Gary seems to be having trouble crossing his fingers.  Wonder how many Cosmopolitans he had?
Alec taking care of the sign in sheet.  Very important to document your presence drinking and having fun.
Alec and Allisha don't want to sit down, don't know if that is wanting to get refills quicker or to know if they have had enough.  I guess staying on your feet would do both.
Looks to me like John Eddy doesn't believe Hal.  I do believe he did a great job arranging a fun time at the Hub.
I don't think you can see anything but smiles from this group.  This was real fun and fellowship!
This is the future of Rotary!  Don't know if Alexa is teaching Coren Zarelli how to have fun or how to drink beer like his Dad but I would bet on the fun part.  You won't want to miss the next Rotary After Hours.