange: Don Rees, recently back from a two and a half weeks (and recovered from two very, very long air flights) Rotary related trip to the south island of New Zealand, advised the meeting that a New Zealand Rotary group of six couples is headed our way for a week or so stay in British Columbia, followed by three days in Gig Harbor (probably September 14, 15 and 16, 2017) and another three days in the Lacey/Olympia area. Don is working on securing hosts for the Gig Harbor stay.
Interact Club: Dan Rioux reported that Saturday is Arbor Day and the Interact Club was raising money for water filters (not bottles) for Guatemala at the Gig Harbor Civic Center from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday.
Drawing: Handled by Donna Lormor in which Jan Martin won ten free tickets next week and co-speaker Annette Bannon drew unsuccessfully for the pot. She very gracefully turned around and donated the $15 second place prize back to the Club. No wonder she and her husband Frank were our Star Award winners.
Happy Bucks and Finemaster: Chris Myers did his usual fine job in raising a dollar or so from members. Perhaps the best was pointing out that our Club’s newest member Emily Conway, who gave her classification talk last week, (and is our speaker next week!) had graduated from the prestigious University of Exeter in the United Kingdom but had attended on a badminton scholarship. He also disclosed that two club members, both attorneys, had successfully hidden their respective first names from the Washington State Bar Association and from the Club Runner, but not from him. They are Leslie Alvestad and Halleck Hodgins. (Nice detective work, Chris!) Lastly, Walt Paulsen learned that it is best to turn his telephone off during meetings.
Speakers: The Club’s Stars Award chair Sharon Shaffer had the privilege of introducing the Club’s this year’s winners of the Stars Award. Each year the three Rotary Clubs in Gig Harbor nominate one or more non-Rotarians for an award for service to the community and mankind. The North Gig Harbor Rotary award winner was surgeon Dr. Robert Yancy who had performed surgeries all over the world to individuals who otherwise would not have access to a surgeon. The Downtown Gig Harbor’s winner was Glen Ehrhardt for his involvement with the three year old Red Barn Youth Center on the Longbranch Peninsula which provides a meeting place, counseling and programs for youth covering a multitude of projects for some who will not attend college.
        Our Club’s Stars Award winners are Frank and Annette Bannon, who were nominated by Walt Paulsen. Frank, a retired electrician, and Annette, a retired nurse, have been active in many Rotary projects which our Club has supported, such as the Festival of Trees and the Courage Classic, as well as providing for the approximately seven hundred “residents” of the Artondale Cemetery. Sharon played a fifteen minute film put together by Josh Sherwin who was in the audience which depicted in detail what each of the award winners from the three Rotaries had done.
Adjourned: About five minutes late but nobody cared.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (4/28/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-04-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Randy Spitzer; Song: Pat Schmidt, Hal Cline; Pledge of allegiance: Annina Liebner; The four way test: Dave Morris
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, Lyn Jung, Brent Taylor
Reports and announcements:
No board meeting 4/26
Club board retreat 4/29/30
Women’s mentoring program 5/11
History museum courtyard celebration 5/25
Featured Items: Jeff Harris, Gateway Park Project, & Ed Worthen Clinic in Key Center had its grand opening.
First time Paul Harris Awards: Rosalie Buchanan, Randy Spitzer, Hal Hodgins, Debbie Miller. Bob Martin cited that Rotary Foundation has received a 100% rating for its quality of fundraising.
Fines & Happy Bucks: Mac Pinch fined Fred Labayen for handing out single bit size chocolates in Costco cut in half. Wine bottle corks found on Jeff Harris van running board, oooops! He fined Brian Buskirk for something we could not understand.
Drawing: 10 free, David Freeman, draw: John Winslow.
Program: Classification talk from Emma Conway, covered her first trip to the United States as a nanny for a Boston family. Then back to England and a degree from Exeter Collage on a badminton scholarship, wow! She came back to the US to work the summer for the Girl Scouts in 1997 and worked herself into a full time position a year later. She loves small towns so Gig Harbor is just right for her and her family.
Nina Leibner is Rotary’s outbound student: She is going to Italy but where in Italy or whom she is going to stay with remains an unknown. She is a vibrant and mature young woman who will be an excellent representative for our community and Rotary. She recently made a trip to Mexico to help build infrastructure for the natives.
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gavelled the end at 8:35 AM.  
Notes by Dave Freeman
Friday (4/21/2017 David Freeman 2017-04-24 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Ring the Bell: Mel rang the bell at 7:30am.
Invocation: Dan Rioux; Pledge: Tacoma Mayor, Marilyn Strickland; Song: Hal Cline; 4 Way Test: Peter Glein
Visiting Rotarians: One Rotary guest who didn’t sign in.
Guest of Rotarians: Hunter Rioux, Lyn Junge, Mac Pinch kids and Marlo DeSantis kids.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Dragon Boat Races – Brett. They looked good riding the JBLM Dragon Boat wake. Gig Harbor placed 3rd.
  • Women’s Prison Mentoring Meeting – Juanita needs 10 more mentors. Additional information can be found on Facebook.
Featured Items:
  • Birthdays - Walt Paulson. Paul Alvestad, Mark Hoppen, Zach Lester, Peter Stanley, Rod Ladd, John Hopkins, Don “Captain” Buchanan, Eldon Wiggs.
  • Induction – Duane Fister and Dave Morris. New member is Norma Whitacre.
  • Paul Harris Awards – Bob Martin. Tim Williams, Rod Ladd and George Bonney. Each participant was honored with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th awards.
Fine Master – John Winslow.
We had a sort of egg name game that garnered a few bucks and it was a good way to recognize a few people.
Happy Bucks Raffle, Larry Olson.
10 free tickets next week—Jan Martin. Pot, Bob Martin $15.00. Are the Martin’s controlling the Pot???
PROGRAM: Tacoma Mayor, Marilyn Strickland
The Mayor gave us a brief review of how she landed in Tacoma. She came from a military family and spent time at Fort Lewis. Marilyn graduated from UW, moved to Atlanta for graduate school and returned to Tacoma. Why did she become Mayor of Tacoma? She was tired of people trashing Tacoma and wanted to turn this around.
One goal was Education. Improving the graduation rate was an 8 yr. goal. During her tenure, the rate went from 59% to 82%. “We raise strong children.”
Growth through national recognition has caused a rental crisis. Pierce County was recently rated one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S. Another goal is….Tacoma needs family wage jobs and people to fill skilled jobs. Marilyn organized a new effort “Tacoma Works” to assist those people in gaining employment and training. For the next 10 years, the employment index looks very strong.
Adjourned: 8:31am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (4/14/2017) P. Anthony Michaelson 2017-04-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Greeter: Emma Conway; Ding donger: President Tom Borgen, right at 7:30 am.
Opening matters: Invocation: Mike Ketcham; Song: This Land is my Land as led by Dave Gillespie; Pledge of Allegiance: By one of Mike Pinch’s numerous relatives in attendance; Four Way Test: Alec Zarelli who was standing “closet” (per President’s meeting schedule) to the board who apparently can read (as Alec is our treasurer, we know he can count)
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Guests of Rotarians: Marty Olson, Dave Holsinger, Stephanie Lile, Jeff Stillwell, Brett DeSantis’ cute son and daughter, and virtually all of members Mike Pinch’s relatives including but not limited to Carina Pinch, Mindy Bennett, Jill Pinch, Casey and Tryphen Pinch.
President’s Comments: President Tom thanked all for being a good sport on last Friday’s April 1 requirement to sit where told and that the Red Badge requirement to sit at designated tables (as originally suggested by Red Badger Cindy Reed) was over. (It was rumored that last Friday was the first time Don Buchanan sat more than ten feet from the entrance to the dining room.)
Announcements and Reports:
1      Dragon Boat Races: Brett DeSantis requested a show of hands for those interested.
2      International Committee: Rod Ladd did a good job of stealing speaker Mike Pinch’s speech on what Rotary does internationally talking about sanitation, water and literacy.
3      Community Service: Brett DeSantis and her two cute children made a pitch for her committee and its work.
4      Vocational Service: Richard Schmalz emphasized the need for local projects in order to keep relevant in the Gig Harbor area.
5      Women’s Mentoring Program: Juanita Carbaugh spoke on her committee.
6      Courage Classic Bike Ride: President Tom commented that the club is generally in favor of supporting the new and revised Courage Classic ride to be taken away from the three mountain passes to the lowlands of Pierce and Lewis counties.
7      Missing in Action: Because time constraints, a member not being present or pure forgetfulness, scheduled reports for Rotary After Hours, April Birthday Song and last week’s assembly results were pushed over to subsequent meetings.
Featured Items:
1      Connection People: Ben Paganelli spoke passionately on what individual members have done for the Key Peninsula. Bob Heacox arranged for more dentists to serve the 19,000 on Key Peninsula as there was only one before. The late member Ed Worthen put together an eye clinic which plans its opening this coming weekend.
2      Paul Harris Fellowship: While mentioning there were twelve Paul Fellowships to confer and club members had contributed over $33,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017, Bob Martin gave a Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 1 pin to Rich Coyner and Paul Harris Fellowship Plus 2 pins to Trent Jonas and to John Ciccarelli.
Fun Items:
1      Raffle: The raffle, handled by Donna Lormor, had someone win ten free tickets next week and Jan Martin drawing and being unsuccessful for the pot but still taking home $15.
2      Fines and Happy Bucks: The majority of fine master Paul Willett’s fines involved the municipality of Gig Harbor and its lack of its occupancy certificate. We learned that our mayor (and our member) Jill Guernsey is a gracious person with a very thick skin. On the Happy Buck side, Bob Martin because of his Final 4 Oregon Ducks contributed $3 on behalf of himself, Dick Vanberg and Betty Felker (not sure if the money didn’t come out of the aforementioned $15 his wife just won) and Annie Arbenz, apparently the only Gonzaga graduate present, threw in $1 because of her Gonzaga Bulldogs second place finish in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
        Despite have a sizable portion of his speech given earlier by Rod Ladd, member Mike Pinch gave a rousing speech aimed at our numerous Red Badgers to encourage them to consider and then act on all good Rotary projects. He began with his Rotary experiences with a 1984 picture of himself (with hair and a beard) about when he first joined Rotary 8 in Tacoma which eventually lead up to his involvement several projects he and others suggested in the Philippines near where his wife Carina was born. (In the process he honored member Al Bucholz who as an 18 year old fought in the Philippines in WW II and who was on a ship headed for Japan as the war ended.) Projects started with a computer, a library and, more recently, fund raising for Philippine children who needed cleft palate operation and assistance for medical school for a student. Other non-Asian projects included working on water projects with Stan Liebenberg and others. In short, all it takes is one person with a good idea.
Adjournment: Although Mike ran over his time at least ten minutes, no one minded and then we adjourned.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (4/7/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-04-10 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Greeters: Cindy Reed and Marty Anderson greeted all that passed through the doors with red Dr Seuss head gear. Each who entered had to draw a number from a bucket to see at which table they were assigned to sit. This was done as an experiment to mix up the room and promote meeting other Club Members. The experiment worked well and may be repeated in the near future.
Ring the Bell: Tom Borgen rang the bell and opened the meeting at 7:32 a.m.
Invocation: Bob Martin gave the invocation with a special mention to keep Jill Guernsey and family in your prayers with the loss of her husband, Corbett; Pledge: John Eddy; Song: Hal Cline was getting ready to lead the song when Randy Spitzer opened with, “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - Tony Michaelson.
Visiting Rotarians: None. (They must have found out our program was going to be a Club Assembly)
Guests: Lyn Junge, Guest of Scott Junge; Sue Jensen, guest of Al Bucholz; and Colin Platt, guest of Jill Guernsey.
Reports and Announcements:
  • PSD School Tours – Rob Manahan announced that bus tours of many of the School District facilities were being held on April 4&5. Just call the district office to sign up and participate. (FREE)
  • Rotary Dragon Boat Race – April 9, Brett announced that the boat is full. YEAAA – Go Rotarians!!!!!!
  • Giggin the Harbor” (spruce up downtown) – May 20 Save the date.
  • Harbor History Museum – Dave Morris announced “Yes it will happen”; Dedication of the new Courtyard made possible by the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Gig – May 26.
  • Mariners Game – George Bonney took a quick survey to see if there was interest in repeating another Club outing to the Mariners this year. Many hands were raised and it looks like he will arrange it with the Mariners.
  • Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation – Elections were postponed due to half of the candidates not able to attend today’s meeting and give their speech’s. It should happen in a few weeks. Contact Scott Junge if you want to run for the GHRF board.
  • Exchange Student – Jeanie Simmons presented information on our incoming exchange student for this coming year. Her name is Melanie Anna Meyer and she comes from Switzerland, near Lucerne. She will attend 10th grade at Peninsula High School. She has two younger siblings; enjoys rowing, skiing, and family. Her host families are scheduled to be Dan Rioux and family, Veronica Hooper and family, and Laura and Craig Johnson. More information to come as her arrival gets closer.
Raffle – $345 pot and 10 Chips; Pam Peterson-Smith gets 10 free tickets next week, Joanne Bucholz pulled a white chip and got $15.
Finemaster – Peter Glein took control of the meeting at 7:47 to extract a few dollars from the members. The first members he called out were Coach for his support of the loosing Kansas Jay Hawks in the elite eight and Dick Vanberg of the winning Oregon Ducks in the elite eight. Next he called out Pam Peterson –Smith for her parking job last week. Apparently she took two stalls and was all crooked in the stall. Is it the Truth? No, Pam told the truth, it was Lee that parked last week. Peter then noted of the cancelation of the election for the GHRF Board…….Must be an April Fool’s joke. A few Happy Bucks were then collected.
Program – Club Assembly led by the President Elect, Mel Santos.
The room was separated into four groups, each with a leader and a scribe. Each group were asked the following question, with the scribes recording the answers, to help guide the board at their retreat to prepare for the upcoming year:
  1. What does this club do right?
  2. What does this club do wrong?
  3. Do we put too much or too little pressure on club involvement and fundraising?
  4. Do you know enough or not enough about the Avenues of Service projects and the committees and members that run them?
  5. In your opinion – Where should the Board direct the most effort, time, and fundraising dollars to? (Please rank each in order of importance from 1-6)
  • Club Service
  • Community Service
  • International Service
  • Public Relations
  • Vocational Service
  • Youth Services
Meeting adjourned at 8:30!
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (3/31/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-04-04 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
The “Most Honorable GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presiding”
Invocation: Duane Fister; Pledge: Michelle LoFaso (Guest of Cindy Niemi); Song: Hal Cline, “God Bless America”;4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - John Winslow
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Sarah Systma; Howard Svigal, Gig Harbor Mid-Day; Cindy Niemi, Tacoma 8; Nick Rajacich, Tacoma 8
Guests: Lyn Junge, Guest of Scott Junge; David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins; Michelle LoFaso, Guest of Cindy Niemi (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • AUCTION TEAM – Paul Alvestad – “Taste of Gig Harbor”
    • Still crunching the numbers
  • Rotary Dragon Boat Race – April 9
  • Giggin the Harbor” (spruce up downtown) – May 20
  • Harbor History Museum – Dedication of the new Courtyard made possible by the Rotarians of the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor (with special thanks to Scott Junge and Rosedale Gardens) – May 26
  • Courage Bike Ride” – Cindy Niemi of Multi-Care – discussed the many changes
    • Thanked Gig Harbor Rotary for their 25 years of support for the “Courage Classic”
    • The goal of a $10 million dollar endowment for Child Abuse Intervention has been met.
    • It will continue to provide + $400,000 per year for that program
    • New programs will benefit from the new ride
    • The new rides will take place August 26-27
    • “Cost per rider” has been significantly higher than the national average for such events (the cost of transporting riders and cyclists around construction has been a significant cost factor)
    • The new plan accommodates more riders of differing interests and abilities.
    • There will be 5 ride levels (3 same day and 2 2-day rides)
    • The routes will begin and end in Pierce County (near Eatonville and Pack Forest).
    • There will be different options for Rotary participation with 13 rest stops and 2 lunch stops.
    • Lots of planning/discussion to be done (next meeting April 17)
    • Dr. Rick Rajacich provided an overview of the process for grants to various programs are conducted.
    • Michelle LoFaso is the new “Courage” event coordinator.
Raffle – ??? gets 10 free next week, Walker Allen pulled a white chip and got $15.
Finemaster – John Winslow put up a list of + 15 Rotarians he couldn’t remember fining in the recent past. Each contributed a buck. Lots of “Happy Bucks”
Program – Classification Talks by Members (always among our most interesting programs):
  • Rob Manahan, Supt. Of Peninsula School District
  • Terese Miller, owner of Bella Kitchen and Home
Meeting adjourned at 8:30!
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (3/24/2017) Walker Allen 2017-03-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: Todd & Debby
Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Walker Allen; Song: Pat Schmidt; Pledge of allegiance: Richard; The four way test: Alec
Visiting Rotarians: Ricky from Interact club, Ellis White, Marty Anderson
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, Brent Taylor
President’s Comments: A terrific thanks to all who helped put on the 25th Rotary auction at the airport last Saturday.
Reports and announcements: (1) Community service meeting, Tuesday 3/21, (2) 100th year Rotary Foundation dinner 3/21 (3) 3/22 Rotary board meeting 5:30 Timberland Bank, (4) HMM Courtyard Project, March 18 & Gigging The Harbor
Two truths & a lie: Mary Grubbs, Don Buchanan, Gary Glein, Dave Gillespie
Fines & Happy Bucks: Pam was the mystery green machine, collecting a buck from: Zach Lester, Pat Schmidt, Therese Miller and John Dunham by conducting a weird taste test.
Drawing: 10 free, Jan Martin, & Sharron pulled out a white chip. TOOOO BAD!!!
Program: Richard Himmer PhD presented an interesting and insightful program about how we shut down our learning skills every time we respond to someone “I know.” He gave us his version of a lifelong learner agreement, and how it’s easier to be happy than addicted! He showed graphs of how a happy persons mind will have equal parts family, work, self & other while a chronic pain sufferer will have over half of their mind overrun by pain. He demonstrated several methods to overcome pain and obesity, and how chronic illness is preventable, and finally how we can achieve inside out healing.
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:36 AM.  
Notes by Dave Freeman
Friday (3/17/2017) David Freeman 2017-03-21 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Ring the Bell:   Tom rang the bell at 7:30am.  ;Invocation: Buck Frymier(Buck and Kay are moving to Bellevue tomorrow to be closer to their 16 grandchildren);Pledge: Gary Glein; Song: Hal Cline; 4 Way Test:   Group
Visiting Rotarians:   None today.
Guest of Rotarians:  Cheri Fletcher, Lyn Junge, Mark Crewson, David Holsinger
Red Napkin:  Emma Conway, Debbie Wittmers, Sarah Sytsma, and Rob Manahan 
Reports and Announcements:
  • International Meeting                 5:30, March 13                Rod Ladd office
  • Courage Classic Meeting                       March 16                Tacoma
  • Community Service                     5:30, March 21                Timberland Bank
  • Rotary Centennial Dinner                      March 21
  • Rotary Afterhours                       More next week
Work Party/Harbor History Museum       March 18                Contact Brett or Scott
Featured Items:
  • Birthdays, Walt Paulson.  7 were in attendance.
  • Anniversaries, Tom honored 5 anniversaries.
  • Guatemala Project, Opal House-School Addition.  All 3 Rotary Clubs are working on this project including a small number of local students from Interact.  Another $10,000 will be going into new construction soon.
  • Club Assembly.  End of the month; think about new ideas for the club.
Two Truths and a Lie!  Duane Fister, Todd Fletcher, Dave Freeman, Buck Frymier.
Fine Master, Peter Glein.
One Happy Buck of significance: Juanita Carbaugh’s patience and dedication to a woman parolee finally pays off. Diedra struggled for 2 yrs. in her new civilian life, but with Juanita’s guidance she has found success.  Diedra is holding down 2 jobs and is working 51 hrs. per week.
Happy Bucks Raffle, Larry Olson. 10 free tickets next week--Dan Rioux.  Lee Smith gets $15.00.    
          Paul and Mel outlined Saturday’s work schedule.  Ben Paganelli enthusiastically shared with us the new sign in/out time saving process.  Peter Glein through Power Point technology, gave us a video preview of Live Auction Item #15, the Bali Sailing Adventure for two (SeaTrek Sailing Adventures.)  Peter also introduced us to Speed Auction.  Not too confusing, but much better than hovering over the silent auction item you and several others desire.         
Adjourned:  8:30am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (3/10/2017) P. Anthony Michaelson 2017-03-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
The “Most Honorable GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presidingInvocation: Randy Spitzer; Pledge: Jill Guernsey; Song: David Gillespie, “America the Beautiful”; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - Ron Roberts
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Jack Stonestreet, aka “Coach”; Rick Olson Tacoma 8 (and former GH Rotarian)
Guests: Shirley Anderson, Ripple Effect Board Member (remember Michael Ewen?) Guest of Jeff Harris (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • Todd Fletcher was called to the podium and congratulated on being named VP for Northwest Life Care Centers (of which Cottesmore is a part). There are 30 Life Care Centers in the group. Todd assured us he will continue in GH Rotary.
  • AUCTION TEAM – Paul Alvestad – “Taste of Gig Harbor – March 11”
    • Last team meeting March 7, Tuesday 5:30 at the Ladd-Pinch International HQ
    • The Wine Toss needs additional bottles
    • Peter Glein reminded us that this was the deadline for completing donation forms. After that, items will be “banked” for later auctions.
    • Rod Ladd had new verses for “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” but decided against singing in favor of urging Rotarians to get their tickets. AND, alerted Rotarians that if they cannot attend they will be missed, but it is important that they kick-off the “Raise the Paddle” portion of the event by making a donation in advance of the auction (look for his letter in your email).
    • There will be an Auction packet stuffing event at the Ladd-Pinch International HQ at 5:30 Thursday March 9. Volunteers needed – even if you can’t attend the Auction.
    • Still need help with the aftermath of the Auction – contact VP Mel Santos to Volunteer for either or both:
      • Right after the evening event
      • Sunday morning
  • Rotary Foundation Centennial – Pierce County Event – March 21 - Guest Speaker - Dean Rohrs, current Rotary International Board of Director
    and incoming Rotary International Vice President - at Hotel Murano – go to to register. A great event to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the Rotary Foundation.
  • Rich Coyner, DDS distributed a flyer announcing a “March 10 Free Senior and Veteran Dental Clinic” for those Veterans age 65+ with No Dental Insurance (and a few other eligibility requirements) – appointments required (253-272-1101). ‘
  • Purdy Women’s Prison Program requires participants to write a “letter to (my)self to talk about how to avoid the “hole in their sidewalk”. Kelly Busey read such a letter from one person – you had to be there to appreciate the personal growth of that individual! Thank you Kelly and team for making a difference.
Raffle – Cindy Reed gets 10 free next week and (former GH Rotarian now Tacoma 8 Rotarian) pulled a white chip and got $15.
Finemaster – Chris Meyers (though there was a bit of confusion about whether it was Peter Glein or Chris who was to be Finemaster – Chris prevailed) wanted to levy appropriate fines on a number of Rotarians who were not in attendance. Is there a possibility that if someone is “publicly recognized” that they won’t show up at the next Rotary me Apparently, Spencer Hutchins didn’t remember his announcement about getting tickets to the Gonzaga-BYU game (now Gonzaga’s only loss this season). Lots of “Happy Bucks” – including Spencer’s that “closing” on the home for his “soon-to-be” bride and his home should be “in a few days”.
Program Jill Guernsey, Gig Harbor Mayor and GH Rotary Member
Jill gave a “fact filled” presentation:
  • Gig Harbor’s population in 1890 was 321. By
  • 2016 it had grown to 9,065 and is estimated to become 10,250 by 2020 (without annexation)
  • Population on the Unincorporated portion of the Gig Harbor Peninsula is 28,800
  • Population on the Key Peninsula is 17,924
  • The “Central Puget Sound” region is growing by 236 people per day! So, the region will likely surpass 4 million people in June 2017.
  • The City of Gig Harbor has:
    • 3 docks
    • 3 trails
    • 18 parks
  • The Police Department in 2016 responded to 9,363 calls for service and made 798 arrests
  • Single-family v. Multi-family housing:
    • 2010-5 added 350 Single /388 Multi-family
    • 2020 adding 1,433 Single/ 343 Multi-family
  • Sales Tax Revenue now exceeds pre-2010
  • There have been many Public Works Projects complete over the last several years
  • There are many exciting opportunities ahead:
    • GH Sports Complex
    • Skansie Welcome Plaza
    • Harbor Hill Drive Extension
    • Ancich Waterfront Park for human-powered water-craft – including the GH Kayak and Canoe Club
    • Transportation Planning and Element Update (especially the Pt Fosdick-Olympic interchange)
  • GH Open Government to inform and engage citizens via:
    • City of Gig Harbor Facebook
    • For the future:
      • Mobile App
      • Improved Website
  • In 2012 Smithsonian magazine ranked Gig Harbor #5 among 20 Best Small Town in America
  • Other features:
    • Pierce Transit Summer Trolley
    • Waterfront Farmers Market (opens again June 1)
    • Bogue Viewing Platform
Meeting adjourned at 8:30!
Friday (3/3/2017) Walker Allen 2017-03-08 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Ring the Rotary Bell: President Tom Borgen, 7:33 am. Too much pre meeting business to get done by 7:30.
Greeters: Rod Ladd to check you off as an auction ticket buyer
Invocation: Jeff Harris, recently back from Cuba and a Hip Hip for Coach; Pledge of Allegiance: Maggie Borgen (Tom’s granddaughter); Song: “ America” led by Randy Spitzer; Four Way Test: Spencer Hutchins (Scheduled to be married in April. My question is: Will the four way test be part of the vows?)
President Tom: Just back from Arizona visiting his 102 year old mother. If anyone needs to learn how to play BINGO, Tom can now teach you. He had plenty of practice with his mom and friends.
Visiting Rotarians: As introduced by John Duppenthaler: Paul Miller (Gig Harbor North), and Joyce Taylor (Shelton Skookum Rotary Club)
Guests of Rotarians: Lyn Junge (Scott’s wife), Sue Jensen (Al Bucholtz’s daughter), and Tom Borgen’s wife, Peggy and granddaughter, Maggie. David Holsinger, Sophie’s friend.
Announcements and Reports: (as the scribe, I hope I got them all…..busy meeting)
Auction Team: Paul Alvestad spoke about the upcoming Auction and where we are at in the process. Some sponsorships are still available, call John Mitchell. All auction items must be in by the end of this coming meeting 3/3/17. We are in desperate need of wine and growlers of beer for the “wine toss” replacement. Bring multiple bottles next meeting. Ticket sales are a little behind. Get your tickets now and bring a couple of friends, or if you don’t have any friends, bring some relatives. Let’s get this auction sold out. To buy tickets, you can go on line or call Rod Ladd. Auction Meeting Tuesday 2/28 at the world headquarters of Pinch & Ladd on Rosedale Street @5:30.
            Board meeting: Monday 2/27, 5:30 @ Timberland.
            North Club Ceremony for Galloping Gertie Run: @7 Seas Tap Room, Tuesday 2/28 @5:00 pm.
            Blue Badge: Spencer Hutchins, sponsored by Walker Allen, was presented his blue badge by Dave Morris. There was considerable discussion about how it only took 3 years to get it and they are not sure if Spencer met with all the avenues of service.
            Rotary After Hours: March 15th, place to be arranged.
            Youth Services: Veronica Hooper announced that the Youth Service Committee donated $2,500 to the YMCA for disadvantaged family membership dues support.
            Dancing in Schools Program: Betty Felker reported on the Dancing in Schools Program. This program is for 5th graders and is being held in Purdy, Vaughn, and Minter elementary schools. As the program reaches the end, there are programs at the schools and the schools will compete in a regional competition. This program does much more than teach the children to ballroom dance. It also works on respect, communication skills and social skills.
             Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willett started with a HIP, HIP, HOORAY for Coach being back. Paul gave Spencer Hutchins a hard time about attending U of W and being a Gonzaga fan. A picture was shared of Betty and Pam sitting together at the vibrating chairs at Costco. They looked very relaxed and ready to donate a few happy dollars. Paul also had all the financial services members pay a buck for not having a member of their profession advertising under the name of B. Cox financial planning. Of course Paul missed the opportunity to fine all the attorneys in the club for the firm of “Dewey, Cheatum and Howe PLLC.”
            Drawing: Larry Olson ran the raffle. Lee Smith won the 10 free tickets for next week and Ron Roberts won the right to draw from 14 chips for $167. He drew the white chip for a consolation prize of $15
            Program: Classification Talk by Camilla Brocker:
Camilla Brocker gave a great classification talk with lots of interesting facts and tidbits of her life. She is a farm girl from the Midwest and knows how to drive farm equipment and tractors. When it comes to tractors, you are either a red or a green. That is to say International Harvester or John Deere. She has two older sisters and one younger brother. She has 7 nieces and nephews and family is very important to her. She has two kids and she showed their pictures – I think they are black labs. She and her husband Larry are big fans of Air BNB and stay at them when they travel. Recently returning from St. Thomas where they stayed in an Air BNB. They also offer their house up for availability on Air BNB. You can click on this link to visit their listing:
Camilla brings down the average age of our club, being born in September of 1989. She looks forward to being involved in the community through Rotary. She recently left a law practice in Seattle to become corporate council for TrueBlue in Tacoma. She finished her talk with the wish, “May all of your dreams come true.”
Tom rang the bell and we adjourned at 8:32.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (2/24/2015) Chuck Perry 2017-03-01 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Ding donger: President Tom Borgen, right at 7:30 am.
Opening matters: Invocation:   Betty Felker; Pledge of Allegiance: Randy Barcalow; Song: “God Bless America” led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test: Dave Gillespie
Member health report: President Tom
Visiting Rotarians: As introduced by greeter David Olson: Howard Svigals (mid-day), Brad Miller (Shelton –Skookum), Marion Sharp (Tacoma 8), and Grace Park (Federal Way).
Guests of Rotarians: Lyn Junge (Scott’s wife), Jenny Wellman and Gabriel Baquero from Braceno, Sao Palo, Brazil (this year’s Aberdeen exchange student as introduced by Pam Peterson-Smith who apologized for being unable to pronounce his name in Spanish, but only to learn the hard way from most everyone else in the room that everyone in Brazil speaks Portuguese, not Spanish - Gabriel was most gracious).
Most Wistful Member: Mayor Jill Guernsey who longed for the sedate, quiet, respectful Friday morning Rotary meetings run by President Tom as compared to her town meetings.
Announcements and Reports:
            Auction Team: Several members of Paul Alvestad’s Auction Team spoke including “Don’t worry, be happy” Rod Ladd about the upcoming March 11 auction.
                Sip and Stroll: Lee Smith briefly thanked all who worked on the February 11th Sip and Stroll.
                Film Festival update: Non-member Jenny Wellman gave a run down on the forthcoming 2017 Film Festival which for the first time will include an “amateur” night for the locals to produce a short film clip within 72 hours of being notified of the subject matter and items which must be included. It will be open to all ages but with three divisions: 12 and under; 13 to 18 and 19 and above.
                Rotary Foundation: Mid-day’s Howard Svigals (whose name is impossible to spell and even harder to pronounce) thanked our club on behalf of the Rotary Foundation for its 2016 contribution of $3,838 to combat polio. The incidence of polio in the world declined from 74 in 2015 to 37 in 2016 and so far in 2017 only 1. He also indicated that our club had contributed over the years $516,256.21 to the Rotary Foundation.
                Courage Classic: President Tom reported on the changes taking place in this year’s Courage Classic, which is to be renamed just Classic. No decision has been made but the club’s choices range from dropping out completely (since the goal of getting the event up and running has been attained), joining several other clubs to handle just one area or jumping in full time (like we have at Snoqualmie Pass). Stay tuned.
                Drawing: Dorothy Wimberley handled the draw with Bob Ryan getting ten free tickets next week and Dan Rioux missing out on the chance to take home $147.
            Fines and Happy Bucks: Handled by Mac Pinch but unfortunately shortened due to the time allotted to our speaker. At the podium he did a selfie with most of us in the background wishing Coach to hurry back with a HIP, HIP, HOORAY!
Speaker: In the absence of the program chairman, President Tom introduced our speaker Larry Fowler, who had moved from Issaquah to Gig Harbor six years ago and had shifted professions from a certified public accountant to an author with his specialty being Abraham Lincoln, a timely subject since President’s Day is only two days away. He felt Lincoln was far more remarkable than we ever gave him credit. Instead of taking the usual approach by authors of finding out what the person accomplished and then surmising his personal traits, the speaker started with the personal traits and worked toward his accomplishments. The speaker debunked a long list of what other authors called losses in Lincoln’s life to prove the events were not losses but, for the most part, events beyond his control. And then he listed about a dozen events in Lincoln’s life which could be called tragedies and that Abraham Lincoln was really a poet at heart.
                The speaker could have gone on for at least another hour with no one leaving, but, alas, 8:30 am came and we adjourned.
Friday (2/17/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-02-19 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: Cindy Reed; Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Dave Gillespie; Song: Pat Schmidt; The four way test: Mark Roberts
Visiting Rotarians: Larry Treleven, Tacoma 8, Rick Soulam  Gig Harbor North
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, Brent Taylor, Dave Holsinger
President’s Comments: None
Reports and announcements: Peter Glein, 16 new auction items this week.
            Rod Lad: 20n people have so far signed up to be table captains,
            Need 6 more. Also a mystery event is scheduled?    
Thanks: Sharon for winning the Harbor Masters award
Two truths & a lie: No time for that silliness this week!
Fines & Happy Bucks: John Winslow conducted a tax return quiz.
Drawing: 10 free, Randy Fisher Bob Martin polled a white chip. TOOOO BAD
Program: Classification talks from Cindy Reed & David Olson.
Cindy was first, and described her first 36 years as an east side girl living in Spokane and Yakama where she was on the WSU police force and then became as a commissioned police officer at EWU . She attended the FBI leadership academy for three months. She is one of 350 graduates from that program from Washington State. She has worked on the State Gambling commission and met her husband who was an undercover training officer. Hobbies include. She works for Heritage Distillers as a “spirits educator”  
David Olson, born in Austin Texas, Played football in high school and is a big Texas Longhorn fan. The military took him to Hawaii twice, Married to wife Tanya and has 3 children. David is on the Peninsula School board, belongs to the City Club of Tacoma and is a member of the greater Gig Harbor Association. From 1977 to 2005 was a warrant officer in the military, he was a commercial banker and worked for US Bank. From 2005 – 2017 works for a defense contractor. 
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:33 AM . 
Notes by Dave Freeman    
Friday (2/10/2017) David Freeman 2017-02-14 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Ring the Bell: Tom rang the bell at 7:30am; Invocation: Todd Fletcher; Pledge: Guest Speaker; Song: Hal Cline; 4 Way Test: Al and JoAnn Bucholz
Visiting Rotarians: None today.
Guest of Rotarians:       Derek Young
and Red Napkin participants this week David Nelson, Emma ?, Debbie ?, Mark Nelson, Camilla Brocker.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Auction, Peter Glein. A thorough update was given. Team Vanberg is leading the pack. Paul announced a Sales Team boiler room meeting on Feb. 8th in Pinch/Ladd International building on Rosedale.
  • Star Awards, Sharon Shaffer. The evening is SOLD OUT! Great work, Sharon.
Featured Items:
  • Birthdays, Walt Paulson. We only had six birthdays this month.
  • Mustard Seed Project, Randy Barcalow. The project is completed thanks to Rotary volunteers who put in 91 hrs. of service.
  • Parking Spot Auction, Keith Harris. Bob Martin won for the month of February.
Happy Bucks Raffle, Katharine Hensler. The pot with over $800 was won my Bob Ryan.
Fine Master, Chris Myers. As usual, Chris was “on” today. Great job.
 Proposed Development at Soundview & Harborview Dr. (One Harbor Point)
Brad Cheney was introduced and, through various displays, shared The Cheney Foundation’s ideas and temporary plans for One Harbor Point. This is to be a 3-phase project.
  1. Upland area; a triangle of trees just up Soundview from the Tides Tavern.
  2. Green Turtle site.
  3. Old boat barn and marina site which, if approved, would be donated to the City. Herons aside.
Adjourned: 8:34am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (2/3/2017) P. Anthony Michaelson 2017-02-06 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
The “Most Honorable GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presiding”
Invocation: Mary Field
Song: David Gillespie, “This Land Is Your Land”
Visiting Rotarians:  announced by Walt Paulsen; Howard Svigali, Gig Harbor Midday
Guests: ; Annina Liebner, Out-bound Rotary Exchange Student, Guest of Jeanie Simmons; John Miske, Guest of Mary Field; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • AUCTION TEAM – Paul Alvestad – “Taste of Gig Harbor – March 11” business cards placed on tables for Members to pass on to friends to invite them to the Auction.  Paul then called on team Captains to announce some of the new Auction items.
  • Paul also announced a Planning meeting for Wednesday, January 25 – 5:30 at Timberland Bank.
  • Rod Ladd, wasn’t there, but just saw an email from him reminding Members that it’s time to invite friends and family.  The email provides a link to get tickets.
  • Sharon Schaffer – Star Awards, February 3 – 5:30 – sign up now.
  • Lee Smith – February 11 Sip and Stroll Volunteer slots pretty much covered.  Time to get tickets for this event co-sponsored by the Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront Alliance and the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor.  
  • Kelly Busey introduced Dan Griswold, Facilities Director for Chapel Hill, who announced that a new Emergency Shelter generator for the Gig Harbor Regional Emergency Shelter had been purchased for +$131,000 – thanks to community support from Chapel Hill ($50,000+), Puget Sound Energy ($50,000) plus support from City of Gig Harbor, Gig Harbor Rotary Community Service and others.
  • Youth Services Committee had many activities to announce:
    • John Winslow – RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) March 16-19
    • Girls on the Run – program to help girls 8 to 13 become self-confident – program starts in March
    • President Tom is encouraging us to get behind the Business Week programs – more to come.
Raffle – Al Bucholz won the 10 free for next week, and Don Buchanan pulled a white chip and got $15.
Finemaster – Kelly Busey had a “ton of material” for fines, but many of his “targets” were not there so he’s saving them for later.  Lots of “Happy Bucks”.
Program – Classification Talks:
  • Mary Field
  • Debbie Wittmers
Both interesting Rotarians – thanks to Debbie for being willing to do her talk so soon after joining the Club.
Meeting adjourned at 8:20!
Meeting notes by Walker Allen
Friday (1/27/2017) Walker Allen 2017-01-30 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Greeters:     Corey Coryell and Cindy Reed were at the front door greeting all that entered.
Ring the Bell: Opened by President Tom Borgen promptly at 7:31 am.
Opening Ceremonies: Invocation by Duane Fister filling in for Betty Felker, just after an announcement by Dave Morris, that as we meet, long time former member Tom Taylor was under the knife for a quadruple bypass. He was included in our prayers. Pledge of Allegiance by Jeff Langhelm (our program speaker); Song “God Bless America” led by Randy Spitzer, who got us started on tune and without delay; Four Way Test led by Mark Jorgenson who was standing closest to the board and with his legal training was very exacting and eloquent with his lead.
Visiting Rotarians: As introduced by Red badger Cory Coryell: None signed in.
Guests: Sue Jensen, Lynn Junge, Allison (Skibbs?), and as it turns out, a visiting Rotarian; Greg Hansch, whose father was the former President of Rotary 8
Red Napkin Program: each of the red badgers was assigned a seat at tables with the red napkin. They will rotate to make sure that they sit at all the different tables and meet the old timers that don’t move around much. Introductions were made.
President’s Comments: Tom reminded us that today was inauguration day and that we are lucky to live in a country with a peaceful passing of power.  
Announcements and Reports:
                Auction March 11: Paul Alvestad announced that we are working on a replacement activity for the wine toss, because of issues with the Washington State liquor laws. Peter Glein made the pitch regarding the procurement. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET THE AUCTION ITEMS. The auction is in only 6 weeks. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY TICKETS AND FILL A TABLE. We do not have much time to get it all done.  
                Star Awards: By Sharon Shaffer on the coming February 3 dinner and the need for eight more deserts.
                Dinners for Eight: Hal Cline said that forty couples had signed up which concluded the sign up. Schedules have been sent out. If you missed a dinner last year, there is still time to get it done.
                Youth Services meeting: Monday 1/23, 6 PM, at the MultiCare building conference room, on Pt Fosdick.
                 Sip and Stroll: Or for some us known as the sip and stumble is scheduled for Saturday 2/11/17, 1-5 PM. If you want to volunteer, a few spots may still need to be filled. Contact Lee Smith. Tickets are for sale online at: Tickets are only $32.49 and include enough tickets for 15 “Sips”.
                 Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: It was announced that Jill Magnuson made a donation in Ole Magnuson’s name to the scholarship fund in memory of Ole.
                  Community Service Committee: Announced by Bret DeSantis that the February meeting has been postponed to 2/21, so as to not interfere with Valentine’s Day. What a romantic!
                 Public Relations Committee: Mike Henery announced that they are getting up and running. Working primarily on the auction at this point, however wants to hear from all the other committees and projects about what they can do to promote our Club and what we do.
                  Mustard Seed project: The walls have been installed; however they still need some tape, texture, and paint. A work party request email will go out soon, so you can volunteer.
                  Rotary Friendship Exchange: Don Rees spoke about the upcoming opportunity to host members of the New Zealand exchange or be involved with the Australian exchange going in November. More to come, or if you have an interest, call Don.
                  Philippine Trip: The Pinch’s are headed to the Philippines again next week. In honor of Ed Worthen, they are bringing 140 pairs of reading glasses and 20 pairs of children’s sunglasses. Also they are bringing tooth brushes provided by Zach Lester. While in the Philippines, they expect to install another computer from our club and check on other projects we have done.              
                Fines and Happy Bucks: Pam Peterson Smith came prepared to extract a few dollars from our members. She was in prior contact with John Lantz’s wife Pat, Mike Ketchum’s wife Laurel, and Al Weaver’s wife Nancy. She then questioned each member about what their wives answers would be to questions of favorite food, favorite vacation, and thing about themselves that the wife would change. Some very interesting answers were given, some right, some wrong, and some embarrassing. A few happy bucks were then collected.
                Drawing: Handled by Larry Olson in which Duane Fister won ten free tickets for the next meeting and Duane’s ticket was also drawn to draw from the chips. The pot was at $658 and down to five chips. Duane drew a white chip for the $15 consolation prize.
Program: Mayor Jill Guernsey introduced a graduate of Gig Harbor High School and the University of Washington, Jeff Langhelm, the Gig Harbor public works director. Jeff presented a great series of slides and information about projects, past present and future of the City’s public works department. Projects included: Donkey Creek daylighting; 50th Street punch through to 38th Ave with salmon useable culvert; water pipe replacement; sewer pipe replacement; new water well by the Boy’s and Girl’s Club; improvements to the sewage treatment plant which now treats 2.4 million gallons of effluent each day; traffic changes at Pt Fosdick and Olympic and Borgen Boulevard; and many roadway repaving projects. It was hard to keep up with all that is going on, however Jeff seems to have it all under control.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (1/20/2017) Chuck Perry 2017-01-23 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Greeters:     Despite several new member, no greeters were spotted.
Ring the Bell: Opened by President Tom Borgen promptly at 7:30 am.
Opening Ceremonies: Invocation by John Duppenthaler; Pledge of Allegiance by Ryan Grady (one of the program speakers); Song “God Bless America” led by Hal Cline; Four Way Test led by Dave Morris who was standing closest to the board and who can read at least two words.
Visiting Rotarians: As introduced by Red badger Sarah Sytsma: Katie Hopkins of North Mason and Jinnie Horan of Passport in Tacoma.
Guests: Lyn Junge (invited probably by her husband but cannot tell because she was not signed in); Emma Conway (by Pam Peterson); Terri and Katie (by about to be new member Emma Conway); Casey Pinch (by brother Mac or father Mike) and the three speakers Alan Anderson, Irissa Danke and Ryan Grady (and Ryan’s father Ted Grady) (by President Tom).
Announcements and Reports:
                Mustard Seed Office Project: By Randy Barcalow on the progress of the office construction on Key Peninsula.  
                Star Awards: By Sharon Shaffer on the coming February 3 dinner and the need for ten deserts.
                Philippine Medical Contribution: By Mike Pinch who thanked club for funds for a cleft palette operations for Gabriel, Aliknor, Zhian and Dreiven whose before and after pictures were circulated. The cost of the operations here would have been in the $12,000 to $20,000 range while the cost in the Philippines was only a fraction thereof.
                Dinners for Eight: Hal Cline said that forty couples had signed up which concluded the sign up.
                New Members: Membership chair Dave Morris presented the following for membership and who were sworn in by Bob Martin who did not miss a beat:
                                Emma Conway who was sponsored by Pam Peterson and who is the Foundation Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Gig Harbor.
                                Jennifer Hamilton who was sponsored by Veronica Hooper and who is employed by Multicare while her family relocates from Florida.
                Fines and Happy Bucks: Handled by Mac Pinch who had had absolutely no warning of his job. He nailed Donna Lormor for being forgetful, Jim Castino for taking an assignment and immediately backing out and Scott Junge for advertising his recent passing of kidney stones all over Facebook. Fortunately neither Scott nor Mac got into the details. Several contributed Happy Bucks including Bob Draggoo who said today was his last day at Peninsula Light.
                Drawing: Handled by Larry Olson in which someone won ten free tickets for the next meeting and Dan Rioux came up empty handed in his attempt for $606.
Program: Program chairman Mel Santos introduced Alan Anderson who gave us an update on the Gig Harbor Kayak and Canoe Team. Since the last time he had spoken to our club, Alan had retired from the aquatic club and ceased coaching only to then reverse himself. He explained that the kayak and canoe team had won the last five national championships and will be going for a sixth in probable 100 degree weather in Florida (it was about 28 degrees outside when he spoke and a few degrees colder one could walk on water). The club, the City of Gig Harbor and others are in final negotiation on the aquatic club using up to 3,000 square feet of the about to be built structure at Ancich Waterfront Park. Also he was working a project at American Lake which would provide continued rowing for the rowers/paddlers who are past high school.
                Alan then introduced Irissa Danke (a high school junior from Olympia who has rowed for six years, the last three with the Gig Harbor club) and Ryan Grady (who has been rowing for about the same amount of time), each of whom spoke. Both commented on the rite of passage of tipping over in the cold Gig Harbor Bay. Both speakers had raced in Europe in the past few years.
Notes by Alan Weaver
Friday (1/13/2017) Alan Weaver 2017-01-14 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: None visible (suggestions?); Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:30 sharp; Invocation: Cory Coryell with his YELLOW SWEATER; Song: Hal Cline & Dave Gillespie; The four way test: Dave Gordon
Visiting Rotarians: Ric Olsen; Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jenson, Emma Conway & (Cindy Bret ?)
Reports and announcements:
Thanks: Thanks to Don Buchanan for his $1,500 donation to youth services from his sale of salmon to club members earmarked for youth services.
Meetings: Community Service at 5:30 to 7:00 Monday at Timberland Bank & International service Wednesday at 5:30 at Ladd-Pinch office located 3324 Rosedale St NW. Gig Harbor 98335.
Activities: Randy Barcalow will lead a work party at the Mustard Seed office in Key Center this Saturday. Rotary after hours Wednesday at 7:00 PM at the airport.
Birthdays: Derek Kilmer, George Bonney, Tim Williams, John Eddy, Scott McVey, Randy Barcalow, Paul Willett, Tom Borgen, David Freeman, & Richard Pifer .
Dinners for 8: A big splash by Hal and Jim Castino as they seek an additional 10 to 14 members to round out there roster at 44.
Two truths & a lie: No time for that silliness this week!
Fines & Happy Bucks: Paul Willett singled Hal Cline out for an electric award from Onstar.
Drawing: Hal Cline drew a white chip. UGH!
Paul Alvestad and Peter Glein gave a stirring update to Gig Harbor Rotary annual action. The goal this year is $125,000 which both men believe we can hit this year. Their aim is to differentiate our action from the herd. The action itself will be set up as follows:
  • 10 live items
  • 10 superspeed/silent action
  • Heads or tails game for the entire audience.
  • Wine Toss
  • Caterers: Local and flavorful restaurant offerings.
  • Wine will be paid for through “contributions”
  • We will have large signs for table sponsors this year.
  • Go to FACEBOOK and “like” our action.
  • Look for ads in the local papers.
  • Ads in the Peninsula Light newsletter.
Team Captains are: Jon Dupenthaler, Sophie Perkins, Dick Vanberg, Steve Roddy, John Eddy, Mike Ketchem and Jim Castino, and one more?
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:30 AM
Notes by Dave Freeman. 
Friday (1/6/2017)(Epiphany/12th day of Christmas) David Freeman 2017-01-10 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Ring the Bell: Tom rang the bell at 7:32am; Invocation:  Dave Cathers; Pledge:  Randy Barcalow; 4 Way Test:  Dave Gillespie
Visiting Rotarians:  Camilla Brocker introduced Brad Miller from Shelton Skookum Rotary.
Guest of Rotarians:  Reid Morris, Annamarie Huppert, David Holsinger, Derek Young and several others not signed in.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Recap of week:  Many on holiday; not much action.
  • Mini Program:  “6 Weeks to a Healthier You,” Joe Piscatella.
Joe is working with the Chamber in sponsoring his 6-week session on “Changing Your Lifestyle.”
  • Auction:  Paul Alvestad is currently putting his Captain Team together.
  • Dinners for Eight:  Hal Cline is looking to have 48 couples total in the next two weeks.                   Currently, there are 19 couples signed up.
Happy Bucks Raffle, Larry Olson:  10 free for David Olson, Mike Pinch drew white chip.
Fine Master:  Peter Glein hit (gently) on Hall Cline, Dick Vanberg and Bob Ryan. 
PROGRAM - Classification Talks: 
    Cory Coryell
Cory is an insurance broker born in Africa on a military base.  Upon retirement from the Marine’s, his father moved the family to Kansas.  Cory to us, Myron to the family, comes from a long line of insurance brokers; 105 yrs. to be exact.  He attended University of Kansas and is a sports lover.  After graduation, Cory moved to Southern California and worked for American Millionaires, a Singles Dating Service as well other companies.  He then moved back to Kansas and into the insurance business.  Seattle became his next move where he founded Coryell Insurance Co.  He and his family now live in Gig Harbor and we welcome Cory into our rotary club. 
    Mark Nelson
Mark, (with a bow tie), is a Domestic Relations attorney with an office in Gig Harbor.  He’s lived in the area all of his life and Gig Harbor High School is where a music career as well got it’s start.  He is a member of the Beatniks, the band that enlivens our summer Tuesday evenings in Skansie Park. Harbor View Drive is closed due to their popularity and the thousands who attend.  The Beatniks have “opened” for Jimmy Buffet, Sticks and other big names.  Mark is on the Board of the Harbor History Museum.  We welcome Mark to our club.  He lives in Gig Harbor with his wife and three children. 
Adjourned:  8:30am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
The following is a link to a great New Years greeting. 
Friday (12/30/2016) P. Anthony Michaelson 2017-01-02 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
The “Most Honorable GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presiding”
Invocation: Hal Cline; Pledge: Speaker Quinn Wolcott; Song: David Cathers lead Rotarians in singing - ”Silver Bells”, “Chipmunk Song” and “Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - Stephen Roddy
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Walt Paulsen; Judy Hosea, Lakewood; Mary Gorman,Gig Harbor Midday; Devrim Karachmedt, Turkey
Guests: ; Evans Calas, Guest of Annie Arbenz; Robert LeRoy, Guest of Hal Hodgens; Mike Nicosia, Guest of Hal Hodgens; Annie Fletcher, Guest of Todd Fletcher; Hillary Bridge, Guest of Dave Morris; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • Richard Schmalz and Buck Frymier announced a gift of $1,500 from the Glein Family Foundation towards the Scholarship Fund for the Women’s Prison Program. Gary Glein was there to present the award.
  • Pat Schmidt presented a check for $12,000 from the Downtown Waterfront Association resulting from the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor’s participation in the Wine and Food Festival (just another reason participate in the 2017 Wine and Food Festival).
  • Paul Alvestad announced that Chris Myers will be M.C. and Keith Harris will be Auctioneer for the Auction (WHAT AN AUCTION-EVE TEAM!). On January 6 the meeting will be devoted to the Auction (you’ll want to be there to know how you can contribute to making the Auction a “must attend”, fun and profitable fundraising event – a V.I.P. event to fund our club’s “Service above Self” programs)
  • Sharon Schaffer reminded us of the Star Awards Banquet on Friday evening February 3 – please note in your calendar (5:30 – 9 PM)
  • Umpire Quinn Wolcott called Al Abbott’s Ugly Sweater “Out” to win the contest.
  • PDG and Paul Harris Chair Bob Martin asked Ed Lindstrom to talk about what the Paul Harris Award means and then Stan Eastberg to talk about what the money is used for. Marcia Harris encouraged Rotarians to think about using “recognition points” to bestow Paul Harris Fellows on loved ones. She assisted in making Paul Harris Awards to:
    • Kathy Harris (P.H.) from Keith Harris (P.H.+1)
    • Hillary Bridge P.H.+1)
    • Jim Good (P.H.+6)
    • Jim Castino (P.H.+2)
    • Mary Grubbs (P.H.)
    • Brian Buskirk (P.H.+1)
Raffle – Not sure who won the 10 free for next week, but Jim Hanson pulled a white chip and got $15.
Finemaster – John Winslow had a “ton of material” for fines, but had to hold it for another time. Lots of “Happy Bucks”.
Program MLB Umpire Quinn Wolcott – inspired by “Coach”, this Puyallup native has become one of 68 Major League Baseball’s Umpires – at a relatively young age. He told many interesting/funny stories about interaction with players, managers and coaches. He described the process for becoming and staying an MLB Umpire. The Q & A session was extensive.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Meeting notes by Walker Allen
Friday (12/23/2016) Walker Allen 2016-12-28 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Opening: Tom rang the bell at 7:30 to open the meeting.
Invocation: By Marti Anderson
Pledge, Song and 4 Way Test: Speaker Col. Constantin E. Nicolet led in the Pledge, The team of Randy Spitzer, Hal Cline and Dave Gillespie led in the Song (“Jingle Bells”) and, Steve Skibbs led us in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: The visiting Rotarians were: “None” (that’s almost a first) reported by David Olson.
Guests of Rotarians: Jenifer Hamilton, “Always” Emma, Sophie Alvestad, Richard Samuelsson, and “Sophie Perkin’s” David.
President’s Comments: Read a Christmas card and note from “My”, our exchange student from last year. She is playing Hockey and doing well in school. Tom also made a few comments on his new haircut. Not sure where he was going with the comments, however the haircut looked OK for being done by a blind barber with a hedge trimmer.
Announcements and Reports:
Ed Worthen’s Memorial: Saturday at 1:00 PM at the Mountain View Cemetery, Valley Chapel. Note, the service was very well attended by Rotarians, family and friends. (Standing room only). It was a great service with many stories and memories. This was followed by a reception at the Lakewood Racket Club. Ed was a good Cougar (WSU), so there was plenty of wine and beer for the reception.
Seahawks Beast Bus: Last Saturday, was well attended with 120 people including Santa. Going to do it again next year and hope to do it a little earlier in the season to be warmer. The game was a loss, but fun was still had by all. In true Rotary style, someone had to run and get another Keg for the party.
Rotary Auction: Paul Alvestad reminded us that the auction planning is in full swing. He introduced the various captains for the auction. You will be needed for procurement, help, and attendance. Set your calendar for March 11th.
Business Week: The board is looking a t sponsoring it again this year. More to come.
Interact Club at Harbor Ridge: Dan Rioux reported the club is up and running, with officers elected.
Fish Sale: Don Buchanan reported that the fish sale, which helps support the Youth Services committee, wil go on for two more weeks; 12/23 and 12/30. Just in time for Christmas and New Year’s.
Foundation Ornament Sale: Some ornaments are still available from the Christmas party and for sale to support “The Rotary Foundation”. See Debbie Miller. It includes the 100 year anniversary pewter ornament.
Birthdays: Walt Paulson announced all the December Birthdays. Including what would have been Ed Worthen’s 63rd birthday on Christmas day. As always, Walt asked if he missed anyone. Of course a voice from the back mentioned he missed “Christ”.
Two Truths and a lie: Participants were Cory Coryell, Chuck Cuzzetto, and Jim Castino. No Jim, we don’t think you look like the quarterback type.
Drawing: Donna Lormor handled the drawing in which Rod Ladd won ten free tickets for next week’s drawing and Walker Allen drew the white chip for the consolation prize of $15. There was $409 in the pot and 10 chips in the bag from which to draw the one blue chip.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Chris Myers was on hold from last week. However this week, there was time for fines. His last fine session that he held was October 21. He fined a couple of the note takers for missing things in the notes from previous meetings. (WOW someone read the notes) So, this note taker is trying to make sure that these notes are as accurate as possible, not sure I want to be fined. It has been six weeks since the elections and there were some left over campaign signs from Randy Spitzer. He had to pay a fine for a recycle box made from his signs. Jim Castino was fined for his trip to Portland this last week and missed the Christmas party. Chris fined the Husky’s in the room for two bucks. One for no mention of the Pac 12 championship and National ranking and one for no mention of the Apple Cup. Way to go Chris
Program: Program chairman Mel Santos introduced Col. Constantin E. Nicolet from the 201st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade. Col Nicolet has been in the Army for 22 years and the head of the 201st EMIB. This unit is based out of JBLM, the largest joint base in the country, with 6000 Air Force soldiers (48 C17’s) and 45,000 Army soldiers. This Brigade specializes in intelligence gathering and analysis. They currently have 90 personnel in Afghanistan for another 2 months and other teams located around the world. This brigade helps support other areas of the military with their intelligence. So they are assigned in small groups to other areas for this support, while remaining assigned to the 201st. The 201st has a relationship with Gig Harbor. Each of the various groups at JBLM are assigned communities with which they become involved. The 201st participates in many of the Gig Harbor community activities. (parade, community night out, dragon boat races, etc.) If you are planning a community activity, remember to invite the 201st.
Adjourned at exactly 8:30 am.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (12/17/2016) Chuck Perry 2016-12-20 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening: Early at 7:20 am by President Tom Borgen who congratulated the attendees for showing up despite the weatherman’s attempt to scare us under threat of at least three inches of snow, which never materialized. We had about 90% of our regular attendance.
Invocation: By Walker Allen.
Tribute to Ed: The early start was necessitated by the need for time for a tribute to Dr. Edward M. Worthen, a thirty-two year member of the Club who died last week suddenly and unexpectedly a week short of his 63rd birthday. Attending our meeting were Ed’s wife Connie and their two children David and Diana. Short tributes were given by Mike Pinch (who talked on Ed’s friendliness), Bob Martin (on bike trips with Ed) and Ed’s son David (who discussed at great length Ed’s penchant for vests, all kinds of vests and in various colors). Over half of the attendees wore vests in Ed’s honor.
Pledge, Song and 4 Way Test: President Tom led in the Pledge, Randy Spitzer and Hal Cline led in the Song (“Silent Night”) and, since Allisha McVay was closest to the board (and since President Tom must think that she can read), she led us in the 4 Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: The visiting Rotarians were Wes Bailey of Sunrise Rotary and someone who cannot print his name legibly.
Guests of Rotarians: Present were several guests who included four of Buck Frymier’s six children (being daughters Beth, Michelle, Kristi and Ann).
Announcements and Reports:
                Christmas Party: Recap by Debbie Miller of last week’s party (at which most everyone’s favorite person was Cindi Reed, the friendly bar tender).
                Build a Bike: Lee Smith announced that his committee had put together thirty bicycles and had arranged with about five local non-profit organizations to distribute the bicycles to worthy recipients.
                Auction: Chairman Paul Alvasted reported that the date of the Club’s annual auction had been moved from late March/early April up to March 11, 2017 so as to avoid various conflicts and closed with a beautiful slideshow put to music taken at last year’s event.
                Lifetime Achievement Award: In proclaiming that this was her last award from her term of office (which claim she has made several times before), last year’s Club president Pam Peterson Smith presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to Buck Frymier who had given twenty-six years of constant and loyal service to the Club. Among many, many other things he was instrumental in establishing our Purdy Prison Program for which the Rotary International had recognized as one of the best two hundred programs. In accepting the Award, Buck announced, unfortunately, that he and his wife Kay were moving to Issaquah in the very near future but that we would still see him on a semi-regular basis.
Drawing: Katharine Hensler handled the drawing in which Pam Peterson won ten free tickets for next week’s drawing and Cindy Reed made everyone else happy by not winning the $351 in the pot.
Fines and Happy Bucks: Because we were running slightly behind, President Tom put today’s fine master Chris Myers on hold for another week.
Program: Program chairman Mel Santos introduced relatively new member Rob Manahan, the Superintendent of the Peninsula School District. In an effort to assure the residents of the Peninsula School District that the schools were teaching practicable life skills, Rob summarized four levels of practical financial and other life readiness skills classes which are presently being taught in the 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades of our school district. He then introduced two of the teachers of the mandatory 10th grade class, who were Roland Smith of Gig Harbor High School (who has taught 39 years) and Andrew Hosford of Peninsula High School. Both teachers spoke in depth about their respective 10th grade class and how well the class has been received by the parents of their students. In closing Rob indicated that he intends at a later date to other instructors talk to our club on their respective programs.
Adjourned at exactly 8:30 am.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (12/9/2016) Alan Weaver 2016-12-11 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Greeters: Eric McGinnis & Scott McVay
Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:29 sharp; Invocation: Al Abbott; Song: Hal Cline led us in “God Bless America”; The four way test: Dave Gordon.
Visiting Rotarians: Judy Hosea, Rick Olson, and SANTA. 
Guests of Rotarians: Norm Watney, Evan Margel, Evan McCaliser, Mike Nicosey, Reed Morris, Tom Taylor, Kenn Wiggs, and Mark Winton.
Reports and announcements:
The Thanksgiving holiday basket brigade produced 1,303 baskets for families in the lower Puget Sound. Most of these volunteers, led by Dave Cathers are Rotarians and their families. Great job!!!  
Randy Barcalow and team are building backpacks 4 kids, the Festival of Trees is underway with Randy, Walt, Jim & Jim Rieck. Mowing the interchange was done by Paul Alvestad, and Cory. 
Invocation Team:  a new invocation team has been assembled by Duane Fister.    
Election: Election of club officers was presented by Mel Santos. Hal  Hodgins is our next year’s second vice president. Voted by acclimation.
Paul Harris Fellows: Four new Paul Harris awards were presented by Bob Martin: Tom Borgen, Walker Allen, Paul Alvestad, and Duane Fister.
Christmas Party: Saturday December 3rd ooops! too late.
Two truths & a lie: this week’s participants were: Brady Buskirk, Walker Allen Kelly Busey & Terry Brown
Fines & Happy Bucks: Kelley Busey gave it to Al Abbott about his new jeans, with labels and all. Lots more. Really nice job  
Drawing:  Jeff Harris received 10 free for next week, and Pam Smith drew a white so didn’t win the pot.
Program: Buck Frymier gave a wonderful presentation about where the Purdy Women’s Prisoner-entry program is headed for 2017. The basic program elements now cover: re-employment, scholarships, a possible half-way-house, mentoring program, and a land on their feet program. With over 970 inmates, the six week program, started by Buck, has graduated 351 inmates over the past four years with a recidivism rate down around 12%.  
Adjourn: The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:35 AM .
Notes by Dave Freeman      
Friday (12/2/2016) David Freeman 2016-12-06 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Annie Arbenz on Dec 03, 2016
On November 23, 2016, the following individuals were approved by the Board as new members of our club:
Prospective New Member Sponsor Classification
Emma Conway Pam Peterson Non-Profit Youth Services
Jennifer Hamilton Mary Grubbs Health Care Administration
Ali Jack Brett Marlo DeSantis Real Estate/Business Development
Norma Whitacre Dave Gordon & Ron Roberts College Administration
The date of first publication is December 3, 2016. Any comments about the above-listed potential new members should be directed to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days from the first date of publication.
New Member Notice Annie Arbenz 2016-12-03 08:00:00Z 0
Eric McGinnis did double duty as a greeter and then announcing our visiting Rotarians.  I am not sure who was number one but the look on Eric's face makes me wonder if he knew.
Debbie Miller reminded everyone about the Christmas Party the next night at the Yacht Club.  Should have been there, it was great!
The Christmas Party was also a FUNdraiser for the Rotary Foundation.  Mayor Jill is showing the two beautiful porcelain doves that a $250. contribution would bring.  Their was also a pewter snowflake and a white disk for $100 and $50 respectively.
The Two Truths and a Lie group only Terry had three lies.
Clearly Terry and Brady had the best time with the game.
Bob enjoyed presenting Paul Harris Fellowships to President Tom with his second, Walker Allen with his third, Paul Alvestad with his fourth, and Duane Fister with his 5th.  Their contributions clearly indicate their support of "The World's Best Foundation".  Are you ready to chip in?
I don't know if Kelly raised the fines to $5.00 or if he is back to directing traffic?
PE Mel Santos doing the first introduction of the program on the Prison Program.
Buck as the originator of the Program, then introduced each of the speaker.
Shannon Wiggs and Mark Crewson talked about the re-entry program which is very hands on.
This is a nice overview of the complete Program.  Pretty amazing to have this much development in just four years.  This represents a lot of passion and hard work by the folks involved.
Camilla spoke about the Mentor program and she is a lot happier about it than this picture looks.  Just didn't catch her at the right moment.  These women need good role models when they are discharged so they don't go back to their old friends whose behavior got them in prison in the first place.  Every member of our Club would be good role models.
Richard Schmalz spoke about the scholarship program which will help women get and education and better jobs.  The following slide is a nice summary.
This pretty much sums it up.
captains gig 2016-11-23 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Ring the Bell: Tom rang the bell at 7:31am.; Thanksgiving Invocation: Chuck Perry; 
Pledge: Walt Paulson; 4 Way Test: Gary Glein
Visiting Rotarians: Judy Hosea, Katherine Hensler introduced one visiting Rotarian.
Guest of Rotarians: Reid Morris, Evan Calas and two others.
Reports and Announcements:
  • Foundation Month with Bono video.
  • Courage Classic: Raised $680.000. Due to I-90 road construction, next summer our current location will be moving to….more later.
  • Salmon Sale: Get your smoked salmon for Thanksgiving
  • Basket Brigade: Dave needs help Tuesday after 4:00 pm and Wednesday beginning at 11:00am at the Airport Hanger. About 1,300 baskets will be going out to people in need.
  • Turkey Trot: Thanksgiving Day. 8:00 am at the Post Office.
  • Festival of Trees: Contact Walt Paulson to assist in setup.
  • Christmas Party: Camila has 70 people signed up for December 3rd.
  • Elections: Scheduled for the next meeting December 2nd.
Drawing: 10 free, Gary Glein. Pot ticket, Peter Glein. No blue chip.
Fine Master: Mac Pinch, introduced us to new President’s game.
Classification Talks:
 Sarah Systma, sponsored by Buck.
Sarah, was born and raised in Shelton, WA. She started out working as a cosmetologist, but soon moved on to a job with the City of Shelton for approximately 7 years. While there, she attained her AA degree then went on to achieve a Bachelor’s degree at Evergreen College. After graduation, Sarah taught parenting classes at the local prison. Her next step was a teaching job at TCC for 3 years, then taught at Centralia College for a period of time before returning to TCC where she was offered a Dean position. We welcome Sarah into our club. She is married and loves living in the area.
 Eric McGinnis, sponsored by Scott McVey.
Eric was born in New England. An avid New England Patriots fan, he proudly wore his Tom Brady jersey. Eric spent his early years in Southern California. His introduction to GH was on a flight by an enthusiastic seat mate who raved about GH. After visiting here, his family moved to the area. While living in Southern CA., Eric developed a passion for helping veterans and biked 800 miles raising money for the Warrior Foundation. His love for helping others expanded to volunteering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Eric walks the talk and we welcome him into the club. He is married with three children. Does one call his two teens, children?
No meeting Nov. 25th, the day after Thanksgiving.
Adjourned: 8:30am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (11/18/2016) P. Anthony Michaelson 2016-11-21 08:00:00Z 0
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE NOVEMBER 11TH MEETING (Photos compliments of Rod Ladd)
Since Rod took this picture, I am assuming the meeting started a little late.
President Tom getting the meeting going after some electronic glitches.
Mike playing the world's smallest violin playing a sad song because of all of the electronic demons infesting our system.
Hal and Debbie Wittmers doing God Bless America.  Debbie did triple duty with leading the Pledge and introducing visiting Rotarians as well.
Mike reading the poem from the previous Captain's Gig reminding us Freedom isn't Free, but a gift from our Veterans, past and present.
Jim Castino encouraging support for the Basket Brigade and I understand almost $1,000. was raised for a great cause.
"Top Secret" Al participating in President Tom's new game, Two Truths and a Lie.
Here is the whole game crew.  I understand it was Club consensus that Don borrowed Camillia's and Al's lies so none of what he said was true.
Past President Pam was Finemaster and was going to "flag" everyone with a fine; but she ran out of time.  More to follow....
Leslie Mayne was our program speaker and she told us how Race for a Soldier has become a PTSD (Permission to Start Dreaming) program.  This includes the race, a prayer breakfast, assistant dog program, Growing Veterans, Seeds of Hope, and an equine program.  Leslie has converted the loss of her son into something very positive for veterans in need.
Now a total of 32 cases so far this year.
The recently-established Transition Independent Monitoring Board (Transition IMB) is holding its inaugural meeting
this week in London, UK. The group has been established to monitor and guide polio transition (previously referred to
as ‘legacy’) planning. The Transition IMB is separate from the regular IMB which monitors and guides progress
towards interrupt of transmission of polioviruses.
The role of IPV in the Polio Endgame---Thanks to major steps forward including the declaration of wild poliovirus type
2 as eradicated in September 2015, the phased removal of oral polio vaccines began in April 2016 with the withdrawal
of the type 2 component. As an essential part of this, all countries agreed to introduce one dose of IPV into their routine
immunization systems to boost immunity against poliovirus types 1 and 3 and provide a baseline of immunity against
type 2 in case of an outbreak of type 2 vaccine derived polioviruses.
Afghanistan: No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week. The total number of
WPV1 cases for 2016 remains 12. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 12 October, from Bermal district,
Paktika province. Six of the country’s 12 cases are from Bermal district.
Pakistan: No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week. The total number of
WPV1 cases for 2016 remains 16. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 3 September, from Kohistan in
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).
Nigeria: No new cases of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) were reported in the past week. The total number of
WPV1 cases for 2016 remains four. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 21 August, from Monguno Local
Government Area (LGA), Borno
Captain's Gig Robert J Martin 2016-11-19 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
The “Most Honorable GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presiding”
Invocation: Mike Pinch; Pledge: Debbie Whittmer; Song: Hal Cline & Debbie Whittmer – “God Bless America”, 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - Betty Felker
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Debbie Whittmer -Judy Hosea Lakewood
Guests: Emma Conway Guest of Judy Hosea; Jennifer, daughter of Donna Lormor; Evans Calas, Guest of Lee Smith; David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins; Tim Jones, Guest of Larry Olson; Raymond Johnson Guest of Todd Fletcher; Beth Berger, daughter of Buck Frymier; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • Judy Hosea announced that the Boys and Girls Club Auction netted $165,000
  • Rod Ladd announced a “packing party” for equipment going to the Philippines
  • Rotary After Hours
  • Don Buchanan reminded us of Salmon Sales going on – get yours before they’re sold out!
  • Camilla Brocker urged Rotarians to get signed up for our Christmas Party on Dec. 3 at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. Cost is $50 each and includes two drink tickets, live music, a great dinner, wonderful company and fun for all. RSVP to Camilla at by Friday, Nov 18.
  • David Cathers – help with the Basket Brigade will be welcomed – especially Tues and Wed before Thanksgiving. Contact David Cathers at
  • Don Buchanan urged Rotarians to help with “Festival of Trees” to benefit Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. Sign-up sheet circulated.
By-Laws Change to create a new “Public Relations Director” position (removing the function from Club Service). Motion passed. Michael Henery will be the Director.
Two Truths and a Lie – Al Abbott (who would have thought he has “Top Secret” clearance?), Camilla Brocker and Don Buchanan (of course every claim he made was deemed “a lie” by the Members – including his name).
Raffle – Not sure who won the 10 free for next week, but Dave Freeman’s grandson pulled a white chip and got $15.
Finemaster – Pam Peterson Smith had this really interesting “flag” game that produced a lot of fines, but had to hurry-up to give the speaker adequate time. (A repeat is probably in our future.)
Program – Mel Santos introduced Leslie Mayne, Founding Director of Permission To Start Dreaming (PTSD). They are engaged in many avenues to help those with PTSD to return/continue productive lives. Among them are:
  • “Race for Soldier”
  • “Growing Veterans: Seeds of Hope” – Mt. Vernon, WA
  • “Prayer Breakfast” – which included Lt. Gen. Lanza and Col. Nicolet (who will be our speaker on December 16)
  • Assistant Dogs
  • Future relationship with “Harmony Hill” in Allyn, WA
  • Equine programs
  • And much more:
  • Visit their website especially to learn more.
A fantastic organization that merits our support.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Meeting notes by Walker Allen
Last Friday (11/11/2016) Walker Allen 2016-11-16 08:00:00Z 0
Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:31
Invocation: Duane Fister
Pledge and Song: Hal Cline, God Bless America
The four way test: Stan Liebenberg, who also admitted that it is the truth that he is selling his house and moving to Orcas Island.
Visiting Rotarians: Judy Hosea (Lakewood), Howard Svigals (Midday –GH), Larry Treleven (Tac 8), and Bob Carns (Port Orchard).
Guests of Rotarians: Sue Jensen, Carina Pinch, and Mike Nicosia
Reports and announcements:
President Tom announced the developing of a Mentorship Program by the Past Presidents. He also mentioned He and the Board are exploring possible Foundation fundraising plans for the GHRF, the Olson Foundation, and the GH Charitable Fund.
Walt Paulson announced the opportunity to help set up for the Festival of trees. 3P.M. on Sunday and Monday Nov 27 & 28. Call him for details.
Don Buchanan shared that the Annual Salmon Sale has started and will run through 1/6/17. Get yours for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. The price is still $25. This is the great smoked salmon by Captains Choice. Currently available are farmed Atlantic, wild Coho and wild Kings.
Jeanie Simmons announced the Outbound Exchange student has been chosen. Her name is Nina Libner. More to come as the process continues.
Mel Santos is still taking nominations for Club Elections The following offices are up for election: Second VP; Secretary; Club Service Director; Vocational Service Director; Director at Large; and Past President (Pam Smith was thinking about running for Past president again, but said she will probably let Tom run unopposed). If you want to run for office, or would like to nominate someone for office, please let Mel know as soon as possible. They expect to announce the nominating committee nominations the next meeting.
That time of year for  Basket Brigade announced by David Cathers. This is not an official GH Rotary program, however it is run by a Rotarian and fully supported by The Club with manpower and donations. This is the 23rd year of the Basket Brigade. Organizational meetings are on Sunday mornings and the big push is on Tuesday and Wednesday November 22nd and 23rd. These two days are the filling and delivering opf the baskets. Call David to volunteer or better yet go to the website: . Jim Castino asked all to donate to the program as is he.
It is that time of month for the Rotary After Hours (RAH) . This Wednesday 11/9/2016, at 5:30 P.M. @ the Greenhouse Restaurant, located in the Uptown shopping center.
Rotary Christmas Party is this December 3rd. Sign up now. Camilla Brocker is heading up the party this year. Cost is $50 each and includes two drink tickets, live music, a great dinner, wonderful company and fun for all.
Rod Ladd announced the international committee is having a Packing Party on Monday 11/7 for computers, books and solar panels going to the Philippines. Come and help.
The Community Service Committee will meet on Tuesday the 8th in the Timberland Bank conference room at 5:30.
Paul Harris Awards were made to the following by Bob Martin:
            Howard Mackert  - PH
            Lee Smith            - PH+1
Dan Rio               -PH+2
Mike Pinch           -PH+2
A new program to help members to get to know each other was started at this meeting. The program is called Two Truths and a Lie. Each meeting, four members will get up front and tell their occupation, high school, and a hobby or recreation. One of the three items will be a lie and it is the job of the Club members to guess which one of the attributes is a lie. The first four to participate at this meeting were Annie Arbenz, Randy Barcalow, John Eddy, and Marty Anderson.
Walt Paulson Announced the November Birthdays and we sang Happy Birthday to those born in November.
Fines & Happy Bucks: Paul Willet was the finemaster for the meeting.
Drawing: Larry Olsen pulled out Jeff Harris’s number for ten free tickets next week and Bob Heacox’s number for a chance to draw the blue chip. There were 15 chips with a pot of $189. Bob pulled a white chip for the $15 consolation prize.
Program: The program this week was presented by Bob Martin and team on The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  Bob started the presentation with a historical discussion of the Foundation. TRF was started in 1917 by Arch Klumph with $26.50 left over from the Rotary Convention of 1917 in Atlanta Georgia. From this humble beginning, the foundation has grown to a major foundation with overall contributions totaling over $3.5 billion. Please go to this link for a history of the foundation and Arch Klumph: . A very interesting read. In 1978 TRF started the 3-H grants. (Health, Hunger and Humanity) The Foundation started the Polio Plus program to eradicate polio worldwide in 1984/5. Millions and millions of dollars and man hours have gone into this program. We are almost there, with only 27 new cases of polio reported in 2016 worldwide. Tom Borgen discussed the District Grant and Global Grant programs supported by TRF. Marcia Harris spoke about the Peace Scholarships and Fellowships offered through TRF. Remember, every project starts with one Rotarian and an idea. This year is the Centennial of TRF and the International Convention will be held in Atlanta Georgia, the starting place of the Foundation. Consider attending this year’s convention.
The program ended as Tom gaveled the end at 8:30 AM.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (11/4/2016) Chuck Perry 2016-11-08 08:00:00Z 0
I watched the flag pass by one day. 
It fluttered in the breeze.
A young Marine saluted it, 
And then he stood at ease.
I looked at him in uniform; 
so young, so tall, so proud. 
With hair cut square and eyes alert, 
he'd stand out in any crowd.

I thought how many men like him 
had fallen through the years. 
How many died on foreign soil;
  how many mothers' tears?

How many pilots' planes shot down? 
How many died at sea? 
How many foxholes were soldiers' graves? 
I heard the sound of Taps one night, 
when everything was still. 
I listened to the bugler play 
And felt a sudden chill.
I wondered just how many times
that Taps had meant "Amen"
 When a flag had draped a coffin
 Of a brother or a friend
  I thought of all the children, 
of the mothers and the wives, 
of fathers, sons and husbands 
With interrupted lives.
 I thought about a graveyard
At the bottom of the sea.
Of unmarked graves in   Arlington . 
Friday (10/28/2016) David Freeman 2016-11-01 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
President Tom getting the meeting going.  Looks a little apprehensive for this far into the year......?  Then again, maybe it is just indigestion.
John reading the visiting Rotarian list.  We had a Lake Oswego visitor, Roger May along with guess who and even her husband.
Dave lead us in singing to honor Bob Dylan who received the Nobel prize for literature.  Think Dave sounded better than Dylan; not so much our Club.
We had a lot of Happy Birthdays and Walt helped us with the song.
Yes, David did mention the Basket Brigade, but he also introduced Diane O'Connor who had a different message.
Here is Diane giving her pitch for books for kids to be put in their backpacks.  Wonder if they might not coordinate this with Communities in Schools who also give books.
I thought Jan won the right to draw for the Blue chip, but it looks like Juanita won.  Although she implied businesses may not win with the proposed labor law before Congress.  Overtime for salaried employees?  How about owners?  Maybe a program on the subject will make us all feel better?
Former member Mary Goodfellow invited us all to a party to benefit the Fox Island Chapel on Echo Bay.
Bob enjoyed inducting Sarah Sytsma and Rob Manahan as our newest members, although it looks like he may be straining to get it right.
John Winslow was our Finemaster and reminded members that use of cell phones at the meeting can be costly.  Politicians seemed to be especially prone to this issue.  On top of that Randy had a Happy Buck for his 44th anniversary.  Congratulations to you both.
President Elect Mel introduced our program for the day who happened to be Buck's son in law, a West Point graduate and former Ranger who is now an entrepeneur.
This is Matt Griffin with his first product, Combat flip flops.  He has expanded with many products now available.
Here is a sample of some of the other products.  Matt was on Shark Tank and Mark Cuban elected to support him and his ideas and with that capital the business is booming, no military pun intended.
Linda Glein made most of the arrangements and organized meals.  The weather turned out to be quite good and the fellowship was great.  Jan and I stayed in a little cottage since we do not have an RV but we felt quite included.
The RV's all together so not a lot of walking involved.  The group included the Browns, Gleins, Hoseas, Pinchs, Harris', Mel Wick and Donna Lee, and the Ladds.
Here is a table full of appetizers to be consumed with ample beverage of choice. 
Here we are in the Marina Room where we enjoyed three meals all prepared by local chefs.
And the chapeaus of choice, all unnecessary, but enjoyed nonetheless.  Another great fellowship activity.  Don't have to be an RV'er to enjoy this.
Smallpox is so far the only human infectious disease to have been eradicated from the world. With eradication,
smallpox virus was consolidated into a limited number of biomedical facilities. In 1978, an accident in a biomedical
research laboratory in Birmingham, United Kingdom, resulted in the inadvertent release of smallpox virus, two persons
developing disease, and one of them dying of the disease despite having been vaccinated as a child. This triggered
countries to further reduce the number of facilities retaining smallpox virus to the two official repositories of today. The
world is on the brink of another eradication: that of polio – the second human disease to be eradicated in history. Polio
can be caused by infection with any one of three different types of poliovirus. One of these types, wild poliovirus type 2,
has officially been declared eradicated by an independent commission in September of this year. While wild poliovirus
type 2 has been eradicated and is no longer circulating in the human population, it continues to exist in a number of
laboratories and vaccine manufacturing facilities around the world.

Holiday party/Rotary Foundation fundraiser Saturday December 3rd at the GH Yacht Club.  Dinner, beer, wine, fun and fellowship.  Sign up starts November 4th and goes through November 25th.  Don't miss a great opportunity to be with your friends and contribute to the Foundation!
Greeters: None (where are all our new members?)
Opening: President Tom at 7:30 am sharp.
Invocation: Buck Frymier; Pledge: Annie Arbenz’s step father-in-law Evans Calas; Song: Dave Gillespie; 4 Way Test: Dave Morris. (Scribe Note: The meeting’s agenda prepared by the president and used by the scribe states after the heading 4 Way Test is given by “Whoever is standing closest to the board and can read ((emphasis added)). Today Dave was standing closest to the board and apparently President Tom believed Dave could read. (However, today it was only the first two words of each pledge.) The scribe wonders if President Tom believes that some of us cannot read and, if so, who are they. Perhaps the president could enlighten us.)
Visiting Rotarians: As introduced by John Duppenthaler, they were Roger May of Lake Oswego, OR and perennial visitor Judy Hosea of Lakewood who, to prove she was married, brought her husband Tom.
Guests of Rotarians: As introduced by president Tom, they included the two aforementioned Tom Hosea and Evans Calas as well as Emma Conway, David Holsinger, Mary Goodfellow, Eric England, Diane O’Conner and another perennial visitor Sue Jensen (apparently Al Bucholz has ceased introducing his wife Joanne who was present and is an honorary member).
President’s Comments: Next Monday, the 24th, is World Polio Day. So far 99% of the polio in the world has been eliminated but we need to push to eliminate the last one percent.
            Rotary Holiday Party: New member Camilla Crocker requested us to save Saturday, December 3, 2016 as Rotary’s holiday party.
            Interchange Cleaning: Paul Alvestad reported that a new date had not been selected for the cleanup of the Gig Harbor Route 16 interchange. The cleanup had been postponed due to the weather.
               Basket Brigade: Dave Cathers reported on the progress of the Basket Brigade (and later that morning followed up with an email to all).
               Back Packs for Kids: Rotary has been involved with the Back Packs for Kids Program for some time. Guest Diane O’Conner, who was introduced by Dave Cathers and who is new to our area, spoke on the need to put a (preferably new) book in each backpack for grade school aged kids. So far 425 backpacks are to be given out but she has received only 228 books.
               New Fair Labor Law: Juanita Carbaugh advised the group that within the very near future a new labor law covering overtime for salaried employees will become effective and she wondered if the club would like to start a small group with her and attorney Ed Lindstrom in order to study the law or have a program on the subject. The prevailing mood was to have a program.
               New Members: Bob Martin inducted two new members to our club: Sarah Sytsmas (a correction officer at Purdy involved in women’s education who was sponsored by Al Abbott) and Rob Manahan (Peninsula School District’s new superintendent coming from Lake Chelan after previously teaching in our district many years ago and who was sponsored by Marsha Harris).
               Birthdays: The club sang Happy Birthday to about a dozen member who were born in the month of October as let by Walt Paulsen.
               Chapel on Echo Bay: Guest Mary Goodfellow spoke on the project to raise money for public improvements on Fox Island and about the upcoming party.
               Fines and Happy Bucks: As led by John Winslow, two unnamed members (one a female mayor of city on the Peninsula and the other a male whose name will appear on the upcoming election ballot) were found guilty of misuse of electronic equipment during the meeting and each fined $1. The most memorable (at least to this scribe) happy buck was paid by the male mentioned in the previous sentence for celebrating his 44th wedding anniversary.
               Drawing: Someone won ten free tickets for next week’s drawing and Jan Martin made everyone one in the room happy except herself and her husband Bob when she drew a white chip in an effort to enhance the Martin coffers by $136.
In a deceptively entitled speech “CEO Combat Flip Flops” which could cover a huge number of subjects, Matt Griffin (who is Buck Frymier’s son-in-law) gave a fascinating talk on why one should never give up. A graduate of the United States Military Academy (West Point to most) and having represented our country in Afghanistan and Iraq before leaving the military service in 2006, Matt described his philosophy of educating young girls, then women to open local industries in their respective countries to make common place sandals. He settled on making sandals which he described it as Quixotic (the foolish impractical, especially in the pursuit of ideals) to which the Wall Street Journal devoted recent article which cautioned “don’t try this at home.” After a rocky start, his company now employs up to 150 individuals in several countries making the sandals.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (10/21/2016) Alan Weaver 2016-10-24 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Hal and Pat started us off with God Bless America.  Always nice to see new faces and sounds.
Rod took the picture so I am sure it is important.  He must be against the common cold and I am on his side.
Dave letting us know the Basket Brigade is moving forward.  Here he shows how you might decorate a delivery box.  He needs lots of volunteers.
Betty letting us know the GH Film Festival is approaching and they have more films than ever and some great subjects.  Thanks for helping this event to happen in our community Betty.
Past President Dick sharing an email from Simon Carmego(?) our exchange student from Colombia.  He is in college and says he has grown up a bit.  Just starting to play tennis again.  Great to hear from him.
Our "sporting" finemaster fined the Ducks for poor performance and the Huskies for great performance.  Not sure why the Cougs were ignored, oh wait, he is a Coug.  Lots of happy bucks.
Brett said she is a finalist (so you can stop voting) in the Edg3 competition.  Hope you win the whole enchilada Brett!
Richard didn't use his NO FINE status to plug the bank, but instead the Oct. 22nd Oktoberfest at the Hub which will benefit the Fox Island Chapel.  Pretty good deal, drink beer and be closer to God.
A very happy Mel Santos introducing our program for the day.
Lyle Skillman from the Mission House.  They take in men with substance abuse issues and put them to work.  Program pays much of its own expenses with the work they do.  Have any jobs you need done.  Basic labor is 2 guys for $30./hr and skilled labor jobs are bid.  Give them a call.
Lyle brought along Justin and Nick as testimony to the success of the program. They are both drug and alcohol free and enjoying a second chance in life.
No unhappy faces here.  Not sure if this was after the first or second round of beverage.
Even filled up the corner table.  RAH is a chance to meet spouses and partners in a very casual fun setting.  Give it a try!
Here is the Happy Birthday Boy, Fred enjoying his 82nd!  Couldn't get the picture to orient properly, something about embedded messages.
This was not El Pueblito.  More likely Dublin.
Ring the Bell: Tom rang the bell at 7:30am.
Invocation: Mike Pinch; Pledge: Dave Cathers; Song: Hal Cline and Pat Schmidt; 4 Way Test: Dave Gillespie.
Visiting Rotarians: Jessie Young, GH North and Judy Hosea.
Guest of Rotarians: Your scribe didn’t catch the names, if there were any guests.
Reports and Announcements –
  • Rhonda Mackert Concert was enjoyed by all who attended.
  • Rotary After Hours: John Eddy. Lots of fun. Great hat worn by Fred Labayen.
  • Prison Program: Buck Frymier. The 18th session will be graduating next week.
  • International Committee meeting: Rod Ladd. Record turnout. Next meeting will be a packing party for the Solar Project in the Philippines.
  • Edge3: Brett DeSantis is a finalist for the $20,000 grant.
  • Work Party: Paul Alvestad. It was cancelled due to weather. More later.
  • Basket Brigade: Dave Cathers. Dave could use more volunteers.
  • 9th Annual Film Festival: Betty Felker. October 20-23, Galaxy Theater.
  • Vocational Meeting: Donna Lormor. Next meeting October 19 at Timberland Bank, 5:30pm.
        Courage Classic. Some clubs are considering dropping their food stations. Brief discussion was held on whether we should continue to participate in this fun event. Strong “YES” vote.
        Cuba Sister City trip. Jeff Olson….oops Harris. February 6-20, 2017. Participant cost $5,500.
        No Fine Button. Richard Pifer. Thank you Richard for letting us use Timberland’s conference room.
        Dick Vanberg read an email from our prior Columbian Exchange Student.
        The Mission House. This is a faith-based program that focuses on changing men’s lives. Ten men live in-house for a six month period. These men, many with addictions, are vetted and trained in various trades, ie., carpenters, painters, handy-man jobs, etc. If one needs this type of work done around the house/yard/job site, give Lyle a call at (360) 509-2775.
Adjourned – 8:30am.
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (10/14/2016) P. Anthony Michaelson 2016-10-17 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
Not sure why President Tom is hitting his "gavel" with his microphone.  Must not have been working.  He got the meeting started anyway.
Cindy Reed announcing the names of visiting Rotarians.  She was Coach's pick of the week!
Rod reminding us of the Monday night International Service Committee meeting.  The Abat Philippine solar project should be ready to ship by the first week in November.  One of our Guatemala water projects got shot down for admin reasons but will be resubmitted.  If you haven't attended, give it a try, lots of action.
John Eddy reminding us of Rotary After Hours at El Pueblito which happens to be this evening so hope to see you there.  Thanks for arranging these gatherings John.
Dave letting us know the Basket Brigade is building momentum and if you want to get on board, now is the time.
Keith is auctioning off the "September" and October parking and no fine button.  President Tom has his own, but he got the price up.
Paul Alvestad letting us know that the Wollochet interchange clean up and mowing is coming on the 15th.  Hope most of the nasty weather is over, but we will see.
Jeanie Simmons giving us some exciting Youth Exchange news.  The outbounds have been selected, 2 with one alternate, so now we wait to see who will be coming here.  Thanks for all who are volunteering to host and to the Committee for its hard work.
Chief Kelly was our finemaster and here he is waving a publication that has Sharon Shaffer in the Gig Harbor boat.  She did get fined because she was the only one not rowing.
Here is our program speaker, Annmarie Huppert.  She spoke on how to deal with PTSD and she spoke from personal experience.  She pointed out that stress is not limited to the military and without treatment it can lead to some bad decisions.  The picture on the podium was to demonstrate perceptions effect our decisions.  I only saw a young woman, it took my wife to point out the old woman.  Very interesting.
The Rotary Youth Exchange program is off to a great start as we take this year off to step back, reflect, and evaluate this program that has been so valued in our GH club. 
We have an enthusiastic group who are willing to do the "thinking" and each person has taken a role in starting next year's program. We will continue to evaluate as we go, using our experiences and input from the membership.
Youth Exchange Officer (YEO)     Jeanie Simmons
Youth Exchange Program             Mary Grubbs
Outbound Coordinators                 Betty Felker and Dick Vanberg
Inbound Coordinators                    Cindy Reed and Richard Pifer
Counselor                                      Richard Pifer
Youth Protection Officers               Pam Peterson Smith,Veronica Hooper                                                        and Mary Grubbs
We welcome other members to come to any of our meetings.  It is a good time to get involved as we are all learning from each other, either with past or no experience and dividing up the work into manageable pieces.  Meetings will be announced. 
To date, I have taken the YEO training, the Outbound coordinators have recruited students, held interviews (Mary, Betty, Dick, Jeanie, Dick and Bob Anderson from Midday), selected and working with students and parents with the District application process. District interviews will be the first weekend in December in Victoria BC.
After the New Year, you will be introduced to our Outbound student, Annina Liebner.  She is a cheerful, personable 4.0 sophomore from Peninsula High School.  She excels in Science, is active in Band, Track, HOSA ( Health Occupation Students of America), National Young Leadership. She is a published poet, ballroom dancer, involved in mission volunteer work, it goes on and on.....Her goal is to be a Physician with Doctors without Borders, so this opportunity will give her a good foundation. You will love her.  
Our Alternate student, who we will also be sponsoring if district has the space (and often does), is Annaka Clark, a friendly junior from Gig Harbor High. She excels in Debate, Speech, and World History and is involved in Interpretive Reading. You will hopefully be meeting her as well.
The Midday's Outbound student is Alexa Walker, a lovely, giving, sophomore from Gig Harbor High School.  Her favorite classes are world History, Leadership and Environmental Science. She enjoys Volleyball, drawing and singing.  She moved here after being a victim of Katrina and shows maturity in handling adversity and adjusting to new environments. You will be meeting her as well. 
Our goal is to have our Outbound students more involved with our clubs before and after their exchange, both for their benefit and ours. We hope you invite our students and parents into your homes to get to know them. 
Our Inbound coordinators are starting the process with host families. We are at the beginning, so if you are interested in being one of four host families for the 2017-18 school year for a PHS student, please contact Richard or Cindy now.  We want to provide a variety of experiences (with and without high school age students, different types of homes, ages and interests/activities of hosts, Rotarian or not (a good way to get more future Rotarians),  etc. It is a rewarding experience.  
Submitted by Jeanie Simmons

The “Most Honorable GH Rotary President Tom Borgen presiding” 10-7-16

Invocation: Randy Spitzer; Pledge: Pam Peterson-Smith; Song: Hal Cline – “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: - Richard Schmalz

Visiting Rotarians: announced by Cindy Reed; Judy Hosea, Lakewood; Joyce Taylor, Shelton Skookum

Guests: Emma Conway, Guest of Pam Peterson-Smith; Reed Morris, Guest of Dave Morris; Annmarie Huppert, Speaker; Rebecca Cooper; Evans Calas, Guest of Lee Smith; David Holsinger, Guest of Sophie Perkins; (there may have been others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)

Reports and Announcements:

  • Mel Santos – still a few tickets left for the Rhonda Mackert Concert at Dave Morris’ home.

  • Rod Ladd – International Committee meeting October 10, 5:30 – Timberland Bank

  • John Eddy – Rotary After Hours October 12, 5:30 – El Pueblito

  • Paul Alvestad – Wollochet-Pioneer interchange (including the approach from Wilco to the exit) cleanup, Saturday, October 15. Call Paul to help. We also got a glimpse of the entry to Gig Harbor “monument” designed by our Chief Kelly Busey.

  • Debbie (“Guardrail” – ask Debbie or Club President Tom Borgen about the origin of that nickname) Miller – reminded us to put DEC 3 on our calendars for our Holiday Party – which will include a tribute to The Rotary Foundation’s Centennial. So, mark your multiple calendars -including those of your spouse/significant other!

  • Jeannie Simmons – Our Youth Exchange Program is off to a great renewal. The student interviews netted quite a number of applicants and at least 3 candidates – WOW, this committee is amping up past efforts to continue our club’s involvement in Youth Exchange.

  • Dave Cathers – announced that boxes are available for decorating to then be used to distribute food by the Basket Brigade. Know any kids who would enjoy using their creativity to brighten someone’s Thanksgiving? Contact Dave.

  • PDG Bob Martin – read a letter from Guy Falsco (who has spent a month attending our club meetings every summer for over 20 years) is selling his home place in Gig Harbor but wanted us to know how much he has enjoyed being with us.

Finemaster – Kelly Busey

Raffle – Lee Smith won 10 free next week. Then his wife, Pam Peterson-Smith pulled the blue chip for nearly $400!!

Program – Mel Santos introduced Annmarie Huppert who has written about Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (she prefers that to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). It can happen to anyone at any time. It is important that the person works through what responsibility they had for the traumatic event. That takes time.

Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (10/7/2016) Walker Allen 2016-10-12 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (9/30/2016) Chuck Perry 2016-10-05 07:00:00Z 0
Posted on Sep 29, 2016
On September 28, 2016, the following individuals were approved by the Board as new members of our club:
Prospective New Member Sponsor Classification
Sarah Sytsma Buck Frymier Education/Administration
Eric McGinnis Scott McVay Wealth Management/Retirement Planning
Robert Manahan Marcia Harris Education/Administration
Debbie Wittmers Allisha McVay Accounting/CPA
The date of first publication is September 29, 2016. Any comments about the above-listed potential new members should be directed to Annie Arbenz and/or Dave Morris within 10 days from the first date of publication.
New Member Notice 2016-09-29 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (9/23/2016) 2016-09-27 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Freeman
Opening: Tom Borgen opened the meeting at 7:29 sharp
Invocation: Duane helped us remember Hal Barker & his amazing life.
Song: David Gillespie led us in a stanza of This Land Is Your Land.
The four way test: Steve Roddy led us thru all four stanzas.
Visiting Rotarians: Charles Thompson-Tacoma South, Jesse Young-GH North
Guests of Rotarians: Ed Butler (former club member) Ali Jack-Hauer Real estate Group, Donna Whitaker
Reports and announcements: Sharon reminded us of the Star Awards nominations are due in three weeks. Veronica Hooper reminded us of the upcoming Youth Services Meeting next Monday night at 5:30, Donna Lormor reminded us of the up-coming Vocational Services Meeting to be held at 5:30 next Wednesday at Timberland Bank. Remember the Rotary after hours at the Harmon at the airport on Wednesday.
Updates: Tom showed us the photos from the Rotary 5020 magazine featuring Buck Frymier and the wonderful work he is involved in at the Purdy Women’s Prison. Also the upcoming Dist. Foundation & Grant Seminar headed by Rod Ladd, Randy Barcalow. Jeff Harris, and Bob Martin.
Recognition/Awards: A big shout out and thanks to Richard Pifer for the use of Timberland Bank’s conference room.
Fines & Happy Bucks’: No fines due to time, but some happy bucks: Jeff Harris –remembered Floyd Olson. Howard Mackert is celebrating 15 years of completely wrenching work in his auto repair shop. Bob revealed that Zac Lester was the runner-up in the recent Gig Harbor Golf Tournament. Is he old enough to golf?
Drawing Someone won 10 free and Jim Hansen drew a white chip!
Program: Part one : Guest speaker: Betty Felker has served for nine years a chair for the Gig Harbor Film Festival, and has turned the job over to Pat Nagel and Jenny Wellman. They talked about the goals of the festival, and the very special 72 hour creative film program for youth and adults. Movie night at the Airport was a big success with over 377 attending. Part two: Classification talk by Katherine Hensler, Executive Director of the Gig Harbor History Museum. She comes to the Harbor by way of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania from an old family, then to Scottsdale Arizona for grad school. Her heart is with the Camp Easter seal Therapeutic Riding program. She is headed to Sardinia Italy for a historical dig.    
A great program!
The program ended abruptly as Tom gaveled the end at 8:25 AM. 
Notes by Dave Freeman
Friday (9/16/2016) David Freeman 2016-09-19 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (9/9/2016) P. Anthony Michaelson 2016-09-11 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
Called to Order at 7:30 by President Tom Borgen; Invocation: Ron Roberts; Pledge Tom Borgen; Song: Randy Spitzer – “God Bless America; 4-Way Test of the things we Think, Say or Do: Gary Glein
Visiting Rotarians: announced by Katherine Hensler: Judy Hosea Lakewood; Carroll Kramer Tacoma North; Sandi Anderson Sonoran Desert; Jim Anderson Four Peaks; Howard Svigali Gig Harbor Midday; Teresa Nye Clover Park
Guests: Emma Conway Guest of Judy Hosea; Craig Neill Guest (and spouse) of Katherine Hensler; Ron Quinsey Guest of Jeff Harris; (there were others but they were not on the sign-in sheet)
Reports and Announcements:
  • Scott Junge – read a heartfelt thank-you from Ole Magnusson’s daughter Jill for meaning so much to Ole.
  • Katherine Hensler – announced that “History Rocks 2016 – A Razzle, Dazzle, Gin and Jazz” Dinner and Auction will be held Saturday, October 1. RSVP and purchase tickets by September 23 @ or by calling 253-858-6722. She went on to say that this event is a major source of funding the ongoing operations of the Museum.
  • Dave Cathers - announced that planning for “Basket Brigade” is underway. He thanked Costco (today’s program) for their support of this program.
  • Stan Liebenberg – gave us an update on the new Guatemalan students the Rotary Club of Gig Harbor are supporting. Fredy and Floridalma are from the Guatemalan highlands and would be facing a lifetime of poverty if not for our support of their getting an education. Very touching stories.
  • Teresa Nye (Clover Park Rotary) – announced a luncheon program (in conjunction with a RI Foundation grant-writing event) with Richard King as speaker. For tickets:
Finemaster – John Winslow
Raffle – Jim Hanson didn’t win the +$200 pot, but did get the $15.
Program – Carlos Baptiste provided a lively explanation of Costco’s business with special discussion about the Kirkland Signature brand and all of Costco’s services.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30.
Meeting notes by Walker Allen
Friday (9/2/2016) Walker Allen 2016-09-06 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (8/26/2016) Chuck Perry 2016-08-31 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (8/19/2016) David Freeman 2016-08-22 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (8/12/2016) Alan Weaver 2016-08-15 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (8/5/2016) P. Anthony Michaelson 2016-08-08 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (7/29/2016) Walker Allen 2016-08-02 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Annie Arbenz on Aug 01, 2016
The following individuals have been approved by the Board as new members.
Prospective New Member Classification Sponsor
Cindy Reed Law Enforcement Pam Peterson-Smith
David Olson Banking Walker Allen
Mark Nelson Law Mike Henery
Allyn Hughes Finance Alec Zarelli
The date of first publication is today, August 1, 2016.
Any comments on either prospective new member should be directed to Dave Morris and/or Annie Arbenz within 10 days of the first date of publication.
New Member Notice Annie Arbenz 2016-08-01 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (7/22/2016) Chuck Perry 2016-07-26 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (7/15/2016) Alan Weaver 2016-07-18 07:00:00Z 0
Friday (7/8/2016) David Freeman 2016-07-11 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by P. Anthony Michaelson
Greeters – Ben Pagenelli. Great Brats Ben!
New President, initial meeting - Tom Borgen
Invocation & Pledge – Duane Fister; Song – “This Land is Your Land.” - Dave Gillespie; 4 Way Test – Tom
Visiting Rotarians – Cindy Reed, Gig Harbor North Rotary & Michael Schonger, Germany
Guest of Rotarians –Gretchen Hodgins, (Reg_????) Borgen, & Marti Anderson
Reports and Announcements –
New President’s Comments - All those who drink coffee were treated to a special Starbuck’s Blend courtesy of Tom in our new coffee pots.
Installation Banquet –
During the banquet, Dick Vanberg’s handmade stick horses raised $1,650 for our club.
District Conference Recap –
  • Significant Achievement Award – Pam announced our Purdy Prison Program won Rotary International’s Significant Achievement Award. There are only 200 awarded internationally.
  • Blue Badge to Jeff Harris – Jeff received his Blue Badge after sleeping with a member for 42 yrs.
  • Sehmel Hill Park Project – Scott Junge thanked those who turned out for the clean-up efforts.
  • Wine and Food Festival – Jan Martin needs numerous volunteers as this is a very large event for our club…so let’s all turn out.
  • Trip winner – Donna Lormor won the trip to Italy.
  • Courage Classic – John Mitchell, coordinator of this event, stated that Multicare is expecting 600 riders on Saturday, August 6th.
Finemasters – Kelly Busey
Pam was pointed out by Kelly for Human Trafficking.
Dorothy Wimberly was fined for being Best Dressed.
Raffle –
$428 in the pot. 8 chips remaining. Jim Rieck has 10 free tickets for next week’s drawing.
Program –
New Rotary Year – Motto is Serving with Humanity
2016 Officers were announced.
Committee Chairs:
        Club Service, John Duppenthaler
        Community Service, Brett Marlow
        Youth Service, Veronica Hooper
        International Service, Rod Ladd
        Vocational Service, Donna Lormor
        Funding the Avenues of Service, Paul Alvestad
Notes by Tony Michaelson
Friday (7/1/2016) P. Anthony Michaelson 2016-07-04 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
If ClubRunner allows it this will be a record issue.  Two meetings, the installation Banquet, the District Conference and some miscellaneous.  So sit down, hang on, and read away.
The Past, Present, and Future about to become Has Been, Past, and Present.
Pam giving hugs and $700+ to our great wait and Kitchen staff.  Thanks so much for a job well done.
Just happened to be My's birthday and her last day with Elena.  They both savored the time.
A little better view of the cake.
President Pam giving Stan kudos for his USO and Guatemala Literacy work.
President Pam giving Service Above Self awards to Randy for taking over project management and his Guatemala trip; Paul for the Wollochet interchange project, GH Foundation, Boy Scouts, etc; Alec for taking some screwed up finance books and making them clear and functional; and Mary for her tireless work as the Youth Exchange officer.
My gets her award for being a great exchange student and most improved Basketball player.
Juanita gets her award for making the Ethics Conference, along with Steve Roddy, a great success and working with the Women's Prison program.  Dan Rioux has developed a very successful EarlyAct program where the kids learned the 4 Way test and all about service, local to international.
And President Pam did not forget her Board, all of whom contributed to her successful year.  And they all got one of those "all I got was a tee shirt" shirts.
President Pam honored Coach for his many hip hip hoorays with a big "hand".  She should have given him new hearing aids.
And here is our fearless leader ringing the bell her final time of her presidency; but we assume not for the last time.  Thanks for a great year Pam.
President Tom ringing the bell with his unique schoolbus/chicken gavel for the first time.
Guess who won the fabulous Italian Villa stay?  Donna and an old school friend will enjoy August in Italy.  Aren't we all envious?
Doesn't this lady look like she needs YOUR help?  Jan needs over 200 volunteers for the Wine and Food Festival so everyone in the Club needs to do something.  Please let Jan know ASAP.
Chief Kelley was our new Finemaster and he really was a Master.  His comments really woke the room up, not that we needed it.  Great addition to the Fine corps.
I can't imagine the raffle drawing is fixed BUT our First Lady, Peggy Borgen won the right to draw for $450+.  She used her tickets as a nice fashion piece, but not sure she knew what the white chip was about.
Here is our Fearless Leader beginning the program.  Each Avenue of Service Director gave a very succinct presentation on what will be happening this year.  Well done Tom!
Veronica Hooper is the Youth Services Director and here is her hopes and aspirations.  See anything you might like to sign up for?
Rod Ladd, International Service Director with his ambitious plan.  If you have never been involved with International Service this would be a great year to start.  Give Rod a call.
Our new Vocational Services Chair, Donna Lormor, with her plan.  Don't see the Italian Villa project on this list; probably too many volunteers anyway.  The Prison Program can always use some help.
Paul Alvestad, as our second VP is Fundraising Chair and he knows he has his work cut out.  Let's be sure he has all the help he needs.  We have too much going on to be a meet and eat club, so let Paul know you are willing to help out.
Jeff Harris gets his Blue Badge after sleeping with a Rotarian for 42 years.  I am sure that is some kind of record.
Past President Dick wanted to thank everyone who helped make our Installation Banquet so great.  Dick seemed surprised everyone just stepped up and did their jobs without any prodding.  Great to have so many GREAT Rotarians.  He also mentioned that 11 of the 7 "horses" he made were sold and raised over $1K.  Thanks to Dick and Keith for that.
She just won't go away will she?  Past President Pam wanted the Club to know about an RI Significant Achievement Award that our Club received because of Buck's Prison Program.  Only one submitted from each District and only half of the 534 Districts in the world are selected.
Buck and only some of the volunteers at the Prison Program, where are you Juanita?  Great job you all!  Certainly another reason I am proud to be a member of this club.
President Tom explaining his unique gavel, made by David Cathers.  As if it could be explained.  The chicken is not a reflection of Tom, but rather a giant metal chicken he owns.  The school bus relates to all of the education programs in Guatemala and Peru Tom has been a part of.  And then Tom rang the bell to end his first meeting.  Are we in for another great year!
Randy was our very talented song leader.  I think the song was This Land and I know he sang it very well; as opposed to me.
Queen Pam had her Knight in not so shiny Armor and her ladies at court.  They are on their steeds and because our hearing was bad, they used "sign" language.  Very appropriate.
This one would have made Past President Joyce cringe a little, the punctual part, not the have fun part.
I think the Queen was having a good time, don't you?  Maybe feeling no pain as well.
And Jeannie read the "Royal Proclamation" touting all of Queen Pam's great victories this year.
A little teary surprise as Pam's three daughters made a surprise appearance.  Great touch by the planning committee.
The Past and soon to be Past look much too serious after such a fun time.  Maybe it was a bad joke.
Past President Dick's horses up for sale.  Dick made 7 but Keith sold 11.  Don't know who will make the 4, maybe Keith?
Past President Mike presenting Pam with the traditional, little worn, Past President's jacket.
Soon to be President Tom wearing Connie's jacket, I have missed it so look forward to seeing it this year.
Incoming President Tom's message was short and sweet.  "Sit down, hang on, and enjoy the ride"!  That is a paraphrase.

Friday (6/24/2016) Walker Allen 2016-06-28 07:00:00Z 0
Katharine Hensler and Marti Anderson have been approved by the Board as new members. Katharine's classification is Museum Administration and she is sponsored by Dave Morris. Marti's classification is Travel and she is sponsored by Walt Paulsen. The date of first publication is today, June 24, 2016. 
Any comments on either prospective new member should be directed to Dave Morris and/or Annie Arbenz within 10 days of the first date of publication.
New Member Notice 2016-06-24 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
President Pam giving everyone a group hug for making her year so great.
Sadly, Deb Wallace, Michael Patton, and Greg Short are leaving us.  They all contributed greatly to our Club projects and functioning so we WILL miss them.  Be safe and join another Club.
Jan is reminding us we need lots of volunteers for the Wine and Food Festival events.  Ron was explaining why it is good to volunteer.  Had something to do with attractive young women who were drinking wine for an extended period.  A little chauvinistic but understandable from his perspective.  I would imagine the female volunteers have a different motivation.
Lee reminding us you get half price tickets if you volunteer.  Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact you will have half the time to drink?
Sharon Shaffer is looking for volunteers to set up, man a Rotary stand, and take down the Farmers Market on June 30th.  Give it a shot and find out what the Market is all about.
George Bonney is promoting the first ever Marilyn Naylor Deinstallation golf tournament prior to the Friday night Installation Banquet.  Give it a try and see if you can take on last years champions; Jan and Carina and Mike and Bob.
Chief Kelley Busey brought along his live wire "Chief for the Day", Violet Spataro and her Mom.  Violet suffered from retinoblastoma and has lost her vision, but not her sight.  She is enough of a live wire to be on the Ellen Show and I suspect more to come.
My has been very busy and will remain so until her departure July 10th.  If you haven't hosted her you are running out of time.  She was gorgeous in her prom dress and make over.  Looking forward to graduation because they don't have anything like that in Sweden.
Paul's turn as Finemaster and loaded with subtle and not so subtle humor.
Katharine Hensler, the Executive Director of the Harbor History Museum was our program.  Little about the history, but more about programs and reasons to support the HHM.  Very informative, things like the Shenandoah (?) restoration has no end date, but will be a continuous project for its educational benefit.
Installation Banquet Friday evening June 24th.  Let's see President Pam out and President Tom in.  Great food, great company, and great entertainment.  Plus a golf scramble starting at 1:00 PM!  The Inaugural Marilyn Naylor Deinstallation Golf Tournament.
Then all day Saturday, world class speakers in Olympia at the Red Lion at our District Conference.  You will not be disappointed if you spend your hangover listening to Marilyn Fitzgerald, Michael Mcqueen out of Austrailia, and Jean Irwin.  All are really entertaining; give it a try!
World Health Organization Wild Polio Virus Update
Week ending 15 June
Next week, stakeholders of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative including member states and donors will
gather in Geneva at the meeting of the Polio Partners Group to review progress and discuss the trivalent to
bivalent oral polio vaccine switch, transition planning and the financial resources urgently needed to see
eradication through to the end.
Afghanistan: One new case of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) was reported in the past week in
Shigal Wa Sheltan district of Kunar with onset of paralysis on 29 May. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2016
is now six compared to three at this time last year.
Pakistan: No new cases of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) were reported in the past week.
The most recent case was from Bannu district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province with onset of
paralysis on 26 April. The total number of WPV1 cases for 2016 remains 11, compared to 24 at this time
in 2015.
Opening: Pam Peterson-Smith opened her second to last meeting as President at
7:28 am, with a big “Good Morning Gig Harbor Rotary from the Club Cryer David Cathers.
Invocation: Randy Spitzer
Song: Hal Cline and Randy Spitzer led the club in God Bless America.
Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test: President Pam led us in both.
Visiting Rotarians: Jim Thomas introduced the one visiting Rotarian: Cindy Reed from Gig Harbor North
Guests of Rotarians: There were four: Sue Jensen, Stephen Visulia, Marty Anderson,  and Sophie’s friend Dave.
Reports and Announcements:
Memberships: President Pam announced the resignation of three members, effective with the end of the Rotary year, next week. Greg Short – Moved to Florida; Deb Wallace – Work/Life conflicts; Michael Patton – Moving to Leavenworth for family.
Courage Classic: John Mitchell reminded the group that the 25th Courage Classic will be held on Saturday August 6th and that he will need volunteers for that day as well as the set up on Friday before for set up and prior days for lot cleanup. They have over 500 riders signed up including over 50 Rotarians. Since they met the goal of over 50 Rotarians, our club’s expenses for the food will be covered by Mary Bridge.
Sip and Stroll: Jan Martin announced the need for volunteers for the Sip and Stroll for July 21st. Ron Roberts then gave a testimonial of how much fun it was. Ron suggested that for an “old guy”, it was fun to meet and greet all the “young ladies”.
Thursday Farmers Market: Sharon Shaffer announced the need for helpers to: set up, take down, and man the booth for the June 30th Farmers Market. Shifts are from 12-3, 3-6, and 6-9. Please sign up to help.
Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation: Scott Junge announced that elections for the board for the GHRF will be held in July. If you are interested in running for this board, please give Scott a call. Since he had the floor and the mic, Scott also announced the need for Volunteers to dig up sod on Saturday 6/27 for installation of an exercise zone being installed. Note: all the free sod you want to dig.
De-Installation and Golf Tournament: Dick Vanberg gave brief previews of the club’s De- installation of officers scheduled for June 24th. Pam announce the golf tournament will now be known as the “Marilyn Naylor Rotary De-Installation Golf Tournament”, by Presidential Decree. Today is the last day to sign up.
Chief For a Day: Police Chief and Member Kelly Busey introduced the “Police Chief for a day: Violet Spataro. Violet was chosen as Police Chief for a day under a program honoring children with life threatening conditions. Violet has had cancer since she was 6 months old and has had a long battle with the disease. The following are links to articles and videos about Violet on the Ellen show and a foundation they have set up to help children: (Click on the links)
Violet wanted to spread her message of “Be Good”.
Pam asked Violet, “What do you call and illegally parked frog?”……………..”A Toad” This garnered a great number of groans and croaks from the crowd.
Exchange Student: Our present exchange student from Sweden My Ireheim reported on a whole host of activities in which she had been involved this past week (including candy apples, kayaking with Hal Hodgins, trip to the Tacoma Mall, etc.)
She attended Prom which was held in Tacoma at the Convention Center and was great fun; Went through the Graduation  at the Tacoma dome. A fun experience and very different from Sweden; A VIP tour of the Harbor History Museum. She goes home on July 10th, so don’t wait to schedule something with her!!!!!!
Fines and Happy Bucks: Paul Willet handled the fines and happy bucks with his usual, unusual humor. Many laughs and more groans.
Drawing: handled by Randy Barcalow. Announced that John Duppenthaler will be helping with the drawing. Mike Pinch won ten free tickets for next week and Lee Smith unsuccessfully drew from 8 chips for a chance at $343.
Program: Tom Borgen introduced Katharine Hensler, the Director of the Harbor History Museum. Katharine gave a very informative talk about the Harbor History Museum. It started in 1964 as the Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society; 1976 opened its first museum; 2010 opened the current museum. Many handouts. Please visit their website for a complete calendar of events:
Adjournment: President Pam adjourned the meeting close to 8:30 am.
Notes by Chuck Perry
Friday (6/17/2016) Chuck Perry 2016-06-22 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Walker Allen
PHOTO SUMMARY OF THE JUNE 10TH FLAG DAY MEETING  (pictures compliments of Jim Castino)
Cub Scout Pack 202 under the leadership of Cubmaster Glen Rogers prepare the summer flag for raising.
On the way to the flag pole.
Pretty impressive to see it going up and the care these young boys were taking.
Taylor Phillips from PHS played the trumpet which made this more than a visual experience.
Hal as much as anyone could appreciate the significance of our flag.
Next came a great breakfast provided by the Kiwanis Club, pancakes and sausage, both very good.
President Pam got the meeting off to a good start thanking everyone for coming and the Cub Scout pack for their work.
I am pretty sure Hal is still awake.  Paul arranged the whole thing so he is still on task.  Thanks for doing that Paul.
Pretty much stuck with Happy Bucks, but Scott was not going to be denied his pound of flesh.
Katharine Hensler, Executive Director of the HHM introduced our guest speaker from Ft Lewis.
Spc. Justin Shope, dressed as a WWII soldier told us about the war and what it was like to live through it.  Again, the significance of our flag became obvious.  I love having our Club honor Flag Day and the flag.
A tiny picture, but a big check from Midday Rotary for the WWCC Scholarship program.  A quote from Buck: Our sincere thanks to Midday Rotary on behalf of Gig Harbor Rotary and all those involved in the Women’s Prison Program! The $2,000 donation will go toward the Women’s Prison Scholarship Program.”
President Howard Svigals and Rotarian Bob Anderson stand by the Rotary Peace Pole just installed and dedicated on the lawn in front of City Hall.  Says "May peace prevail on the earth" in eight different languages.  They hope to install a similar pole at Sehmel (Homestead) Park.  Congratulations and great work
FLAG DAY is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the Unites States of America, which happened on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. The United States Army also celebrates Army Birthday on this date, Congress adopted “the American continental army” after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole on June 14, 1775.
The Rotary Club of Gig Harbor annually celebrates Flag Day on the Friday near June 14 by holding our meeting in the vicinity of the Skansi Park. The Club provided the Flag Pole at Skansie Brothers Park and annually provides a new flag.
This year, Rotarian Paul Alvestad arranged the following program:
7:00 am sharp Flag Presentation: Boy Scout Pack 202, Cubmaster Glen Rogers To the Colors: Taylor Phillips, Junior at Peninsula High School
Then we moved to Harbor Boat Works (near the pavilion provided by the GH Rotary Club) for a delightful breakfast served by Gig Harbor Kiwanis Club. The breakfast and venue were superb.
President Pamela Peterson Smith opened the program. Invocation by Mike Pinch; Our National Anthem, “Star Spangled Banner” led by Hal Cline
Scott Jung requested Members consider becoming a Member of the Gig Harbor Rotary Club Foundation Board. To do so, please contact Scott ASAP.
Lee Smith announced the kick-off of a “limited number” of raffle tickets for a Villa in Italy in early August. (Last I heard, tickets are going fast, so if you want to “be in on the action” AND support the Waterfront Association and our Gig Harbor Rotary Club, you need to contact Lee ASAP).
 “Happy Bucks” not much time but here are a couple:
Jill Guernsey – today was her last day in the Prosecutor’s Office.
Tim Williams – 3rd knee replacement – very successful.
Congratulations to all the graduates as well as their parents, grandparents and friends.
Recognition of service members from every service branch.
Then, Katharine Hensler, executive director of Harbor History Museum introduced US Army Spec Justin Shope, as a WWII Soldier in uniform and character.
His presentation was done through the eyes of a WWII soldier. He talked about what life was like for a young man, serving in the US Army during 1942-45 based on his interviews with WWII veterans. He talked about “personal” life experience, comradery, combat, downtime, separation from loved ones, and the importance of commitment, loyalty, and valor. He made mention of the significance of the American flag to a soldier.
Wonderful program – thanks to Paul Alvestad!
Notes by Walker Allen
Friday (6/10/2016) Walker Allen 2016-06-15 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Opening: Pam Peterson-Smith opened the meeting promptly at 7:30 am
Invocation: Vicki Hogan provided the invocation which was a tribute to member Marilyn Naylor who died in Cottesmore shortly after our last meeting after a courageous battle with cancer. Dave Gillespie announced that Marilyn’s service would be June 15th at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church.
Song: Hal Cline led the club in God Bless America
Four Way Test: President Pam led us in the Four Way Test.
Visiting Rotarians: Mark Jorgensen introduced four visiting Rotarians: Howard Svigals, Annie Koestermann, Rob Manahan and Derek Kilmer (who spoke later).
Guests of Rotarians: There were several guests.
Reports and Announcements:
June Birthdays: Walt Paulsen announced the names of the Rotarians who had June birthdays, but overlooked our Swedish exchange student My Ireheim who proudly announced that she was born in June.
New Members: Membership chairman Dave Morris introduced our about-to-be new members Cory Coryell (in the insurance business and sponsored by Gary Glein) and Todd Fletcher (owner of Cottesmore Nursing Home and sponsored by Scott Junge) who were promptly sworn in as new members by Duane Fister.
Exchange Student: Our present exchange student from Sweden My Ireheim reported on a whole host of activities in which she had been involved this past week (including candy apples, kayaking with Hal Hodgins, trip to the Tacoma Mall, etc.) and, with respect to the upcoming prom this weekend, she was “all excited about that.”
Washington DC Report: The club’s former (and maybe honorary) member United States Congressman Derek Kilmer told two quick stories, the first being how his involvement with a bipartisan twenty-four member Wednesday morning working group which led to a second smaller bipartisan group which introduced in Congress the first bipartisan proposal in a decade to reform the dysfunctional Federal Election Commission.
Gig Harbor Dragons: Sharon Shaffer advised the group that through Pen Met Parks, it was offering free paddling lessons in dragon boats at Skansie Park on this coming Saturday morning.
Courage Classic: John Mitchell reminded the group that our club provides the lunch at the top of Snoqualmie Pass at the first stop on the biking Courage Classic which will be held on Saturday August 6th.
Golf Tournament and Installation: George Bonney and Mac Pinch both gave brief previews of the club’s golf tournament and installation of officers scheduled for June 24th.
Informercial: Stan Eastberg gave about the fifth “information – commercial”  in which he indicated that he grew up in Illinois, graduated from Knox College and later received graduate degrees from the University of Illinois and Pacific Lutheran University. In 1976 he commenced working for Weyerhaeuser Company from which he retired 33 years later, spending his time in the Human Resources and related departments. He kept track of approximately 500 employees, both of the company and outside for possible employment at higher levels in Weyerhaeuser for approximately sixty positions, including working with the company’s directors on chief executive succession. Stan is 40 year Rotary member, coming here from Tacoma 8, married 44 years with two young grandchildren to supervise.
Fines and Happy Bucks: John Winslow handled the fines and happy bucks.
Drawing: Someone won ten free tickets for next week and Marcia Harris unsuccessfully drew for $762, all handled by Donna Lormor.
Program: Tom Borgen reminded us that it was Youth Services Month and introduced Chuck Perry who turned it over to Scott Junge who gave the history of the Gig Harbor Rotary Foundation which was founded in 1988 and Ron Roberts who spoke about its incorporation and early members. Present board members include Peter Stanley, Chris Meyer, Tom Borgen, Paul Alvastad, Dave Gordon and Chuck Perry as well as two non-Rotary members Sue Jensen and Teri White. This year the Foundation awarded approximately $60,000 to fifteen students for further college education. The initial award was as little as $500 or as large as $3,000. The award may be given for several years. The following fifteen students from Peninsula and Gig Harbor High Schools were granted awards and most of them were present: Lucy Arnold; Sydney Payne; Kristine Colglazier; Myley Bullock; ; Destinie Miner; Emily Davis; Ian Lindhartsen; Anna Sexton; Peyton Janicki; Mackenzie Mills; Nicolas Wright; Elyse Miyake; Kayla Murray; Elizabeth Aronson; Vy Sanders.
Each student present gave a short informative personal history naming their respective parents, activities, interests and school which he or she would be attending next fall. With one or two minor exceptions, there were no overlapping of schools, which included the University of Washington, the University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran, Notre Dame University and Stanford University.
Adjournment: President Pam adjourned the meeting close to 8:40 am after wisely deciding to give each student the chance to tell his or her story.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (6/3/2016) Alan Weaver 2016-06-04 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Alan Weaver
Francesca's Party on Gary's Marina Dock
Francesca and her brother Stefano.  Don't know who said the funny.
Lot of smiles because the weather was not "shitty".
Bill Evans from Port Orchard and Tim were late arrivers but ready to party.
A lot of food for a lot of people, salads and dessert were potluck, but Lee was the chef with the Brats.
Bill about to contribute to the delinquency of a minor; had a great cabernet sauvignon.
Betty is clearly practicing her Italian and Francesca in signing the interpretation.
I think the party was a success from Francesca's perspective.
The old and the new, the North and the South, both so great for our Club.
President Pam starts the meeting with a yawn.  It has been a long year.
Finemaster Chris pointing out one of his victims.
Now he is even passing the cup to bring in a few more bucks.  Way to go Chris.
We got a twofer with Francesca and My.  Francesca was here with her brother Stefano who graduated from High School in Arkansas.  She is in Veterinary Medicine School.
Hal did a fabulous job of telling us what Memorial Day should mean.  This obviously came from the heart of a Veteran.
Mac and George were pushing the upcoming Installation Banquet on June 24th.  George is in charge of the golf scramble at 1:00.  Warm your Clubs up for a great event.
Spence let us know that our giving to the Rotary Foundation is down this year so sharpen your pencils and make a donation.  He also presented a PHF+5 to Mel Wick.  Way to go Mel.
Steve announced the Ethics Seminar was a great success and thanked everyone who helped with special Kudos to Juanita Carbaugh for her support.
Buck Frymier did his 5 minute "Informercial" that went a little longer even though President Pam did her best.
Our program speaker Kevin Roache who did a very fine presentation on Washington Business Week.  He outlined the program and impact on the students who participate.  He also made clear we have the opportunity to participate as teachers or judges.
Meeting opened promptly at 7:30 am by President Pam Peterson-Smith who seemed anxious to get to her long boating weekend after the meeting.
Invocation and Pledge:  Outstanding invocation by Duane Fister who reminded us that member Marilyn Naylor had been moved from her Seattle hospital to right down the hall in Cottesmore Nursing Home. (Marilyn passed over the weekend).
Song:  Hal Cline attempted to lead us in “God Bless America” on the Friday immediately before Memorial Day but the southeast table in the room started the Star Spangled Banner off-key about three seconds before the remainder of us. Actually a rather amazing conjunction as both groups kept singing to the bitter end. Four Way Test:  Led by President Pam. 
Visiting Rotarians:  Introduced by Walt Paulsen who were Lakewood’s Judy Hosea and Gig Harbor North’s Cindy Reed and Louis and Cathy Malind.
Guests of Rotarians:  Gig Harbor History Museum’s Executive Director Catharine Hensler, Al Bucholz’s daughter Sue (Al finally recognized that his wife is an honorary member), Dan Rioux’s son Hunter, Bob Ryan’s wife Meg, Bob Lutschg’s wife Christine and Gig Harbor Heritage Distillery’s president Justin Steifel and his son Hudson.
Visiting Exchange Student:  Our Sardinian exchange student of several years ago Francesca Cubeddu reported that she and her brother Stefano had been visiting our country for two week and that she was leaving that day.  She presently is a veterinarian student in Italy.
Present Exchange Student:  Our present exchange student My Ireheim who had not been to the last two meetings indicated that in the interim she had visited the University of Washington, gone to a sorority house, gone ice skating, had worked in the rain in the cleanup Gig Harbor last Saturday, had visited Snoqualmie Pass (to which she gave an interesting pronunciation, but my Swedish is far worse) and had been asked to the prom.  All in all, a full program.
Ethics Conference:  Steve Roddy reported that the Ethics Conference had been a success, but much credit was due to the hard work of Juanita Carbaugh.
Golf Tournament and Installation:  George Bonney and Mac Pinch have brief previews of the club golf tournament and installation of officers scheduled next month.
By-Law Change: President Pam stumbled through an esoteric by-law change involving the duties of president elect and the director at large (which only a few lawyers in the audience understood and even fewer cared).  Passed unanimously.
Memorial Day Tribute:  Hal Barker gave a passionate tribute to the nation’s veterans, especially like him who had served in the Submarine Corps, which had lost ninety-six submarines.
Rotary Foundation:  Spencer Hutchins indicated that the giving to the Rotary Foundation is slightly down for the fiscal year ending this coming June 30th.  He then gave a Paul Harris Fellowship Plus Five award to Mel Wick.
Infomercial:  (mini classification talk by longer term members):  As a forty year Rotary member (the last thirty with our club) Buck Frymier was given five (but took several more) minutes to describe his life coming from Richland to the University of Washington, to graduate school, to Peace Corp work in a poor part of Peru, to a hospital chief executive, to starting his own company, to feasibility studies on church/hospital possibilities in Ethiopia, to moving to Gig Harbor, having seven well educated children and ten grandchildren.  (Pam admitted that she ran a risk in giving the microphone to Buck.)
Fines and Happy bucks:  Handled by Chris Myers.
Drawing:  Handled by Randy Barcalow with song master Hal Cline unsuccessfully attempting to draw the blue chip but received $15 for his efforts.  Not sure who won the ten free tickets for next Friday.
Speaker:  President-elect Tom Borgen indicated that May was Youth Awareness Month and that our speaker was Kevin Roache who worked for Washington Business Week.  Kevin explained that one of the major programs of Washington Business Week was providing week long summer programs for high school students at Seattle University, Gonzaga University, Central Washington College and Pacific Lutheran University.  This week he had been at Peninsula High School to encourage students wishing to learn more about business to apply to the course costing the student $1,620.  We are all in business at one time or another as an employee or as an owner.
Adjournment:  By President Pam promptly at 8:30 am.
Notes by Al Weaver
Friday (5/27/2016) Alan Weaver 2016-05-30 07:00:00Z 0
This whole thing was President Pam's passion and Steve and Juanita made it happen.  Had attendance around 85 and the program was well received; didn't see anyone sleeping.
Steve introduced our speakers and there were three.  The first two before lunch and the Keynote during and after lunch.
Our first speaker was our very own Port Orchard Rotarian, Bill Evans.  Bill emphasized the value of ethics in life and business and used the 4 Way Test as the gold standard.  Entertaining as always.
Dennis Trittin is a local boy since 1994 and is active on the Board of Lighthouse Christian School.  He retired from Russell in 2008 and now has a second career as an author with his book "What I Wish I Knew at 18".  This emphasizes the importance of ethical decision making and the impact it has on life.
Chuck Gallagher was the Keynote speaker.  His theme was there is a consequence for every action and those consequences are often life long.  He emphasized that ethical lapses start very small and then escalate.
He indicated that there are 5 levels of unethical behavior and they start in a subtle non threatening way as the slide above indicates.  For example, selling a product to a customer that they don't need.
He seemed to like threes.  Unethical behavior is like a three legged stool; it requires need, opportunity, and rationalization, and if any of these is missing the stool won't stand; therefore no unethical behavior.  The above slide indicates unethical behavior is usually based on one of these three things; financial need (most common), relationship problems (girl/boy friend issues), and health issues.  The latter was not so clear.
These folks all had relationship problems; John Edwards, Anthony Wiener, and the NC Governor who took off to Argentina.  Chuck's problem that led him to prison was financial.  Started with a "loan" from a trust and escalated to the point he couldn't pay the debt and wound up in prison.  So he spoke with passion and experience.
These paddles have already been in the water and Sharon says they are better than the plastic/metal paddles.  Hard to see the Rotary emblem when they are in the water but otherwise they look great.
Tried to do a selfie of myself on the tractor, but my arm was not long enough.  So here is a picture of Paul hard at work.  Had a lot of folks clipping and picking up trash as well.  The area is looking FINE  Thanks to ALL of the volunteers.
First is the Installation Banquet, Friday June 24th at the Gig Harbor Golf Course with a 9 hole scramble golf tournament before.  Tournament at 1:00 and cocktails at 5:30 with dinner at 6:30 and festivities to follow. 
Or if you would prefer you could go to the Opening Ceremonies of the District Conference in Olympia.  The Conference itself will be one day, Saturday June 25th also in Olympia with some fabulous speakers.  Michael McQueen from Australia talking about how to keep organizations and business relevant to those they serve.  Jean Irwin a former Ambassadorial scholar who is funny and entertaining.  Finally, Marilyn Fitzgerald, a not so dumb blonde who financed (with Rotary support) a Blood bank in Indonesia and is now doing microlending work in SE Asia. She has an entertaining and moving talk "If I had a Water Buffalo".  Great way to spend a Saturday.
Then on June 30th, Jan still needs volunteers to set up the Farmers Market, and for that we get a free space to use to promote Rotary and/or projects.  Please sign up and make this a success.
A painter by the name of Murphy, while not a brilliant scholar, was a gifted portrait artist.
Over a short number of years, his fame grew and soon people from all over Ireland were coming to the town of Miltown Malbay, in County Clare, to get him to paint their  likenesses.
One day, a beautiful young English woman arrived at his house in a stretch limo and asked if he would paint her in the nude.  This being the first time anyone had made such a request he was a bit perturbed, particularly when the woman told him that money was no object; in fact, and she was willing to pay up to 10,000 pounds.
Not wanting to get into any marital strife, he asked her to wait while he went into the house to confer with Mary, his wife.  They talked much about the Rightness and Wrongness of it.  It was hard to make the decision but finally his wife agreed, on one condition. In a few minutes he returned.
"T'would be me pleasure to paint yer portrait, missus," he said "The wife says it's okay. "I'll paint you in the nude all right; but I have to at least leave me socks on, so I have a place to wipe me brushes."
T'is why we love the Irish.

As You Slide Down the Banister of Life In 2016  --   Remember:
       Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert have written an impressive new book. It's called ...'Ministers do more than lay people.
Friday (5/20/2016) Anchored in Ethics Conference Walker Allen 2016-05-14 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Chuck Perry
Past President Ron doing the Invocation and using a tear jerker baseball story.  But it did represent what Rotary is all about, helping others in need.
Coach honored all of the Mothers in the room by having Walt Paulsen lead us in the "Happy Mother's Day" before he introduced the visiting Rotarians.
My got some new shoes so her prom dress wouldn't need to be hemmed.  Hate to think about how tall they must be.  She still has a visit to St Helens on her wish list and hiking in the Olympics.
Keith had the honor of doing the first mini classification talk and told us how he got into the flag business and some of the bigger projects he has done.  He has the largest flag inventory around, so if you need one, give him a call.
Guess what song Walt is singing and who he is singing to?
Juanita wants us all to sign up for the Anchored in Ethics seminar on May 20th.  Consider sponsoring a student as well.  I am looking forward to it.
Paul took over as Finemaster and his first fine was to Coach for wearing a flowery tee shirt.  Little did Paul realize the purpose of the shirt, nor did any of us want to know, but Coach told us anyway.  George Bonney paid some Happy Bucks for seeing me speechless; first time since he joined in 1992.  Not a bad record from my perspective.
No Scott was not the Finemaster.  Instead he introduced our program speaker, Jim Herman, the Counsel General at the Frankfurt Consulate; after several insults.  Turns out this was an example of nepotism since Jim is his brother in law who was just as good dishing the insults back.  Clearly they have been practicing.
Jim had some great stories to share and gave some real insight into the function of a Consulate.  Still not convinced our passport and visa fee pay for everything.
A pair of Honkers stopped by our pond.  Didn't stay very long but nice to watch while they were there.
A successful rancher died and left everything to his devoted wife.  She was a very good-looking woman and determined to keep the ranch, but knew very little about ranching, so she decided to place an ad in the newspaper for a ranch hand...
Two cowboys applied for the job. One was gay and the other a drunk.   She thought long and hard about it, and when no one else applied she decided to hire the gay guy, figuring it would be safer to have him around the house than the drunk.
He proved to be a hard worker who put in long hours every day and knew a lot about ranching.  For weeks, the two of them worked, and the ranch was doing very well.  Then one day, the rancher's widow said to the hired hand, "You have done a really good job, and the ranch looks great. You should go into town and kick up your heels." The hired hand readily agreed and went into town one Saturday night.

One o'clock came, however, and he didn't return.  Two o'clock and no hired hand.  Finally he returned around two-thirty, and upon entering the room, he found the rancher's widow sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine, waiting for him.  She quietly called him over to her..

"Unbutton my blouse  and take it off," she said.  Trembling, he  did as she directed. "Now take off my boots."  He did as she asked, ever so slowly..  "Now  take off my socks."  He removed each gently  and placed them neatly by her boots.  "Now take off my skirt."  He slowly unbuttoned it, constantly watching her eyes in the fire light.  "Now take off my bra.." Again, with trembling hands, he did as he was told and dropped it to the floor.

Then she looked at him and said, "If you ever wear my clothes into town again, you're fired.
(Bet you didn't see that coming)

President Pam Peterson-Smith opened the meeting at 7:30; Invocation – Ron Roberts with a story of great compassion and ethics and a little baseball mixed in; Pledge – President Pam' Patriotic Song – Hal Cline with his standard – “God Bless America”; 4-Way Test – President Pam “of the Things We Think, Say or Do…..”
Visiting Rotarians: - introduced by Coach (AKA: Jack Stonestreet): David Olson and Cindy Reed. Coach then had all the mothers in the meeting stand up. We all sang “Happy Mother’s Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday, led by Walt Paulsen and then followed by a Coach “Hip Hip Hooray” .
Guests of Rotarians: Lynn Junge, Kristen Junge, Erick McGinnis, Debbie Wittmers, Marty Anderson, Sue Jensen, and Dave Holsinger.
Rotary Exchange StudentMy (pronounced “Me”) Irenheim – She started by saying that no one in her family is a Rotarian. However after the great reception that they had while here, both her Mother and Aunt are considering becoming a Rotarian when they get back to Sweden. She spent the weekend with her friend in Tacoma and they went shoe shopping. She found some shoes to go with her prom dress, so now the dress will not need the hem to be raised. (We were wondering if she was looking for “Ruby Red Slippers” for her trip home on July 10th?) She has a few items on her bucket list she still wants to do: Visit Mount St. Helens – Duane Fister volunteered; hiking in the Olympics – Hal Hodgins volunteered. You too can take her out for an adventure. But you better hurry, time is running out.
Infomercial – Pam wants to start doing a few small infomercials for members of the club. This is kind of like a mini classification talk. Today she chose Keith Harris. When he started his talk, he said he wasn’t sure if he was just filler or fodder, since he was informed just this morning. Keith shared that he operates “Flags A Flyin”, which carries the largest stock of flags in the Western U.S. He started the business when he was contracted to sell the assets of a failed business as an auctioneer. The business was a flag business. Rather than sell the assets, he found another auctioneer for the bank and became a buyer. He carries American flags from 4 X 6 inches to 30 X 50 feet and all the poles to display them from 5 feet to 120 feet. Check him out at
  • Walt Paulson introduced the May birthdays and we all sang Happy Birthday to the tune of “Happy Mother’s Day”.
  • Bob Martin tried to make some announcements.
  1. First that the Anchored in Ethics seminar is going to be great and we should all attend.
  2.  Then he announced that CASA is having a reception at the Wesley Best Western on May 12th at 5:00 PM. Call him for details if you are interested in supporting or getting involved in CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). This is a midday club project.
  3. Then the real reason for making an announcement; He “chatted “online with Francesca Cubbudu, our former exchange student (2014/15) from Sardinia. He wanted to read the chat to us, however couldn’t find it on his phone. The first time Bob has been short on words. He ran out of time and was given the hook by President Pam as he continued to look on his phone. Note: She will be here May 20th to 27th. Hopefully she will be able to come to our meeting on the 27th.
  • Hal Hodgins made a pitch for the Courage Classic. Our Club is up to 6 or 7 riders and we are trying to get up to 10. He was hoping that we get a few more women riders. If the Ride gets up to 50 Rotary Riders, Mary Bridge will reimburse the clubs for the funds spent on feeding the riders. This would be around $3000 for our club and $10,000 overall for all the clubs. Twitter #standwithcourage for more information.
  • Juanita Carbaugh shared with the Club a little information on the speakers at the “Anchored in Ethics” seminar. This should be a great program, with fun and interesting presenters. She is available to help you sign up, or you can sign up on the sheet going around the room. Even if you can’t make it to the event, please sponsor a student. We have a Rotarian that will sponsor a student for every Rotarian that signs up today with one guest. Link to Sign UP - Click Here! Do it now, as there is no regular meeting on the 20th. This does count as a makeup.
Fines & Happy Bucks – Paul Willett, Fine Master
Paul called on Coach and asked him about his t-shirt that had flowers and a hummingbird. Coach said it was his wife’s and she gave it to him to hide his plumbers crack. More than any of us wanted to know. Brett Marlo DeSantis was congratulated on her first marathon and then asked about her front page article on the “Tiny House” she was designing and building. Many happy bucks were then collected including Hal Barker for 67 years of marriage and George Bonney for being a member since 1992 and never before seeing Bob Martin at a loss for words.
Drawing – Randy Barcalow conducted the drawing. Gary Glen won the 10 free, and Ben Paganelli got $15 for drawing the white chip. The blue chip was worth $243.
Program – Scott Junge introduced Jim Herman, Lynn Junge’s brother who is a diplomat at the World’s largest consulate in Germany. He went on to tell numerous stories about diplomatic roles and purpose. Along with a few things that have been said about prior Presidents, and how things have not really changed. He addressed the refugee crisis in the EU and the assimilation of the refugees.
President Pam Rang the bell at 8:32.
Notes by Chuck Perry
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Posted by Walker Allen
Glad I am losing weight so I can use my 38 belt that is designed for a 35 inch waist.  Unique belts and raised some money for our Guatemala projects.  Thanks for your efforts Jeff.
President Pam Peterson-Smith opened the meeting at 7:30; Invocation - Bob Matrin; Pledge – President Pam' Patriotic Song – “This Land is Your Land” Led by Dave Gillespie; 4-Way Test of the Things We Think, Say or Do
Visiting Rotarians: - introduced by Camilla Brocker: Judy Hosea – Lakewood; Bob Anderson – Midday; Andy Ritting – Midday; Fred Oldenburg - Midday; Brady Howard – Midday; John Burgess – Midday; Bob Black – Midday; Dan Wilson - Midday
Guests of Rotarians: Shannon Wiggs – Guest of Eldon Wiggs; Marti Anderson – Guest of Walt Paulsen; Eric McGinnis – Guest of Scott McVay; Kathy Black – Guest of Bob Black
Rotary Exchange StudentMy (pronounced “Me”) Irenheim – This past week+ My’s family has been visiting from Sweden. She thanked all who came to the reception at the Dunham’s home. Her family felt very welcomed. The Dunham’s took the family for a cruise on the Sound. The family headed north, stopping first at the Tulalip Outlet Mall, then on to Whistler. Unfortunately, it was between seasons, so everything in Whistler was shut down. At a Vancouver hotel it was suggested they visit Duncan to see the larges array of totem poles. Unfortunately, that’s about all that was there. They also went on a whale watch cruise, but saw no whales. The family went to the Tulip Festival, but there were no tulips blooming in the fields. The Mariners game was great!
  • Betty Felker announced that the Gig Harbor Film Festival will provide two screenings of “ScreenAgers” (free) on May 21.
  • Stephen Roddy urged Rotarians to sign up and sponsor participation in the “Anchored in Ethics” conference.
  • The Midday Rotarians (see list above) came to encourage Gig Harbor Rotarians to lead the way in participation in “Golfaritaville” on July 15. If anyone wants to sponsor a hole, contact Kathy Black.
  • Jeff Harris announced that the Guatemalan belts are available and that the profits are given to the Club.
  • President Pam wanted to acknowledge Eldon Wiggs’ 93rd birthday tomorrow. But, Eldon, being Eldon, corrected her by saying it was the 93rd anniversary of his birthday. She also presented a sweater with “bling” that Eldo had loaned to Past District Governor McClean many years ago. Eldon had asked that it be returned on the 90th anniversary of his birthday, but PDG McClean forgot, but recently remembered – just 3 years late.
  • President Pam called Tom Borgen to the podium and told the audience that Tom has been very worried about whether there will be any money for his term of office. Over and over again. She then presented him his first a check from Bob Doane’s Acupuncture and Wellness Center (Poulsbo) for $1,680 as promised during his program for our club several weeks ago.
  • Bob Martin read a “Thank You” note from Karen Stanton, Bonnie Schick’s daughter for the kindness to her mother and family during the very difficult days before Bonnie passed away.
Fines & Happy Bucks – Scott Junge, Fine Master
Seemed to be quite a bit of discussion around the group that went to the Mariners game. Looked like some didn’t stay for the full 9 innings. Dan Rioux continued his winning streak by catching a foul ball and giving it to his son. The winning streak ended when he got back to his car, found a window smashed and iPads, etc gone.
Drawing – Donna Lormor conducted the drawing. Keith Harris won the 10 free, and Ben Paganelli got $15 for drawing the white chip.
Program – Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist and Sven Nelson
“Making Our Community Safer” is their mission using a multi-pronged approach:
  • High Priority Offenders – using a point system to crack down on the “bad guys” who commit most of the crimes and get them off the streets.
  • Gangs and Human Trafficking – gangs have moved away from drugs and are using the internet for sex trafficking.
  • Elder Abuse, most frequently by family or caregivers. The Prosecutor’s Office received a $380,000 Federal grant to focus on the issue, including training some 200 law enforcement officers. Cases are difficult to prosecute for a number of reasons including both the abused and the defense tactics of delay.
During Q&A. Tim Williams, who practices in this area, thanked the Prosecutor’s Office for taking on these issues, saying five years ago, that was not the case.
End of Program
Notes by Walker Allen
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Posted by Sophie Perkins
Hard to believe Tom is just back from Guatemala.  Didn't even have time to take his hat off.
Juanita promoting the Anchored in Ethics seminare on May 20th right after our Rotary meeting.  Great chance to see how important our 4 Way Test is and how it should be used.  Register now, I have.  She also told us about the "We Believe in You" cards for the ladies in the Purdy Prison Program and how important they were.  Kelly Busey go some credit for that.
Paul Alvestad introduced Jay Matson who works with the Boy Scouts and he presented acting President Tom with a certificate for Troop 282, who we are sponsoring.  Thanks Paul for making this happen.
Dave is telling us that Marilyn is in the ICU at St Anthony's and things don't look good.  Keep her in your prayers.
Jeff said he sold 35 Guatemala belts although one was a donation wanting no belt.  Must be a suspender guy.
Tom lost his hat, but not his smile and sense of humor.
Chris is having to think real hard since all of his Finees (?) were absent.  But he does have a long memory.
Randy must be telling us how big the fish was considering the smile on his face.
John Duppenthaler gave one of the two classification talks.  Don't think he tried any manipulations.
Chad wanted a little support for his classification talk and this looks like it might have been choreographed.  This is better than a picture Chad.
Some Betty Humor---
A Polish immigrant went to the DMV to apply for a driver's license. First, of course, he had to take an eye sight test The optician showed him a card with the letters 'C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.' 'Can you read this?' the optician asked. 'Read it?' the Polish guy replied, 'I know the guy.'

Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them, 'I must tell you all something. We have a case of gonorrhea in the convent.' 'Thank God,' said an elderly nun at the back. 'I'm so tired of chardonay.
Called to order at 7:30 am by  Tom Borgen  (Spot on for a man barely back from Guatemala the night before)
Invocation & Flag Salute Buck Frymier
Song Hal Cline
4 Way Test Tom Borgen
Visiting Rotarians Ben  Pagnelli : we had one Cindy Reed
Guests of Rotarians  Tom Borgen
  • Announcements
Paul Alvestad –Jay Matsen Boy Scout Commissioner spoke to us about his job to interface with local troops. Troop 282 got a Pack Certificate. We are the sponsor.
Juanita Carbaugh spoke about the “We believe in you” cards for the ladies at Washington  Corrections Center for Women. AND Police Chief Kelly Busey helped teach the prison program and was really liked by the inmates – rock star Kelly
Juanita Carbaugh Ethics conference register soon it is filling up fast. Alec Zarelli says register first if you are paying with a check then pay.
My  is in Canada with her family
Fine Master